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100%: Planes
100% Planes features amazing stories of aviation and flying. From military planes to recreational planes to stunt planes, we fly high and learn more about the world's 400,000+ aircraft from the pilots and engineers that work closely with them. Discover the most versatile military plane that can dogfight and bomb in a single mission. Take an aerobatic stunt lesson with a 25-year veteran pilot. And tour a luxurious private jet, rumored to cost up to half a billion dollars.
18th Annual PRISM Showcase
Welcome to the 18th Annual PRISM Showcase, focusing on entertainment making a difference, presented by the Entertainment Industries Council and the FX Network.
2012 PRISM Awards Showcase
Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts a tribute to this year's winners with Stana Katic, Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause, KaDee Strickland, Alison Haislip, Mark Valley, Tamala Jones, William H. Macy, Jennifer Morrison, and many more, "celebrating the art of making a difference" through accurate portrayals of substance abuse, addiction, mental illness, treatment and recovery.
2012: Countdown to Armageddon
Are we three years from the end of the world? Based on an actual ancient Maya calendar that will end on December 21, 2012, NGC asks, "What truths lie behind the fears?"
2012: Countdown to Armageddon: The End is Near
Are we three years from the end of the world? It's the premise of this fall's feature film "2012," starring John Cusack. Based on the end of a cycle of an actual ancient Maya calendar that will end on December 21, 2012, NGC asks, "What truths lie behind the fears?"
21st Century Sex Slaves
Sex tourism may be one of Thailands most profitable industries. Many of the foreign men who enter the country as tourists come for sex the demand is high, and the market is massive. Servicing this demand are women trafficked from all over the world, including those lured to Thailand by a vicious Thai-Uzbek ring. Most Uzbek women who work in the industry come to Bangkok out of financial desperation; they believe theyll get good jobs, but they end up as slaves.
42 Ways to Kill Hitler
Recently declassified documents provide new insight into the numerous attempts to kill Hitler -- from briefcase bombs to exploding brandy to sniper fire -- and uncover what foiled these attempts to change the course of history.
A Closer Shave
Could our modern Western preference for smooth mates have its origins in prehistoric dating? From sharpened rocks to the multi-blade razor, the story of shaving gets especially rough with the intense rivalry between inventors Gillette and Schick.
A Night of Exploration
For well over a century the National Geographic Society has been synonymous with pioneering expeditions, groundbreaking discoveries and breathtaking imagery of world cultures and exotic locations. In celebration of the iconic yellow border’s 125th anniversary, National Geographic Channel pays tribute to the hotshots, the mavericks and the best in their field who have devoted their lives to exploring the world around us and the groundbreaking discoveries that are making a difference.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Jupiter
A dive below the clouds reveals the planet's strange secret: It's really more like a star in composition. See what today's bigger and better telescopes are revealing about the moons in Jupiter's extraordinary kingdom, from Io, a spicy world of fire and brimstone, to Europa, where a warm, salty ocean hides beneath the surface.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Mars
Named Mars in honor of the Roman god of war, the Red Planet has captivated earthlings for thousands of years. Now, rocket to the Red Planet for a stunning tour of the scenery, from giant volcanoes to mighty canyons. Here, travelers will enjoy a low-gravity environment that gives them super jumping abilities. The only downside? A complete lack of breathable atmosphere.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Neptune and Uranus
Head into the ice zone to learn the secrets of two world's which are impossible to fathom. Uranus, an icy gas giant with an atmosphere composed of a cosmic cocktail of hydrogen, helium and methane, is so distant from the sun that it takes 84 years to orbit the sun. Neptune, its vibrantly blue neighbor, takes nearly twice that long. Rocket to the far reaches of the solar system, where a trip to these remote worlds has long been a mystery tour.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Pluto and Beyond
Pluto is so far away from Earth that it is a mere pinprick of light in our powerful telescopes. Locked in a gravitational dance with its largest moon Charon, this frozen outpost is simply the first discovered body in an unseen swarm of icy worlds. Learn what it would take for humans to journey to the uncharted limits of our solar neighborhood and what NASA scientists think we'll find when we get there.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Saturn
From Earth, Saturn's rings appear solid, but they are actually made up of chunks of rock and ice. They look spectacular, but navigating around them - and the planet's more than 60 moons - would be a nightmare for travelers. We travel through the rings for a stunning CGI tour of this gaseous giant.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: Venus and Mercury
Temperatures on tiny Mercury can reach a blistering 800 degrees Fahrenheit. And on Venus, temperatures are hot enough to melt lead. Take in the sights on Mercury, where the planet's sunny side offers travelers a stunning view of solar flares as they work on their tans. A visit to our sister planet Venus' tortured scenery means diving into an atmosphere where acid smog eats bare metal for breakfast.
The saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and that is certainly the case for expert carpenter and collector Jay Chaikin. He makes a living scouring the nation for abandoned buildings that may hold unexpected “gems” of history with shockingly high values. Follow Jay and his buddies Dan and Mark across the country on their ongoing quest to find their next big paycheck. Along the way, they’ll find classic items like Coca Cola memorabilia, an Edison phonograph, and a Zenith radio, as well as surprising discoveries like an early microwave oven and a top secret manual for a Boeing B-52 bomber.
Access 360° Taj Mahal
Could the Taj Mahal be in imminent danger? It is one of the grandest works of architecture on the planet. But these days, it has there are critics that insist this monument to undying love is at risk of collapsing into the river that runs beside it. But conservators who work at the site dispute the claims. We follow the controversy as the Taj's stability is examined. The over 350-year-old monument is under serious pressure from the effects of climate change, pollution and mass tourism. After the Mumbai attacks, security is also a serious concern. But could the Taj be collapsing?
Access 360° The Amazon
There's a special place in the heart of the Amazon rainforest with ecosystems so unique and biodiversity so rich the UN have declared it a World Heritage Site. But the threats of climate change are looming. If nobody takes action this pristine wilderness could wither in decades and the effects would be devastating, not only here but across the planet. Now a team of four courageous people have devoted their lives to the protection of this corner of rainforest. Braving an unforgiving jungle and extreme weather, they give us 360 access into the challenges, the setbacks and the successes of their everyday work.
Access 360° World Heritage: Angkor Wat
The magnificent temples of Angkor were mysteriously abandoned for hundreds of years. Now, the largest religious monument on earth is at risk of being lost again. It will take a team effort to restore this legendary world heritage site to its former glory. Researchers are discovering new clues about what went wrong in the past, while locals are fighting to save their heritage for the future.
Access 360° World Heritage: Borobudur
Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. After being abandoned for nearly 1,000 years, this ancient Indonesian structure from around the eighth century now attracts more than 2 million visitors a year. We'll meet the restoration and maintenance teams trying to repair this World Heritage site before tourism, natural elements or a nearby volcano destroy it completely.
Access 360° World Heritage: Cappadocia
The Turkish region of Cappadocia boasts one of Europe's most dramatic landscapes — a lunar-like landscape sculpted by the elements, with secret tunnels and churches carved into the earth. The unique appearance of this World Heritage Site has made it a popular destination for hot-air ballooning and horseback riding.
Access 360° World Heritage: Everglades
Everglades National Park is under siege. A full-scale invasion of escaped pets and exotic species threatens to wipe out the local wildlife, and a snarling system of dams and canals is slowly strangling its fragile ecosystem. The threat is so severe that UNESCO has put the park on their list of most vulnerable locations. Now, the defenders of this World Heritage Site are fighting back to fend off the onslaught of invaders and pump life back into the legendary river of grass before it's too late.
Access 360° World Heritage: Galapagos
The famed Galapagos Islands teem with fantastic wildlife found nowhere else on earth. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the living laboratory that inspired Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The animals that survived the long journey and harsh climate have thrived in an isolated sanctuary. But that isolation has left them vulnerable to the threats of the outside world. The arrival of humans has changed the balance, threatening their survival. Now — on land and in the sea — the islands’ guardians are using the latest technology to reveal the hidden patterns of these endangered creatures and gain the critical insights needed to save them.
Access 360° World Heritage: Great Barrier Reef
The fight is on to save the largest living structure on Earth: the Great Barrier Reef. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the brink of collapse and scientists must find a solution. The heroes protecting the reef include pilots like Alistair Heron, who steer massive ships through its narrow passages, and David Wachenfeld, who surveys underwater to assess damage. Follow these and other reef advocates as they fight to save the Great Barrier Reef and the species that make their home there.
Access 360° World Heritage: Kilimanjaro
World Heritage Site Mount Kilimanjaro is on the verge of catastrophe. Forests are burning, rivers are drying up and the mountain's signature ice cap is disappearing. NGC joins a team of eco-warriors fighting to preserve this one-of-a-kind ecosystem on the brink of disaster. Extreme athlete Simon Mtuy can run up and down Kilimanjaro in a mere nine hours and 22 minutes, a superhuman feat that would take an “average Joe” five days.
Access 360° World Heritage: Kyoto
A threat looms over Kyoto, Japan's cultural center and a city packed with World Heritage sites. Rapid modernization has decimated its traditional cityscape and threatens age-old cultural practices. Now, a team of warriors from various walks of life battle to preserve Kyoto's essence in the face of inevitable change. Gain 360 degree access to the world behind the monuments, where the traditional and modern come head to head and less-than-orthodox methods are being tested in the effort to safeguard Kyoto's traditional identity.
Access 360° World Heritage: Lake Turkana
In Northern Kenya’s unforgiving desert landscape, Lake Turkana’s shores are home to the oldest-known fossil remains of our human ancestors and to one of the world’s largest breeding grounds for Nile crocodiles. Over the years, Turkana’s already parched land has faced an environmental catastrophe — the lake is drying up. But even in the face of adverse climate change, scientists and experts have been relentless in their quest to protect this remarkable land, with its unparalleled fossil beds and numerous species of bees, for the sake of understanding our human story and perhaps even saving our future. Fortunately, hope is within reach for Turkana — giant aquifers are set to provide Kenya with water for well over half a century.
Access 360° World Heritage: Mt. Fuji
Recently added to the world heritage list as a cultural asset, the iconic Mt. Fuji is a well-known symbol of Japan. Every year the volcano's scenic beauty draws more and more visitors from around the world. Dedicated mountain rangers, scientists, and eco-volunteers are working hard to preserve and protect the mountain from mankind… and protect mankind from the mountain.
Access 360° World Heritage: Palace of Versailles
If anywhere embodies French history in all its glory, it's the Palace of Versailles. Go behind the scenes of this magnificent site and see how the employees keep it running for 7 million visitors a year. It can take years to restore a room to its original splendor and every department must come together to finish it with perfection. With few items surviving the French Revolution, re-creating the details is an almost impossible task. See how the master craftsmen of Versailles make it happen.
Access 360° World Heritage: Prague
The ancient castles and cathedrals of Prague draw millions of tourists every year-- and beneath the city is a hidden underworld that traces the story of this UNESCO World Heritage site through the ages. But time and the forces of nature are threatening to destroy what has survived for over a thousand years. Now, teams of explorers, engineers and master craftsmen must go inside Prague's secret spaces to safeguard its cherished heritage.
Access 360° World Heritage: Sagrada Familia
The beautiful cathedral of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain has been under construction for 130 years, yet it's still not finished. After all these years, it continues to challenge modern architects. Now, a team of experts is rushing to complete this masterpiece in time to honor the genius behind its inception, Antoni Gaudi, and the 100th anniversary of his death.
Access 360° World Heritage: St. Petersburg
The palaces, cathedrals and museums of St. Petersburg represent some of the finest art and architecture on earth. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built as the shining symbol of the Russian empire's golden age. But behind the gold curtain, a dark history has left some of Russia's greatest treasures on the brink. Now a select few must safeguard these cherished relics of the past to reveal the city's splendor once again.
Access 360° World Heritage: Statue of Liberty
For more than 126 years, Lady Liberty has stood as a beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom, eventually becoming New York City's top tourist attraction. But her doors closed after 9/11 in fear of another attack.
Access 360° World Heritage: Taj Mahal
Could the Taj Mahal be in imminent danger? It is one of the grandest works of architecture on the planet. But these days, it has there are critics that insist this monument to undying love is at risk of collapsing into the river that runs beside it. But conservators who work at the site dispute the claims. We follow the controversy as the Taj's stability is examined. The over 350-year-old monument is under serious pressure from the effects of climate change, pollution and mass tourism. After the Mumbai attacks, security is also a serious concern. But could the Taj be collapsing?
Access 360° World Heritage: The Amazon
There's a special place in the heart of the Amazon rainforest with ecosystems so unique and biodiversity so rich the UN have declared it a World Heritage Site. But the threats of climate change are looming. If nobody takes action this pristine wilderness could wither in decades and the effects would be devastating, not only here but across the planet. Now a team of four courageous people have devoted their lives to the protection of this corner of rainforest. Braving an unforgiving jungle and extreme weather, they give us 360 access into the challenges, the setbacks and the successes of their everyday work.
Access 360° World Heritage: Venice
The city of Venice attracts millions of tourist each year with its rich historic and artistic heritage. Behind the beautiful facade, lies a city in grave danger. The Adriatic Sea, which brought fortune and glory to the city, is also a threat to Venice and its lagoon. When the tide rises, floodwater rushes into the city and destroys everything in its path. Engineers, scientists and conservators are determined to save this UNESCO World Heritage site from vanishing beneath the waves.
Accidental Genius
Scientists provide insight into some of the brain's biggest mysteries by examining the brains of an autistic savant and a man who woke up one day to discover a talent he never knew he had.
After the Spill: The Last Catch
Visit one of America's last fishing communities as its residents fight to preserve their homes and livelihoods in the wake of one of the greatest environmental disasters in U.S. history. NGC follows the desperate stories of Venice, La., fishermen, from last ditch efforts to drop their nets in the early stages of the oil spill, to the anger, anxiety and joblessness that followed the April 2010 disaster.
Aftermath looks into the future and reveals what would happen if the world fundamentally changed, overnight.
Air Emergency: African Hijack
Find out how three political fugitives take over Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 with only an axe and a fire extinguisher and turn the takeover into one of the deadliest hijackings in history.
Air Emergency: Crash in the Red Sea
A plane crashes into the Red Sea minutes after take off. Was it terrorism? A mechanical failure? Or did the very experienced and respected crew make a mistake that cost all on board their lives?
Air Emergency: Crash on the Mountain
Reconstruct the mistakes of two experienced pilots as they struggle with a Boeing 757's state-of-the-art automation minutes before the plane crashes onto the top of a mountain.
Air Emergency: Deadly Delay
Tension mounts in the cockpit as Avianca Flight 052 circles over a foggy New York at night running on alarmingly low fuel. Will it crash on the crowded city?
Air Emergency: Egypt Air 990
What really caused the crash of Egypt Air 990 that killed all 217 on board? Egyptian experts cite mechanical failure, but the Americans believe the crash was intentional.
Air Emergency: Fatal Error
Shortly after Air Alaska Flight 261 takes off from Puerto Vallarta, the horizontal stabilizer malfunctions. The pilots struggle to control the plane, but it rolls and dives into the ocean, killing the 88 passengers and crew. What went wrong?
Air Emergency: Fatal Landing
Nearly 100 miles from its Little Rock, Arkansas, destination, American Airlines Flight 1420 begins its descent. But as severe thunderstorms close in, the plane goes into a deadly skid upon landing. What went wrong? And who, if anyone, is to blame?
Air Emergency: Fiery Landing
An Air Canada DC-9 out of Dallas makes an emergency landing in Cincinnati and 90 seconds later, erupts in flames, killing 23. The cause of the fire is never identified. But the tragedy triggers a series of comprehensive changes in air travel safety.
Air Emergency: Fire in the Sky
The pilot of Swissair Flight 111 smells smoke in the cockpit less than an hour after take-off. Minutes later, fire breaks out and the plane experiences electrical failure, crashing into the Atlantic killing all 229 on board. What caused the fire?
Air Emergency: Flying Blind
As Aeroperu Flight 603 takes off from Lima at night, its airspeed and altitude indicators seem to malfunction. The flight crew is flying blind. The 757 crashes into the Pacific, killing all 70 on board. What caused the computer malfunction?
Air Emergency: Flying on Empty
An Airbus A330 with 306 people on board runs out of fuel over the Atlantic, forcing the crew to glide to a powerless crash-landing. National Geographic Channel explores how a state-of-the-art airliner suffered this catastrophic failure.
Air Emergency: Greek Ferry Disaster
An idyllic, Greek get-a-way to the island of Paros turns into a watery nightmare when a passenger ferry grinds against jagged rocks, gouging open the side of the ship. As the ferry sinks in the midst of a raging storm, frantic passengers battle for life jackets and emergency rafts on the under-equipped boat. As the death toll climbs, questions multiply. Hear survivors, rescuers, and investigators recount the events surrounding the worst Greek shipping disaster in 30-years.
Air Emergency: Hijack Rescue
Experience the tension on Christmas Eve in 1994 when four Algerian terrorists hijack a Paris-bound plane, determined to get the world's attention.
Air Emergency: Impact on the Rails
A 13-000-ton freight train ignores caution lights and slams into an oncoming passenger train, killing travelers in the fiery wreckage. Deconstruct the tragedy that forced railway management around the world to redefine industry safety standards.
Air Emergency: Kid in the Cockpit
In 1994, a Russian Airbus jet crashed in Siberia, killing 75 aboard. Was the captain's 15-year-old son to blame? Investigative reports and haunting cockpit recordings reveal glaring failures in both aircraft mechanics and pilot judgment.
Air Emergency: Mid-air Collision
Deconstruct the tragic collision of a Russian passenger airplane and DHL courier airplane in the summer of 2002.
Air Emergency: Miracle Escape
Air France Flight 358 bursts into flames when it skids off the runway in Toronto during a raging thunderstorm. More than 300 passengers and crew have only seconds to escape the burning plane.
Air Emergency: Mistaken Identity
During a sea battle in the Persian Gulf, a military radar operator stationed on a U.S. war ship equipped with a highly sophisticated weapons system, mistakenly identifies an approaching civilian aircraft as a hostile F-14. The plane is shot down and all290 people on board are killed. Join NGC as Air Emergency investigates this tragic case of mistaken identity and shows us how fear led to a chain of errors.
Air Emergency: Mystery Crashes
The Boeing 737 is one of the most popular and reliable aircraft in aviation history - flying almost 6 billion passengers. But in the 1990s, two deadly crashes would change its track record forever. The unexplained crashes led to the longest investigation in the history of the NTSB. It was only after a third 737 that had a similar problem landed safely that investigators got the break they needed to crack the case. Now, NGC explores what caused these Mystery Crashes.
Air Emergency: One Wing Flight
Follow the dramatic ordeal of ASA Flight 529 as two pilots with 26 passengers on board manage to fly with one engine and a damaged wing for nearly 10 minutes.
Air Emergency: Out of Control
The National Geographic Channel goes Out of Control to explore the technological advancements that make our roadways safe. Follow state police officers to learn some of the specialized techniques used to apprehend a fleeing vehicle. Study the amazing stopping power of runaway truck ramps and examine the science and safety measures implemented in the cement median. At any given moment an automobile can go out of control but thanks to modern science, we have what it takes to shut them down.
Air Emergency: Out of Sight
More than 80 die when two planes collide in mid-air and crash into a quiet Los Angeles suburb in1986. NGC examines the cause of this deadly accident and how it changed the way planes are monitored and tracked around U.S. airports.
Air Emergency: Panic Over the Pacific
February 19, 1985: A series of small mistakes beginning with the failure of the fourth engine causes a 747 passenger jet to fall 30,000 feet in just two minutes. Was lack of sleep behind the near disaster of China Airlines flight 006?
Air Emergency: Ripped Apart
NGC revisits some of the most compelling and high-profile air disasters from the past 50 years to show how errors in pressurization caused fatal explosions.
Air Emergency: Ripped from the Cockpit
Minutes after British Airways Flight 5390 takes off, the windshield blows out and the captain is sucked through the opening. Innovative detective work reveals the cause of the disaster.
Air Emergency: Ripped from the Sky
Soon after take off from Honolulu, the cargo door of United Airlines Flight 811 flies opens, ripping a huge hole in the 747, taking out five rows of seats and nine passengers. Find out how delays in fixing known design faults can have tragic consequences.
Air Emergency: Unconscious Pilot
After losing radio contact with Helios flight 522, military jets make visual contact. They see the pilot is missing and everyone aboard appears unconscious. Then someone enters the cockpit. Is it a hijacking?
Air Emergency: Unstoppable Train
An overloaded freight train barrels down a California mountainside, capsizes and plows through a small town, demolishing homes, killing residents -- and severing a petroleum pipeline that explodes weeks later. How did it happen?
Air Emergency: Who's Flying the Plane?
NGC examines some of the most troubling aviation disasters resulting from problems with autopilots and computerized systems.
Alaska Fish Wars: Against the Tide
The infamous tides of Cook Inlet wreak havoc on the fishermen. Taylor destroys his drive shaft in shallow waters and spends the rest of the day repairing his boat. Wes allows his crew to sleep in, and the late start also finds him battling low tide, which damages his boat. Sensible Captain Dino leaves port early to avoid the tides, and after a brief power failure, his reward is a tremendous fishing day. The tides form massive waves that ravage Captain Gavin's boat, causing him to be delayed.
Alaska Fish Wars: All In
There is never a dull moment during the Alaska salmon fishing season. Onboard the Night's Edge, the surly crew faces a third day of bad luck when the boat's hydraulics break down. On the North Crow, Captain Gavin makes a rookie mistake -- grounding his boat on a sandbar. Captain Dan on the Paragon breaks away from the fleet and scores big. The crew picks up several hundred fish and gets the net back into the boat with only seconds to spare as time expires on the day's open fishing.
Alaska Fish Wars: Game On
It's the start of an intense fishing season as 400 vessels race to fish for wild Alaskan salmon. Climb aboard three boats for a firsthand look at the competition. To avoid a grudge match, rookie captain Gavin on the North Crow pulls a risky maneuver that pays off big-time. Captain Wes on the Night's Edge isn't so lucky - the only whopper he pulls in is a $3,000 fine for fishing across the legal boundary. Captain Dan on the Paragon braves rough waters in the hopes of making his trek worthwhile.
Alaska Fish Wars: Into the Hot Zone
It's the peak of Cook Inlet's salmon season -- these are the days when a fisherman can unload $30,000 of salmon in a single day and the competition can be fierce. Each captain makes the critical decision of where to drop their nets as some heed reports of the hot zone, while others defy the crowds. With an onslaught of fish around them, it's a race against time to pick the fish as quickly as possible and get the net back in the water before the fish leave the area.
Alaska Fish Wars: Jackpot
The Alaskan salmon season is under way and captains race into Cook Inlet to secure their share of payday. Captain Dan's fishing mojo has been missing all season long, so he calls in his 11-year-old son to help change his mediocre season. Captain Gavin finds himself fishing farther north than he originally planned, but he lucks out and brings in a huge haul. Captain Wes sets the first net of the day and after a few moments, a huge school slams into his gear.
Alaska Fish Wars: Last Captain Standing
On the final day of salmon fishing season, Captain Dino lands on a hot spot but must fend off desperate fishermen to keep it. Meanwhile, after blowing an engine, Captain Wes's day might be over before it begins. At the southern end of the fishing zone, things get crowded for Captain Taylor and he must turn to his father for advice. And after a strong start, Captain Gavin tears his net but refuses to give up.
Alaska Fish Wars: Monster Haul
Captain Dino lets his crew sleep in so they can recharge, but he finds himself in dangerous waters without a deckhand in sight. Taylor's patience is wearing thin and he pushes his crew even though they are visibly fatigued. Captain Wes has trouble finding the fish, but on his second try, he hits a huge set. Captain Gavin and Chris are exhausted from the long season and Gavin makes a costly mistake miscalculating the borders of the fishing zone.
Alaska Fish Wars: Rock the Boat
It's the second day of fishing on Cook Inlet and, after getting a taste of the profits that can be earned on the first opening, the fishermen are looking to fill their boats with wild Alaskan salmon. For some of the captains their decisions bring in profitable results, while others begin to second guess their skills. But inner battles aren't the only woes on the water as faulty gear plagues some of the men.
Alaska Fish Wars: Rush the Line
With the season almost upon them, the commercial salmon captains of Cook Inlet are ready to spring into action. The stakes are high as each fisherman has something to prove this season and the salmon run is predicted to be one of the largest in history. As the fishing season begins some captains hit the fish hard, while others have a tough time even getting to the grounds.
Alaska Pickers: Gold Rush & WWII Treasures
Meet Kelly and Becky. They own an antique store in Wasilla, Alaska and go on treasure hunts to pick through junk, looking for one-of-a-kind items. With the long Alaskan winter around the corner, the race is on for them to supply their store. With parts of the state closer to Russia than the Lower 48, Alaska was a hub of military activity during the Cold War and the team is psyched to find old arcade games that used to keep soldiers' morale up.
Alaska Pickers: Junkyard Crazies
Kelly and Becky are looking for antiques and hidden gems among the junk to supply their antique store. This week, they meet some characters including Junkyard Dan and Sandpaper Pete, two men who may value junk more than Becky and Kelly. With a six-hour drive north to a junkyard, the pick better be worth the trip. They want Gold Rush artifacts and the always-popular military items. When Kelly falls for an old fixer-upper power wagon, will Becky put on the brakes or will Kelly win this one?
Alaska State Troopers
Follow one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, patrolling alone on unforgiving terrains. Responding by land, air, and sea—with backup sometimes days away—these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska. Whether it’s overturned snow machines in 22-degree weather, violent chainsaw crimes, volatile fishermen zigzagging down waterways, thieves stealing essential village items, moose-hunting checks, gunman confrontations in the wilderness, or intoxicated gold miners blocking roads—being prepared for anything is just part of the job.
Alaska State Troopers: 2-For-1 Takedown
After a long winter, Alaskans greet the emerging spring full throttle and for the most competitive among them, spring means one thing: the world-famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The Alaska State Troopers are on hand to start the race off safely. Meanwhile, Troopers respond to a woman scorched by the out-of-control flames of a bonfire, but they have a hard time getting the full story out of her. Elsewhere they’re on the hunt for a wanted and armed man through the frozen backcountry roads of Fairbanks, and Troopers also get a call from a well-known dogsledding family whose sleds have been burgled.
Alaska State Troopers: Asleep at the Wheel
Follow the Alaska State Troopers as they refuse to give up in the face of danger, investigate a suspected home invasion, and save a life on the brink of death. Troopers brave severe conditions and volatile criminals without blinking an eye.
Alaska State Troopers: Backwoods Bust
Trooper Cronin is patrolling Palmer's slippery streets when he gets a call about a suspected drunk driver going in the wrong direction. Across the valley, Trooper Taylor investigates the theft of a $15,000 ATV and goes on a 12-hour hunt that leads him into the Alaska woods in the dead of night. North in Fairbanks, Trooper Mike Munson responds to a call that a man who threatened his former landlord's life is stalking outside the landlord's home.
Alaska State Troopers: Cliff Top Chaos
In this classic episode, Alaska's State and Wildlife Troopers alike battle treacherous obstacles to keep the streets and forests of Alaska safe, from DUI's with surprise endings, to a woman in distress stuck on a rocky cliff. Troopers also deal with erratic drivers and disturbance calls, proving that in Alaska, there is no such thing as a routine stop.
Alaska State Troopers: Dead-End Deranged
Follow the Alaska State Troopers as they are swept into a high-speed chase with a dangerous and wanted man and must think on their toes when routine traffic stops are not what they seem. Worsening road conditions wreak havoc on motorists, and trooper recruits earn their stripes as they strip down for the frigid arctic waters. And don’t miss wildlife Trooper Ellison as he goes on patrol in black bear country.
Alaska State Troopers: Drugged, Drunk, & Deranged
Alaska State Troopers are taken on a wild ride through the ups and downs of what it means to be a protector of the people. Troopers respond to one call after another, ranging from a supposedly aggressive rabbit to a family member involved in a car crash. We are brought to the far reaches of the state to investigate a village store break-in, and in Fairbanks, Troopers must confront an aggressive man at the local transfer station.
Alaska State Troopers: Rock-Throwing Rampage
In this episode, we follow troopers as they scramble to rescue stranded citizens, deal with a man who has brutally assaulted his sister and face a crazed man armed with rocks. First, Trooper Noll responds to a 911 call about a man throwing rocks at his neighbor. This dangerous situation could take a turn for the worse if he doesn’t arrive in time. On the cold streets of Fairbanks, Trooper Munson gets a call for a domestic disturbance between a brother and sister. When troopers arrive, they find the battered woman had defended herself against her brother, who was 18 beers along. Across the valley, new Trooper Hasenkamp rushes to the aid of a stranded motorist deep on the Parks highway with no food or gas, as frostbite creeps in. Back north in Fairbanks, Trooper Munson investigates a suspicious vehicle with the help of a K-9. Down in the rugged mountains surrounding Talkeetna, Trooper Phillips is frantically trying to locate a group of four snowmachiners, stuck on an icy cliff face on a mountainside.
Alaska Wing Men: Convict on Board
There is no local jail in the small Alaskan town of Noorvik, so pilot Zaz Staheli must transport an intoxicated female convict to the nearest prison facility. Across the state, pilot Drake Olson struggles to safely drop off backcountry skiers, but the flat light caused by increasing cloud cover has practically eliminated his depth perception. With one skier already at the drop site, Olson battles the clock and fights for daylight in order to reunite the group.
Alaska Wing Men: Deadly Descent
Untamed terrain and dangerous beauty draw people to Alaska from all walks of life, but it takes highly skilled bush pilots to fly people in and out of its remote wilds: pilots like Don Lee, who teaches advanced maneuvers to other experienced pilots, and Drake Olson, who has to make a dangerous glacier landing when unexpected weather strands skiers on the frozen peaks.
Alaska Wing Men: Deadly Skies
Flying some of the most dangerous skies in the world, veteran Alaska wingmen must navigate a deadly corridor, a plane graveyard with the most crashes per capita in the state, to reach the Aleutian islands - and the villagers who would otherwise be cut off from the modern world. Later, a chopper pilot picks up a team of scientists, but with a heavy load of fossils and bad weather approaching, the scientists may have to make the choice of their research getting a lift or themselves getting a ride.
Alaska Wing Men: Explosive Cargo
Airplanes are the lifeblood of Alaska, transporting critical supplies and rescuing the lost and injured in areas where roads don't reach. But violent weather and extreme terrain make these the most dangerous skies in the country, and bush pilots often go beyond the call of duty to get the job done. The three-part special Alaska Wing Men goes inside this perilous profession to witness firsthand the risks they face.
