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Filming at the Dew Tour, Breckenridge CO

Behind the Scenes of Mountain Movers: Stairway to Hell

Chad, audio, and Frank of SPT working on a Snowcat at night.

Chad, audio, and Frank of SPT working on a Snowcat at night. (View larger version)

Photograph by Good Clean Fun, LLC

By: Sarah Kane, Executive Producer


The Dew Tour shoot in Breckenridge, CO was both exhilarating and exhausting. This was the first event build that we documented and it was challenging for sure. Our crew worked alongside SPT day in and day out in order to capture every moment on camera. Some days that meant staying on the mountain in -15º weather for upwards of 18 hours (with split crews).

It’s extremely important for a production crew to communicate with their subjects during the filming of a build show. We wanted to be there for every right or wrong turn, for every victory, and for every moment of tension during this process. Audiences might not realize the level of planning and organization that goes into every episode in order to make sure we get all aspects of the build on camera. We were there with Gunny from the design stages of the Dew Tour build at his jib factory, all the way through the execution on the mountain top. This episode took roughly five weeks to shoot between the jib factory and the mountain, and was condensed in post-production to 40 minutes. Even with all of our planning and preparation in pre-production, it’s always a bit of an unknown with what to expect once you get to the mountain. Our crew, for the most part, arrived at the job site on the top of the mountain via chairlifts. We had to haul all of our gear on these lifts and, at times, it was comical getting on and off with heavy equipment and cameras.

There are a lot of shows that are derivative of other shows on the air right now, and Mountain Movers is something that has never been seen before. I don’t think people know all the thought, design, preparation, and work that goes into building these courses; and that’s something they will be able to see on this show. From struggling to move the giant wall ride which weighs upwards of 3000 lbs (and the crew not having any machinery designed to assist in moving these awkward features), to snowcat issues, and personality clashes along the way, our crew was there to capture the entire story of this project from inception to completion. It’s pretty cool to be able to document SPT and their passion. This team of guys is doing some next-level stuff and helping progress winter sports. It’s quite remarkable.