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About Boone Smith

Boone Smith

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Born into a family of Idaho houndsmen with a legacy of big cat capture spanning generations, Smith began learning the art of tracking at a young age.  Following the acquisition of a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife and work towards a Master’s degree, his unique skill set evolved into a career in wildlife capture.  He has worked as a biologist, capture specialist, and consultant throughout North and South America for numerous studies and institutions.   He has worked in the most rugged terrain and conditions to capture some of the most elusive and endangered cats on the planet.  In conjunction with other research scientists and organizations, Smith has helped develop some of the best and safest capture techniques for big cats used today.   Smith’s work has been highlighted in several films for Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week; American Cougar, Hunt for the Shadow Cat, and Snow Leopard of Afghanistan.  He is the host for all four hours on the innovative, blue chip natural history series, Secret Life of Predators which will broadcast on NGC and Wild in September of 2013.

Talal A.
Talal A.

How can I be like you ?! What have you studied ? and how can i work with National Geographic ?

Valerie Barnett
Valerie Barnett

Love his smile!!!! Respect his work!!!!  Would love to meet him in person!