Alaska Wing Men: Fire Fight
The arrival of summer brings drastic change to Alaska. But don't be fooled, just because the temperature is a bit more bearable does not make navigating the Alaskan Bush any less treacherous. Outside of Juneau, Dustin Caroll of Coastal Helicopters must battle a forest fire that threatens not only the homes of nearby residents but also the nesting grounds for a group of Bald Eagles.
Alaska Wing Men: Gold Rush
Using runways that not only move but melt, Alaska bush pilots must utilize glaciers to navigate extreme weather and to reach remote locations. Gold mining is alive and well in Alaska, and Dave and Debbie King pilot a helicopter to move a massive drill the miners need to strike gold. A 14-month-old baby suffers from pneumonia in an area without adequate pediatric care, so it takes a Learjet to make a trip to Anchorage.
Alaska Wing Men: Grizzly 911
A 911 call from a bear hunter on Alaska's remote Kodiak Island sends pilot Keller Wattum out into some rough weather. The hunter is safe, but needs help transporting his prize kill: a massive Kodiak brown bear. In the tightly regulated world of Alaska bear hunting, killing a Kodiak is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity, but could this bear even be of record-breaking size?
Alaska Wing Men: High Voltage Hazard
In Alaskas untamed wilderness even the simplest jobs can be filled with danger, and it takes expert pilots to make sure the states most basic services keep running. In Juneau, Dustin Carroll and Jag Garrard are flying support for the local power company. They must reconfigure a nearly 50-mile chain of power lines running through the mountains that has been damaged by avalanches in recent years. Meanwhile in Haines, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has contracted Drake Olson for a survey
Alaska Wing Men: Man Down
Extended daylight hours in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" mean high season for Drake Olson, but a faulty engine belt threatens to upend his schedule. Ryan McCue is transporting supplies and personnel to a desolate mining site on Prince of Wales Island when bad weather forces him to weigh the risks of a forced landing.
Alaska Wing Men: Ski Chopper Daredevils
For chopper pilot Dustin Carroll, it's a dream come true - he's hired by a production company that is making a movie on the extreme slopes of Alaska. To drop the skiers atop some of the steepest slopes in the region, Carroll attempts a "toe-in" landing - an extremely dangerous maneuver that can easily lead to disaster . Meanwhile, in the heart of the Talkeetna Mountains, pilot Don Lee flies a secret mission for a young Texan in search of the perfect place to propose to his girlfriend.
Alaska Wing Men: Sky Fishing
It's all hands on deck when the sac roe herring season opens in Sitka Sound. With the opportunity to make more than one million dollars in just a few hours, some captains hire pilots to spot the fish from the sky and point the boats in the right direction. But while this partnership lends the fishermen a distinct advantage, it becomes ever more dangerous for the pilots with each added plane. With more than 15 planes flying above the same patch of water, things can go very wrong very quickly.
Alaska Wing Men: Suicide Sled Race
The annual Iron Dog race is Alaska's ultimate competition, a 2,000 mile sled race through dangerous terrain and freezing temperatures - and the "top dog" takes home a $50,000 prize. But it's more than just a land competition - the Alaska Wing Men offer aerial support to the teams. In a way, it's a competition of their own, and pilots are put to the test while navigating through turbulence, high altitude, winter blizzards, and one of the tallest mountain ranges in North America.
Not Specified
Alcatraz: Living Hell
Alcatraz was the country's first maximum security penitentiary - designed for troublemakers both high risk and high-profile. Infamous gangsters and cons like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and "The Birdman" Robert Stroud; and small-time bank robbers who were no less dangerous. Over 29 years, these desperate inmates challenged the prison again and again. The Rock was tough, but the inmates were convinced they were tougher. Go behind the legend and discover the strengths and weaknesses of Alcatraz.
Alcatraz: No Way Out
Alcatraz was built to punish inmates, not rehabilitate them. The prison is known for its failed escape attempts and infamous inmates. Watch how these attempted escapes led to advances in prison security and see how the inmates learned the harsh and inescapable truth that freedom is priceless. Alcatraz prison was built to hold its inmates, at all cost.
Alien Deep
The Alien Deep. It’s a place in the sea, thousands of feet beneath the surface, far from the first crack of light, where the planet’s last and greatest secrets hide in the cold darkness of endless night. In this five-part series, Dr. Robert Ballard, famed explorer who found the Titanic at its final resting place, takes viewers into these underwater worlds where no man has gone before.
Alien Earths
NGC joins leading astronomers on a visual journey beyond our solar system in search of planets like Earth. Using CGI animation, we'll explore bizarre worlds that stretch our imagination: planets with iron rain and hot ice, with diamonds everywhere, and endless oceans of gas. Planets with abnormal orbital patterns and planets with no pattern at all that drift alone in the Milky Way. Planets so strange we never could have predicted them before. Could life exist there?
Alone In the Wild
A compilation of the dramatic four-part series that followed adventurer Ed Wardle on a grueling three month journey into the Canadian Yukon wilderness completely alone. With only a knife, a rifle, a cooking pot, the clothes on his back and a video camera we'll follow his daily struggle. Daily video diaries show the emotional toll hunger and isolation take on Ed.
Alone In the Wild: Can I Survive?
In a new four-part series, Ed Wardle, heads into the wilderness of Canada's Yukon Territory for three months with a knife, a rifle, a cooking pot, the clothes on his back and a video camera. He must build a shelter, find fresh water and hunt for food. He will recreate the struggles of a student who abandons his possessions as depicted in the Oscar-nominated "Into the Wild." Day to day, he will report his story live as it unfolds via satellite.
Alone In the Wild: Code Red
In the final episode of this epic survival series, Ed Wardle battles solitude and isolation as he finds it ever harder to catch enough food to sustain his attempts to live off the land. Finally it proves too much and Ed has to come to terms with returning to civilization.
Alone In the Wild: Hunger
The anxiety and stress of Ed Wardle's first two weeks alone in the Yukon have taken their toll. Emotionally numb and struggling to find food, Ed decides the only way to get back on track is to move on. But after a long and gruelling two-day hike hauling all his essential supplies on his back, Ed arrives at Tincup Lake only to discover that it offers not much more than the camp he has left. With his weight plummeting, his energy slipping away and his heart rate down to 38bpm, has Ed any chance of surviving three months?
Alone In the Wild: Stranded In Yukon
Imagine spending three months completely alone in the wilderness, with only your wits and skills to survive. That's Ed Wardle's latest adventure. A documentary filmmaker and adventure enthusiast, he journeyed into the Canadian Yukon, where he recorded his expedition using specially designed video equipment for NGC's four-part special Alone in the Wild.
Alpha Dogs: Life & Death
Vohne Liche Kennels (VLK), one of the most elite K-9 dog training facilities in the world. This week the pressure is on Bobby to make sure the Special Forces troops are ready to graduate from VLK's dog handling program. Later, Kenny and his team travel to a training seminar commemorating a fallen officer and former VLK student. They take the officers through training exercises, including a rappelling challenge that causes one VLK trainer to confront his fears and sends another to a hospital.
Alpha Dogs: Rodney & Bullwinkle
A new client, Rodney, is looking for a new cadaver dog. Rodney has his heart set on a Belgian Malinois, but VLK is convinced the right dog is a cocker spaniel. To sell Rodney on the idea they test the dog to find a human foot they've buried. Kenny and Danny participate in a police department's drug interdiction detail, where they'll attempt to catch cars using a side road to avoid a drug checkpoint, and then bring in dogs to search for drugs. The guys hope their dogs can make the grade.
America The Wild: Super Moose
It's peak mating season in moose country, and Casey Anderson is on a mission to explain the bizarre and unpredictable behavior that occurs when moose leave behind their solitary day-to-day existence to gather in a spectacular hormone-fueled frenzy known as a "supergroup." Casey treks from Montana to Alaska to better understand this rare phenomenon. Watch as he infiltrates a supergroup and gives the world a unique vantage point to witness a world of never-before-seen moose behavior.
America the Wild: Grizzly vs. Polar Bear
It's remarkable footage of animal behavior rarely seen before'a polar bear and brown bear together in the wild! Traditionally the two species have remained isolated from each other. But it's believed that climate change has pushed the polar bear and brown bear into overlapping territories. While out on an expedition in Alaska, Casey Anderson documents the incredible animal interaction. Then, back in Montana, Casey enlists the help of his best friend Brutus the bear.
America vs. Iraq
For the first time, the big players from Washington, London and Baghdad tell the inside story of the Iraq War. Those who describe their part in the events include Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the three prime ministers who have ruled Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein and many more.
America's Lost Treasures
Across America there are forgotten links to our history. Family heirlooms and found objects with unexpected value and amazing stories just waiting to be discovered. Each episode of America’s Lost Treasures will follow our team of two cast members on their quest to find these treasures, uncover their stories, and choose one item that deserves to take its place in a museum. The chosen object each episode will be on loan to the National Geographic Society’s special exhibition of America’s Lost Treasures, and the object owner will receive a $10,000 award.
America's Money Vault
For the first time, National Geographic takes you inside the heart of the money machine to places that you're not allowed to bring a camera ...straight into the vaults of some of the world's largest stashes of what you want, need and bust your butt to get: Money.
America's Most Hated Family with Louis Theroux
Four years ago Louis Theroux spent a summer living with the Phelps family of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for their offensive ministry. Now Louis returns to find the family more hateful than ever. When Louis first met the Phelps, they reveled in their notoriety, traveling the country with signs saying "God Hates Fags" and "Soldiers Die, God Laughs." America hated them. Now Louis returns to the combative community. They are convinced the world is about to end and are making ever more outrageous gestures such as burning the Koran. Louis catches up with some younger members who left the church, knowing that in doing so, they will never see their parents again. Although Louis finds the Phelps family as vengeful, hateful and controversial as ever, he also finds them heading towards an uncertain future.
America's Port: 15 Million Dollar Gamble
Capt. Michael Rubino teams up with Stickman Betz to navigate a ship with a towering crane under a bridge. With just feet to spare, the job requires precision and low tide. At the terminals, Frank Pisano has tried for six years to expand TraPac's container business. If this request isn't approved, he'll be out of $20 million. Port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz navigates political waters, pressing for TraPac's expansion. Then, the Coast Guard and Port Police stop an erratic sailboat at sea.
America's Port: Black Market Bust
In its continued efforts to become green and reduce carbon emissions in the Los Angeles area, the port welcomes the N-Y-K Atlas, a new-generation hybrid ship that can run off electric power while docked. The Coast Guard rescues an injured sea lion stuck with more than 70 fishing hooks, and Geraldine Knatz promotes the ports green initiatives at the Rose Bowl Parade. Theres never a dull moment at Americas Port.
America's Port: Bomb Scare
Before Royal Caribbean cruise liner can enter, the Port Police Dive Team performs an underwater hull inspection looking for possible terrorist bombs.
America's Port: Bomb Sweep
Just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles is the Port of Los Angeles, the nation's largest container port and one of the most important trade gateways in the world. The anticipation of The Queen Victoria's maiden voyage, puts the Port Police on high alert. Later, the port receives a tip in the case of a missing college student; a boat in the local marina could hold clues to the student's disappearance. Meanwhile, conflict brews between truck drivers and port officials over a dirty truck ban.
America's Port: CSI on the Water
The Port of Los Angeles moves more than 4 million containers every year, and maintaining this massive hub of commerce is no easy feat. In this episode, Port Police investigate an alleged rape onboard a vessel docked at a marina and find bizarre evidence that complicates the case. Then, President Jimmy Carter visits the port, and police must take extra precautions in ensuring the area is secured. And a superstar crane operator races the clock to get a ship out on time.
America's Port: Missing Man
The chief port pilot steers a freighter as long as a skyscraper is tall into its berth, carefully avoiding a near-catastrophic collision when unexpected engine trouble arises. Longshoremen rise to the challenge of off-loading 4,000 containers in time to reach their destinations; a challenge made even more difficult when the terminal loses a crane, delaying the schedule. And at a port marina, the Port Police dive team is called in to do an underwater search for a missing Hollywood man.
America's Port: Rush Hour in the Harbor
To keep Americas Port as safe as possible, Dr. Geraldine Knatz and Chief Ron Boyd travel to Israels largest port, the Haifa, to see a recent innovation in counterterror technology, the Protector, a patrol boat that can be operated by remote control up to 10 miles away. Meanwhile, back at Americas Port, a tireless crew of tugboat operators guides an immense freighter ship into port. Ready to take action 24/7, eating and sleeping below deck for two weeks at a time, this team is always prepared.
America's Port: Stolen Explosives
Deadly toxins could threaten lives, stolen explosives put Port Police on high terrorist alert and a security breach forces the Coast Guard to shut down a terminal. The Port of Los Angeles sees more than 3 million tons of loose cargo - called "break bulk" - annually. From perishable produce to auto ships offloading 140,000 cars per year, a break bulk operation is much more labor-intensive than a container operation, and the port swirls with activity to meet tight deadlines.
America's Secret Weapon
Rare access to a highly classified division of the Defense Department reveals the latest generation of defense technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles and hypersonic aircraft.
American Blackout
The lights went out all over America. At first, everyone found it funny. People got their phones out and filmed each other lighting candles. Then it wasn’t so funny. The lights didn’t go back on. The authorities told us not to worry – that order would be restored. But food became scarce. Riots broke out over loaves of bread. Shops and homes were looted. There was chaos and terror. But people carried on filming. As long as there was battery life on their phone, they documented what was happening. 
American Blackout
American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. You'll learn what it means to be absolutely powerless. Gritty, visceral and totally immersive, see what it might take to survive from day one, and who would be left standing when the lights come back on.
American Colony: Meet the Hutterites
Meet the Hutterites—a small religious colony in rural Montana who holds desperately to their sacred traditions while fighting the modern temptations of the outside world. King Colony is made up of 59 people and they are almost all related. This family lives together, works together, and worships God together, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for their entire lives. And, like any family, this one doesn’t always agree. Most of the colony is holding tight to the age-old traditions of their ancestors, while others are flirting with modern society. Some feel that bringing modern technology, education, and ideas into the colony will only help it, while others fear that this modern way of thinking threatens their very existence. We follow the men, the women, the young, and the old, as they strive to live as proper Hutterites. Some will succeed, some will fail, and everyone will have a choice to make. This is the very first glimpse into the world of the Hutterites.
American Heroes Fishing Challenge
In the waters of the North Atlantic, recovering service men and women are about to take part in America's oldest fishing tournament. To give injured soldiers a jump-start on the healing process, hospitals grant selected veterans a leave to compete in Martha's Vineyard's Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby. At sea, there are no doctors, no physical therapy appointments and no drama ... except between competing teams. NGC climbs aboard to experience the thrill of the catch with these wounded warriors.
American Mansion: Secrets of the Rockefeller Estate
All Rockefeller wanted was a simple house where he could retire with his wife Cettie. The house that was eventually built was anything but simple, and the construction went millions of dollars over budget. It eventually became home to four generations of Rockefellers, but from the very beginning its construction was controversial.
American Nazis
Their numbers topping 13,000, neo-Nazis are one of the fastest-growing and most violent segments of the white supremacist movement in the United States today. Critical to their growth in recent years has been the furor over immigration -- an issue they use to exploit fears and push their agenda of racial prejudice. Hear from members of various neo-Nazi groups and get an inside look at how the racist skinhead movement has evolved in the United States.
American Paranormal: Haunted Prison
Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary is said to be the one of the most haunted places in America. Since its closing in 1971, many have reported hearing eerie voices, weeping and tormented screams, while others have seen shadows dart in and out of cells. Investigators use the latest technology to search for paranormal activity. Motion sensors are rigged, night-vision and infrared cameras positioned, acoustic triangulation systems set up, and 3-D laser scanners offer a rare view inside.
American Skinheads
From secret codes on the Internet to violent lyrics in head-banger metal music, this burgeoning white power movement is finding new ways to spread its message of racial pride and separation
American War Generals
Powell. McChrystal. McCaffrey. Petraeus. Clark. For the first time, National Geographic Channel gathers the nation's leading war generals for an unprecedented look at 50 years of military history, from the Vietnam War to America's war on Al-Qaeda. The two-hour special American War Generals reveals never-before-heard stories and insightful opinions from eleven active and retired U.S. Army generals. Their accounts take us through the big changes that have transformed the U.S. military from the first troops to enter Vietnam to the last combat troops to exit Afghanistan, explaining the critical personal experiences that shaped their lives and the way they approached modern warfare.
American Weed
Where there's smoke, there's fire! Find out what happens when a small town must decide whether or not to legalize a budding industry.
Amish at the Altar
In an age when online dating and reality TV abound, Amish romance looks anything but modern. Three couples - two Amish and one ex-Amish - share the traditions underlying courtship, engagement and marriage in Amish culture. From Rumspringa, the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a world outside the fold, to an intensive 18-week period of church evaluation that would test any couple's commitment, NGC cameras capture the details as the community prepares for the highly anticipated weddings.
Amish on Break
Five Amish teenagers leave their sheltered community for the first time to spend four weeks abroad in the United Kingdom. It's a trip full of firsts — first time on an airplane, first visit to the ocean and first nightclub. We'll see how they react to the seedy streets of London, street performers and the hedonistic lifestyle of an indie rock band they befriend. We'll also see how their simple life clashes with that of the British upper classes.
Amish: Out of Order
It takes a lot to leave the only life you’ve ever known—for one you’ve been told will lead you straight to hell.
Amish: Out of the Order
In Amish societies, leaving the church can mean expulsion from the community and complete separation from family. For many ex-Amish, modern living means freedom and opportunity, but some who feel the pull of their traditional upbringing find themselves caught between two worlds. Visit an ex-Amish community and see the faces of Amish teens grappling with the anxiety of entering modern society.
An Animal #$*% My Vacation!
The big day has finally arrived. You've saved and looked forward to it all year. This is going to be the best vacation ever! But when you least expect it, you come face to face with a wild animal who wreaks havoc - with hilarious results. Using home videos and detailed re-enactments, tourists tell their tale of how an animal ruined their vacation. Top animal behaviorists analyze the footage and give us the animals' perspective of the events and how viewers should act if in a similar situation.
Ancient Voices / Modern World: Amazon
Venture into the rain forest with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis for an up-close look at the Barasana River people, a group believed to be the descendents of the legendary "lost" Amazonians. We'll join them on a symbolic journey that will honor the group's ancestors. See the rituals that demonstrate respect for this tropical landscape and watch the rarely seen "Cassava Bread Dance," which lasts more than 48 hours.
Ancient Voices / Modern World: Australia
National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis journeys deep into the Australian outback to document the disappearing legend of the Aborigines, thought to be one of the oldest groups of peoples on earth. Today, small Aboriginal clans must fight to keep traditions alive for the next generation through song, dance, and storytelling known as the Dreaming. Then, discover ceremonial cave paintings and follow a group of hunters who hunt prey during the Kangaroo Fire Drive.
Ancient Voices / Modern World: Colombia
Wade Davis makes a remarkable journey into the heart of war-torn Colombia to visit one of the indigenous groups who call themselves the Elder Brother. These extraordinary people claim to be the last descendents of a once great civilization, the Tairona, and to speak with their voice. Could they really be the last window we have on the great high civilizations of the ancient Americas? Wade's journey to find out takes him from the tropical plains of Northern Colombia to the frozen peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and a chilling close encounter with the FARC. It also takes him into the heart of one of the most unique indigenous cultures anywhere in the world.
Ancient Voices / Modern World: Mongolia
Wade Davis travels to Mongolia to meet today's members of the ancient nomadic horse cultures who have thrived in the harsh conditions of the Central Asian Steppes for more than two thousand years. Wade's mission is to discover how this ancient culture has made it into the twenty-first Century and to search for the keys to one of man's oldest and deepest bonds – the bond between man and horse. He arrives in central Mongolia at the start of the great Mongolian summer festival, the Naadam, and follows the fortunes of two of the top local horse trainers. One of them seems destined to win everything, but a bitter twist of fate awaits him, as Wade discovers the secrets of the man-horse bond by taking part in the lives of his nomadic horsemen hosts.
Ancient X-Files: Secrets of the Dark Arts
Legend describes the Philosopher's Stone as the source of limitless wealth and eternal life. Despite its name, the stone was actually a special recipe, and the ultimate object of medieval alchemy. Scholars have uncovered a handwritten manuscript by one of the greatest scientific minds in history, Sir Isaac Newton, that may reveal its secrets. If they can decipher Newton's cryptic codes and equations, can they unlock the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone?
Ancient X-Files: The Blood of Christ
Less famous then the Shroud of Turin, could the Sudarium of Oviedo actually be Christ's burial cloth? NGC takes the hunt to Israel in a quest to explore ancient burial practices and a potential medieval hiding place for the cloth. Later, a linguistic code cracker attempts to solve the riddle of one of the most mysterious ancient objects -- the Phaistos Disk.
Ancient X-Files: The Holy Grail
Follow investigators to a mountaintop monastery in the quest for answers about the legendary Holy Grail. And, meet the knights who've vowed to risk their lives to defend the Valencia Chalice, a sacred cup they believe to be the Grail. Then, enter the Minotaur -- a terrifying monster of ancient myth. NGC investigates: was this blood curdling story based on real places? Watch as we descend into a dark, complex cave system in an attempt to uncover the mystery.
Animal Fight Night: Beach Brawl
Nat Geo WILD sails around the world to reveal what happens when nature's fiercest shore dwellers turn on their own kind, as we expose the coastline's toughest and meanest animal fights. Home video footage and stunning HD, combined with super slow-mo action replays, break down each battle in striking detail -- from the moment a polar bear aims its massive jaw at a rival's neck to incredible images of shark embryos fighting for their lives inside their mother's womb.
Animal Fight Night: Grizzly Bears, Guanacos, Beetles
In the wild badlands of the Americas, there are no rules when it comes to survival. Watch what happens when the New World's most ruthless killers turn against each other and fight tooth and claw against their own kind. From a grizzly bear's audacious robbery gone bad, to a starling defending her home to the death, the contenders range from the massive to the miniature, all fighting to stay alive.
Animal Fight Night: Kangaroos, Tigers, Octopus
The tropics are home to millions of species of animals that clash in savage battles for survival. But what happens when the tropics' most ruthless turn on each other? Watch as these animals go head-to-head with their own kind and turn these tranquil vacation spots into bloody battlegrounds. From the rookie tiger whose hunger for territory ends in fatal violence, to the monster-sized monitor lizards that fight like professional wrestlers, life in the tropics is anything but paradise.
Animal Fight Night: Leopards, Wild Boars, Pistol Shrimp
Survival doesn't come easy when living in the world's most extreme environments. From freezing Siberia, where scarce resources force mighty golden eagles to fight for food, to the mountains of Pakistan, where mating season sparks a deadly duel between two markhor goats thousands of feet up a mountain, watch what happens when survival means fighting the elements and each other.
Animal Fight Night: Rumble in the USA
In America's wild West, predator and prey go head to head in epic battles of survival -- but what happens when animals turn on their own kind to win food, territory and rights to the bloodline? Footage of America's most iconic animals fighting it out is captured in stunning HD and slowed down to reveal every gut-wrenching and flinch-inducing moment.
Animal Fight Night: Savanna Smackdown
Nat Geo WILD reveals what happens when Africa's wildest animals turn on their own kind and brings you closer than ever to the toughest and meanest fights on the savanna. Using stunning HD and home video, the battles are replayed in slow-mo, freeze-frames and close-up zooms, bringing the heart-pounding action into striking detail -- whether it's the moment a rhino takes a piercing jab at its rival or when a hippo uses one of the widest gapes in nature to deliver a fierce blow to an opponent.
Animal Fight Night: Warthogs, Hippos, Badgers
Watch what happens when the world's wildest animals turn on their own kind as we bring you up close and personal to the toughest and meanest fights on dry land. From a badger's failed attempt to feed her kids, to a hippo defending his family to the death, to a switchblade knife fight between wild turkeys ' it's a no-holds-barred fight fest across some of the greatest land masses on Earth.
Animal Fight Night: Wolverines, Giant Hornets, Koalas
Witness what happens when the world's most exceptional animals turn on their own kind. From two lion brothers staging a hostile takeover of a pride, to saltwater crocodiles battling for the bathing rights to a river, to a nest of Giant Japanese hornets eating their queen alive ' it's a no-holds-barred fight fest across the world's most incredible landscapes.
Animals Gone Wild: Ambushed
From sudden shocks and blindsiding attacks, to jaw dropping body slams and bone-rattling collisions, the animal kingdom is full of astonishing ambushes. Find out what happens when a newborn panda does everything in its power to escape from behind crib bars. Then, a day of fishing takes a turn when a professional kayaker encounters a fierce goose with an attitude problem. Later, park researchers catch a group of grizzly bears taking an instinctual act of communication to a ridicuculous new level.
Animals Gone Wild: Believe It Or Not
From grizzlies in the Alaskan terrain to the lovable pets in our homes, nature never ceases to astonish when animals show off their unique behaviors. Watch a ravenous python try to gorge on prey that is many times larger than its own size. Witness how a fearless and aggressive goose taunts a massive gorilla. And see how a slow two-headed turtle tries to navigate and survive its fast-paced environment.
Animals Gone Wild: Disorderly Conduct
How outrageous can the animal kingdom get? Whether it's out-of-bounds behavior or savage instincts running wild, when animals act out, they're forces to be reckoned with. When a man with a young son and beloved dog spots a 3-foot-long copperhead in his woodpile, he feels he has to protect his family. But even a snake with a chopped head is a cause for concern! Later, a Great Dane corners a kangaroo and ends up in the heavyweight fight of its life.
Animals Gone Wild: Freak Encounters
Every day in every corner of the world ' our own backyards, the streets of our towns and our favorite vacation spots ' we risk freak encounters with Mother Nature's most erratic animals. Expect the unexpected as the most incredible stories come from the most unlikely places. A policeman gets a surprise when an irate primate interrupts a routine traffic stop, and a slithering serpent takes massage sessions to a whole new level. Expect everything from shocking to stunning to just plain strange.
Animals Gone Wild: Shock & Awe
When fight-or-flight instincts kick in, anything is possible, and animals will go to extremes to survive. After finding itself trapped on a fishing boat, an octopus appears to have no chance for escape, but it somehow manages to push its body, and science, in ways that are seemingly impossible. Later, a 200-pound male orangutan goes above and beyond to save an injured baby bird from drowning in a pond at a zoo. And when a bear loses her cub, she goes to deadly extremes to reunite with her baby.
Animals Gone Wild: Surprisingly Human
They're some of the animal kingdom's most resilient and creative creatures. These animals make the best of their situations and prove to us all the power of keeping an open mind. Witness an incredible fight for survival when an elusive and stealthy jaguar takes on a massive caiman. Elsewhere, a 7-year-old and his pet python possess a bond that defies all logic. Later, when two feisty felines start a catfight, in steps a peacekeeper -- a monkey that won't put up with any monkey business!
Can a group of insects morph into a single creature? They can, when it's a group of ants. Their colonies are so in sync that some scientists call them a "superorganism" - where individuals act more like cells in one huge body. National Geographic's Antzilla reveals ants as you've never seen them before. New science explores how ants communicate, organize and make decisions, all in the blink of an eye. State of the art macro photography gets closer to these astonishing creatures than ever before revealing how a million tiny brains can accomplish wonders by working together as one.
Apocalypse 101
If the floodwaters rise, if the virus spreads, if the bombs go off — these men are ready. Meet four former Marines who believe that they have what it takes to survive almost any doomsday scenario. Joel, Mark, Mike and Jimmy own Forge Survival Supply; their mission is to use what they have on hand to teach and test their clients' survival skills.
Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?
Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? is an exciting yet moving, reality competition series wherein 6 elite Boy Scouts will compete against different adult men in a variety of scout-based challenges. Over a course of three days and two nights, the scouts will compete and judge the adults in adventurous challenges. 
Area 51: The CIA's Secret
At any mention of “Area 51,” minds typically go to UFOs and alien autopsies. But for more than half a century, this military complex didn't officially exist. Government denials and successive presidential orders made uncovering the truth about Area 51 impossible. In August 2013, for the first time, declassified CIA documents officially acknowledged the existence of the base, helping the public establish what had gone on at the top-secret site since it was first built in 1955. Using the most up-to-date information and expert interviews, Area 51: The CIA’s Secret approaches the history of the base’s development in a brand new way and answers the question of what really happened at Area 51.
The Autobahn is nearly 7,300 miles long -- enough to cross the United States twice. But it's packed into an area the size of Montana. See what it takes to build, operate, and drive the world's greatest super highway.
Avalanche: Surviving Tragedy
Avalanche: Surviving Tragedy [TV-PG]
Bachelors Abroad
Go inside the world of international matchmaking with “introduction agency” A Foreign Affair, as it assists American men to find a bride abroad. Joe from Arizona is divorced with three grown daughters and is hoping to find the woman of his dreams as he embarks on a two-week tour to Ukraine. Bill, a 61-year-old retiree, has been on two of these tours previously and married a Russian woman 20 years his junior whom he met through A Foreign Affair but is looking for another chance at love.
Bannockburn: The Real Bravehearts
England's Kind Edward I just crushed the infamous Scottish braveheart William Wallace and claimed all of Scotland as England territory. But Wallace's death only ignited a flame within the heart of Scottish outlaw Robert the Bruce. Robert gathered his men and waged war against England, capturing every English-held castle in Scotland, except one — Stirling Castle near the Bannock Burn. NGC tells the story of the pivotal campaign at Sterling Castle and how it held the key to Scotland's future.
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction
Barrett-Jackson brings “The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions” to “Sin City!” Barrett-Jackson invites a global audience to experience the glamorous automotive event and entertaining collector lifestyle in Las Vegas. Join car enthusiasts and watch heated auction action over unique, high-quality vehicles.
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction
No other auction company offers as many high-quality and one-of-a-kind vehicles, provides superior entertainment or contributes as much to charities as Barrett-Jackson. Be part of the World's Greatest Collector Car Events™ as Barrett-Jackson brings its renowned auction and lifestyle experience to viewers.
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction
Barrett-Jackson takes Nat Geo to its hometown for the Scottsdale Collector Car auction. This auction will be televised to the largest television audience in collector car auction history. No other auction company offers as many high-quality and one-of-a-kind vehicles, provides superior entertainment or contributes as much to charities as Barrett-Jackson. Be part of the World's Greatest Collector Car Events™ as Barrett-Jackson brings its renowned auction and lifestyle experience to viewers.
