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9/10: The Final Hours

In 2001 Michael Tuohey was a customer service representative for US Airways airlines. He worked out of his hometown of Portland, Maine. Hed worked in the airline industry for 15 years. On the morning of September 11th he was helping customers at the first class counter of US Airways. There was an early morning flight headed to Boston at 6AM. The clock was counting down to 15 minutes before the flight when the two hijackers approachedthe check in counter. Michael pulled up their ticket record:  Mohammad Atta & Alomari. They seemed like nice fellas so he tagged their two bags and gave them boarding passes. He remembers the older one appearing grumpy and out of sorts. The younger Alomari seemed happy and almost silly.

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9/10: The Final Hours takes us moment by moment through the day before everything changed, before the 'war on terror' became a part of the world's everyday vernacular.