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction
No other auction company offers as many high-quality and one-of-a-kind vehicles, provides superior entertainment or contributes as much to charities as Barrett-Jackson. Be part of the World's Greatest Collector Car Events™ as Barrett-Jackson brings its renowned auction and lifestyle experience to viewers.
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction
It is only appropriate that Barrett-Jackson brings “The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions” to a dazzling city like Reno, Nev. Barrett-Jackson invites a global audience to experience the glamorous automotive event and entertaining collector lifestyle. Join car enthusiasts and watch heated auction action over unique, high-quality vehicles.
Battleground Afghanistan
Battleground Afghanistan looks inside the latest chapter of the Afghan conflict as seen by American Marines on the front-lines of the war. As tens of thousands of troops withdraw from Afghanistan, Capt. Ben Middendorf and his men of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines — based at Camp Pendleton in San Diego — are staying behind to continue the fight. These Marines are taking the fight directly to the Taliban with a mission to locate, disrupt and destroy the enemy.
Beijing Olympic Stadium
Nicknamed the "Birds Nest", 42,000 tons of steel and hundreds of tons of concrete went into creating the main stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Being: Liverpool: Anfield Calling
Home at last. With the start of the Premier League season in their sights, the transfer window looms while the team takes on FC Gomel to qualify for the UEFA Europa League. Backstage at Anfield with Ian Ayre, Steve Gerrard, Lucas Lieva and Luis Suarez. New players join the club.
Being: Liverpool: On The Road
Brendan Rodgers begins to rebuild Liverpool Football Club from the inside out, on-the-road as they face Toronto FC (Brendan's first match as manager) . The club then faces AS Roma in the shadow of The Green Monster as Fenway Park is transformed into a soccer stadium. The players take some time off for fun during their U.S. tour. Andy Carrol and Steven Gerrard return from their tour of duty on the England Men's National Team.
Being: Liverpool: Red Crusade
LFC vs. Manchester City, from kick-off to the end of the match, and the aftermath, as its never been seen before. The match is chronicled from the perspective of all the personalities that have been encountered throughout the series. Win or lose, learn why Liverpool FC and their fans "Never Walk Alone."
Being: Liverpool: Silver Shovel
Liverpool Football Club is in free-fall at the end of last season when a club-wide re-org is kicked off with the naming of new manager, Brendan Rodgers. Under the watch of a new regime the team re-gathers at Melwood Training Facility to prepare for pre-season. Lucas Lieva, Luis Suarez, Jon Flanagan, Charlie Adam, and new signing Fabio Borini travel to Boston to begin Liverpool FC's summer friendly tour. A new era begins.
Being: Liverpool: To Bleed Red
Expectations and team spirit are put to the test as the buildup and the hard, cold aftermath of the club's season opener against West Brom are measured. Follow Jaimie Carragher and his son at the LFC Youth Academy, and new manager Rodgers breaks down the X's and O's of the West Brom match with an eye towards the club's home opener against league Champions, Manchester City. There is much work to be done.
Being: Liverpool: Walk On
The clock counts down from 48 hours to LFC vs. Manchester City for the first match of the Premier League season on the hallowed pitch at Anfield against the current league champions. From groundskeepers to the ownership - everyone's journey to the kick-off of this pivotal match is captured.
Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet
A lost piece of American history may have been uncovered deep in the sea a shipwreck thought to have belonged to a fleet of American privateers. In the late 18th century, the Irish Sea was a cauldron of kidnapping, thievery and unrepentant skullduggery. Governments, including the nascent U.S., hired sea raiders, or privateers, to pillage and steal from merchant vessels. Is it possible that this ship was on a mission from Benjamin Franklin?
Berlin Wall
For 28 years, the Berlin Wall was a deadly blockade to freedom in the west. Find out how some East Germans beat the "death strip" and how authorities responded to each escape by making the Wall harder to beat. Then relive the day the Wall came down.
Berlin's Grand Central
Berlin's Grand Central will literally and figuratively reconnect East and West Germany, ushering in a new era of unification. Once completed, it will be Europe's largest train station, containing nearly as much space as the Empire State building.
Best Hike in the World
Not Specified
Best Of Access 360° World Heritage
Over the course of a year, Access 360° World Heritage took us across the globe, filming in some of the most stunning and fragile places on the planet. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Statue of Liberty, from Cappadocia to the Amazon, we encountered a range of amazing stories and characters at each location. Now in this Best Of episode, we highlight the threats facing these sites and the ingenuity and commitment shown to resolve them.
Bid & Destroy
The Danley Demolition crew are property pirates on a hunt to discover buried treasure on the brink of destruction. After winning a grueling bid on a property, the guys from Danley Demo race against the clock to hunt down as many hidden treasures and rare items left behind to turn a profit, before they decimate and demolish the building to the ground. For these bidders and destroyers, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.
Big Bigger Biggest: Aircraft Carrier
This film reveals how seven ingenious technological breakthroughs enabled engineers to build the biggest aircraft carrier in the world - the USS Nimitz, weighing more than 100,000 tons. From steam catapults and mirror landing aids to advanced nuclear-powered engines, well chart the historic inventions embodied by seven landmark aircraft carriers to see how aircraft carrier design continues to push the limits of size.
Big Bigger Biggest: Airport
London's Heathrow Airport is the world's busiest and home to one of the tallest terminals - T5. NGC reveals how ingenious breakthroughs enabled engineers to build the super structure. With its enormous free span roof, automated baggage system and robotic vehicles, T5 can feed 30 million passengers through Heathrow. Using CGI animation and on-location filming, you'll see the stunning innovations that changed airports forever and enabled them to grow - from big to bigger to biggest.
Big Bigger Biggest: Bridge
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan is the longest suspension bridge in the world. See how technological breakthroughs led to the development of this supersized bridge.
Big Bigger Biggest: Skyscraper
The Burj Dubai is the tallest man-made structure on earth at nearly half a mile high. To fully understand the complexity of this engineering marvel, NGC examines seven landmark buildings whose contributions in structure and design made it possible for the Burj to soar to record heights. From the climbing cranes used to construct the World Trade Center to the exoskeleton tubes of the Sears Tower, well reveal the ingenious leaps that enabled skyscrapers to evolve, from Big, Bigger, Biggest.
Big Sky Justice
Montana is the 4th largest state in America and the men and women who patrol this vast land deal with problems unique to “Big Sky Country.” They gear up in a massive snow cat to aid stranded farmers without water and locate horseback riders lost in Montana’s treacherous canyons. Policing the icy streets to protect wildlife and humans alike, they use poise and grit to handle any issue that comes their way.
Big Sur: Wild California
California's Big Sur coastline is one of the most pristine wildernesses on Earth. This scenic meeting of land and sea boasts more than 200,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat - almost all of it undisturbed by humans. So why has it been only in the last few years that this rare ecosystem has experienced an explosion in wildlife? As we solve the mystery of why Big Sur is the newest beacon for wildlife in the West, we'll soar over, plunge into and crawl through scenes of spectacular beauty.
Bigfoot: The New Evidence
New DNA research collected by Professor Bryan Sykes, a leading British geneticist, reveals a unique genetic link the may answer the centuries-old mystery — what is Bigfoot? The results are featured in a new two-hour special. Sykes sets off on a global quest to unlock the real story of Bigfoot. Sykes, professor of human genetics at the University of Oxford, collected and tested Yeti hair samples in the western Himalayas to find out what species they came from.
Bigfoot: The New Evidence: Russian Bigfoot
Mark travels to Russia, the world's largest country, to gather evidence on Russia's Bigfoot, the Almasty. In the south, he learns of Zana, the so called 'Neanderthal Wild Woman' of the late 1800s's, and takes samples from her descendants. In Siberia, he meets the 'giant' of Almasty Hunting, seven foot tall former heavyweight boxing champion, Nikloai Valuev, and the 3 kids who may have caught the Almasty on video. Then he meets up with Professor Bryan Sykes in Moscow, who delivers the surprising results of his DNA testing.
Bigfoot: The New Evidence: Sasquatch
Mark Evans is in the USA, home to Sasquatch, and meets one of the most notorious figures in Bigfootology today, Justin Smeja, who says he killed a young Sasquatch in 2010. In the remote Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, he hears of Derek Randall's Bigfoot encounter in 1985, and learns the role Bigfoot plays in local Native American culture at the nearby Lummi Reservation. There is much riding on the results for the Bigfootologists of America, and Bryan Sykes warns 'genetics is ruthless' as he gives out the results.
Bigfoot: The New Evidence: Yeti
Mark Evans travels to the spectacular Himalayas in search of the Yeti and discovers that the creature is deeply embedded in local legend. Meanwhile, Professor Bryan Sykes has some extraordinary samples to test; hairs from a Nazi yeti killed in Tibet in the 1930's; samples from a 'Tengmo' (the Yeti of Ladakh in Northern India) shot in the early 1970's; and a mystery hair collected in Bhutan in 2001. When Proessor Bryan Sykes reveals the results, they are surprising, and could potentially identify the biological identity behind the Yeti legend.
Biker Chicks: Leather & Lace
Meet Jennifer, president of the world's largest all-female motorcycle club. She's about to get married during the annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Fla. Her fianc John, boss of the Mongols bike club, is her partner in the close-knit and secretive world of the '1%ers': the 1 percent of bikers who live outside the rules and conventions of society. And, Katherine is a thrill-seeking party girl who became drawn into a notorious outlaw bike club ' and soon was forced to work as a prostitute and
Bikers and Mobsters
Old-world traditions of the Mafia clash with the new ways of biker gangs when the two groups join forces to take control of Montreal's drug trade. Crime reporters, undercover cops and former mafia members shed light on the underbelly of this crime world.
Black Dragon
Ango, a cricket fighting master from Taiwan's rural countryside, journeys to China for a showdown between his ‘black dragon' and China's smaller but well-trained ‘Qu Qu' – but will size matter in this ultimate tournament? We'll also journey to Holland and see how some scientists are creating artificial cricket hairs for sound detection that may lead to new developments to aid the hearing impaired.
Black Gold
Just beneath the surface of Northern Canada's Alberta forest sits the largest oil reserve in the world, possibly capable of satisfying world needs for up to 55 years. Mother Nature has thrown engineers a giant curveball - the oil can't be pumped because iit's trapped in sand, and extracting that energy is already having an unprecedented impact on the Canadian environment. Watch as multiple companies race to develop technologies that unlock the vast oil and profit hidden below Canada's forests.
Blazin' Backdraft BBQ
The firefighters of Station 8 have been asked to cook at the fire department's annual kick off for the holiday toy drive. Industrial designers have three days and $4,500 to build a smokin' hot barbecue for them.
Bloods and Crips: L.A. Gangs
NGC takes viewers to the streets of South Central Los Angeles as it charts the rise of two of the most notorious gangs in America: the Bloods and the Crips. Follow along as an emerging cocaine trade fuels staggering levels of bloodshed and the streets of Los Angeles begin to resemble a war zone. Exclusive interviews include Bloods founder T Rodgers; original Crip Angelo "Barefoot Pookie" White; former LAPD chief Darryl Gates; and LAPD gang unit veteran Tony Moreno.
Bloody Tales of the Tower of London: Traitors
From WWII executions and Guy Fawkes' grisly torture and gruesome death to a 16th century prison break, the Tower of London's history encompasses it all. Tudor historian Suzannah Lipscomb and journalist Joe Crowley team up to investigate three extraordinary stories which challenge our beliefs about the infamous Tower and its role in British history. Just how and why were state executions carried out at the Tower during WWII? Why do we remember Guy Fawkes more than the other gunpowder plot conspirators and what exactly happened to him when he was captured? What enabled an undercover Catholic priest to escape this impenetrable fortress and a traitor's death? Think you know the Tower of London? Time to think again...
Bloody Tales of the Tower of London:  Executions
From botched beheadings to mob executions and controversy over the first Queen of England - the Tower of London's history encompasses it all. Tudor historian Suzannah Lipscomb and journalist Joe Crowley team up to investigate three gruesome stories which challenge our ingrained beliefs about the infamous Tower. Was the Tower really a slick one-stop-shop for beheadings, and if so why did it take five blows to decapitate King Charles II's illegitimate son? Just how did the mob manage to get into the Tower to seize one of King Richard II's key advisors during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381? And, how important is the Tower for a wannabe King or Queen in securing the throne of England? Think you know the Tower of London? Time to think again...
Blow Down: Vegas Casino
NGC follows a demolition team as they go to Las Vegas to take down The Frontier Hotel and Casino. The Frontier was the second hotel built on the strip and its age is a major factor in the teams demostrategy. Unclear blueprints, massive amounts of re-bar, and toxic asbestos, challenge the project. To further complicate matters, hotel demolition in Vegas is a large scale event complete with crowds and fireworks, and the team is faced with the added pressure of putting on a good and safe show.
Blow My Mind
Get ready for the best and biggest explosive experiments from the National Geographic Channel arsenal. Experiments from series like Street Genius and Rocket City Rednecks will answer hard-hitting questions such as: What’s the best fuel for blowing up an outhouse? Can static electricity really blow up a gas station? How many tries does it take to blow a shed to smithereens? See these mind-blowing questions answered with a lot of big bangs on Blow My Mind.
Blow Your Mind
Destin is an Alabama engineer with a unique curiosity about how the world works, and he's determined to understand the science in everyday life.
Bomb Hunters: Afghanistan
It's the real "Hurt Locker:" the guys whose mission is to detect and destroy roadside IEDs in Afghanistan.
Bomb Squad NYC
Gain access to one of the world's most dangerous jobs when NGC goes into the line of fire with the New York Police Department Bomb Squad. Meet this elite team and learn how they've evolved from their beginnings in 1903 and what technology they use in the 21st century to keep their city safe. When a suspicious item in a packed subway station brings the center of New York to a halt, these men are the only ones who can determine whether it's a benign package or a threat to America's largest city.
Border Wars
A brand-new season of the hit series Border Wars expands to follow not only Customs and Border Protection as they patrol the border, but also local law enforcement charged with keeping things safe in the border towns of South Texas. Follow the cameras as we show the challenges and complexities in this hot zone, where more drugs are apprehended than anywhere else in the U.S. Determined to defend our borders, these officers and agents take their jobs seriously. Border Wars isn’t afraid to show the heartbreaking, jaw-dropping, and action-packed side of issues like illegal immigration and smuggling.
Borrowed Time
Not Specified
Boston Metal
Brockton, Mass. is the working-class town of the self-proclaimed “fighting Morrisseys”—owners of ECO Recycling Systems, one of Brockton’s most competitive, most successful and all-around most colorful scrap metal recycling yards. Get a day-to-day look at this family-owned and -operated business, which prides itself on the Morrisseys’ unstoppable work ethic and tight family bond.
Bounty Hunters
Not Specified
Bounty Hunters: Cat & Mouse
Top bounty hunters Leonard Padilla and Rob Dick must overcome unusual challenges when a fugitive's friend creates a diversion and a confrontational man threatens them at the door of a bust.
Bounty Hunters: Manhunt
Leonard Padilla, the "godfather of bail," and his partner and former competition Rob Dick work to track down a list of skips in California. As pressure mounts, Rob must go to Oklahoma to find who he needs.
Bounty Hunters: On the Run
Top bounty hunters Leonard Padilla and Rob Dick go after three high-stakes fugitives, but the cases take an unexpected turn when the elusive offenders lead them on an exhausting cross-country trek.
Bounty Hunters: Trouble in Paradise
A pair of expert bounty hunters travel to Guam to find an elusive fugitive and then navigate through a maze of lies that lead to a dead end in Hawaii.
Brain Games
Hosted by "wonder junkie" Jason Silva, BRAIN GAMES sizes up the ultimate super-computer—the human brain—using an intricate string of mind-boggling experiments, optical illusions, brainteasers, and hard science. With man-on-the-street demonstrations and viewer participation through interactive brain-busters, National Geographic Channel's hit series offers a workout for your mind.
Break It Down: Cargo Truck
After more than 600,000 miles of hauling cargo, the Volvo FH12 Globetrotter has reached the end of the road and is headed for a breakdown. In Sweden, a country known for its "green" initiatives, Volvo's goal is for 95 percent of the truck to be reused or recycled. We'll watch a team of experts rip it apart, beat it up and melt it down. Then, at 10 feet tall and packing a 700-horsepower punch, we'll see it reborn, even bigger.
Break It Down: Jersey Prison
A building made to be impenetrable the Riverfront State Prison in Camden, N.J. must come crashing down. Concrete cell blocks, a library, a chapel, four guard towers and razor wire. Obstacles at almost every turn starting with the deadly risk of asbestos make this a formidable project. Then, the stakes get even higher as a massive storm sweeps across the East Coast, buries New Jersey in snow and threatens to shut down the entire job.
Break It Down: Locomotive Overhaul
Follow a breakdown crew as they tear apart a 50-year-old locomotive and rebuild it from the frame up, using the latest energy-efficient technology. This four-axle train must boast 1,400 horsepower and ride the rails for another 50 years. Chains and cranes do the heavy lifting, as power tools crank, torches flare and fires blaze. In just eight weeks, this loco will undergo a complete transformation and emerge again as a lean, green pulling machine.
Break It Down: New York Scrap Yard
Gershow Recycling - a sprawling 40 acre scrap yard in Long Island, NY. In just one day, this family run business will destroy three million pounds of scrap -- including as many as 500 cars and 20 city buses - to create a multi-million dollar mound of steel. This family of scrap connoisseurs has only 10 hours to get the job done. They must supply their monster shredder with a continuous lunch of discarded metal. But in the face of a volatile ferrous and non-ferrous metal market, will Gershow come out on top?
Break it Down: Bridge
One of the world's longest bridges, the Carquinez in San Francisco, has to come down. How will engineers dismantle and recycle 24,000 tons of steel, concrete and rebar while fighting the elements in a race against time?
Break it Down: Diesel Locomotive
Get an inside look into what happens when a worn-out, 180-ton locomotive reaches the end of its line. Travel to Kansas City, the second largest rail junction in the United States, where a crew of salvage experts takes on the challenging task of breaking down two rail behemoths.
Break it Down: Nuclear Submarine
In the extreme Russian North a team of engineers are ready to dismantle the a Typhoon-class submarine the world's largest nuclear submarine, the Typhoon.
Break it Down: Orange Bowl
The Orange Bowl home to the Miami Dolphins for 21 seasons, and host of five Super Bowls is about to be demolished. Its a monster breakdown jobwith a monster deadline: In just four months, a demolition team needs to clear over a quarter million feet of stadium to get ready for a new stadium. Not only is there a tight timetable, everything must be salvaged or recycled. But before the team can break down the stadium, theyll have to save parts of it. After a memorabilia company combs the bowl for collectibles and auctions off what they salvage its finally time for the demo team to get their hands on the bowl. 50,000 left over orange seats, nearly 100,000 square feet of turf, and eight ten-ton stadium light towers are recycled or resold, freeing the demo team to take down the stadium itself. Using a combo of wrecking balls and mega machines, theyll cut, pull, and pummel this historic structure until its a bowl full of rubble. The iconic Orange Bowl, is about to be history.
Break it Down: Plane
It's easy enough to recycle a soda can, but what happens when you want to junk one of the world's largest airplanes? A select team of airplane mechanics is tasked with deconstructing and recycling a 747 jumbo jet. With pieces that are all substantially bigger and heavier than those of standard jets, the 747 promises to be a tough deconstruction challenge for this group. We'll be with them, from cockpit to cargo hold, as they tackle this mega feat of unengineering.
Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers demonstrates what it takes to build and drive a vehicle faster than anyone on the planet. Follow American automobile entrepreneur John Hennessey's pursuit of the production vehicle land speed record and trace the roots of land speed racing from the early days of hot rodding to today. We discover that since the advent of the automobile, the pursuit of speed and the fight for the title of “fastest car” are intrinsically connected.
Every prisoner fantasizes about escape, but few attempt it. The second documentary-drama series of BREAKOUT brings eight more action-packed stories of criminals who bust out of some of the most secure prisons in the world. In the face of seemingly impossible obstacles, the prisoners’ ingenuity and sheer audaciousness is awe-inspiring. So too the skilled detective work of the law enforcement agencies tasked with tracking the fugitives down, engaging in car chases and shoot outs to capture them. Told through filmic, high-octane drama and powerful first hand testimony, BREAKOUT is an edge-of-your-seat viewing experience.
Breakout Compilation
Not Specified
Breakout: Keys to Success
Keys are what locked them up, so why not use keys to escape? Desperate for freedom, Tim Jenkin builds wooden keys to use in an escape attempt from a high-security prison in South Africa. And Matthew Williams fashions keys out of metal to help his escape plan from an island prison in the United Kingdom.
Breakout: Keys to Success
Keys are what locked them up, so why not use keys to escape? Desperate for freedom, Tim Jenkin builds wooden keys to use in an escape attempt from a high-security prison in South Africa. And Matthew Williams fashions keys out of metal to help his escape plan from an island prison in the United Kingdom.
Britain's Nazi King?
Was a member of the British royal family in cahoots with the Nazis? Recently declassified FBI files expose a surprising twist in the legacy of Edward VIII. In 1941, President Roosevelt had the Duke of Windsor investigated for suspicion of sympathizing with Nazi Germany. What the investigation found was an astonishing plot to put Edward VIII on Britain's throne as Hitler's Nazi puppet. Under different circumstances, could this relationship have changed history as we know it?
Britain’s Underworld: Glasgow
Britain's Underworld: Glasgow - A deadly look at the history of the underworld in one of Britains' most violent cities. Includes interviews with leading gangsters and hardmen, telling their stories of crime and punishment.
Brooklyn's Russian Gangsters
Follow three decades of bloody Russian gang wars that started on the Brooklyn streets and continue to this day in cities across the nation. Beginning in the 1970s, hardened criminals released by the KGB immigrated to the United States. Soon after they arrived, crime groups sprang up in Brooklyn and evolved into global syndicates, running lucrative and powerful extortion rackets and gas scams.
Brothers in War
Through gripping first-person accounts and digitally remastered archival footage, including the soldiers' own home movies and personal audio tapes, Brothers in War recounts the harrowing combat experiences of the men of Charlie Company ' one of the last American combat infantry companies to be drafted, trained and sent to fight together in Vietnam. The two-hour special is fittingly narrated by Charlie Sheen, who rose to stardom after his 1986 performance as a Vietnam soldier in 'Platoon.'
Bugatti Super Car
The Bugatti Veyron is a "super" super car - part automobile and part airplane. And with a base price of $1,750,000, it is the most expensive production car in the world. Designed with materials and construction techniques normally found in the aerospace industry, this remarkable engineering achievement is one of the fastest street-legal cars ever built. Now, NGC takes an insider look at the Bugatti factory to see how this modern engineering masterpiece is built.
Building Wild
It’s the most rugged construction show ever built. Each week, Paulie and Tuffy - the Cabin Kings - meet a new client with a wild piece of property and a dream of building the perfect wilderness getaway. The Cabin Kings have just one week to conquer the elements and unveil this new backwoods paradise.
Built for the Kill: Polar Bears
Even though it's the world's largest land predator, every polar bear starts out as an adorable blind, toothless cub. But how does a helpless cub become a stone cold killer? See how a polar bear cub follows its mom on hundreds of hunts over the course of two years - watching, learning and mostly getting in the way. To survive in the Arctic, polar bears have to have brains as well as brawn, and know when to use different tactics for taking down different kinds of prey.
Bull Riders
Some call it the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of these bold and brave men who risk everything for the love of the sport and the thrill of the ride.
Bullets over Boston: The Irish Mob
Mobster James "Whitey" Bulger and his gang drew the FBI, local officials and Boston's Irish community into a web of corruption, double cross and murder that rocked the city to its core. The gritty truth behind Bulger and his fellow mobsters is exposed as NGC relives the investigation through archival footage and firsthand testimony from those closest with the gangster.
Busted!: Animal Smugglers
Every year millions of animals are smuggled across international borders. With an estimated worth billions of dollars a year, wildlife smuggling is one of the nation's largest black markets. Smugglers often use the most bizarre ways to pull off their illegal schemes. In this episode watch the shocking and real stories of animal smuggling.
CIA Confidential: 9/11 Mastermind
Next to bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist associated with 9/11 was Khalid Sheik Mohammed, or KSM. He managed to elude the CIA for a decade, and even on the run, he carried out attacks on U.S. and Western interests in Bali, Yemen and Africa. Follow the dramatic story of the CIA's quest to find and capture this once-shadowy figure, piecing together fragments of intelligence from around the world. We'll see the chain of intelligence that eventually led to his capture and imprisonment.
CIA Confidential: Hunt for Bin Laden
Just days after the horrific attacks of 9/11, a team of seven CIA agents snuck into northern Afghanistan and began to lay the groundwork for war. Dubbed operation "Jawbreaker," their goal was to take out al Qaeda, find Osama bin Laden and kill him. Now, NGC tells the story of this dangerous covert mission from the point of view of the CIA officers and top-secret Delta Force operators involved.
CIA Confidential: Inside the Drone War
They were the invisible warriors in Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Libya. But drones, the CIA's elusive, unmanned counterterrorism war planes, add a new level of danger for CIA operatives in the field. After a string of drone attacks on key al-Qaida and Taliban leadership, an undercover Taliban sympathizer penetrates deep into the heart of drone war headquarters and detonates a suicide vest, killing seven of the CIA's most effective officers.
CIA Confidential: Pakistan Undercover
CIA Confidential: Pakistan Undercover goes inside one of the most perilous battlegrounds of the new war: Pakistan. Join a 14-point strike to capture alleged al Qaeda logistician Abu Zubaydah and follow the CIA's multi-national effort to capture alleged al Qaeda terror-broker Rashid Rauf before he can unleash a massive attack on US airliners.
CIA Secret Experiments
At the height of the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified, top secret research program that exposed Americans to biological agents, hallucinogenic drugs and psychological techniques aimed at mastering the art of mind control. Entire cities in America were contaminated with bacteria, exposing millions to germ warfare. NGC's CIA Secret Experiments examines what happened, shedding light on its research to better understand the extent and full reach of its disturbing experiments.
Cabin Fever
Log cabins are the ultimate dream sanctuaries, and this team of skilled builders makes their clients' cabin fantasies a reality. Whether nestled at the base of a mountain or in a suburban backyard, these craftsmen create unique log homes sprung from their clients' imaginations.
Cain and Abel: Brothers at War
This Bible story of sibling jealousy and murder has puzzled scholars for centuries. From Egyptian burial tombs to the mountaintops of Iran, archaeologists investigate a tale that impacts all of humanity.
Can It Be Built? Circular Skyscraper
Abu Dhabi will set out on the biggest project to date - a new micro-city with a round skyscraper taller than the Statue of Liberty and curved glass skin covering the area of four football fields. The spherical design and the proposed site pose numerous challenges, including design stability and a location that is half a mile out in the Persian Gulf and 25 feet under water. On top of everything, this skyscraper must be completed in just 30 months' time.
Can It Be Built? Leaning Skyscraper
Abu Dhabi is famous for its extreme engineering, but now one project could surpass them all - the world's most inclined skyscraper, Capital Gate. Capital Gate is a tower that spirals out of the ground at 525 feet and tilts almost five times more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower will include a five-star hotel on the top 18 levels, an infinity pool, a restaurant hanging 300 feet above the ground and a helicopter pad on the roof.
Can It Be Built?: World's Tallest Skyscraper
The Dubai skyscraper Burj Khalifa stands 2,716 feet tall, or half a mile into the Arabian air. Over the course of seven years and at a cost of $1.5 billion, follow the construction of this desert tower — and the never-before-seen obstacles that must be overcome to deem a mega-structure built on shifting sands safe to inhabit. How will construction and engineering teams overcome 115-degree heat and vortex winds at high altitudes, and what happens when the tallest construction crane in the world
Canyonlands is the little known jewel of the American National Parks. This stark landscape of extraordinary features contains more than three hundred thousand acres of desert wilderness, towering spires, high plateaus and spectacular canyons. But this rugged terrain is more than a pretty picture; it is a history book of time. Its stories stretch from the geologic forces that created this land, to the beginnings of life on earth and ancient people, to the cowboys and outlaws of the Old West.
Car Czar: Amphicar
The Amphicar, a German-built novelty, is not only a car; it's also a boat. Hampered by extensive repairs and hard-to-find parts, classic car expert Alan Lewenthal and his restoration crew transform a rare 1967 amphibious car from a rusty relic into a profitable auction-block winner. The restoration turns out to be twice the trouble as the crew finds their auto repair skills sorely tested when it comes to fixing a boat.
Car Czar: Camaro
Resurrecting a one-of-a-kind classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 requires ingenuity and $100,000 in parts and labor. To undo massive erosion, restoration wizard Alan Lewenthal and his crew have just 12 weeks to rebuild the muscle car for a prestigious auto auction where Alan hopes to sell the classic for a profit. Using auto-archaeology to find the original custom paint color, Alan raises this legendary muscle car from a rust heap to its former glory, hoping it proves a winner at the auction.
Car Czar: Custom Hot Rod
Classic car expert and auto archaeologist Alan Lewenthal leads his crack restoration team through a time warp in their quest to resurrect a prize-winning 1960s custom pickup truck that started out as a 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday sedan. The team uses clues uncovered in out-of-print magazines, rare archival photographs and the astonishing memories of hot rod car buffs from 50 years ago.
Car SOS Triumph of the Stag
Answering a wife's SOS, Tim & Fuzz head to Portsmouth on a mission to rescue an ex-naval diver's Stag and finally put a smile back on his face. A hit-and-run 32 years ago led to the car's owner gradually losing the use of his legs. No longer able to drive his beloved Stag it spent the last 18 years in his garage gradually being swallowed under a mountain of junk whilst he sank into the doldrums. After the guys spirit-away the Triumph, they switch out the transmission and install some customized pedals so the ex-serviceman owner can enjoy his much loved motor again. Invited to the Bond exhibition at the National Motor museum our Stag lover finds a very familiar looking exhibit.
Car SOS: A Porsche Puzzle
Tim and Fuzz are called to East Anglia to rescue a very sad 1980s Porsche 911 that has seen better days. The car in question had an electrical fire four years ago, but owner Billy has spent so much of his time and resources looking after his disabled wife that he has been unable to get his once dream car back on the road. The car has been sitting in his driveway, rotting away. Unknown to Billy, his wife put out the Car SOS emergency call to Tim and Fuzz, as a thank you to her devoted husband. However, when the boys get the car back to the workshop, they discover that it is suffering from almost-terminal rust, so much so that it is collapsing in on itself. Given that they have just three weeks to get the car back before its owner discovers that it is missing, this rescue turns into a real race against time.
Car SOS: Anglia Angels
The CAR SOS crew travel to darkest Bournemouth to discover a severe case of Anglia obsession. The Hutchins-Clarke family only have eyes for one car, each of them owning at least one Ford Anglia. All except poor James. Having been stripped of spares by his parts hungry relations Tim & Fuzz swoop in and rescue James' sorry Anglia, but can they save it? The next 3 weeks are a blur of Anglia action; high powered engines, lowered suspension, thumping hi-fi's and supercool wheels. The car that results is Fuzz's perfect Anglia and he's fallen in love. It's a painful parting for the master mechanic but will this supercool 60s ride get the welcome it deserves from its surprised new owner?
Car SOS: Austin Re-Powered
Tim & Fuzz head to Suffolk to rescue a charismatic but very worn out 1928 Austin 12/4. Owner Graham had a dream of spending his retirement pottering about in 'Gusty' and thanks to Car SOS, he will. That's as long as Tim & Fuzz can overcome the problems of repairing this fragile and rather rare car. From the start it is obvious all the perishable parts need replacing but it's the engine that gives the boys the runaround. On top of that, the boys struggle to agree on Fuzz's idea of an "oily rag" restoration, a suggestion that leaves Tim scratching his head. Finally the reveal day arrives and hands Tim the chance to try his cheekiest ever way of handing the unsuspecting owner his car back.
Car SOS: Beetle Mania
Tim & Fuzz head to Southampton on a mission to rescue a Beetle called Boris that almost bankrupted its owner. With Boris back at base the boys uncover some truly awful repairs and shocking rust which means a lot panels get replaced, it also means they can give the old bug a new look with sloping headlamps and retro bumpers but, as ever, they don't see eye to eye on the details. To add to the makeover mix a graphic artist is commissioned to reinvent Boris' wacky paint job for a laid back new life with its surfer owner. The piece de resistance is a wind up reveal in which the poor owner is told his tired old bug is vandalized, the truth, of course, is quite the reverse
Car SOS: Campervan Challenge
The boys are off to Hartlepool in northern England to rescue a classic VW campervan. Owner and classic-car enthusiast Brian has had the van for over 40 years — it’s become part of the family. But since suffering a major stroke, Brian’s been unable to maintain his beloved VW, and it has been left to rot. Tim and Fuzz are hoping that surprising Brian with his fully restored van will bring him a new lease on life, but first they are going to have to steal it away from him.
Car SOS: Cortina Conundrum
Ex-mechanic George has cherished his Mark 1 Ford Cortina GT for over four decades — it was a family car and he’s never been able to part with it. However, partway through a full restoration, George fell ill with an incurable lung disease, and his plans to get his much-loved car back on the road fell by the wayside. His classic Cortina ended up gathering dust in a garage. His family is desperate for him to see his beloved car back on the road and put in a call to the boys. Tim and Fuzz have just three weeks to get a fully finished Cortina back to its unsuspecting owner, but with so many missing bits and pieces, this rescue mission turns into a parts-finding nightmare.
Car SOS: Cosworth in Crisis
Mechanics Tim and Fuzz are called in to rescue a classic Ford Sierra RS Cosworth that has been left to rust in a garage ever since the owner's brother was involved in a tragic accident. In a race against the clock the lads set about a major mechanical overhaul, even fitting a replacement Cosworth engine. With only three weeks to complete their mission before the car has to be returned to it's unsuspecting owner, will lads deliver a road going rocket...or a Dagenham Dustbin?
Car SOS: Danish Dilemma
Car SOS boys Tim and Fuzz set sail to Denmark for their first international rescue. The car they are off to salvage is a 1968 Volvo Amazon that has been in the same family since it was new. Its current owner Jens inherited the car from his father and he can’t imagine life without it. However, any plans he had to restore the car ground to a halt after he suffered a heart attack that resulted in his beloved car sitting in his garage a half-finished project. To make matters worse, Jens has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition that means he will eventually lose his sight. His family contacted the Car SOS team in hope of getting his Amazon back on the road before it is too late for him to drive it.
Car SOS: Escort RS in Distress
Back in the early ’80s, the favorite pinup of every boy racer was the Ford Escort RS1600i. But being driven hard and easy to steal means there’s now only thought to be about 250 left in the U.K. One of them is owned by railway signalman Adrian, who bought it as a project seven years ago. Sadly, multiple sclerosis has robbed him of the ability to do the work it needed and his RS has been slowly rotting in his Dorset garage ever since. Adrian’s wife called in the boys to get the car back on the road and put a smile back on her husband’s face. She thought it was mostly just cosmetic jobs that needed fixing, but when Fuzz opens up the shell he finds more rust than metal and a mess of amateur tinkering that has turned this dream machine into a nightmare.
Car SOS: Land Rover Legend
Tim and Fuzz head to South Yorkshire and Tim’s home city of Sheffield for a mercy mission of 4x4 proportions. The car in need of some TLC is a Series One Land Rover that once belonged to an amateur off-road lady champion. It has since become an emotionally charged heirloom for her daughter, Samantha. However, unable to tackle an ever-growing list of mechanical problems, Sam’s Landie has been off the road for the past 16 years. Sam’s partner, Dan, and longtime family friend, Paul, put out the emergency call, hoping Tim and Fuzz can save this very special family keepsake. As a Landie enthusiast, Fuzz is practically chomping at the bit to get started, but what appears to be a straightforward three-week recommission turns into full-on modification mayhem. Of all the nonstandard parts fitted, a stubborn turbo may well be all it takes to stop the boys raising this British classic from the ashes and sending it to the junkyard.
Car SOS: Lotus Flower
When ex-racing driver Tony Webb bought a 1970 Lotus Elan he had big plans of doing it up to enjoy during his retirement. But a cripplingly painful spine injury means his ability to drive is on borrowed time. With only a couple of years left before a wheel chair beckons, Tim & Fuzz step in and fast track his project to completion. But in the process of renovation a controversial discovery is made, and while "Factory" Fuzz sees no choice but to completely change the colour of the car, Tim's worried he's gone too far and no one knows how Tony will feel. At a dramatic unveiling at the Lotus factory where the little Elan was built 43 years earlier, all is revealed.
Car SOS: MG Miracle
A 1938 MGTA has been virtually a lifelong project for owner and car enthusiast Derek. Sadly, the recent news that he is terminally ill has brought work on his beloved car to a halt. His family is desperate for Derek to see the car he has worked on for 30 years fully finished, so they help the boys steal the car away to the Car SOS workshop. However, the seven-day deadline to get the MG back to its owner before he discovers that it’s missing becomes a real race against time when Fuzz discovers that the engine block is badly cracked. Derek is going to be visiting a classic car show, but will the Car SOS team be able to finish his car and get it there in time to surprise him?
Car SOS: Morris Traveller Mayday
Tim and Fuzz head off to Leighton Buzzard to try to right a very definite wrong. Standing in a shed is a 1968 Morris Traveller, or, at least, half of it. It was bought by proud parents Richard and Tracy as a restoration project to be completed as a gift for their car-mad son, Justin’s, 17th birthday. But disaster struck not once, but twice! First, they fell victim to a rogue restorer who conned them out of their savings and sold half of their Traveller instead of restoring it. Then Justin suffered a debilitating illness following a botched operation just as he was about to start the restoration himself. Now, seven years later, Tim and Fuzz have answered the SOS call. But it’s far from easy, and constructing the rear end from wood proves far more time consuming than Tim imagined. And when the attempted restoration by the con man is discovered to be worse than originally thought, the Car SOS team really has their work cut out to complete the car in time for Justin’s very belated 17th birthday present.
Car SOS: Phoenix Jeep
Tim and Fuzz are drafted in to totally rebuild a beloved Jeep and repair an old man's heart after both were callously broken in an arson attack. The 4 wheel drive war horse was so frazzled by the fire that a huge amount of new parts have to be sourced but Tim valiantly campaigns to keep the history in the Jeep's scarred panels intact. It's a constant battle and the boys are put under more pressure when they find out that Dick, the Jeep's owner, is very, very fussy about all the details being just right. In an epic final scene that Spielberg would have been proud of the Jeep throws one last spanner in the work. When Dick finally sees his car he can't believe his eyes, but have the boys scored a bullseye or shot themselves in the foot?
Car SOS: Start the Dart
Tim and Fuzz head off to Berkshire to give some TLC to a forgotten ’60s sports classic. Standing in a shed at the bottom of a garden is a Daimler SP250. Its owner, Colin, has had a lifelong dream to drive his own Daimler Dart, but a succession of tragedies has seen his dream fade away. He has tried to restore a Daimler Dart twice — the first was destroyed in a fire before he could even drive it, and a crash has left him unable to complete work on his second Dart restoration project. As a result, it is gathering dust with no sign of ever being worked on. However, Colin’s sons, Gordon and Durran, have put out the emergency call. They want the car restored but also modified so that their father can drive it despite the injuries he sustained in his crash. Tim and Fuzz come to the rescue, but from the beginning, the car seems jinxed. The boys are almost discovered whisking the car away when Colin returns home early, but that’s the least of their worries. When they have to adapt the steering and brakes to make it easier to handle, they find themselves in danger of not getting the car ready in time for Colin’s 70th birthday.
Car SOS: The Fiat Fiasco
Wracked with guilt about the car crash in which her boyfriend, Jeremy broke his back, Debs calls in Tim and Fuzz to give her beau a break from his terrible luck. The Car SOS team takes on renovating his forlorn Fiat 850 Spider, but it being one of the rarest cars in the UK spares are all but impossible to find. It's another tough project, apart from the usual rotten bodywork the car needs all of it's chrome parts replaced. It's a challenge to which Tim rises manfully taking on a trip to a stunning corner of Italy and a meet up with the grand daddy of 850 clubs. Once the car is finished the boys entice Jeremy to a luxury hotel and present him with an almost unrecognisable little 2 seater sports car but will it give him the lift he needs?
Car SOS: The Herald Angels
Tim and Fuzz have been called to Cornwall to save the day for a Triumph Herald and its devastated owner. The 1970 Herald Saloon the boys are here to rescue is the property of Josephine. She had always dreamed of owning and driving a classic car, but after taking on her rusting Herald, her daughter became gravely ill and passed away after a three-year fight. Josephine’s desire to put her beloved Herald back on the road took a backseat during her daughter’s illness, so her husband and son put out the call to help get the car running once more and hopefully give Josephine back her love for life. However, having been left standing in a garage for five years, the car developed chronic rust problems and it’s not until the boys get the car back to the workshop that they realize just what they have taken on. Virtually every single part of the car is beyond repair. Will the team be able to get the bodywork replaced and the engine started within the three-week time frame?
Car SOS: The Rover's Return
Rover lover Steve's terrible run of health problems meant his dream of renovating a 1972 P6 were put firmly on the back burner. That was until, behind his back, wife Marie called in the CAR SOS boys to resurrect this icon of upmarket British motoring. When Tim & Fuzz first see the old Rover they're hopeful the workload may not be too overwhelming, that is until they start to take the old girl apart. Bit by complicated bit they realize they have unleashed a monster, gradually uncovering decades of shoddy botchery. Despite the relentless pressure the lads nurse the Rover back to health. After 3 exhausting weeks the car is unveiled to Steve at the East London bus depot where he and his family work.
Car SOS: Zodiac Comeback
Tim & Fuzz head to Norwich on another undercover mission to revive a dwindling 4 wheeled dream. After a lifetime of health problems that have hampered this restoration project, an ageing Teddy Boy's 1950s Ford Zodiac is fixed up and given some crafty modifications by the CAR SOS crew. The plan is to help this ageing rocker get rolling behind the wheel of his beloved car for the first time in 20 years. But there's a headache when "factory" Fuzz controversially changes the paint back to its original color scheme, a decision that may make the big reveal a rather tense affair.
Casino Wars
A real-life high-tech war is being waged on the neon-drenched battlefields of Las Vegas, where millions of dollars are at stake. Today, modern gadgets including lasers and microcomputers are helping them beat the house. We'll meet a former cheater who used a light-wand to swindle nearly $1 million from slot machines. Then, NGC gains exclusive access to a subterranean surveillance facility where the latest advancements in digital surveillance are being used.
Caught in the Act: Blood Battles
Animal attacks in the wild aren't just about survival. Sometimes, they have scores to settle. From a long-standing war between hyenas and lions, to a new feud between two sets of brothers, these animals are willing to fight to the death for land or revenge. And sometimes, their most vicious battles are with each other.
Caught in the Act: Cannibal Shark
Eyewitnesses share amazing wildlife encounters caught on tape. A hidding camera in the Ukraine reveals a horrible trade in bears and one man goes the extra mile to save a cub. A shark fishing trip in Florida goes horribly wrong when a hammerhead makes a surprise appearance. When a ranger provokes a bull elephant, he gets caught in a life and death moment -- and loses his job. And in the swamps of New Orleans, it's cat versus alligator when the two face off over some chicken scraps.
Caught in the Act: Charge!
From the depths of the Indian ocean, to the thick of the South African bush, sometimes, wildlife gets a little too close for comfort. Tourists face unexpected thieves, filmmakers confront killer whales. This is nature ' up close and personal.
Caught in the Act: Crocs vs. Lions
Witness the best that nature has to offer in these rare wildlife moments caught on camera. Tourists are in awe during a trip to South Africa's Kruger Park as they watch an elephant rescue a buffalo from being eaten by a lion. Crocodiles come into dangerous waters when they are up against a group of lions, all fighting for the same carcass. Also watch as an elephant lifts a crocodile out of the water with tremendous effort in order to protect her young calf.
Caught in the Act: Elephant Rampage
Sometimes it takes being in the right place at the wrong time to capture raw nature at its best. Nat Geo offers the dramatic footage of a paraglider violently colliding with a vulture 8,000 feet over the Himalayan Mountains. A seagull steals a GoPro video camera and captures some hilarious footage. Meet a couple that was charged by a wild elephant on a walking safari in Africa, and see the nail-biting video they took of the raging beast and the tour guide that saved them.
Caught in the Act: Fight Clubs
In the wild, animals will fight to the death for food, territory, and family. But out here, survival isn't just about can come to brains, or even, plain old bravery.
Caught in the Act: Giraffe Attack
Sometimes, it only takes a camera and the right timing to capture unique wildlife moments. See how during a safari drive, unsuspecting tourists experience their own terrifying "Giraffic Park" when a giraffe attacks their vehicle. In the Bahamas, a brave diver comes face-to-face with deadly tiger sharks to shatter the myth that they're out to get us. And a New York blizzard leaves a mother deer and calf stranded on a frozen river. Their rescue is caught on film as a man risks his life to help.
Caught in the Act: Life & Death
Nature at its most raw can be a beautiful and gruesome thing. From brutal kills to remarkable bravery, and the miracle of birth, these are stories about Africa's youngest members - both their victories and defeats.
Caught in the Act: Lion Brawl
Eyewitnesses share amazing wildlife encounters caught on tape. In New Zealand, two filmmakers witness an act of Octopus cannibalism. Tourists in California are shocked to see Killer Whales viciously attack a Dolphin. Surfers in Mozambique spot a monkey and a dog playfully fighting and teasing each other in a game of tag.
Caught in the Act: Monster Marlin
Relive rare experiences of incredible animal behavior caught on tape by eyewitnesses. In Kruger National Park, tourists are in for a surprise when a massive python crawls into their car. A man on a whale-watching adventure captures unbelievable footage of orcas playing cat and mouse with a seal. The dramatic showdown between a giraffe and a pride of lions is caught on tape by a wildlife cameraman. A diver returns to his kayak after a swim and finds an adorable companion in a sea lion pup.
Caught in the Act: Psycho Deer
Relive rare experiences of incredible animal behavior caught on tape by eyewitnesses. A father and son witness a hippopotamus, one of the world's most dangerous and aggressive mammals, risk its life to save a drowning baby zebra. Viewers watch captured footage from safari-goers who share their story of two female lions taking down a giraffe within seconds. And an overly curious dog is wounded by an overprotective deer.
Caught in the Act: Strange and Savage
Some things in nature don't go according to plan. From animal oddities to animals in trouble, and out of the ordinary attacks. This is wilderness - strange and savage.
Caught in the Act: There's a Bear in My Garage!
Nat Geo WILD culled through countless hours of amazing wildlife footage to showcase raw nature literally Caught in the Act. See a male seahorse give birth to hundreds of babies. Find out what happens when a lion pride is charged by a hundred buffalo. Join zoo-goers for a rare glimpse at baby elephants splashing around in a kiddie pool. Meet the unsuspecting filmmakers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and find out the reasons for such incredible animal behaviors.
Caught in the Act: Tiger Showdown
Tigers are the largest feline predators on the entire planet. They will go to great lengths, even kill, in order to gain dominance over other males. That's the scenario that confronts filmmaker John Varty as two of his male tigers, Ron and Seatao, come head to head on his breeding ranch in South Africa. John captures raw footage of the tiger fight before he decides to put his camera down and stop the ferocious fight between the two tigers he has trained since they were cubs.
Caught in the Act: When Prey Fights Back
See remarkable eyewitness footage of wild animals forced to fight for their lives. Stories reveal triumph and tragedy when animals typically stereotyped as 'weaklings' display their strengths in life or death situations.
Caught in the Act: Zombie Fish
Nat Geo WILD relives the close encounters and rare sightings all caught on tape by unsuspecting amateur and professional filmmakers. Cameras roll as a peaceful fishing day turns frightening as a man is viciously attacked by a goose. Dive into crystal-clear waters in Mexico as two killer barracudas swim over the shoulder of a diver and violently tear apart a fish. Experience an adrenaline rush as two male bears fight over a female. The amazingly fast and unforgiving battle is all caught on film.
Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger
An amazing tournament of animal survival at a South African watering hole is captured on a vacation video. Enlisting the help of wildlife experts, National Geographic deconstructs this battle.
Channel Tunnel
It's the most expensive railway tunnel ever built -- a product of endless surveying, giant boring machines, and a massive gamble. The Channel Tunnel connecting England and France is huge success, but there was a time when it was the tunnel nobody wanted.
Chasing UFOs
A team of trained investigators sets out across America to uncover the truth about UFOs, once and for all.
Chicago Mob Takedown
The Chicago Mob, known as the Outfit was literally getting away with murder. Through rarely seen archival footage and interviews with former Mob associates and FBI agents, NGC takes you inside what took down the Mob.
Chicago Trauma
It's the real-life Grey's Anatomy … in Chicago. Every day, a team of idealistic young doctors rides the El to Chicago's gritty southwest side. But no amount of reading can prepare them for the most challenging test of their lives — a residency in one of the nation's busiest trauma centers. Here at Cook County Hospital, realities of urban life come crashing through the door by the hour. With more than 5,000 trauma patients a year, the action is literally a life-and-death adrenaline rush.
China's Elephant Man
Known as "China's Elephant Man," Huang Chuncai suffers from exceptionally large tumors that have stunted his growth, left his bones undeveloped, caused his spine to buckle and restricted his breathing. Now, Huang undergoes a risky surgery.
China's Valley of the Kings
China's second imperial dynasty, the Han, constructed a true city of the dead a series of spectacular tombs, many of which still exist today. They built the tombs large enough to command respect and establish their right to rule, but were challenged to do so without bankrupting the national treasury and oppressing thousands of workers. NGC journeys back to this ancient world to see how the Han expanded the mega-tomb concept.
Chinatown Mafia
In the underground of San Francisco, a secretive network of gangs was breeding in Chinatown, gaining strength as immigrants flooded the city. After a bloody 1977 showdown, these gangs were deemed an imminent threat to the city. Now, rare archival footage and intimate interviews with those closest to the case reveal the dark side of San Francisco of illegal gambling, brutal robberies, drugs, and violence.
Rum company owner, world traveler, and drink aficionado, Zane Lamprey, travels the globe to explore drinking customs and cultures by tossing back a few with the locals. As he explores the libations of the region, Zane visits watering holes, breweries, distilleries and wineries. In every episode, he journeys by train to the outskirts of the big cities, chugging off to get a taste of local spirits.
Church Rescue
Running a church takes more than faith, and even the holiest of institutions can fall victim to harsh realities. Enter the "Church Hoppers" — three business-savvy ministers who travel the country helping faith-based organizations reestablish themselves in the marketplace so they can continue spreading the good word to their followers. They use the wisdom of Scripture and a little Southern ingenuity to pull off inspiring interventions.
Cocaine Cowboys 2
Griselda Blanco was perhaps one of the most ruthless traffickers of cocaine in the 20th century, believed to be responsible for dozens, and by some reports hundreds of homicides. In "Cocaine Cowboys 2", Charles Cosby tells how he rose from a street level crack dealer to the right hand man of the "Cocaine Godmother". Born in Oakland, CA, Cosby began dealing crack in high school during the 1980s, until he saw the Godmother on TV. After writing a letter to Griselda, Cosby began a relationship with her that would earn him millions in drug money, but at the risk of his own life.
Cocaine Crackdown
In Colombia and the Caribbean, American DEA special agents put the ultimate crackdown on billion-dollar drug cartels, risking their lives in the process. Follow alongside these supercops as they track drug mules carrying lethal amounts of cocaine inside their bodies, hunt stealth coke submarines in dangerous territory and chase down a speedboat carrying several tons of blow … all to stop cocaine from ever hitting the American streets.
Cocaine Sub Hunt
Follow DEA agents on their quest to track down and bust narco-submarines in one of the most violent regions of Colombia- the coastal town of Tumaco. NGC joins the investigation, taking to the streets and swamps with armed marine patrols. We'll meet a drug sub informant who ventures out to mark a sub site for capture- and subsequently goes missing. And meet one of the very first drug sub inventors, now "in hiding" as he shows original "test" footage of his creation. We'll also examine severa
Code Breakers
Experts in code writing and breaking tell tales of heroic risks and cat-and-mouse secrecy, where science meets deadly adventure and everyone from queens to soldiers to everyday citizens can pay the price.
Colombia Hostage Rescue
On July 2nd, 2008 a new page was written in the history of military hostage rescues. On that day, a Colombian military intelligence force, using a strategy of deceit, rescued 15 hostages from the jungles of Colombia. The hostages where being held by dozens of armed guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC. Throughout the rescue operation, not a single shot was fired, no one was killed and no one was harmed. Through never before seen footage of the planning and execution of the operation, a video taken by the duped guerillas, firsthand accounts of the rescued hostages and for the first time, the testimonies of the intelligence commandoes who executed the mission, this documentary presents the dramatic, real story of one of the most successful rescue operations in history.
Comic Store Heroes
Midtown Comics in New York City is the largest retailer of comic books, graphic novels, Manga (or Japanese comics) and related collectibles in the country, if not the world, and it has the alternate universes its customers crave. Follow the lives of staffers Gerry, Thor and Alex as they deal with all manner of geek and enthusiast customers while simultaneously planning their mega-booth for New York Comic Con, their biggest day of the year.
Conquering Niagara
Match wits, strategy and daring with one of the most bone-crushing forces nature can dish out when NGC follows daredevils over the edge of Niagara Falls.
Cooking Alaska
Sherri and her extreme outdoor catering company are hired to cook a gourmet meal off the grid in the wilds of Alaska for a high-end client with a taste for adventure. Leaving husband Walt on the mainland to stand by for emergency support, the three remaining family members: Sherri, Brad the chef and Amy the camp-hand endure a nine-and-a-half-hour ferry ride to base camp with their equipment. With wicked weather and bears emerging from hibernation, survival strategies are paramount as the caterers attempt to source food and serve their clients gourmet meals in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness.
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, COSMOS will explore how we discovered the laws of nature and found our coordinates in space and time. It will bring to life never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge and transport viewers to new worlds and across the universe for a vision of the cosmos on the grandest scale. COSMOS will invent new modes of scientific storytelling to reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-invent celebrated elements of the legendary original series, including the Cosmic Calendar and the Ship of the Imagination. The most profound scientific concepts will be presented with stunning clarity, uniting skepticism and wonder, and weaving rigorous science with the emotional and spiritual into a transcendent experience.
Counterterror NYC
As evident from the attacks of 9/11 and more recent terrorist attempts, New York City is a top target for international terrorists. NGC embeds with NYPD's terror task force, responsible for defending the city that never sleeps. How do they protect special events that could be a tempting target for a suicide bomber, truck bomb, backpack bomb or small arms attack?
Cowboys of the Sea
Three fishing boat captains battle the elements, the competition, the law, and unique circumstances during the sockeye salmon season in Bristol Bay, Alaska.
Cowboys of the Sea: The Long Haul
In Alaska's treacherous waters, two crews of fishermen will brave the elements for a chance of making a quarter of a million dollars in just five days. They'll fight sleep deprivation, face unpredictable weather and avoid hungry sperm whales in a race to catch their share of millions of pounds of black cod and Pacific halibut. The crews set their 2-mile longlines on the bottom of the ocean. Each armed with thousands of baited hooks, the lines will sit on the seafloor for three to 10 hours.
Criminal Defense
Follow the intense and dramatic work of the passionate and harried Legal Aid lawyers on Brooklyn’s criminal defense beat. From the producers behind Dog the Bounty Hunterand Parking Wars, this innovative new series takes you inside a world of high-stakes battles between public defender and prosecutor. Lives and the future of entire families hang in the balance as our legal system tries to mete out justice for all. Founded on unprecedented access to Brooklyn’s Legal Aid Society, in every case the very freedom of an often-innocent client is at stake. These lawyers are overworked, underpaid, dedicated, and tireless advocates–fighting tough battles in the hopes of achieving justice for their clients.
Critical Situation: Al Qaeda Ambush
U.S. Army rangers sent to rescue wounded Navy SEALs pinned down on a mountain ridge in Afghanistan face a well-armed and merciless Al Qaeda force.
Critical Situation: Apollo 13
On the way to the moon, an oxygen tank aboard the Apollo 13 spacecraft explodes, triggering one of the most famous space rescues in history. Apollo 13 commander James Lovell and lunar module pilot Fred Haise tell the inside story.
Critical Situation: Coal Mine Disaster
A miner accidentally drills into an abandoned mine, unleashing 60 million gallons of water that trap nine miners 200 feet underground. After three days, their only hope is the feverish rescue operation desperate to reach them before the water does
Critical Situation: Downed Pilot
U.S. Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady was patrolling a no-fly zone over war-torn Bosnia in 1995 when a Serb missile shot down his F-16. The fighter pilot tells how he evaded capture for five days, fighting hunger, dehydration and fridge weather.
Critical Situation: Entebbe Hostage Rescue
In 1976, pro-Palestinian terrorists highjack Air France flight 139 carrying 258 passengers from Tel Aviv to Paris and redirect the flight to Uganda. Relive the horror as negotiations deteriorate and the hostages await their fate.
Critical Situation: Hell on High Water
The rigorous Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race turns into a desperate race for survival when a severe storm whips up 70-knot winds and 100-foot waves. Countless racing yachts capsize or sink and authorities launch the largest peacetime rescue in the world.
Critical Situation: Killing Pablo
Retrace the effort to take down Pablo Escobar, the most feared man in Colombia and the most powerful, dangerous and ruthless drug dealer the world has ever seen.
Critical Situation: Moscow Siege
Terrorists enter Moscow's Dubrovka Theater and threaten to kill everyone inside unless Russia grants independence to Chechnya. Find out how a secret weapon ends the perilous standoff.
Critical Situation: Nightmare on Mt. Hood
On Oregon's majestic mountain, one misstep causes nine climbers fall into a gaping crevasse, killing three instantly. Watch as the survivors, some badly injured, fight to escape.
Critical Situation: North Hollywood Shootout
During a robbery inside a North Hollywood bank, two heavily armed bandits shoot nine police officers and two civilians in a battle that forever changed the LAPD.
Critical Situation: Operation Certain Death
In war-torn Sierra Leone, armed rebels ambush the Royal Irish Rangers. Fearing a quick execution, the British government launches a risky and grueling rescue air mission.
Critical Situation: Running Out of Air
A Russian Navy mini-submarine is on a secret mission in the icy waters of the North Pacific. In the gloom, hundreds of feet below the surface, it accidentally becomes entangled in a discarded fishing net. It's every submariner's nightmare – they're trapped deep underwater and their oxygen is running out fast. Only two rescue teams in the world may be able to save them - but they're thousands of miles away. A desperate race against time begins – by land, air and sea. But will the rescuers find the trapped crew dead or alive?
Critical Situation: Taliban Uprising
In Afghanistan, journalists trapped in the crossfire record a rare, uncensored expression of war when captured Taliban fighters overpower their guards, seize weapon and open fire.
Croc Catchers: Crocs in the City
Australia's saltwater crocodiles are gigantic, brash, fast and capable of consuming any animals that enter their territory -- including humans. In Darwin, Nat Geo WILD follows the Croc Management team as they work to prevent these predators from swimming near human-populated areas. On a morning patrol, rangers are checking traps when they come across a beast that's bigger than the trap they set. Will they be able to wrangle the croc before it reaches shore?
Croc Catchers: Going Rogue
In Northern Australia lurks one of the country's most fearsome predators, the saltwater crocodile. Follow the team responsible for patrolling a myriad of rivers and lagoons to protect the city of Darwin from this threatening and potentially deadly reptile. Join the Croc Management team as they receive a report of a crocodile wreaking havoc on a popular waterway. The team sets traps to catch the unwelcome predator and when they successfully trap their target it's a battle of man against croc.
Croc Catchers: Surf Monster
Northern Australia's Croc Management team is on-call 24-7 to respond to croc sightings and remove them from city drains, backyards and busy roads. Join rangers as they receive a call regarding a large croc that's been repeatedly spotted at a Darwin beach. The team must act fast, but it's a challenging mission: in deep water, crocs can hold their breath for about an hour, making them difficult to locate. Can they catch the croc before he unexpectedly surfaces and endangers any beachgoers?
Crocodile King
The largest reptile on earth - the saltwater crocodile - is lurking in the rivers of Australia's Northern Territory. A master predator, each year this cunning croc is tested by nature's harsh extremes and must battle for dominance with its own kind. Using high-speed cameras and infrared technology, NGC reveals how this stealthy "salty," with senses and instincts honed over the ages, is able to retain King Croc status.
Crowd Control
What do you get when you cross hidden cameras, the BIG Piano, 50,000 commuters and a team of behavioral scientists, builders and engineers?  Answer: National Geographic Channel's new fun and fact packed undercover science intervention show, Crowd Control.
Cycling High: Doping to Win
'Cycling High' tells the story of Lance Armstrong's epic fall from grace as one of the world's greatest athletes. Guided by the extensive U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report, this documentary special pieces together the eyewitness testimony and delves into the science to show how the doping plot allegedly began and then mushroomed in its complexity. Using infographics, re-creations and archival footage, discover what the report says about how Armstrong and others outfoxed drug testing officials.
D-Day Sacrifice: Battle of Normandy
It's June 6, 1944, and the Allies have secured the landing beaches of Normandy. The pivotal battle for the coast is over, but the real mission has just begun. They now have three objectives: join the beaches together, take the city of Caen and, above all else, seize the Port of Cherbourg. The civilians' confidence is renewed when they learn that the Allies are on French ground, but the Allies' advance through Normandy is slower and more difficult than expected.
D-Day Sacrifice: The Landings
It's June 5, 1944, and the largest military invasion fleet in history departs for the northern coast of France in hopes of liberating German-occupied Europe. World War II is entering its fifth year of combat and tension is at its peak. Despite setbacks in Russia, the power of Germany is still so strong that the Anglo-American Allies have enlisted 2 million men, all prepared to sacrifice their lives, to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany's clutches.
Dark Secrets of the Lusitania
On May 7, 1915, a well-placed German torpedo struck the RMS Lusitania passenger liner with 1,959 passengers on board. Ultimately, 1,198 of them succumbed to the water. But the ones who survived gave eyewitness accounts of a second, more powerful explosion that to this day cannot be fully explained. A team of scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California test four distinct theories to explain the cause of this explosion.
Darwin's Secret Notebooks
Using Darwin's own diary and field notes as a travel guide, retrace Darwin's expedition beyond the Galapagos to uncover the forgotten evidence that inspired his revolutionary work.
Dawn of the Nazis: Becoming Hitler
Adolf Hitler wrote in 1924: "A State that refuses racial contamination must eventually rule the Earth." How could Hitler succeed in conquering Germany? Nothing predestines this mediocre student and failed artist to become dictator of Germany -- the Fhrer. The Great War of 1914-1918 turns him into a rabid racist, haunted by a vision and a mission: to save Germany. But the country is not particularly worried. Hitler is only considered a crank on the margins of German political life.
Dawn of the Nazis: Marching to War
1929. Germany, harshly affected by the worldwide economic crisis, is sinking into despair. Bloody street fighting between Nazis and Communists is raging. Fear of the "Red peril" will push millions of voters into Hitler's arms. Democracy is at risk, and no one is left to protect it. In 1933, Hitler is named chancellor. The Nazi dictatorship extends its evil shadow over Germany. Hitler is now the Fhrer. While saying he wants peace, he prepares for war -- the Apocalypse.
Dawn of the Ocean
Not Specified
Day Under Fire: Civil War
Follow four Union soldiers into the line of fire as they fight not only the enemy but also raging forest fires and nearly mortal wounds to survive the first day of a bloody campaign in the last year of the Civil War.
Day Under Fire: Vietnam War
Harrowing firsthand accounts from more than 40 combat veterans, archival audio and video footage, and never-before-seen photos provide a fresh, personal look at America's longest war
Day Under Fire: World War II
In the largest Japanese suicide charge of World War II, thousands of Japanese soldiers attack a small force of Americans with the goal of killing seven Americans each before they themselves are killed.
Daytona Biker Rally
Daytona Beach rolls out the red carpet for the half million bikers who arrive annually to ride, party, be seen -- and spend like there's no tomorrow.
Death Valley
It is the driest place in the U.S, with some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded. To forecast how global warming could impact this national park if temperatures rose a few degrees, we set out on an expedition through the Martian-like landscape to document the region's unique creatures. See how some scorpions thrive with a biological "antifreeze" running through their veins, plants live underground without water for months at a time and microorganisms exist by eating rocks.
Death of a Sea Monster
A sea monster cemetery lies at the top of the world — an incredible grave site containing countless fossilized remains of huge marine predators from the Jurassic era. Join an expedition to this remote burial ground via helicopter and boat. Paleontologists will contend with powerful polar bears and erratic Arctic weather to uncover yet another treasure trove of newly discovered predatory sea monsters. This time, it's a complete ichthyosaur skeleton — the first of its kind.
Death on the Mountain: Women of K2
Of the 196 climbers who have reached the top of Pakistan's K2, the world's second highest mountain, only five are women. Revealing interviews, dazzling footage and rare, archival photographs tell the stories of these five fearless climbers.
Decoding Bible Relics
Are recent finds in the Holy Land about the legendary Temple of Solomon and the burial of Jesus authentic artifacts or sophisticated fakes? NGC investigates.
Deep Dive
William Trubridge is taking on the unthinkable ' he is attempting to dive completely unaided to a depth of 300 feet, almost to the bottom of the deepest blue hole in the world ' 'Dean's Blue Hole' in the Bahamas. Candid interviews with locals who live in fear of the hole, interviews with Trubridge's family members who are in constant fear for his life and stunning underwater footage of Trubridge in action offer rare insight into one man's fascination with the underwater world.
Deep Wreck Mysteries: Unsinkable Battleship
The HMS Audacious was the pride of the British Navy - a massive battleship believed to be unsinkable. But when she was sunk by a German mine, the navy went to great lengths to keep it a secret, even going so far as to outfit a cargo vessel to pass it off as the Audacious. NGC follows a crew of deep-sea divers as they investigate the final resting place of the HMS Audacious, and reveal how one of the world's most advanced ships was brought down by an unexpected blow.
Demolition Dynasty
The Loizeaux family, the "First Family of Implosions," has blown up more than 7,000 structures around the world -- from chimneys and skyscrapers to stadiums and casinos.
Detroit Gang Squad
Street gangs armed with automatic weapons threaten the lives of teens in Detroit. NGC joins the elite police unit of 70 men and women tasked with turning the tide in the war against gangs. See the gang squad launch one of their largest investigations to date as they work to bring the shooters to justice. Getting the intel takes unconventional methods and a special kind of cop. With kids caught in the crossfire that blasts away in broad daylight, the stakes couldn't be higher.
Devil's Bible
Allegedly made from the skins of 160 donkeys, the Codex Gigas is the world's largest and most mysterious medieval manuscript. According to legend, the cursed text sprang from a doomed monk's pact with the Devil. Experts attempt to uncover its secrets.
Devil's Playground
Rumspringa is the rite of passage of Amish teenagers. At 16 they are allowed leave their strict society and explore the outside "English" world including alcohol, drugs and sex before deciding to join or leave the Amish community.
Die Trying
Die Trying is a documentary series about six high-risk, high-reward expeditions that highlight the capacity for determined men and women to conquer unprecedented scientific and human challenges.  Crisscrossing the globe from the frozen Alaskan arctic to a fiery crater in a Turkmen desert, Die Trying presents unforgettable stories and characters pushing themselves to their absolute limits for the chance to bring groundbreaking knowledge to the world’s attention, for the very first time.
Hobbyist metal detectorists “King George” Wyant and his buddy Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor travel the country looking for lost relics of history. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their humor quirky, and their vocabulary... one of a kind. “KG” and “Ringy” are kids at heart, driven not by money, but the thrill of not knowing what their next dig will unearth. They understand that every item has a story to tell, and Diggers brings history to life through graphics and historical context. They are invited by landowners, historians and archaeologists to go on a quest, and in their own way, a crusade, to unearth history that would have otherwise been forgotten.
Diggers: Juiced: Cowboys n' Juicepockets
KG and Ringy are at the site of one of the most notorious gunfights in American history in Tombstone, Ariz. - the O.K. Corral. They follow the tracks of Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous lawmen of the Wild West, in an attempt to find hard evidence of the showdown. Will the guys uncover a piece of Tombstone history, or is evidence of this famous gunfight lost forever?
Diggers: Juiced: Diggin' Montana
George Wyant and Tim Saylor head out to Montana, otherwise known as the Treasure State. Montana is the home of the Old West, and ghost towns, gold and guns await the men in the hills — if they can find them. The Diggers begin their hunt at an old, creepy prison, and they decide to up the stakes of their hunt. Whoever finds the oldest item is the victor, and the other must spend the night in maximum security in the supposedly haunted prison.
Diggers: Juiced: Diggin' the Delta
The guys visit the former home site of Muddy Waters, one of the most influential blues musicians, in Mississippi hoping to uncover rare artifacts of American blues music. Then KG and Ringy head to a 25,000-acre plantation that hosted blues concerts for thousands of people. KG suddenly hears the sound of juice.
Diggers: Juiced: Diggin' the South
For the Diggers, under the Southern Belt Buckle sits a thousand ways to score big. Tim and George travel to South Carolina, where beaches, battlefields and old cities hide tons of buried treasures. In the spirit of the Southern battles, the Diggers bring along their paintball guns — whoever digs up more cash value gets to shoot at the other. South of Charleston is James Island, a major battlefield and a digger's paradise where the men find pennies and bullets dating back to the Civil War.
Diggers: Juiced: Garden State Diggers
KG and Ringy hit the historic Jersey Shore on the hunt for Black Beard's treasure. First, the Diggers head to Cape May, one of the oldest settlements in America. After striking out on the beach, they head inland to Elaine's Bed and Breakfast and find artifacts such as a brass button that could have belonged to a pirate, and an Indian Head penny dating back to 1865. Next, the Diggers travel to Barnegat, N.J., to investigate the site of the historic Revolutionary War's Battle of Cedar Bridge.
Diggers: Juiced: Gators and Gold
KG and Ringy are in southern Louisiana looking for the lost treasure of the legendary French pirate Jean Lafitte. They score some sweet nectar — flat buttons, horse tack and musket balls — that give insight into Lafitte's life. But before they call it a day, the guys make a wager on who can find the most unique artifact. The loser will have to endure a Louisiana-style punishment and kiss a wild alligator on the mouth.
Diggers: Juiced: Ghost Town Treasures
The guys check out the ghost town of historic Chesterfield, Idaho, which once stood along the Oregon Trail but was eventually abandoned. Unlike a lot of preserved sites, the ground is totally undisturbed. With 27 original buildings in the town, there's nothing to do but split up and try to cover as much ground as possible. At the end of their hunt, both KG and Ringy have pouches full of “sweet nectar.”
Diggers: Juiced: Gilded Age Nectar
Outside Helena, Mont., George and Tim look for a lost camp of the world-famous Buffalo Soldiers, African-American cavalry and infantrymen who protected the settlers out West. They identify what they believe is the site after uncovering some rare coins, horseshoes and bullets. The Diggers search for riches and scandal in Helena at the Broadwater Hotel. In the 1800s, this Victorian hotel was home to lots of old money, and the Diggers are on a mission to uncover the riches that were left behind.
Diggers: Juiced: Hatfields v McCoys
No artifacts have been found from the infamous Hatfield vs. McCoy feud — until today. After an unsuccessful search at the site of the Hog Trial, the Diggers move to the McCoy well and discover a number of bullets from one of the fights along with other groundbreaking artifacts. Next, the Diggers travel to the Randall McCoy property in Kentucky, where they discover the homesite of the McCoys that the Hatfields burned down. On this successful trip, the Diggers have made history.
Diggers: Juiced: Land of Lincoln
KG and Ringy are at the historic battlefield in Gettysburg, Pa., where Abraham Lincoln struggled to keep the Union together. The guys will dive headfirst into Civil War history and hunt for artifacts from 1863. They both strike it lucky with a few discoveries, including flat buttons and a used bullet. To sweeten the search, KG and Ringy make a bet on who can find the most historical pennies, and the loser has to finish his search in a barrel costume.
Diggers: Juiced: Mountain Mayhem
The guys are at the site of the largest armed rebellion on U.S. soil since the Civil War on Blair Mountain in West Virginia. The darkest secrets of the mine wars remained buried in the hills for nearly a century, but KG and Ringy are here to uncover the juice! Their mission is to help an archaeologist find where the miners pushed up the hill and broke through the line of guards. If they're successful, it could lead them to the coal company's machine gun nest.
Diggers: Juiced: Nectar Prospector
During a hometown visit, KG's momma makes a special appearance when she needs the Diggers' help to find a ring she lost four years ago. After the men strike out in KG's yard, they leave KG's disappointed mom and head to the hills of western Montana to hunt for some bigger gold. The men set a goal to raise at least $500 in gold for their local high school before midnight. Even with some help from a friend, the chance that the Diggers find enough gold to reach their goal is slim.
Diggers: Juiced: Nevada Gold Rush
A stone's throw from Sin City, KG and Ringy are following a trail of stolen gold, which could be the biggest juice pocket they've ever found. Local legend says that a miner hid a cache of stolen gold somewhere in the hills of Good Springs, Nev. — and the Diggers are determined to find it. The Diggers scour the town, but all they find are old beer cans and some sterling silver. In the mine, which could cave in at any second, the men risk their lives for little profit.
Diggers: Juiced: New Orleans Nectar
Long before the tourists, New Orleans was bustling with pirates and explorers, and that means awesome artifacts are waiting there for the Diggers. KG and Ringy are determined to uncover gold, and lots of it. The Diggers begin their hunt on an old plantation in uptown New Orleans, where they find three different coins from three different countries, but no gold. Next, the Diggers head to Mardi Gras central, the French Quarter, where they strike the mother lode — an 1853 gold dollar.
Diggers: Juiced: Patriots in the Pocket
KG and the Ringmaster cut and hack their way back in time to Cape Cod, Mass., the location of one of the oldest settlements in the New World. The Diggers begin their hunt at the site of an old tavern where settlers gathered, drank and fought — dropping lots of items while doing so. There, the Diggers find unique treasures like a decorative sleigh, garter clips and a rare coin that dates back to the 1700s.
Diggers: Juiced: Rock n' Roll Gold
The guys are visiting the childhood stomping ground of their musical hero, Elvis Presley. KG and Ringy are excited to follow in The King's footsteps in Mississippi to see what kind of rock-and-roll artifacts they can find. But first, they head out to uncover the mystery of a legendary Native American tavern. It's said the tavern is where Andrew Jackson signed a treaty which gave the U.S. government huge portions of the Southeast, but no one knows for sure if and where it existed.
Diggers: Juiced: Snake River Juice
The Diggers head to Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho to find a piece of Evel Knievel's X-2 Skycycle that crashed into the canyon floor almost 40 years ago. However, their real mission is to find the homesite of a famous pioneer photographer, Clarence Bisbee, for two local historians. If the Diggers are successful, the historians will be able to create a Clarence Bisbee museum.
Diggers: Juiced: Southern Nectar
KG and Ringy are digging at Civil War campsites in Virginia — these nectar hot spots are a great place to find Union and Confederate artifacts, and the guys hope to strike it rich with the ultimate find: a strongbox. Strongboxes were used to store valuables somewhere on a homestead; the valuables were buried and often forgotten after family members passed away. Their search turns up a Confederate belt buckle, but no boxes of buried treasure.
Diggers: Juiced: Whiskey Rebels
KG and Ringy are in western Pennsylvania at the heart of the Whiskey Rebellion. This is the site where George Washington and his troops fought to suppress farmers who were protesting a new federal tax. The guys are hoping to score some “juice” that could be from the late 1700s. They both strike it lucky with a few great finds.
Diggers: Juiced: Wild West Nectar
KG and Ringy are following the California Trail that brought settlers to the frontier. Their mission is to find pioneer nectar. Their search takes them from Southern Idaho to a ghost town on the California border. They're looking for artifacts from early American pioneers, dating back to the mid-1800s. Along the way, they get some slammin' hits and great sounds of roundness.
Dino Death Trap
A mass dinosaur grave in western China contains fossils of a bizarre T. rex ancestor, a triceratops ancestor, an ancient crocodilian, and nearly 40 more species dating back 160 million years ago, a time when little is known about dinosaur history.
Direct from the Moon
With stunning footage from the Kaguya lunar orbiter, NGC reveals images of the moon and Earth like never seen before, and unlocks the secrets of 4.5 billion years of Earth, moon and solar system history.
Do or Die
Welcome to “Do or Die”…where you’ll witness some of the most deadly situations ever caught on tape and put your survival knowledge to the test.  Do you have what it takes to come out alive?
Don't Try This At Home: Don't Set Yourself on Fire!
Best known for his stints on Comedy Central, stand-up comedian Michael Kosta now adds science enthusiast to his resume. Culling from the best viral fails the web has to offer, he takes a look at the “science” behind crazy stunts that went terribly wrong. Using a lot of wit and a little bit of science, Kosta explains how and why a “lawn chair go-kart,” a “homemade zip line” and a “hot air balloon fireworks show” didn't work.
Doomsday Preppers
Doomsday Preppers explores the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Unique in their beliefs, motivations, and strategies, preppers will go to whatever lengths they can to make sure they are prepared for any of life’s uncertainties. And this season, forget expensive, elaborate bunkers and builds--we're going back to the basics.
Doomsday Preppers
The end of the world did not come for Judgment Day followers expecting the rapture in May 2011. But a question remains: who are these people who continuously fear a forthcoming end of the world, and who obsessively prepare themselves and their loved ones for the worst? They are called "Preppers", like Peter Larson who built an underground bunker where he and his family can retreat during a nuclear attack.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: A New Beginning
Re-visit Mike and his girlfriend Freda, a descendant from “Devil Anse Hatfield,” the leader of the Hatfield Clan. The couple still live in the deep woods of Virginia and fear that current political tensions and economic unrest will lead to a world war. See how they are still stocking piling for a doomsday scenario. Then, we head back to the backwoods of Kansas to see Joe, the nonconformist who has already given up on modern living and is preparing for failure of the American power grid.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: A Ticking Clock
Revisit the Brady Bunch of prepping, the Southwick family and their 6 children, who are prepping for a terrorist smallpox attack. We learn more about each family members' bug out bag and special prepping skill — making them the ultimate prepping family. Later, we learn more about Big Al the prepper musician who wrote his own “prepping country song” and is getting ready for a nuclear attack from Russia.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Armageddon Inn
“Calamity Janet” welcomes you to her Armageddon Inn. Prepper Janet Spencer prepared her home for a nuclear war, and is inviting people to bunker down with her. She has spaghetti pasta to feed 1000 people. John Major moved his family to Idaho and is teaching his kids to eat insects to survive a dirty bomb attack.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Be the Rabbit in the Hole
In this episode, we use never before seen footage and pop up information to go inside the lives of more Americans prepping for the end of the world. First we profile Brad and his wife Krystal who are preparing for an economic collapse that will lead to Armageddon by teaming up with a bunker designer. Next, we look at Kevin Barber and his family who are bugging out by leaving the American dream behind and moving to Costa Rica to create a second life in the tropics.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Brace for Impact
Re-visit the Coy family, who live in the shadow of Mount St. Helens. When the volcano erupts, it will destroy everything in its path. The Coys still believe that returning home after they bug out isn't an option. Each member of the family has learned a specific job and multiple means of escape, including over land and water. Then check back with Bill Simpson, who has spent six years singlehandedly building his perfect bunker, his sailboat.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Don't Come Any Closer
Former Marine Alex Dunbar is training a private army of German Shepherd attack dogs for a potential World War III. Brenda McSwigan is building a secluded mountain retreat complete with solar panel, quarantine zone and a year's supply of food to protect herself from a possible pandemic that will overwhelm hospitals and leave the rest of the country in chaos. Grace McLeod, is a retired police officer whose goal is to secure her 3,500 square-foot fortress before the American economy collapses.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Every Man for Himself
With recent storms such as Sandy, New Yorkers now more than ever need to have escape plans in case they need to flee. NGC revisits three New Yorkers as they re-assess their routes out of the city, literally escaping the grid to reach safety.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Feel the Hurt
Brian Smith, father of 12, is still preparing for a total collapse of the U.S. monetary system. Brian was raised not to rely on anyone but himself and his own resources. He fears that the world's food supply will become scarce. Check back on his a year's worth of stockpiled food and 47 acres of land and see how he's using it to prep. Take another look at his shelter, 20 feet deep in the ground.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Hiding in Plain Sight
Meet three Americans who give their all when it comes to preparedness. Real estate developer Larry Hall is creating luxury survival condos in an old missile silo. Michael Patrick Douglas is training his children in primitive survival skills. Becky Brown is taking sharpshooting lessons with a sniper in order to prepare herself for a government takeover of Salt Lake City.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Hustle, Bustle, Survive
Pat Brabble is a churchgoing Southern gentleman with a twist: He believes our country is on the brink of hyperinflation, which will unleash civil unrest all across the country. To prepare, Pat has readied a secret room in his barn that is full of guns, ammo and plenty of alcohol for trade.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: I Don't Do Small
Nat Geo learns more about prepper Bob Kay, who believes an earthquake will cause unprecedented destruction to the environment. We find out the scoop on his hundreds of edible plants on his property and how he is training his 12-year old daughter in self-defense tactics.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: I Own the Night
Meet three people who are desperately preparing for a great worldwide catastrophe. Doug Huffman has built spider holes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to survive the next Great Depression. Dianne Rogers preps her family to survive an environmental catastrophe, even going so far as to train her 6-year-old daughter to “bug in.” Ed and Dianna Peden are living underground in a missile silo bunker.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: It’s Only a Question of When
Bruce Beach has constructed a 10,000-square-foot underground bunker out of 42 full-size school buses, which he calls the “Ark Two.” Sometimes referred to as the “Doctor of Doom”, Bradford Frank, is a psychiatrist living in the suburbs of San Diego, California. Bradford believes that a deadly avian bird flu pandemic is fast approaching, and is preparing his family to bug out to a nearby cave.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Mayhem and Chaos
See how prepper Craig, a proud Alaskan living in the woods of Fairbanks is doing. He still fears the collapse of the American economy. His secret bug-out dome, designed by friend and prepping partner Don, in the rugged Alaskan wilderness is accessible only by boat. He plans the dome will serve as a refuge for his wife and two daughters. Then we re-visit David, a new age spiritual prepper from Hawaii, who fears a catastrophic tsunami will strike his island.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: My Ranch My Rules
Check back on Tom Perez, who is prepping for a terrorist attack. He is still not working because he spends most of his day prepping and spends much of his family's yearly income on preps. To ensure full safety for his family, Tom is still working with Steve Vanasse, whose company that assesses contaminated sites throughout Texas, which Tom highly values in preparing for radioactive dispersal from a dirty bomb.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Neighbor Against Neighbor
Revisit American families who have drastically altered their lifestyles in order to survive what they fear will be the end of the world. We take a look again at Johnny O who fears a terrorist attack on nuclear power plants, and his prepping philosophy is always having backups for your backups. He is a husband and father of two who lives with his wife and his wife's twin sister, who also knows their bug out plan and share it in greater detail with us.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: No Fun and Games
An economic collapse could mean total chaos for the U.S. -- looting, riots and civil unrest are top concerns. Life coach Suzanne and her life partner barter around town for supplies to prepare for an economic collapse. An experienced marksman puts Suzanne through a grueling test so she can improve her defense preps -- and all she uses is a paintball gun.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: No Time to Learn to Dance
Are you prepared for the end of the world? These men hope they are. Mike Mester fears an imminent economic collapse will bring violence and rioting to his quiet suburban town outside of Atlanta. To prepare, Mike involves his whole family in stockpiling food, fuel, and weapons. He's even trained his two German Shepherds to act as protection dogs when things collapse. Preston White, a computer programmer from Colorado believes there is a cover-up surrounding Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi p
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: One Way Out
Check back on three preppers who are readying themselves and their families for various doomsday scenarios including a volcanic eruption and a large-scale security breache. Jeff Bushaw, a full-time prepper who fears the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano. Find out more about his plans to bug-out and his flying lessons to ensure that he and his family will be able to reach their bug-out location by several modes of transportation.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Pretty Scary, Pretty Ugly
Not all preppers are relying on their nuclear family to survive the end of time; to some, creating a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals is the difference between death and survival. Re-visit the prepper known as “Snake Blocker.” Guided by his intuition and his Apache heritage, he is still convinced a coming economic collapse will result in social chaos. Check back on Snake's community and see how his knife-throwing class is going.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Rainy Days Ahead
It's only the end of the world for the people who are not prepared. Or at least that's what these preppers believe. Retired police officer Martin Colvill fears an economic doomsday will bring chaos to the roads. Kevin O'Brien and his family are leaving everything behind in Florida — they are migrating higher to Tennessee to avoid deadly changes in sea level they think are coming with a polar shift.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Survival Force
Check back on Jeff, the bachelor prepper. With his online dating profile, he is searching for a special someone who can share his love for prepping. See if his dates enjoyed their trip to his bug-out silo and if he's found his prepper mate. We also check back on Doug who's still living in the mountains of Tennessee. See how construction on his underground bunker for the upcoming economic collapse is getting on.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: The End of the World as We Know It
Kellene Bishop, a self-described foodie, amazes her friends by whipping up a dinner party entirely from shelf-stable foods, proving she won’t sacrifice the finer things in a financial disaster. Dennis Evers has trained his children with special skills to withstand a catastrophic financial collapse. From his farm in Tennessee, prepper David Sarti calls himself the “hillybilly prepper.” Should our nation’s communications and transportation systems falter after an EMP — an electro-magnetic pulse — he is prepared to use his home as a communications hub for post-Apocalyptic America.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: The Final Stand
Businessman by day, prepper by night, Brent is still living in fear of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will make the world go dark. Check back on his medieval-style castle he's built that will serve as the ultimate bug-out fortress. Then we re-visit Derek, who runs a Wild West theme park and fears that a solar flare will hit earth's atmosphere, disabling the power grid. He and his family are continuing use their amusement park as a secret prepping oasis.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: The Ultimate Security
Check back on John and Kelly, motorcycle riders living on a prepping homestead. They left the sunny beaches of Florida and move to the mountains of Virginia in preparation for a total economic collapse. Then re-visit Frank and his construction company in Maine. He still spends his days flying his private plane, staying fit with his wife Elaine and of course, preparing for the upcoming economic collapse. He hopes his bunker will withstand any doomsday scenario and is ready to test it out.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: The Will to Survive
In this episode, we use never before seen footage and pop up information to go inside the lives of more Americans prepping for the end of the world. When Jason was 18, the great outdoors he loved almost killed him. Ever since, he has sworn to be prepared. Brian Moffatt is preparing his kids for a massive collapse of the American economy. He plans on addressing his concern by teaching them how to hide, survive, and when all else fails: fight back. Lastly, we look at ‘millennial' preppers.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: There are Punishments
In this episode, we go inside the lives of three committed preppers as they prepare for the end of the world. First we profile the Colony, a community of preppers unified with the single purpose of surviving Doomsday. Jeff Mann leads the pack, preparing his son Colten to take the reins. Next, we look at Tony; a prepper convinced that Earth is in a collision course with 'end of the days' asteroid that will turn Earth into an inhospitable ash of its former self. Finally, we follow Cheree and her family in the foothills of California's Sierra Mountains, who run a Christian camp by day and prepper getaway by night.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Time Bombs
Doomsday Preppers re-visits Amanda Bobbin, who began prepping after being warned in her sleep of imminent danger. Amanda and her husband Scott still spend their time hidden away in the mountains, where they practice sustainable living in the event of a comet hitting the earth's atmosphere.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: Water, Beans, Bullets
A retired army sargeant is preparing for an electromagnetic pulse attack A suburban mother is preparing for an avian flu pandemic. And a single dad is ready to bug into a secret underground hatch in his garage.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: We’re Bugging Out
Meet a group of people preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Texan Paul Range and his wife Gloria constructed a home out of nine shipping containers, and stockpiled over 50,000 lbs. of food in preparation for a day when the North and South Poles swap places, resulting in dramatic climate changes and natural disasters. Chris Nyerges, who at first glance may seem like your average Californian, demonstrates how he is prepared to live off the land.
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out: You're On Your Own
We revisit Jay Blevins, a former law enforcement officer and enthusiastic prepper, who is preparing for a global economic crisis. He fears that social unrest will erupt and tells us more about the creative ways he plans to protect his family, including his own recipe for homemade pepper spray.
Doomsday Preppers: Italy
Even abroad, there are “apocalyptics,” people who are prepping for the end of the world. In this episode of Doomsday Preppers: Italy, we meet several of these international preppers. Marco lives in Milan and is a self-described urban prepper. He learned to assemble staple objects using urban refuse and he saves his food scraps in secret places. Giuseppe lives in Norcia and has reached complete food self-sufficiency; he has learned to hunt with a bow and arrow.
Doomsday: Book of Revelation
The most controversial book of the Bible: prophecy or ancient history? The answer lies in the book's cryptic words. Are they a code waiting to be cracked? To some Christians, Revelation describes a doomsday scenario known as 'the end times,' and they believe it's unfolding right before our very eyes. Most scholars argue that Revelation is a product of its time with a powerful message. Two thousand years after its appearance, the battle over what it means continues to rage.
Doomsday: Book of Revelation: The End is Near
The most controversial book of the Bible: prophecy or ancient history? The answer lies in the book's cryptic words. Are they a code waiting to be cracked? To some Christians, Revelation describes a doomsday scenario known as 'the end times,' and they believe it's unfolding right before our very eyes. Most scholars argue that Revelation is a product of its time with a powerful message. Two thousand years after its appearance, the battle over what it means continues to rage.
Down to the Earth's Core
Save blasting off to outer space. It's time to rocket down. Using computer imagery, travel from just below the earth's crust, with its earthquakes and volcanoes, through breathtaking caverns filled with giant crystals and into giant molten metal tornadoes before reaching the earth's core.
Drain the Bermuda Triangle
Infamous disappearances of ships and aircrafts, stories of lives lost — they’re all part of the legend of the 500,000-square-mile expanse of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. In this one-hour special, National Geographic Channel explores the area’s ominous reputation by draining the water from it to see what exactly lies below the surface of the mythical triangle. With the aid of data from sophisticated sonar surveys, see what the ocean floor looks like below the Bermuda Triangle. Witness what strange geological features will be revealed and whether they will shed light on the mysterious occurrences that have been documented within the boundaries of this area of ocean.
Drain the Great Lakes
North America's Great Lakes are the largest system of free fresh water on earth, wielding huge influence on the continent. Over 34 million people live by their shores in some of greatest cities in the world. This groundbreaking television program pulls a virtual plug on the huge lakes, using computer-generated imagery to reveal hidden secrets of their human history and changing geological past.
Drain the Ocean
This is a world you have never seen before - a world normally hidden under miles of water, the landscape of the ocean bed. With the very latest scientific data and digital mapping, we drain the water from the oceans to reveal the deepest canyons and biggest mountains on the planet.
Drain the Ocean
What if we could pull the plug and drain the planet's water? What would we see? What would we learn? Follow NGC on a virtual scientific expedition to the deep as we explore one of earth's last great frontiers. We'll remove the water using CGI animation, revealing a landscape of unimaginable scale with unexpected features more dramatic than anything on dry land. With the very latest scientific data and digital mapping, discover the deepest canyons and biggest mountains on the planet.
This gritty, hard-hitting series offers drug addicts the chance to get clean by putting them through medical and psychological testing, and revealing the devastating effects that their drug use has had on both their minds and bodies.
Drugs, Inc.
Drugs: A multi-billion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet. Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to hundreds of thousands of poor workers across the globe. While some users sacrifice their lives to an addiction they can't escape, others find drugs to be their only saving grace from physical or emotional pain almost impossible to overcome. Where should the lines be drawn in this lucrative industry?
Drugs, Inc.: Heroin
Heroin can be life threatening, claiming the lives of numerous victims. Follow this opium derivative as it begins in a remote Afghan heroin lab that processes the raw materials and then on to Chicago, where a dealer demonstrates its final preparation for street sale. Gain insight into its insidious powers from users, and witness a police raid on a heroin distribution network in New Jersey. Plus, go inside one radical attempt to combat heroin's social costs by supplying it free to addicts.
Drugs, Inc.: Meth
Some call methamphetamine the "Devil's Drug." Often made in less than an hour from a common cold remedy, this powerful stimulant is sweeping across the U.S. and Asia. Follow a raid on a suspected meth lab, stake out a neighborhood pharmacy where addicts attempt to accumulate cold and flu pills, and meet a neuroscientist urgently searching for a cure for addiction. See the dangers of meth and the unexpected physical damages caused by the drug.
Duck Quacks Don't Echo
Duck Quacks Don’t Echo is a one-hour program where our three hosts- Tom Papa, Michael Ian Black and Seth Herzog- present weird, unusual and incredible facts – and then get to test the validity of their ‘facts’ though in-studio or pre-produced experiments.  Simply put, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo presents over-the-top hypothesis and then goes about proving them.  It is all presented in a funny, breezy way.  Like three good friends meeting up once a week to test each other’s knowledge of obscure and wonderful data, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo is a celebration of science.
Dukes of Cattle: Hogs and Bogs
Bubba, Booger and Cody are American cowboys living in the deep south of Alabama where they run a cattle company. At the crack of dawn, Bubba and Booger head out across rough terrain to round up the cattle, only to find that the cattle — scared off by wild hogs — have charged right through the fence and have gone missing. Now the boys need to find the cattle, fix the fence and catch the hogs.
Dukes of Cattle: Redneck Millionaire
It's calving season at Faith Cattle Ranch, and Bubba wants to do everything he can to help the expectant mothers. Last year, his favorite cow, Claire, had some complications and lost her calf. This year, Bubba plans to build a birthing pen, where Claire can stay to reduce her stress while giving birth. He only has a few days before the calf arrives, so he'll need to work quickly.
Dynamo: Magician Impossible: London Calling
British award-winning magician Dynamo is back in the U.K. to catch up with some old friends. From the streets of London to the set of a morning talk show, he takes his magic back to where it all began. He meets with one of England's most prolific musicians, Damon Albarn, and fuses two separate coins together in front of his eyes. Dynamo then performs one of his freakiest tricks yet, leaving his audience mystified.
Dynamo: Magician Impossible: Lost in London
Bringing the magic back to where it all began, British award-winning illusionist Dynamo is in the U.K. From catching up with old friends in Bradford to partying with famous musicians in London, Dynamo lets you in on the intimate details of his life, all while providing nonstop magic. He wows crowds as he sets his hand on fire using nothing but body heat, reveals his infamous phone-in-bottle trick, and melts a handful of coins together with his bare hands.
Dynamo: Magician Impossible: Retreat to Rio
Award-winning British magician Dynamo ventures south to the city of Rio de Janeiro to bring a touch of magic to the people of Brazil. First stop is the beautiful beach of Ipanema where he amazes two women by transforming coconut milk into drinks of their choice. The magic continues to stun when Dynamo excites a group of young kids by rubbing his empty hands together to make fresh popcorn.
Dynamo: Magician Impossible: United He Stands
Award-winning British magician Dynamo lands on American turf ready to show the States what he's got. In Las Vegas, Dynamo astounds everyone around him. Without leaving his boat, he recovers a watch he threw deep in the water and shocks his audience by putting his finger straight through a metal coin. Later, in Los Angeles, nerves are high as Dynamo walks down the side of the famous Los Angeles Times Building.
E-mail Order Bride
In the United States, as many as 16,000 marriages each year result from international marriage agencies, or mail order bride brokers. E-mail Order Bride provides a rare, intimate glimpse into the quirky, and sometimes dangerous, business of arranging marriages across thousands of miles and cultural borders.
Earth Overhaul
A group of scientists are thinking outside the box for ways to reverse the effects of global warming. And who better to save the earth than NGC's host of the World's Toughest Fixes, Sean Riley? He'll join these experts in the labs and in the field to see what wacky new technologies are being developed, like sending mirrors into space and reducing the greenhouse emissions chickens produce.
Earth Under Water
Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water it's a very real possibility if sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we'll see these events unfold as leading experts forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They'll break down the science behind these predictions and explore ways humanity could adapt, including engineering vast dams near San Francisco, or building floating cities outside of New York.
Earth Without the Moon
Earth Without the Moon reveals the startling fact that the moon is receding from Earth and is gaining speed. Through dramatic CGI animation, watch what happens when the moon recedes just 10 percent farther from Earth - pushing our planet to the point of no return. If there were no moon, the Earth would tip up to 90 degrees on its axis, creating endless catastrophes.
Earth: Making of a Planet
The history of our planet is epic — from its birth out of cosmic rubble to the unique complex of land, sea, atmosphere and life we know now. See how water was transported to Earth's surface inside millions of meteors. Through CGI re-creations, meet the inhabitants of Earth over the ages, from slimy mats of algae to the great dinosaurs and the ancestors of mammals and humans.
Earth: The Biography: Atmosphere
The atmosphere is Earth's protective layer, cloaking us in a warm, oxygen-rich embrace and shielding us from the cold hostility of space. It's immensely powerful but at the same time highly sensitive. It's destructive, yet it shelters us.
Earth: The Biography: Ice
Join Dr. Iain Stewart as he investigates ice crevasse's, uses satellites to discover hidden worlds, looks into ice shaping the earth's topography and shows you ice is melting so fast that this world is likely to change.
Earth: The Biography: Oceans
Earth's oceans help make our planet different from every other planet in the solar system. As far as we know, no other place is the right temp for liquid water, the most essential ingredient for life to exist and oceans are the primary stabilizing force.
Earth: The Biography: Rare Planet
It has taken 4.6 billion years for the Earth to evolve from a barren rock into the world we know today. And now the remarkable planet is facing a new challenge: humankind. The question is, how will it survive?
Earth: The Biography: Volcanoes
Join Dr. Iain Stewart on his journy to observe one of nature's most awesome and destructive forces, the volcanoe. It can raise up great mountains and create new land, or it can level cities and destroy entire civilizations.
From a bulldozer with a blade the size of a three-car garage to an excavator the size of an ocean liner to a dump truck the size of a city block, these machines are the ultimate Earthmovers. With the help of a panel of experts, NGC counts down the world's 10 greatest and most powerful pieces of equipment. Follow along as we put their strength and engineering to the test to find out what makes these industrial giants marvels of modern machinery.
Easter Island Eclipse
Watch the rarest celestial occurrence, a total eclipse, as it happens above Easter Island -- one of the most mysterious and remote archaeological sites in the world -- broadcasting just hours after it occurs. The last time an eclipse occurred over the island site was A.D. 591. Follow scientists as they gather new research that could play a key role in the race to understand the sun and its extraordinary impact on Earth.
Eat: The Story of Food
Food. It’s driven nearly everything we’ve ever done as a species, and yet it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of human history. In the beginning, our hunger drove us to hunt. Then, it led us to plant and settle, resulting in civilization. We conquered the land, and we went out into the ocean and then the larger world. We filled our bellies, but it still wasn’t enough. Because as humans became more sophisticated, so did our needs—we searched for flavor and convenience, adapting science and technology to match our cravings. Whether for meat or sugar, junk food or beer, humanity’s appetite has altered the planet, shaped our history and even altered our future. This six-part series is the epic story behind food and how it made us “us.” 
Eating with Cannibals
Last Expedition Week, author and explorer Piers Gibbon headed deep into the Amazon jungle to locate tribes that practiced headshrinking. In his newest adventure, Gibbon looks at one of mankind's ultimate taboos: cannibalism. He'll trek into the rain forest of Papua New Guinea to find tribe members who ate human flesh. Gibbon meets with members of the once-feared Biami tribe and witnesses their ritual techniques.
Egypt Unwrapped: Alexander the Great’s Lost Tomb
Alexander the Great is one of history's greatest warrior kings, and was the leader of the most powerful nation in the ancient world. The location of his tomb has eluded archaeologists for nearly 2,000 years but new theories may help reveal its location.
Egypt Unwrapped: Mystery of the Screaming Man
Over 100 years ago an unidentified mummy was found lying alongside some of the most famous pharaohs in Egyptian history but his face is locked in an eternal scream. What caused this man's haunting expression? Why wasn't he mummified according to custom?
Egypt Unwrapped: Secrets of the Valley of the Kings
Built over 500 years, spanning nearly two and a half miles and holding 63 tombs, Egypt's Valley of the Kings is a staggering, complex set of enigmas locked beneath the sands for 3,500 years. What drove Egypt's greatest pharaohs to seek out this secluded valley? How did the ancient craftsmen achieve such feats of engineering? And why was this sacred site finally abandoned? Join National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Zahi Hawass and a team of experts as they uncover new evidence.
Egypt Unwrapped: The Pyramid Code
The pyramids are astounding feats of architectural engineering, but how did the ancient Egyptians conceptualize these enormous monuments? And why did the golden age of pyramid construction end? Experts trace the development of pyramids from simple flat mud-brick structures to the giant masterpieces still standing today.
Egypt Unwrapped: The Real Cleopatra
Legend portrayed her as a self-indulgent temptress who used sex and seduction to rule Egypt, yet little is known about Cleopatra the person. She was of Greek descent, became queen at 18, was highly educated and spoke several languages but what was her life like? And how did she really look? To unravel some of the mystery, scientists have converted artifacts with her likeness into a 3-D model, offering viewers a rare glimpse of the face of one history's most powerful women.
Egypt Unwrapped: The Real Ramses
He fathered an estimated 100 children and declared himself a living god. He oversaw the creation of a massive temple featuring four colossal statues of himself. Ramses II ruled ancient Egypt for about 66 years, but was he motivated by egotistical ambition or genuinely serving his people?
Egypt Unwrapped: The Scorpion King
Is there more behind the mythical and violent leader known simply as the Scorpion King? New evidence suggests that his achievements may have layed the foundations of Egypt.
Egypt's Lost Rival
It rivaled ancient Egypt but was lost to history. Now a team of archeologists have made a major discovery in the Syrian desert: artifacts from a burial chamber deep within an ancient palace that paint a never-before-seen picture of a powerful metropolis known as Qatna. What became of its vast riches? And what brought about the final fate of this ancient superpower?
Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife
Relentless demons, writhing serpents, the lake of fire and final judgment from the god Osiris. Ancient Egyptians believed that these and other terrifying obstacles challenged their pharaohs in the afterlife. The hieroglyphs in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I most clearly illustrate the 12 perilous gates a dead king had to navigate to achieve resurrection. Enter Seti's tomb with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Zahi Hawass as he traces this king's arduous journey through the netherworld.
Ekati Diamond Mine
In Canada's Northwest Territories, monster machines are moving mountains of gem-studded earth at the Ekati Diamond Mine. Here, in the brutal sub-Arctic, you'll meet a trio of the world's most hardcore mining machines.
Now, as the Empire State Building nears its 80th anniversary, a new building is rising above Manhattan to join it in defining the New York skyline: Tower One of the World Trade Center. Sitting next to the footprints of the fallen Twin Towers, this building will also have a strong emotional symbolism for Americans. Empire tells the fascinating story behind these two steel giants.
Engineering Connections: Airbus A380
Nicknamed the Superjumbo, this passenger airliner is the largest in history. It's packed with cutting-edge technology but owes its very existence to the most unlikely breakthroughs - a Mongolian bow and a 19th century rocket.
Engineering Connections: Super Rig
The Troll A gas platform, tallest structure ever moved by man, owes its design to a 19th century French gardener, a 16th century German mayor, an American engineer and the dawn of the motor industry.
Engineering Connections: Super Skyscraper
Standing in an earthquake and typhoon hot spot, the jaw-dropping Taipei 101 is Taiwan's 1,671-foot record-breaking skyscraper. One of the tallest buildings on the planet, it has 101 that which comprise more than 2 million square feet of floor space -- that's 30 soccer fields, or nearly 50 acres! To build this modern marvel, engineers sought inspiration in extraordinary places. Host Richard Hammond examines the unexpected designs, from a racing yacht to a birdcage, that influenced the Taipei 1
Engineering Connections: Super Telescope
Mauna Kea, the tallest mtn. in the world, is an ideal location for astronomy and one of the worlds most powerful telescopes, the Keck Observatory. With the largest light collection mirrors on the planet, the Keck is able to see farther than any land-based telescope. Although Keck is a leader in the future of astronomy, its designers looked to the past for engineering inspiration. Host Richard Hammond reveals how a sand-blaster, a Cold War spy gadget and a fridge led to the creation of Keck.
Engineering Egypt
This two-hour special takes us into the hearts and minds of two of the greatest pharaohs of Ancient Egypt as they stop at nothing to build their way toward immortality and show us the story behind audacious projects in Egypt, such as one of Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Engineering the Impossible: Chartres Cathedral
In the provincial French town of Chartres stands an undeniable triumph of Gothic architecture: Chartres Cathedral. Its builders pushed technology to the limit to come up with groundbreaking solutions — from the “flying buttress” to the crane to the pointed arch — that still influence modern design and construction techniques. Yet behind the magnificence of its architecture lies a dark story of fire, violence and political double-dealing.
Engineering the Impossible: The Great Pyramid
The Seven Wonders of the World were renowned, but only one still stands today - the Great Pyramid of Giza. At 4,500 years of age, it remains a lasting monument to human ingenuity and determination. Constructed with enough stone to build the Empire State Building 6 times over, it is the product of a pharaoh's burning ambition and the sweat of thousands of workers.
Eric Greenspan Is Hungry
Famed Los Angeles Chef and Restaurateur Eric Greenspan believes there’s no better place to experience food than at the source. So, he’s hitting the road with his best friend and trusted sidekick, Captain Mauzner, to hunt for the best dishes America has to offer. From the field to the fire, they’re hunting, cooking and learning about authentic American food served up by the people who know it best.
Evacuate Earth
If we faced a countdown to destruction, could we build a spacecraft to take us to new and habitable worlds? Can we Evacuate Earth? NGC's two-hour special examines this terrifying but scientifically plausible scenario by exploring how we could unite to ensure the survival of the human race.
Everyday Things: Flushed
Find out how people through the ages have taken care of their private business, from sociable Romans, to buttoned-up Victorians, to astronauts answering nature's call in zero gravity. See how the toilet of the future may help the world's water shortage.
Exodus Revealed
In the book of Exodus, Moses triggers a series of terrible plagues on Egypt and parts the Red Sea to lead the enslaved Israelites to freedom. Are there any scientific explanations for such strange events?
Expedition Whisky
Explorer Ernest Shackleton set the record for reaching the furthest south in 1908, just 97 miles from the South Pole. But apparently, he left behind a few 'necessities' from his epic journey. In 2006, Shackleton's stash of Scotch was re-discovered beneath his base camp. With rare archival material and the last remaining film footage of Shackleton and his crew, 'Expedition Whisky' not only tells the amazing story of Shackleton's most successful adventure and his secret stash of whisky.
Exploding Las Vegas
Since 1993, seven original Las Vegas hotel-casinos have gone down in smoke. Controlled Demolition Inc. engineered these final performances, paving the way for bigger, better mega-resorts on the famous Las Vegas Strip.
Explorer, the longest-running documentary series in cable television history, honored with nearly 60 Emmys and hundreds of other awards, continues as a series of major specials on the National Geographic Channel. In the course of more than two thousand films, Explorer has taken viewers to more than 120 countries, opening a window on hidden parts of the world, unlocking mysteries both ancient and modern, and investigating stories of science, nature, and culture.
Explorer: Journey to an Alien Moon
Scientists are developing robots to probe the icy waters of Jupiter's moon Europa, in temperatures of minus 260 degrees and searing radiation. Expert Bill Stone and his team hope to test an autonomous underwater vehicle called Endurance; CGI animation helps envision how its descendant would fare on a real mission to Europa. Getting a robot through the ice and into the oceans of Europa will be an order of magnitude more difficult than anything Stone's team has done so far.
Explorer: Lost Cities of the Amazon
Over the centuries, explorers traded tales of a lost civilization amid the dense Amazonian rainforest. Scientists dismissed the legends as exaggerations, believing that the rainforest could not sustain such a huge population -- until now. A new generation of explorers armed with 21st-century technology has uncovered remarkable evidence that could reinvent our understanding of the Amazon and the indigenous peoples who lived there.
Extraordinary Humans: Muscles
NGC investigates the science of muscle by taking us on a journey inside the bodies of two remarkable humans with startling genetic conditions. 31-year old Jason Dunn lives with Dystonia, a rare disorder that causes his brain to send faulty messages to his muscular system. Every waking moment his muscles flex out of his control, twisting his body into unusual positions. Ami Ankileweitz has Spinal Muscle Atrophy, a condition that has caused his muscles to wither away.
Extraordinary Humans: Skin
NGC investigates the science of muscle by taking us on a journey inside the bodies of two remarkable humans with startling genetic conditions. 31-year old Jason Dunn lives with Dystonia, a rare disorder that causes his brain to send faulty messages to his muscular system. Every waking moment his muscles flex out of his control, twisting his body into unusual positions. Ami Ankileweitz has Spinal Muscle Atrophy, a condition that has caused his muscles to wither away.
Extreme Alaska: Building the Wild
Larger than Texas, California and Colorado combined, Alaska is home to North America's highest peak, richest oil field, and a glacier as big as Rhode Island. NGC explores how nature engineered and built America's most rugged state.
Extreme Alaska: Denali National Park
Just 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, Denali National Park in Alaska is home to the tallest mountain in North America and covers an incredible 6 million acres of wilderness. Grizzlies, wolves and moose roam this terrain, but it is its altitude that defines which wild conditions - and creatures - dominate. Join NGC to experience unique landscapes full of hidden wonders and witness epic struggles for survival during the harsh winters.
Extreme Expeditions
The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and an annual presentation of short films and documentaries about mountain culture and extreme sports. Extreme Expeditions, hosted by ice climber and paragliding pilot Will Gadd, features six films from the film festival that highlight unique adrenaline-charged expeditions featuring adventurers who partake in mountain climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, ice climbing, caving and snowboarding.
Extreme Neighbors
Most Americans think the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is a thing of the past, but for residents of Harmony, N.C., they're the neighbors. When KKK members Chris and Tanya plan a rally in Harmony, residents set out to stop them. Led by Barbara and Terry, citizens of Harmony do everything in their power to make the Klan feel as unwelcome as possible. However, Barbara and Terry decide to attend the rally themselves to see if they can understand why their extreme neighbor do what they do.
Extreme Speed
Professional powerboat racing is a death-defying sport. Reaching speeds of 200 mph, the boats are marvels of engineering, but even the most technologically advanced can crash. We'll go inside the fastest boats and meet the best drivers.
Eyewitness War
Eyewitness War follows the men and women of the armed forces through the chaos of battle with real-life, first-person footage. We’ll see them ready to face whatever hell awaits around every corner — from screeching bullets to IEDs to rockets. See the dangerous missions and perils of war through the eyes of our brave American service members — as the fighting is happening. Unfiltered, raw and intense, you’ll hear their shouts and see their comrades’ every move, in first person.
Factory Floor w/Marshall Brain: Light Bulbs, Beer, Escalators, Fire Extinguisher
In this episode, host Marshall Brain travels to Salina, Kan., where well watch manufacturers produce more than 40,000 fluorescent light bulbs in an hr. Next, visit the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Ft. Collins, Colo., to discover the secret ingredient in Buds barley mash. Then, head to the worlds largest supplier of escalators and learn why each steps grooves are integral. Last, visit Ansul Inc. in Marinette, Wis., to see how workers assemble their premier industrial-strength fire extinguisher.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Bread, Tires, Electric Guitar, Golf Ball
Marshall travels to the Wonder Bread bakery in Kan., where high-speed specialized machines and a 170-ft-long oven mix, roll, bake and slice 150,000 loaves of bread a day. Next, see how the Carlisle Tire and Wheel Co in Tenn., manipulates more than 20 ingredients to make a tire truly roadworthy. Then visit Gibson USA in Nashville, Tenn., where they make one of the worlds most iconic guitars. Finally, Marshall stops at the Titleist plant in Mass., where 300 million golf balls are made yearly.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Car, Airbag, Money
Host Marshall Brain explores how an automobile assembly line, U.S. currency and life-saving airbags are designed, manufactured and tested.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Car, Pasta, Snow Blower, Compound Bow
Follow Marshall to the Hyundai factory in Ala., where well watch a 44,000-pound coil of steel become the frame & parts for dozens of new vehicles. Then travel to the Amer. Italian Pasta Co. in Mo., to see how a modern mill fills 50 rail cars with wheat to create 1,000's of tons of pasta. From there, its on to Minn. to find out how workers make a snow blower capable of clearing a ton of snow in 1 min flat. Finally visit Precision Shooting Equip. in Ariz. to see how they make the X-Force Bow.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Frozen Pizza, Multi-Tool, Wool, Airbag
Visit a food factory where they bake more than 2 mill pizzas daily. Then see how sheep fleece is transformed into the wool you wear with the help of a microwave oven. Finally see airbags are made small enough to fit into a steering wheel while still powerful enough to inflate in the blink of an eye.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Learjet
NGC shows us how the Learjet, an icon of aviation and luxury, is made. It begins as a sheet of aluminum one-tenth of an inch thick, but with the help of millions of parts, it becomes one of the fastest business planes in its class. Host Marshall Brain travels to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where workers construct NASA designed wings intended for planes that can break the sound barrier. Then it's back to the U.S. where the Learjet receives its final touches and Marshall takes a ride at 500 mph.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Plywood, Money, Cheese, Tasers
NGC heads to Georgia-Pacific to watch how plywood gets its strength. Next, we're off to Washington, D.C., to see how money is made at Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Then, we'll head north to Cabot, Vt., where we'll learn why curds and whey are not just the stuff of nursery rhymes and what they have to do with making cheese. Finally we'll travel to the Taser International where we'll follow production of their most popular device: the Taser X26.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Potato Chips, Speed Boats, Glass Bottles
Join us as we see how machines blow molten liquid glass at speeds unimaginable to a human glassblower. Next, were off to the Utz factory in Hanover, Pa., to learn how they use high-tech equipment to ensure that no faulty potato chips end up in customers hands. Then its on to the Sea Ray boat factory where engineers use advanced robotics to manufacture one of their boats from the outside in. Finally, we travel to Cybex to see how ergonomically designed exercise equipment is made.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Speedboat, Golf Ball, Fireworks
Host Marshall Brain explores how a recreational sports boat, a world-class fireworks display and aerodynamic golf balls are designed, manufactured and tested.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Tennis Ball, Pencil, Hot Dog, Fireworks
Host Marshal Brain explores how a pressurized tennis ball, a number 2 pencil, a hot dog, and a world-class fireworks display are designed, manufactured and tested.
Factory Floor with Marshall Brain: Toilet Paper, Chocolate, Batteries, Bike
Host Marshall Brain finds out the challenges of making 100 % recycled toilet paper at the Green Forest Paper Factory, where it's pulped, cleaned, de-inked, embossed and cut down to perfectly sized rolls. Then on to battery manufacturer Ray-O-Vac, where tiny innards work together to provide hrs of power. Then visite Trek Bikes which incorporates the same material used to make stealth bombers in it's road bikes. Finally, visit Guittard Chocolate, where we reveal the secret behind a popular treat.
Factory Floor: Gun, Bike, Fire Extinguisher
Host Marshall Brain explores how one of the fastest bicycles, the world's most powerful revolver and a top-of-the-line fire extinguisher are designed, manufactured and tested.
Family Beef
Family Beef follows the hilarious antics of the hard working Buchanan family as they tackle the job of running their 2,000-acre cattle farm in Virginia. With three generations living on the same property (and sharing the same checkbook) – Big Tom, Poppy, Bo and their families make Valley View Farms a place where nothing comes easy, but everything comes with a big dose of laughter.
Family Beef: Cow in the Hole!
The harsh winter is dragging on at Valley View Farms, and the cattle feed is dwindling. The Buchanans' funds are too low to buy feed, so Big Tom signs up the boys for a tree-cutting job to make some quick cash. The job goes downhill quickly when Poppy steals Bo away to help a cow in distress. Even with the job, there's no guarantee they'll make the money in time, so Bo comes up with a last-minute scheme that just might save the day.
Family Beef: Fence Fiasco
Meet the Buchanans, a multigenerational family of hard-workin' cattle farmers in rural Virginia. Keeping a 2,000-acre farm financially afloat is no easy task, especially in an age where corporate-owned farms “rule the roost.” To secure a $200,000 clean water reimbursement, Big Tom gets the entire family together to build three miles of fences that would keep the farm's cattle out of the creek.
Fantastic Frat Fridge
A team of extreme industrial artists and fabricators have three days and $4,500 to build a refrigerator big enough and cool enough for a hungry college fraternity.
Fatal Altitude: Tragedy on K2
In August 2008, 11 people lost their lives on one of the world's tallest mountains — the largest loss of life in the history of K2 mountaineering. Fatal Altitude: Tragedy on K2 traces the disaster with in-depth survivor interviews and actual footage from the ill-fated expedition that quickly turned into a frantic rescue operation. For these adventurers, an attempt to conquer the most treacherous mountain in the world turns into a story of both courage and tragedy.
Fight Science
A dream team of scientists, motion-capture specialists, CGI animators and a cross-section of champion martial artists analyze the world's greatest fight techniques in ways never before possible.
Fight Science
It strikes four times faster than a snake. It kicks with more than 1,000 pounds of force. And it can rival the impact of a 35 mph car crash. It's the most complex weapon ever designed - the human body. Fight Science brings together a dream team of scientists, motion-capture specialists and CGI animators, along with a cross-section of champion martial artists, to analyze the world's greatest fight techniques in ways never before possible.
Fight Science: Fight Like an Animal
For centuries, martial artists have been inspired by the animal kingdom. But can a human strike as fast as a snake, be as nimble as a monkey or as powerful as a tiger? The Fight Science team tests whether kung fu experts stack up against their animal counterparts.
Fight Science: Fighting Back
Masters of self-defense cut loose on cutting-edge technology to answer the question: If caught in a fight for your life, what would you do?
Fight Science: Human Weapon
What techniques can the average person use to survive a life-or-death confrontation? To examine methods of turning victims into victors, a team of self-defense experts employ a variety of advanced biomechanical sensors, high-speed photography and 3D animation in the custom-designed lab. You'll see how experts predict an attack before it happens, and how they prevail in a fight even when they are outmatched applying force to vulnerable points on an assailant's body.
Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts
Analyze the unique fighting styles of legendary UFC champions like Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Tito Ortiz and Dean Lister. Compare their strengths, advantages and limitations.
Fight Science: Special Ops
Special operations are elite military units trained for unconventional warfare. Now these warrior athletes are put to the test by science and cutting-edge technologies to exhibit their maximum capabilities under the most adverse circumstances.
Fight Science: Stealth Fighters
The Fight Science team explores the deadly art of stealth fighters, from hidden defenses to infiltration and escape skills - and discovers some results that defy science. Experts in Brazilian capoeira, karate, tae kwon do, and muay Thai kickboxing execute hair-trigger techniques that push the limits of human ability. A martial artist demonstrates evasive maneuvers and a Shaolin warrior breaks a steal-tipped spear aimed at his throat, allegedly by manipulating the body's powerful energy.
Fight Science: Super Cops
They keep our streets safe using high-tech equipment, knowledge of human behavior and nerves of steel. But a cop's number one challenge is surviving - and not killing anyone in the process. In a life-or-death situation, can technology determine who fails and who lives to fight another day? SWAT put police techniques and equipment through the ultimate stress test.
Fight Science: Ultimate Soldiers
Special operations forces are an elite breed of soldiers with the ultimate military training, superior physicality and extraordinary mental ability, especially under stress. The Fight Science team of scientists push these legendary fighters past their breaking point. A sniper is challenged to shoot between heartbeats while enduring temperature extremes inside a glass box. An Air Force pilot and an Army Ranger are spun in a gyroscope to test their ability to fight spatial disorientation.
Filthy Riches
We travel across the country to find industrious and ingenious Americans who prove they're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to make a living.  Dealing in the diverse, exotic and, even occasionally, cringe-worthy underground economy of crud.  Eels, mushrooms, ginseng, bloodworms and burls are important natural resources.   Their harvesting goes back many generations and is now subject to federal, state and local laws.   Anyone contemplating these activities should follow all legal requirements and sustainable practices.
Finding Atlantis
Could the fabled lost city of Atlantis have been located? Using satellite photography, ground-penetrating radar and underwater technology, experts are now surveying marshlands in Spain to look for proof of the ancient city. If the team can match geological formations to Plato's descriptions and date artifacts back to the time of Atlantis, we may be closer to solving one of the world's greatest mysteries.
Finding Jack the Ripper
Could Jack the Ripper have been the world's first trans-Atlantic serial killer? Can 21st century techniques and CGI 3-D autopsies crack this 19th century crime spree, while reversing decades of investigative assumptions? Retired U.K. murder squad detective Trevor Marriott is determined to finally unmask the Ripper and possibly link him to other murders in Europe and the U.S.
Finding the Lost da Vinci
Could one of Leonardo da Vincis lost works of art be hidden between a wall of an ornate building and another masterpiece? Its a captivating theory that has had one prominent scientist chasing a legend for more than 30 years.This is the exclusive behind-the-scenes story of the hunt for a priceless masterpiece that could lead to one of the greatest discoveries the art world has ever known.
Five Years on Mars
They were sent to Mars on a 90-day mission, but almost five years later the rovers Spirit and Opportunity have traveled farther, seen more, and survived longer than anyone imagined possible, earning a place among the most prolific explorers in history.
Flight of the Jet Man
Not Specified
Flying Aircraft Carrier
This is the untold story of one of the biggest Zeppelins ever built: the USS Macon. Originally built in the early 1930s by German engineers, the Macon carried five Sparrowhawk planes inside her hull that could be launched and retrieved during flight.
Flying Monsters
World-renowned naturalist David Attenborough sets out to uncover the truth about pterosaurs, enigmatic creatures whose wingspans were thought to be up to 35 feet, equal to that of a modern-day jet plane. Attenborough works with scientists to understand the incredible story of the evolution of the pterosaurs.
Fooling Hitler
NGC brings you the back story of how the Allied forces were able to outsmart Hitler in the weeks leading up to D-Day with the top secret mission "Operation Bodyguard" during World War II.
Forage Wars
In a new competition that taps into some of mankind's earliest survival instincts, three teams of expert foragers battle to make as much money as possible while searching for wild ingredients in the forests and wetlands of Washington state. Seattle-based celebrity chef, Tom Douglas, gives the teams less than two days to locate and bring him six items - the higher the quality, the higher the price he'll pay. But these ingredients pose serious challenges even for our highly experienced foragers.
Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan
Can technology solve an 800-year-old mystery and locate the tomb of the legendary warrior Genghis Khan? Journey to Mongolia's "Forbidden Zone" with a team led by National Geographic Emerging Explorer Albert Lin, who hopes to virtually "excavate" the tomb without moving a single rock using sophisticated ground penetrating imagery.
Forecast: Disaster
Weather gets scarier by the day. In the blink of an eye, waters can sweep away villages, winds can tear through communities, avalanches can bury sleepy mountain towns, and the earth can quiver, crippling entire regions. Hosted by adventurer and NBC News special correspondent Ben Fogle, Forecast: Disaster sets out to reconstruct Earth’s most devastating natural forces. Each episode examines the science behind the planet’s most destructive weather forces using experts, advanced engineering technology and science, as well as firsthand accounts of what it feels like to be caught in the midst of nature’s fury.
Freeze Me
Imagine your body in an aluminum container filled with liquid nitrogen that will be kept in deep-freeze for hundreds of years. NGC takes you through an entire cryopreservation process. Can it really offer people a second chance on life?
Frontier Force: Cowboy Mardi Gras
Montana's law enforcement is working hard to keep drunken belligerence and lewd conduct at bay during the annual "Cowboy Mardi Gras," a horse sale that doubles the population of Miles City for three days. Far from the raucous activity of the streets, a rescue team scours the mountainside for a missing family of four. And officers take extra precautions when apprehending an armed felon with a known meth addiction.
Frontier Force: Hunt for the Wolfdog
Drunk drivers, wolf-hybrid dog sightings and a high-stakes dogsled race put officials through their paces across the great state of Montana.
Frontier Force: Lost in the Snow
From the rugged mountains to the wide-open plains and the city streets in between, Montana's finest work to keep the peace amidst a severe winter storm.
Frontier Force: Meth Van Takedown
In 2005, Montana ranked #5 in the nation for methamphetamine abuse. With such a large problem, law enforcement has to be on their top game to crack down on abusers and keep the streets clean. An anonymous caller leads officers to a woman suspected of carrying 90lbs of meth in her van, and endangering her two small children.
Frontier Force: Trailer Tricks
From the wild streets to the Wild West, Montana law enforcement officials face it all, including extreme weather, a suspected prostitution ring, and drunken gunfire. When a freak spring snowstorm leaves families without water and power, deputies must trek through 10-foot snowdrifts on rescue missions. Elsewhere, a hysterical landlord calls the police on some tenants that turned their Winnebago into a "massage parlor." And officers respond to a dangerous shootout in a residential neighborhood.
Galapagos: Hell's Cradle
Explore the unique geology of the islands and how they were formed. Stunning cinematography takes you from the simmering summits to the bustling shores.
Gang War USA
An argument over the jukebox at a Mexican restaurant ends with two men dead in Greensboro, North Carolina. The killer belongs to the notorious transnational gang MS-13. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrest and deport many criminal gang members who are not U.S. citizens. But is deportation defeating MS-13? Or just making it stronger? And how did a gang that started in Los Angeles in the mid-'80s end up responsible for the murder of two innocent men in North Carolina?
Gangs of London
NGC looks at the organized crime wave that plagued London during the 1960s and 70s. From the dueling crime families that battled over territory to the armed robbers that terrorized the city. Find out what happened when a violent battle between the notorious Kray twins and Richardson brothers spawned a war that left members of both families' dead or in jail. And discover how a leaderless underworld gave way to a new generation of villains that planned some of the world's biggest armed robberies.
Garbage Mountain
Not Specified
Gearhead Gladiators: Microlight Trikes
Microlight Trikes [TV-G]
Gearhead Gladiators: Snow Shovels
Snow Shovels [TV-G]
Gearhead Gladiators: Swamp Buggies
Swamp Buggies [TV-G]
Generation Astronaut
GENERATION ASTRONAUT is a groundbreaking documentary special that sees ordinary men and women from across the globe competing against each other for the chance to live the dreams of a generation. Following more than 100 winners from over 60 countries as they strive to win one of 23 tickets to space aboard the Lynx shuttle in 2015, GENERATION ASTRONAUT showcases a week of intense competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, under the tutelage of a judging panel including legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. This one-hour programme follows the hopes and dreams of the recruits as they bid to earn the journey of a lifetime - and make history.
Geo Bee 2013
The nation's smartest geography brainiacs will descend on Washington D.C. for the finals of the 2013 National Geographic Bee. Nat Geo will bring viewers every nail-biting moment of the final round as these students put it all on the line, competing for coveted prizes: third place will receive $10,000 scholarship, 2nd place $15,000, and the winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship, lifetime membership to the National Geographic Society and a trip for two to the Galapagos Islands.
Geo Bee 2014
For the 26th year, the nation's smartest geography brainiacs will descend on Washington, D.C., for the finals of the 2014 National Geographic Bee. Narrowed down from more than 4 million students from across the country, only 10 will earn a coveted spot on stage at the final round to be moderated by Soledad O'Brien. The National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD will bring viewers every nail-biting moment of the final round as these students put it all on the line, competing for coveted prize.
Geography of Crime and Punishment
Geography of Crime and Punishment [TV-PG V]
Get Rich or Die Mining
Ace gem hunter Guy Clutterbuck has put together an elite team to make a killing in the gem trade, but the stakes couldn't be higher. A group of strangers are risking their own money, time and reputations on Guy's promise of adventure, gems and big profits. Their first quest brings them to the remote island of Sri Lanka, where fortunes can be made or lost. Here they hope to dig up, cut and sell enough sapphires to hit the jackpot, with just six days to complete their mission.
Get Rich or Die Mining
Ace gem hunter Guy Clutterbuck has put together an elite team to make a killing in the gem trade, but the stakes couldn't be higher. A group of strangers are risking their own money, time and reputations on Guy's promise of adventure, gems and big profits. Their first quest brings them to the remote island of Sri Lanka, where fortunes can be made or lost. Here they hope to dig up, cut and sell enough sapphires to hit the jackpot, with just six days to complete their mission.
Ghost Ships of the Black Sea
The Black Sea is a treasure trove of sunken ships - lying frozen in time - and marine archaeologists have barely scratched the surface of what might be uncovered beneath its lifeless waters.
Ghosts of Gallipoli: The Ballard Expedition
It was one of the bloodiest and most controversial campaigns of World War I -- an audacious offensive by Allied forces that cost hundreds of thousands of casualties. But there is a hidden side to the Gallipoli Campaign, and an array of shipwrecks from the battles that hold the the promise of revealing more than ever before about the little known stories of the battle. In an unparalleled underwater exploration, Dr. Robert Ballard - one of the world's greatest shipwreck hunters - will hunt for answers. A hi-tech underwater adventure that offers the chance for new discoveries and new insights into a secret history. It's an adventure that will ultimately reveal how tantalizingly close the Allied Fleet came to victory and the shocking reasons why the Gallipoli Campaign ended in carnage.
Gladiators Back from the Dead
More than one million of history's ultimate fighters died in the arenas of the Roman Empire, yet not a single complete gladiator skeleton has ever been found. Now, archaeologists in England have unearthed what is believed to be an ancient gladiator graveyard. It contains the skeletons of 75 adult males, all of whom died in the prime of life, with savage bone wounds suggesting lives of violence.
Going Ape
Going Ape looks to our primate predecessors to understand human interaction and social dynamics. Not only do humans share 98 percent of our genetic code with our closest ape relatives, we also share some of the same inherent basic instincts. This revealing, often comic three-part series explores humans’ daily battles for power, territory, sex and allegiance with that of our monkey cousins through humorous experiments, hidden camera footage, wildlife footage and expert analysis.
Going Deep With David Rees
This is a how-to show of epic proportions that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. Each episode of this hilariously dry-witted how-to adventure series, David Rees, humorist and self-made aficionado of the everyday, tackles unassuming tasks such as tying your shoes or making the perfect ice cube for your delicious beverages. Get to know the science and the history behind the seemingly mundane and uncover an unexpected appreciation for even the simplest of tasks. Think you already know everything there is to know about swatting a fly? Think again. 
Gold Rush Ghost Ships
In late spring, when the first rays of sunshine melt the ice on the rivers and lakes of northwestern Canada, wooden skeletons begin to emerge. The haunting wrecks of the once-proud paddle-steamers are the last remnants of a truly intoxicating era, when thousands of men and women plunged into the adventure of a lifetime in hot pursuit of gold. Now, a team of underwater archaeologists and historians explore this sunken fleet.
Gold Town
Deep in the Australian outback is a gargantuan gold mine, so big it's visible from space and larger than a thousand football fields. Fortune seekers flock to this gold town competing for high-risk mining jobs and a chance to hit the jackpot. But the biggest danger may not lie in the harsh outback or hazardous superpit, but in the town surrounding the industry.
Goldfathers: Get Rich or Die Mining
Three small mining companies are taking on Alaska's gold mining season, and trouble has already reared its head. Family man and mom-and-pop mining genius DOUG BAKER's fuel credit line hasn't kept pace with the rising cost of fuel, and he hasn't mined enough gold yet to cash in for gas. When he finally convinces the company to give him a break, the delivery is delayed and right-hand-man Bernie discovers a fuel tanker on its side on a treacherous Alaskan road. In Fairbanks, JOHN REEVES' treasure maps point him and his kids towards a gold rich hotspot, but they must first build the equipment necessary to "wash rocks." CREIGHTON LAPP and CHUCK TILLIAN finally start their season at Harrison Creek -- only to find that permit problems will shut them right back down. And with claim owner Clark Durant eager for them to begin mining, there's no telling how he'll react to news of the delays.
Goldfathers: Gold Bust
John Reeves find evidence that gold exists on his land -- but its buried 130 feet deep. John doesn't want to dig that far and decides to sell the land to someone else. As for CCR Mining, Creighton and Chuck once again battle mechanical malfunctions as their generator spits white smoke instead of power.
Goldfathers: Mined Over Matter
Doug Baker and the Mudminers expect a record last cleanup but the jig plant clogs, gushing Doug's profit right back to the ground. John Reeves and his kids navigate towards an encouraging spot for gold but a mishap in the woods could keep them from ever finding out what's underneath the surface. Finally, Creighton Lapp and Chuck Tillian, the young founders of CCR, take one last chance to flip their season around.
Goldfathers: Race for Gold
It's a modern-day gold rush. The new series follows three gold-mining operations as they battle nature, machines and each other in a brutal race against time to get as much gold from the ground as possible before the icy cold of winter returns to shut them down.
Goldfathers: The Road to Riches
Well into Alaska's short gold mining season, bad weather, bad luck, and bad deals threaten to leave three small mining operations bringing home more disappointment than gold. John Reeves struggles to rebuild a crucial road to potential riches washed out by flash floods on his property.
Grand Canyon
It hosts nearly 5 million tourists a year, but visitors see only a tiny fraction of the Grand Canyon's true beauty. Some of its backcountry has almost never felt the tread of a human foot. Even scientists know precious little about the canyon's 91 mammal species and more than 350 types of birds, its vegetation, and how and when it was formed. Now, NGC joins a rare scientific expedition to explore the canyon's entire 277-mile length.
Grand Canyon Skywalk
Get exclusive access to the construction of a man-made marvel suspended over one of Mother Nature's greatest wonders a horseshoe-shaped, glass-floored bridge that allows visitors to walk where eagles fly. NGC takes viewers behind the daring design and death-defying construction of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, formed from 1 million pounds of steel and glass, perched 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.
Great Escape: Revenge on the Gestapo
It was known as "The Great Escape": 76 Allied prisoners of war, desperately crawling to freedom through a man-made tunnel. Within days, 50 had been brutally murdered by the Gestapo - a blatant breach of the rules of war. Meet the investigators who searched the globe to bring these murderers to justice, many of whom claimed they pulled the trigger solely to save their own lives. Join us as NGC reveals the untold story of one of WWII's most astonishing criminal investigations.
Great Escape: The Final Secrets
A top-secret unit known as MIS-X helped Allied POWs dig massive tunnels and coordinate elaborate escape plans from German prison camps. MIS-X officers and former prisoners divulge how they smuggled radios, maps and money into the camps.
Grizzly Face to Face
Randy Miller is an exotic animal trainer who owns several large predators, including a grizzly bear named "Rocky." On April 22, 2008, Rocky killed Randy's cousin, Stephan Miller. Randy is conflicted, and for the first time in his career, afraid. The show seeks expertise from a biologist, and draws upon eyewitnesses to investigate what actually took place. We explore the dangers of working with large, unpredictable predators, and whether Randy should attempt to wrestle with Rocky again.
Guerrilla Gold Rush
With the price of gold soaring to historic highs, Colombia is in the throws of a gold rush unlike anything it has seen in years. Across dense jungle and the rural countryside, wildcat miners are tearing up huge swaths of land in a frenzied search for the precious metal. But even more worrying for authorities is that this gold may be fueling a new chapter in the civil conflict that has defined Colombia for the last five decades. Navigating the ever-shifting frontlines, National Geographic corre
Gulf Oil Spill
It's one of America's biggest environmental disasters and the largest oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico since 1979. As experts scramble to stop the leak, find out what happened to the oil rig Deepwater Horizon as a blowout tore it apart, killing 11 of 126 men on board and sending oil toward Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastlines. The special contains never-before-seen footage obtained from the U.S. Coast Guard, NGC's production crew and emergency response crews of the aftermath.
Guns: Machines of War
NGC explores the 150-year history and evolution of the machine gun from the 19th-century Gatling gun to the first gangster "hit" with a Tommy Gun to one of the deadliest weapons in the world.
Hacking the System
For 15 years, Brian Brushwood has made a career out of social manipulation and thinking like a criminal and now he’s here to reveal how to avoid people who cheat the system and show you how to use the legal tips, tricks, and shortcuts to get ahead in life. One hack at a time.
Hannibal v Rome
Vastly out-numbered and in enemy territory, one man would achieve the impossible by commanding one of the most daring and ingenious military invasions of all time against a feared 3rd Century BC empire: the Roman Republic. His name was Hannibal Barca, ageneral from the North African realm of Carthage. He conceived an audacious plan to lead a fearsome elephant army over the snow-capped Alps to crush his sworn life-long enemy.
Hard Riders
The wilds of the American West draw a certain kind of men: ones who are hell-bent on leaving the modern world behind. They may be able to survive the wilderness, but surviving each other is a whole different challenge. Using the same equipment as the pioneers had 200 years ago, greenhorn Jamie must prove to Doc and Oliver, seasoned adventurers with decades of experience, that he can tough it out with them in grizzly country.
Hard Time
Season 4 of Hard Time leaves the world of prison behind to go to jail in the most iconic city in America — Vegas. It’s a new world filled with new stories, where guilt or innocence hangs in the balance.
Hardcore Hobbies
Meet two extreme collectors: Alex spent $20,000 on 60,000 baseball cards of just one, relatively unknown player, and Dave owns more than 3,000 action figures. Each is so consumed by his hobby that it's become more of an obsession, interfering with daily life. Their families are fed up and have called in professional help. Now, NGC follows these hardcore collectors who must cope with letting go of their childhood hobbies to succeed as adults.
Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall
Arguably more than any other event, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of communist rule across Eastern Europe set the scene for the 1990s ' and David Hasselhoff was there to witness history in the making. With the 25th anniversary approaching, Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall takes viewers on an incredible, personal journey back to Berlin, retracing the wall's history, meeting the people who lived in its long shadow and examining the fate of the wall's final remnants.
Hell on the Highway
Every year, millions travel America’s coast to coast artery: Interstate 80. And at the peak of I-80 lies a frightening, storm-driven stretch of terror called Donner Pass.  Here, at over 7000 feet, a band of tough operators who call themselves, ‘Tow Dogs’, see it as their mission to rescue stranded and wrecked motorist who lose their way.  For these tow truck drivers, towing is their livelihood and they risk it all, gambling against the highway’s innumerable dangers, to put food on the table and provide for their loved ones.
Herod's Lost Tomb
Herod's bloody reputation has always hidden another side of one of the Bible's greatest villains - an architectural mastermind of breathtaking proportions. An Israeli archaeologist claims to have found Herod's most intimate creation of all - his tomb.
Hi-Tech War on Terror
Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the cutting-edge technologies being developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to detect, deter, and defeat terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and infrastructure within our borders.
Hidden Hawaii
Far in the Pacific, 250 miles from Honolulu, a hidden wilderness teems with life ... the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. In 2006, the islands were declared a national monument, in large part because of the area's more than 7,000 marine species. In this special, come aboard a voyage led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who are researching disease-plagued coral reefs, endangered monk seals and the millions of birds nesting in the volcanic islands and atolls.
High-Tech Fishing: Monster Hauls
Large scale commercial fishermen never know what challenges theyll face at sea: bad weather, unwanted predators, or just plain bad luck. But netting a good catch is only half the battle; the big challenge is getting the fish to your table in record time. NGC goes inside for a look at the advancements in technology that make it possible. Set sail on a squid boat, climb aboard a live haul vessel to harvest salmon and get inside a shrimp-processing plant in High-Tech Fishing: Monster Hauls.
Highway Thru Hell
The Coquihalla is one of the most treacherous major highways in the world. Rising through the steep mountains passes in British Columbia, it is a gauntlet of brutal weather and white knuckle driving. The "Coq" is also the main artery between east and west, with thousands of semis crossing every day. Many don’t make it. Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue has the daunting job of clearing these wrecks to keep the highway open. Closure in not an option. For Jamie and his colorful crew, winter season is a non-stop onslaught of tangled semis, blistering weather and stressful conditions that would push any man to the breaking point. 
Hitler and the Occult
Was Adolf Hitler influenced and motivated by the occult? Through the years, historians have debated the mysterious connection between the occult, Hitler and the Nazi party, including some who maintain that Hitler killed others to keep his occult beliefs a secret. NGC examines how Hitler's involvement with the German Worker's Party brought him face-to-face with occultists who may have influenced his beliefs.
Hitler the Junkie
Morphine. Crystal meth. Sedatives. Testosterone. Leeches. A German soldier’s feces. A bizarre combination of substances, but just a few of the more than 70 different drugs, vitamins and concoctions Adolf Hitler was consuming during the last nine years of his reign. This hard-hitting and in-depth special examines the medications Hitler was taking, how much he took and how often, and whether drugs played a role in his behavior and actions.
Hitler's Hidden City
A subterranean adventure under the streets of Berlin, following the work of a team of German archaeologists and historians exposing and exploring the last remaining structures of the Third Reich.
Hitler's Hidden Holocaust
Stripped naked, lined up at the edge of a ravine and machine-gunned. Rarely seen images and evidence tell the story of the tragedy that engulfed Europe when specialized units known as Einsatzgruppen struck terror in the hearts of millions.
Hitler's Secret Attack on America
For the first time in history, National Geographic Channel and a group of scientists search the ocean floor for a series of shipwrecks many Americans never heard about. Everyone knows that on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. But what most don't know is just days later, Hitler sent his own force to devastate the East Coast. On December 19, the German Naval War Staff sent three U-boats to American waters. It was an assault so deadly, it was covered up by the U.S. government.
Hitler's Stealth Fighter
In the final months of World War II, American troops discovered a top-secret facility in Germany with an advanced batwing-shaped jet fighter. If Nazi engineers had had more time, would this jet have ultimately changed the outcome of the war?
Hitler's Suicide Ship
After battling in late 1939 with British cruisers off the coast of Uruguay, Hitler's prized "pocket battleship" and high-tech wonder, the Admiral Graf Spee was blown up by its own captain, Hans Langsdorff. Denounced by the Nazi regime, Langsdorff commits suicide shortly thereafter. National Geographic Channel reconstructs the first naval battle of World War II and retraces the events that led to the Graf Spee's ultimate destruction.
Hoggard Package: Inside Cocaine Submarines
Colombian drug traffickers are using a new secret weapon to smuggle cocaine north: drug submarines. Up to 100 feet long and nearly impossible to detect , they are capable of distributing several tons of coke in just one shipment. Dozens of subs are thought to be in operation between the coasts of Colombia and Mexico, and law enforcement estimates that another 70 will be built in the next year alone.
Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman -- and now Hogzilla. But this legend is different because one man claims he killed the 1,000 pound creature and knows where it is buried.
Hollywood Science: Amazing Vehicles
Can the amazing vehicles featured in "I, Robot" "Batman," "The Abyss," and "Minority Report" really enter 21st-century life? Explore the science behind Hollywood's futuristic cars, submersibles and jet packs to discover what's possible -- and impossible.
Hollywood Science: Car Chases
Strap into the driver's seat with filmmakers James Cameron and Jan de Bont for a pedal-to-the-metal look at cinematic car chases. Discover the physics and the elaborate tricks that take us to the edge.
Hollywood Science: Disasters at Sea
How plausible are Hollywood's jaw-dropping images of disasters at sea? Could a massive tidal wave really overturn a luxury liner? Could a powerful storm rip an undersea oil derrick from its moorings?
Hollywood Science: Spy Gadgets
From deadly weapons disguised as everyday objects to hidden cameras and microphones, movie spy gadgets have seized the imaginations of moviegoers. Zoom in on these supercool toys to find out what's really possible and what technologies already exist.
Hooked: Caught Bare-handed
NGC travels the globe to take a closer look at unusual fishing rituals and the thrill seekers behind them. Follow along as catfish wranglers at a cutthroat fishing competition in Oklahoma dive deep into underwater lairs and - using only their hands - attempt to grab a mammoth fish and win the title of biggest catch. Travel to Papua New Guinea, where shark callers keep an ancient tradition alive as they navigate deadly waters and use handmade tools to capture and kill sharks.
Hooked: Chasing Marlin
A team of experts are on a deep-sea mission to study the migratory patterns of a celebrated game fish — the striped marlin. Collecting the data needed is a formidable task — the fishermen will shoot a tag nearly 25 feet at a tiny target moving at speeds of up to 50 mph! And all of it will have to be pulled off in just seconds … as marlin don't hang around for long. Elsewhere, an angler is yanked overboard by a 10-foot blue shark.
Hooked: Fish Gone Wild
Two anglers wrestle a giant Wels catfish with their bare hands, and a man hooks a marlin as wild as a raging bull from his kayak.
Hooked: Fishzilla
A snakehead has teeth like a shark, a taste for blood and even walks on land. It is an insatiable alien predator that can obliterate the food chain and overpower native life. It mysteriously showed up near a small Maryland town and now can be found coast to coast. Scientists are sounding the alarm. It is a showdown of man vs. fish as scientists and anglers work together in the fight to defy it, control it - and stop it from destroying everything in its path.
Hooked: Flying Monsters
Join the hunt for the most incredible high-flying fish of the deep as we travel to fishing meccas all across the globe. Encountering everything from a giant black marlin to a monstrous mako shark. It is man against fish!
Hooked: Gone Monster Fishing
Titanic beasts that defy the imagination. Mysterious and mammoth, they rule the underwater depths. Fearsome kings of the food chain, the have almost no natural enemies. Almost limitless in their capacity to get even bigger. To encounter these goliaths face-to-face, we must meet them on their turf... Experience the most astounding fishing you've ever seen. Witness the ultimate showdowns of man vs. whopper. Discover how Nelson Diaz battles a goliath grouper, stretching seven feet long and six feet around. Then, Marylin Stephens comes face-to-face with the ocean's fastest shark – the mako. Next, witness how President George H.W. Bush catches a huge tarpon! Then, face the ultimate tug of war between angler Bo Haycox and a massive bluefin tuna. Last but not least, experience the ultimate face-off between Jason Bell and a monster stingray that can kill with the flick of its tail. Discover how all these incredible species grow into mammoth whoppers – and what's being done to help their survival.
Hooked: Hunt for the Monster Fish
Join fish biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan to see the most extreme encounters in megafishing and the groundbreaking research being done to protect these fish.
Hooked: Man vs. Fish
Expert anglers face off with some of the biggest fish in the world, including a giant tuna with razor-sharp teeth and a man-eating catfish.
Hooked: Monster Hauls
In this "best-of" special, take a look at Hooked's most amazing catches and the unusual methods anglers use to wrangle record-breaking fish. Witness how two anglers on North America's Fraser River come face-to-face with a prehistoric goliath — a white sturgeon over 11 feet long. In Panama, another fishing team battles a monster marlin over 1,200 pounds and hatches a daring impromptu plan to tag and release it safely.
Hooked: Monsters of the Deep
A team of fishermen hook a squid weighing measuring 26 feet long. A fisherman attempts to save an injured 130-pound giant trevally. A fishmerman reels in a 1,400-pound tiger shark. This is all just part of the adventure in this episode of Hooked.
Hooked: More Monster Fish!
Fighting Black Marlin, colossal swamp creatures, speed demon sharks, and super sized predators of the deep. Some are prehistoric and others are so mysterious that we know little of how they live and survive. In rivers, bayous, swamps or oceans, each encounter with a monster fish brings us closer to understanding them, braving them and marveling at their size.
Hooked: Return of the Monster Fish
In this "best-of" special, see some of Hooked's most extreme encounters between man and megafish. First, we're off to Oklahoma to follow legendary "noodler" Lee McFarlin as he grabs a catfish barehanded. Then, off the coast of Virginia, watch fishermen struggle with a giant stingray, a venomous hidden hunter that can reach the size of an office cubicle. On a small Italian island, local fishermen tackle and wrestle tuna barehanded by the boatload.
Hooked: Vampire Fish
Travel the world in search of monster fish with monster teeth, from the African Congo to the Amazon Jungle, it's the ultimate battle of man vs. fanged fish.
Hoover Dam
Completed in 1936, under budget and ahead of schedule, the Hoover Dam is among the world's largest hydroelectric facilities. See how engineers and construction workers overcame huge obstacles and challenges to build this dam in only five years.
Hoover Dam Reinvented
Hoover Dam is regarded as an engineering masterpiece and an America icon. But what if it did not exist today? How would engineers build it today? In this one hour program, we ask a team of engineers what they would do the same and what they would do differently... as we re-invent Hoover Dam.
How Big Can It Get? Dragonzilla
Up to 10 feet long and 300 pounds of pure menace, the Komodo dragon is the world's largest lizard ' and scientists believe it has a genetic link to reach even larger proportions. Evidence suggests the Komodo is related to the ancient Megalania, a monstrous lizard measuring 23 feet long and weighing some 800 pounds. Join a team of experts tracking and tagging wild Komodos as part of a yearlong research project to understand the giant lizard.
How Big Can It Get?: Croczilla
The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles, and one of the few animals that's a documented man-eater. Its massive jaws can slice through its prey with a bite force approaching 4,000 pounds! We join a research team in Florida, where experts believe the croc's bite force may hold the secret to its growth. Then, all the way across the world in the Sahara desert, we examine the fossilized remains of one of the largest crocodilians ever to walk the earth, known as 'super croc.'
How Big Can It Get?: Snakezilla
The python is already the longest snake in the world, and scientists now believe it could one day grow to the mind-numbing proportions of its 40-foot-long, 2,500-pound ancient relative! To better understand how a snake's habitat impacts its size, experts head to the Columbus Zoo, where Fluffy, one of the largest pythons in captivity, resides.
How Hard Can It Be? DIY Robo-Sub
Is it possible to build a homemade remote-controlled submersible that can withstand the terrifying pressures found at 12,000 feet down? Vin, Paul and Eric, are three "do it your-selfers" who are going to find out. After a series of intense experiments and a visit to DOER (Deep Ocean Exploration and Research) they head to Hawaii to test their sub. Despite the loss of vital equipment to the ocean depths they get footage of a man-eating tiger shark, and glimpses of deep sea creatures.
How Hard Can It Be? Flying House
It made headlines around the world a real-life UP! balloon house soaring more than 10,000 feet in the air. Now, see the full story behind this spectacular flight in How Hard Can It Be? Meet Vin, Paul and Eric, the three ultra-ambitious hosts whove come up with the crazy idea to fly a balloon house. From concept to execution, we'l see how the guys mixed off-the-shelf technology and unconventional experiments to bring animation to life.
How Hard Can It Be? Homemade Rocket
Could an average joe send a rocket into space? The How Hard Can It Be? hosts, Vin, Paul and Eric, are about to find out. They've been building crazy machines and fabulous inventions together for years, but now their skills will literally be pushed to the limit. Using everyday materials and knowhow that anyone could acquire they'll attempt to launch a homemade rocket into the atmosphere.
How It Was: Attack on Pearl Harbor
Firsthand accounts from survivors, CGI of Japan's surprise strategy and current footage of battle remnants reveal moment-by-moment how December 7, 1941, changed America forever.
How It Was: Battle for Iwo Jima
Travel to the remote island where more than 25,000 American and Japanese soldiers died and learn the real story behind the iconic photograph of World War II.
How It Was: Death at Kent State
On May 4, 1970, American soldiers shot down American students on American soil. Since then, people have argued over who was to blame; the protesting students at Kent State University or the National Guardsmen brought in to restore order on campus? And now, in a rare interview, one of the indicted National Guardsman speaks to his experience for the first time ever. How it Was: Death at Kent State takes a fresh look at a wealth of raw data from both sides.
How It Was: Secrets of Mona Lisa
Her face is instantly recognizable and no other smile has cast as deep an enduring spell. Art historians discover that the painting itself can answer long-standing questions about Leonardo da Vinci, his methods, his materials and his model.
How It Was: Shooting of Ronald Reagan
See remarkable video of John Hinckley Jr.'s assassination attempt and go behind the scenes to see how the White House managed a crisis that lifted the president to new heights of public approval.
How It Was: Voices of 9/11
Hear the frantic calls to New York City's 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers on September 11, 2001. See how these men and women handled their jobs that fateful day.
How Nature Works
Our planet is home to over ten million species, but not one of them can survive on its own. How Nature Works sheds new light on the relationships among plants and animals that keep our world spinning. Travel high up into the trees of East Africa with the giraffes and witness how their ability to eat around termites makes homes for the geckos. Journey deep into the forests of North America where a caterpillar munches holes in leaves that allow for essential light to penetrate the forest floor.
How Nero Saved Rome
Nero is accused of having "fiddled while Rome burned" and remembered for executing his mother and burning Christians alive. History has sided against him on all counts, but could there be another side to ancient Rome's notorious emperor? Discover how it's Nero who rebuilds a city devoured by fire, revolutionizing Western architecture and forever changing the face of Rome.
How To Survive the End of the World
How To Survive the End of the World examines terrifying and scientifically plausible doomsday scenarios by exploring six distinct, world-threatening events—flooding, freezing, continent-wide storm systems, a global volcanic cataclysm, a killer pandemic, and nano-technology run amok—and the methods by which humanity would fight to survive against grim odds.
How To Survive the End of the World: Micro Monsters
With today's astonishing technological breakthroughs, things once thought to be science fiction are becoming much more real. Could the cutting-edge technologies we create one day rise against us and lead us to the brink of extinction? Micro Monsters examines this possible foreboding scenario by exploring the inherent dangers of one of the fastest-rising technologies of the 21st century: nanorobotics.
How the Earth Changed History: Beneath the Crust
Dr. Stewart travels into the Earth's crust to understand Mother Nature's forces. We begin almost a thousand feet below the surface in a geological wonder: the Naica crystal cave in Mexico. It's an environment so hostile that anyone entering the cave would die in less than 30 minutes. Then we jet over to Israel's Negev Desert, where we'll uncover man's earliest source of copper, which changed our relationship with the planet forever.
How the Earth Changed History: The Gift of Fire
The paradox of fire is that it's lethal, but it generates electricity, drives machines, and we depend on it every day. From the earliest hearth fires that kept prehistoric humans warm to the fuel that thrusts rockets into space, our ability to master fire has driven human history. In this episode, Prof. Stewart walks through the heart of a staged fire (approaching 3,000 degrees F) wearing a state-of-the-art fireproof suit and special breathing equipment.
How the Earth Changed History: The Skies Above
Empires have risen and fallen on the tide of changing storm patterns and the turbulent relationship between atmosphere, landscape and oceans. We'll learn about the impact of the Himalayas on new wind patterns, then jet over to Australia's Red Center, where a giant swirl of wind has relentlessly stripped the land of its fertility, forcing its Aboriginal people to survive as hunter-gatherers while civilizations elsewhere developed agriculture.
How to Build a Better Being
Journey into the billion-year history of the human body, led by Will Wright, computer game visionary and inventor of the new game 'Spore.' Travel along as Wright explores the breakthrough science that's revealing the secret genetic machinery.
How to Build a Volcano
Science partners with Hollywood special effects to build the world's largest model volcano. The plan: Create a four-story-tall, 150-foot-wide volcano that can erupt and spew simulated magma and ash. Scientists test cutting-edge scientific theories on the model to learn more about one of the most volatile natural forces on the planet. And follow the team as they brave the dangers of real volcanoes including getting hazardously close to an active lava flow to gather data that could be cruc
Howard Hughes Revealed
How and why did a man so rich, so accomplished and so visible become so reclusive, phobic and fragile? Recent medical discoveries may explain the bizarre billionaire.
Hubble's Amazing Universe
The Hubble Space Telescope is perhaps the most renowned telescope in the world; responsible for unlocking many mysteries of the final frontier. Now it is in danger of being lost forever. Now, it's spiraling toward the Earth, and astronauts are embarking on a dangerous mission to fix it. Glimpse the far ends of the universe through the Hubble, and meet one of the astronauts risking everything to save it.
Hubble's Cosmic Journey
Hubble was launched in April 1990 onboard Space Shuttle Discovery. Its release into orbit over 500km above the Earth marked the birth of one of humanity’s biggest dreams; to place a telescope into space, high above the obscuring effects of the atmosphere, to gain the clearest view of the cosmos we could hope to see. But in the months which followed it was clear that the dream had turned into a nightmare, as Hubble’s mirror was found to have a flaw. Three years of heartache, and huge human resolve followed, to mount a rescue mission to fix the flaw. The results were breathtaking, and produced the most complete view of the Universe we’ve ever had. This is the story of the men and women who conceived, built, fixed and operated Hubble – the most celebrated science instrument in history.
Human Footprint
Using science and revelatory visual events, NGC delivers an extraordinary personal audit of how much of the world's resources each of us consumes, illustrating the average American's human footprint.
Human Lampshade: A Holocaust Mystery
This story follows one man's quest to uncover the origins and reveal the mysteries of a possible Holocaust artifact some historians now say never existed: lampshades made of human skin. When the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina receded, they left behind a wrecked New Orleans and a strange looking lamp that an illicit dealer claimed was 'made from the skin of Jews.'
Humanly Impossible: Beyond Bizarre
Scientists debunk the mysteries behind human acts that seem to defy the laws of nature. Meet the human blockhead, a man who can push a screwdriver up his nose, and find out how he does it without causing any damage. Trever McGhee holds the Guinness boo record for the longest firewalk, at 597 feet. Our experts deconstruct how Franz uses multiple muscle groups to hold back forces that could split an average man in two.
Humanly Impossible: Surviving One Million Volts
How can Danielle Stampe survive a million volts of electricity shooting from her fingertips? How does Jamie Vendera shatter glass with the power of his voice? What lets Kelvikta the Blade shove skewers through her arm without showing pain or drawing blood? And what keeps Aichi Ono from getting extremely sick when he spins on his head over 100 times in a minute? A team of experts delves into these phenomenal feats and decodes the science to tell us why these acts aren't... Humanly Impossible.
Humanly Impossible: The Glass-Eater
Extreme performers such as glass eaters and sword swallowers push the human body to extraordinary limits. But how do they do it? Humanly Impossible follows a team of doctors and scientists to reveal the physiology behind bizarre and dangerous stunts that surpass average human capability. Doctors investigate The Great Nippulini to find out how he lifts up to 70 lbs. using only his nipples.
Hunt for the Abominable Snowman
Across the Himalayas are stories of the yeti, or abominable snowman. Half man, half ape, the yeti is said to roam only the most remote peaks, where people rarely venture. Now, veteran explorer and climber Gerry Moffatt sets out to find proof in a hunt that will test his stamina. As conventional scientific theories challenge ancient beliefs and credible witnesses, he works to separate fact from fiction and find hard evidence that the legend is real.
Hunt for the Samurai Subs
Just before the atomic bomb forced Japan into submission, the Imperial Navy sent a fleet of incredibly advanced combat subs to attack a major U.S. naval base in the Pacific. But when Japan surrendered, the U.S. Navy confiscated them, only to later have them scuttled near Hawaii when Soviet scientists demanded access. Now a team of explorers thinks they can find some of these lost subs in the Pacific's dark waters.
Hunt for the Somali Pirates
When Somali pirates hijack the Maersk Alabama -- and international headlines -- Navy SEALs launch a sneak attack to rescue the ship's American captain. Pirate Hunters recounts the harrowing five days from hijack to final fatal shots, and reveals sophisticated Navy SEAL training methods that prepare the world's most elite reconnaissance teams for daring missions with no second chances.
Hunting Hitler's Generals
During World War II, Allied operatives went on secret missions to kill Adolph Hitler and his top officers, including Erwin Rommel. Allied Special Forces launched daring wartime missions to capture or kill Nazi generals where they were stationed on the front lines of war. National Geographic Channel captures the real-time drama felt as the Special Forces commanded these dangerous and complicated missions to exotic locations.
Hunting Hitler’s Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men
NGC presents the true story of an unlikely World War II “band of brothers.” The unsuspecting group of scholars, academics, historians and architects headed to the front lines of the bloodiest war in history to rescue thousands of years' worth of European art and culture from Nazi-occupied Europe. Through extensive archive sources and photographs, journals and letter excerpts, along with the personal accounts from surviving family members, this special sheds light on the remarkable story.
Hunting the Anthrax Killer
After 9/11, anthrax-laced letters were mailed to major media companies and prominent U.S. senators. In total, the letters killed five people and sickened 17 others, making it the worst bioterrorism attack the United States has ever seen. After a seven-year manhunt, the FBI concludes that a government biodefense researcher, Bruce E. Ivins, was responsible for the anthrax mailings. Shortly after, Ivins committed suicide. Was this seemingly normal citizen actually the anthrax killer?
Hustling America
TV conman Alex Conran travels across America following in the footsteps of history’s greatest hustlers. He wants to see if his skills in deception and magic will allow him to pull off the hardest cons of all: the so-called Proposition Bets—outlandish sounding wagers that are almost impossible to win unless you know the cunning secret behind them. These bets were originally used to con people out of their money—but for Alex it’s not about the cash. He’s on a personal mission to measure himself against the greatest hustlers in the country where these ideas were invented.
I Escaped A Cult
Find out what life inside a cult is really like from individuals who 'drank the Kool-Aid,' living and practicing the beliefs of a radical organization. Brent and Maura tell their emotional stories. Brent describes what it was like as a young boy growing up in Salt Lake City as a member of the FLDS, the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter-Day Saints. The cult still practices polygamy; his father had three wives and 20 kids. But to a young boy, it all seemed normal.
I Lived Through a Fatal Flight
Air travel is one of the safest forms of transportation — there is one accident for every 1.2 million commercial flights. However, plane crashes do happen and can be catastrophic. In rare cases, deadly crashes will leave just a single survivor who beats the odds. Is there an explanation for these occurrences, or are they just random chance? I Lived Through a Fatal Flight features three of these sole survivors telling their incredible tales of survival against the odds.
Ice Bear
Get immersed in the intimate lives of polar bears: their capacity to interpret each other's actions and body language. We'll see that personality goes a long way in the frozen North and that being socially awkward or overly enthusiastic will make your life just that little bit harder. Follow individual bears and entire families as they make the treacherous journey from the hunting grounds on the winter ice fields to the highly contested summer pack ice of the Hudson Bay.
Ice Pilots: Coastal Catastrophe
AJ and Candace get married in the Ice Castle. A frustrated Chuck tries to get the Electra to pay her way. A flummoxed Mikey tries to bake a cake for Joe's birthday. And in Newfoundland, a fuel leak, a sobering survival course and a tragic crash rattle the Turkey crew. When raging winds provide the long-awaited weather window, will they chance on the treacherous North Atlantic crossing?
Ice Pilots: Crash Landing
After thousands of hours of painstaking preparation and dangerous flying, a terrible accident devastates the waterbomber crew in Turkey – and everyone at Buffalo. Wilf's first run as flight attendant raises eyebrows among the staff. And a Scottish airplane buff fulfills the dream of a lifetime when Joe lets him ride in the captain's seat of his DC-3.
Ice Pilots: Danger Below Zero
Mechanic Cory races against the clock to turn two short-haul waterbombers into transatlantic aircraft for the epic journey to Turkey. It's up to engineer Adam to get the C-46 crew out of a jam on a remote airstrip in minus 40. And when captain Devan and copilot Scott encounter the menace of wind shear at notorious Bear Rock, it's a hair-raising experience that tests their friendship.
Ice Pilots: Deadly Cargo
A string of bad luck turns chief pilot Arnie's 66th birthday run into the flight from hell when the exterior of the plane threatens to stall as it ices up while in flight — and unfortunately, the plane doesn't have deicing equipment built in. Will they make it? Fresh out of flight school, Jeremy is desperate to move up the ranks, but newbie Audrey Marchand's enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude impresses the boss and could throw a wrench into Jeremy's plans to move up.
Ice Pilots: Deadly Winds
Christmas is just around the corner, and the Northern Territories in Canada depend on Buffalo Airways more than ever to fly in food and supplies. But the engine in the C-46 freezes up in the tiny town of Norman Wells, stranding Scott and AJ, while mechanic Chuck must attempt a bare-handed engine swap in the minus 30°C deep freeze — on a remote tarmac. Back at Yellowknife, pressure from customers and co-workers pushes cargo manager Kelly Jurasevich to reroute the Christmas food and goods.
Ice Pilots: Fatal Freeze
A furious Joe fights against a federal suspension that will prevent him from carrying passengers for the first time in 20 years. It's also a setback for Jeremy and the other rampies, which takes a turn for the worse with an unexpected injury. For the Turkey waterbomber team it's finally a go. Arnie, Justin and the crew set off on the first leg of their journey, a risky trip across Canada in the dead of winter, with no de-icing equipment.
Ice Pilots: Meltdown
A charter flight falls through the cracks after the McBryans attend a wild family wedding, and an irate Joe pulls captain Justin from the Turkey test flights to do the job. Justin's task is to move an impatient Brit, his dog and all his worldly possessions to a remote northern outpost, but the weather isn't cooperating. Meanwhile, Devan ponders a job offer in Africa – leaving girlfriend Jynelle to ponder their future.
Ice Pilots: Nightmare Landing
Rookie co-pilot Scott and Buffalo Airlines captain AJ face their worst nightmare when low fog and engine malfunction of the Curtiss C-46 Commando result in one of the toughest landings of their lives. Ambitious young flyer Alex must prove himself when Buffalo's chief pilot, Arnie, gives him control of the 20-ton Douglas DC-4 for the very first time.
Ice Pilots: Peril in the Atlantic
The Turkey crew makes the critical jump over the North Atlantic. But en route to Portugal, one crew is forced to turn back. With no power on one engine and no way to maintain altitude, they must get back into Santa Maria, where the airport is on full emergency alert. And Mikey and Scott search for a new rampie, while Jeremy's hopes plummet even further.
Ice Pilots: Race Against the Melt
C-46 and DC-4 crews race against the spring melt to fly mining equipment to an airstrip on a frozen lake. Jeremy tries to catch up to fellow rampies Audrey and Wilf. And on the final leg to Turkey, Arnie and Justin face some serious volcanoes and busy Mediterranean air traffic.
Ice Pilots: State of Emergency
When a power failure leaves the tiny region of Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, DC-4 captain Justin races to deliver two massive generators to the secluded community before sundown. Jeremy is determined to become a co-pilot — and beat co-worker Audrey into the seat by training a new hire from India to replace him. When the recession nips at Joe's heels, he organizes a $7 million sale of two Canadair CL-215 water bombers to the Turkish government.
Ice Pilots: Things Fall Apart
After her husband's acrimonious departure from Buffalo, Kelly has a confrontation that decides whether she, too, will quit. Jeremy makes a mistake that could end his Buffalo career. An aviation gas shortage brings a sobering dose of reality to the McBryans. And fate throws Scott an unexpected curve ball. When the dust settles, someone will be leaving Buffalo Airways.
Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaska's Salmon Shark
In Alaska's freezing waters lurk some of the ocean's most agile killers - salmon sharks. They are a close relative of the great white shark and one of the few sharks with warm-blooded capabilities. Every year, thousands make the journey for a feeding frenzy in Prince William Sound, a rugged wonderland where enormous glaciers carve and reshape the land. Despite its severe and unforgiving landscape, this area is a rich ecosystem, home to huge schools of Pacific salmon and salmon sharks.
Impossible Bridges: Denmark to Sweden
The longest bridge of its kind, the Oresund connects Denmark and Sweden for the first time since the Ice Age. Discover the extreme equipment, massive parts and innovative design it took to create the link that radically altered the map of Scandinavia.
Impossible Bridges: China
Go inside the construction of China's three ultimate bridges: the Lupu, the world's longest arch bridge; the Runyang, the country's largest suspension bridge; and the Sutong, soon to be the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.
Impossible Bridges: Greece
NGC travels to the Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece to find out how designers and engineers conquered a host of extreme environmental conditions, including an active earthquake zone, to realize a century-old dream of bridging the Strait of Corinth.
Impossible Hotel
Off the coast of Dubai, the world's tallest and most luxurious hotel rises from the water like a massive yacht. NGC takes you inside the conception and construction of this audacious structure that pushed the boundaries of engineering to the limit.
Impossible Islands
In the Arabian Gulf, the world's largest artificial islands are being constructed in the shape of a massive palm tree. It's part of a plan to transform Dubai into the world's premier luxury tourist destination. Will it work?
In Love with Hitler
This is Adolf Hitler as we’ve never seen him before — through the eyes of his mistress, Eva Braun. From 1937 to 1944, Braun shot a series of remarkable amateur movies that take us into the inner sanctum of the Third Reich — Hitler’s chalet, the Berghof, the veritable decision center of the Nazi regime. The films have been subjected to a detailed process of identification and, for the first time ever, edited together to create this one-hour special, In Love with Hitler.
In Search of Jesus' Tomb
In 1980, archaeologists came across a 1st century tomb with contents that were said to shake the foundations of Christianity and rewrite history. Had the family tomb of Jesus Christ been discovered?
In The Womb: In the Womb
Before it takes its first breath, a human baby has been through an incredible transformation from a single cell to a complex, self-sustaining organism. Watch this amazing process in real time inside the womb.
In The Womb: In the Womb: Animals
Enter the wombs of three mammals -- elephant, dolphin and dog -- and trace their different paths from conception to birth. Discover evolutionary clues to the animals' ancestry by observing fetal development in utero.
In the Womb: Multiples
In the Womb: Multiples utilizes groundbreaking technology to take viewers into the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero.
Incredible Dr Pol: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
The Pols are experiencing some unusual emergencies and the only explanation they can think of is the full moon. Dr. Pol and Charles head to a cattle farm to perform pregnancy checks. For the first time ever, all the cows they examine are pregnant! Back at the clinic, an X-ray of a dog hit by a motorcycle shows bruising, but no broken bones. Luckily, the dog is able to leave that day. Then Dr. Pol heads to treat a pig with a rectal prolapse - a dose of antibiotics will help alleviate discomfort.
Incredible Islands: Dubai
Dubai is taking nature into its own hands by creating 300 man-made islands off its coast in its attempt to become the top tourist destination in the world. Its goal: to develop these islands into what can be seen from space as a world map.
Incredibly Small World: Ain’t My First Rodeo
See the world's smallest rodeo barrelman take on half-ton raging bulls. An insurance salesman and farmer work to achieve the American Dream. Then a community of Filipino dwarfs dream of building a village of their own. And meet a little girl who really is one in a billion.
Incredibly Small World: David and Goliath
Meet a dwarf wrestler who takes on a giant to prove his worth. Then travel to a remote dwarf community, whose treatment for dwarfism could hold the key to a treatment for cancer. And one little man is looking to make it big in Hollywood.
Incredibly Small World: Death-Defying Stunt Men
Meet an Indian dwarf who leaves home to start a new life in a dwarf theatre community and three small brothers who are big names in the Hollywood stunt world. Then a doctor's height works in his favor when treating children, and an adrenaline-loving father and son prepare for a scuba diving adventure.
Incredibly Small World: Hoop Dreams
Circus performer Wellington is tasked with saving the family business — a circus that has been in the family for over 60 years. Then meet Jahmani Swanson, who wants to be taken seriously as a U.S. basketball player and become the first little person to get into the pro league. In India, meet Jyoti, whose livelihood relies on her keeping her Guinness Book of World Records title. What happens if a shorter dwarf comes along and steals her crown?
Incredibly Small World: Keep on Truckin'
A team of Colombian “matadwarfs” are determined to prove themselves in a macho man's world and are in full preparation for the start of bullfighting season. Then, take a trip home with the 2-foot-8 Verne Troyer, who made a name for himself in the Austin Powers movies, where he'll reveal some of his deepest secrets. Finally, meet Rob Lillie, who stands just over 4.5 feet tall and dreams of becoming one of America's first dwarf truck drivers.
Incredibly Small World: O Captain! My Captain!
Meet Robert Pellerin, who battles the high seas as a lobster fisherman with big dreams of one day captaining his own fleet. Indian trapeze artist Sanjay Chowdhary and his wife, Priya, were abandoned by their families and found a home in the circus. Now the birth of their average-sized baby leaves them with a tough decision: Should they leave the only home they know for their child's future?
Incredibly Small World: Protecting the Family
A Chinese farmer finds out if he's too old for a treatment which could help him grow. Then meet the largest known family of multi-racial dwarfs in the world. Finally, 400 elite athletes compete in the World Dwarf Games.
Incredibly Small World: Stand-Up Comic
A Chinese little person searches for a new home in The Kingdom of the little people, a controversial dwarf comedian tries to rise to new heights with his act and a woman in France braves an extreme operation in an attempt to gain the extra height she craves.
Inside 9/11: The War Continues
Now, 10 years after the deadliest act of terrorism ever perpetrated on U.S. soil, NGC presents a new update to its 2005 landmark television event, Inside 9/11. With a new world premiere hour, we track a seemingly moderate U.S. imam suspected of orchestrating terrorist attacks from within American communities, and the interwoven but splintered al-Qaida groups across the globe. These groups executed attacks in Madrid, London, Fort Hood and Bombay.
Inside China’s Biggest Gala
The Chinese New Year Evening Gala, an annual variety show extravaganza with a viewership of nearly 1 billion, is one of the premiere television events of Mainland China and the most watched variety show in the world. National Geographic Channel will go inside to witness the preparations and challenges of the event's key organizers. Will the pressure of making this blowout a successful hit prove to be too much?
Inside Cocaine Wars: Airport Sting
Nat Geo cameras follow a team of DEA 'cocaine mule' hunters at Colombia's El Dorado International Airport. Their mission is to catch a coke mule and track a smuggling ring of U.S. military servicemen who've been moving coke from Bogota to Italy. Following this mule for more than a week, the team's patience is wearing off until he appears with a suspicious bag at the airport. A nail-biting scene follows as the team apprehends the man they hope will lead them to who's funding the ring in the U.S.
Inside Cocaine Wars: Drug Mules
The Nat Geo cameras roll as a specialized team of DEA agents hunt down cocaine submarines in Cartagena, a place perfectly situated between Colombia's Caribbean and Pacific coasts. From there, the team is in striking distance of the two ocean corridors used to sail toward American shores. Fully aware that they have to catch it before it sails, DEA sub-hunters go to the frontlines of today's Cocaine War in one of the most remote places on earth to catch an elusive cocaine submarine.
Inside Cocaine Wars: Drug Mules
The Nat Geo cameras roll as a specialized team of DEA agents hunt down cocaine submarines in Cartagena, a place perfectly situated between Colombia's Caribbean and Pacific coasts. From there, the team is in striking distance of the two ocean corridors used to sail toward American shores. Fully aware that they have to catch it before it sails, DEA sub-hunters go to the frontlines of today's Cocaine War in one of the most remote places on earth to catch an elusive cocaine submarine.
Inside Cocaine Wars: Drug Speedboats
Meet a team of DEA agents patrolling the Dominican Republic, where drug traffickers can send their product to cities all over the Eastern Seaboard. In a risky chase, the team races after a cocaine speedboat, known as a 'go-fast,' that carries two tons of pure Colombian cocaine worth more than $100 million dollars. With speeds exceeding 100 mph, the cops get too close and the go-fast crew jumps overboard. Will the team be able to catch the elusive prey or has it all been for nothing?
Inside Cocaine Wars: Narco Sub Mystery
The Nat Geo cameras roll as a specialized team of DEA agents hunt down cocaine submarines in Cartagena, a place perfectly situated between Colombia's Caribbean and Pacific coasts. From there, the team is in striking distance of the two ocean corridors used to sail toward American shores. Fully aware that they have to catch it before it sails, DEA sub-hunters go to the frontlines of today's Cocaine War in one of the most remote places on earth to catch an elusive cocaine submarine.
Inside Combat Rescue
The elite Combat Rescue members of the U.S. Air Force, Pararescuemen, or PJs, have one mission: rescue American or Allied forces in extreme danger. Inside Combat Rescue: The Final Stand returns to the front lines of Afghanistan for a unique, firsthand perspective of the final stages of Operation Enduring Freedom through the eyes of the men and women on the ground and in the air, fighting to protect us.
Inside Grand Central
Grand Central Terminal is the heart and soul of New York City. This iconic is an architectural and technological marvel that's endured since 1913. It has faced tremendous challenges through the decades: the car and jet age, corporate greed, the wrecking, and a city's indifference. Today, facing challenges very different from years past, such as threats of terrorism. Inside Grand Central takes you inside one of our country's most impressive superstructures and reveals its magnificent secrets.
Inside Hurricane Katrina
NOAA predicts four to six 'major' hurricanes for the 2006 hurricane season. Are we prepared? Join NGC on an in-depth examination of Hurricane Katrina to uncover the decisions and circumstances that impacted countless Gulf of Mexico residents. Inside Hurricane Katrina Update presents a new comprehensive timeline of the events leading up to and following one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike America. The facts behind the storm shed new light as we head into another active hurricane season.
Inside LSD
Could LSD be the next drug in your doctor's arsenal? New experiments have a few researchers believing that this "trippy" drug could become a pharmaceutical of the future. Outlawed in 1970, the street drug developed a reputation as the dangerous toy of the counterculture, capable of inspiring either moments of genius or a descent into madness. Now science is taking a fresh look into this psychedelic world, including the first human LSD trials in more than 35 years.
Inside Lost Worlds: Egypt's Lost City
Built on the Nile by the great King Ramses, the city was a thriving port and home to hundreds of thousands of people. Then it disappeared. More than 3,000 years later, Pi-Ramses' remains were uncovered in a location that baffled scientists.
Inside Lost Worlds: Lost Warrior Kingdom
Excavating the capital of one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world, archaeologists discover an impenetrable wall, secret tunnels, palaces and a series of great libraries detailing the secrets of the Hittite civilization.
Inside Lost Worlds: Peru's Lost Pyramid City
Five hundred years ago, the last great pyramid-building civilization descended into a world of unimaginable horror. What drove them to extremes of human sacrifice?
Inside New Orleans High
High school has always been tough, but for the students at Walter L. Cohen High School in New Orleans, it's a struggle for survival. In a city with one of the highest homicide rates in the country, day to day life at Cohen isn't easy. NGC roams the halls with students as they tell their unvarnished accounts of high school life.
Inside Polygamy: Life in Bountiful
It's a real-life "Big Love." Winston Blackmore is the family patriarch and leader of a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist community in Bountiful, British Columbia, that includes his 20-some wives and more than 100 children. Winston, like all who practice "the principle," believes that plural marriage and siring dozens of children will help guarantee his entrance into the highest of Heavens.
Inside Saddam's Reign of Terror
For 24 years, Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party executed political rivals, Shias, Kurds and anyone else who dared disagree - or even tell a joke about the dictator. A chorus of testimonials, unearthed mass graves and discovered documents now reveal theextent to which Saddam and his Baath Party tortured, maimed, raped and murdered Iraqi citizens. NGC goes inside his reign of terror - with rare videotape that shows Baath Party members carrying out Saddam's brutal laws.
Inside Straight Edge
What makes members of the Straight Edge movement unique are their distinct rules that break from typical teenage proclivities: no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. NGC goes Inside Straight Edge to examine how this youth movement has earned a darker reputation as a hard-core gang, capable of malicious beatings and even murder. Is Straight Edge a safe refuge for those pursuing "clean" choices? Or is it a militant subculture that advocates violence?
Inside Underground Poker
Across New York City, an underground economy exists that pulsates with danger, allure and adrenaline — generated by clandestine high-stakes poker games. One of the top games in the city is run by Mikey Tatts, who has cultivated an eclectic roster of players and friends, including Wall Street brokers, doctors, business owners, drug dealers, pimps and people who make their living playing cards.
Inside a Cult
Michael Travesser claims he is the Messiah, and the members of the Strong City cult believe him. NGC goes inside the Strong City cult in New Mexico to get an extended look at the lives of its 56 members.
Inside a Cult: Messiah on Trial
The sequel to NGC's 2008 special Inside a Cult, follows up with cult leader Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser, who recently made headlines when police entered his New Mexico religious compound, Strong City. Now, as Travesser battles multiple counts of criminal sexual contact with minors, NGC offers an in-depth look at the inner workings of the sect and the trial of their self-proclaimed messiah.
Inside a Super Casino
After 13 years in development, Atlantic City's towering new casino, the Borgata, is ready for action. Watch its multi-year construction and spectacular opening, through the eyes of those that have the most to gain -- and the most to lose.
Inside the Afghanistan War
Inside the Afghanistan War brings viewers the soldiers' perspective, from the deciding moment to enlist during the waking hours after 9/11 to the harrowing battlefield accounts that were often buried in the back pages of the daily papers as the media's attention shifted to the conflict in Iraq. When President Obama stepped in as commander-in-chief, see the changes in tactics on the ground as strategic focus shifted from remote northeast outposts to the more populated south of Afghanistan as the
Inside the American Mob
Delve into the secret underworld of the American Mafia, as told by the criminals who lived it and the law enforcers who hunted it. This dramatic six-part series chronicles the true-life story of the modern Mob in America, as former mobsters, informants, and FBI agents expose the takedown of the deadliest and most infamous organized crime ring in U.S. history. A combination of recently declassified files, first-person accounts by federal officials and the mafioso themselves, and rare archival footage sheds a new light on the raw, violent, and corrupt underworld that gripped America for decades.
Inside the Body of Henry VIII
Take a journey inside the body of England's most notorious monarch: Henry VIII. A team of medical experts, biographers, and historians investigate what caused the great physical and mental changes in the king. Was it from diseases such as syphilis, diabetes or malaria? Or could his favorite sport, jousting, have sparked his medical problems? Experts study Henry's childhood trauma and delve deeper into his lifestyle and adult injuries to better understand this powerful king's body.
Inside the Border Warriors: Ground Zero
Follow the Shadow Wolves, an elite unit of just 12 Native American federal agents charged with hunting down drug smugglers crossing into the United States through the Tohono O'odham Reservation located southwest of Tucson, AZ. Using ancient techniques that were once used by their ancestors to read the stories of the trail, these agents can track smugglers' destinations and even cargo.
Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers
In April 2013, chaos erupted in Boston near the finish line of one of the world's oldest and most prestigious marathons. It was the worst terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11 and led to one of the most extensive and public manhunts in American history. Now, as the one-year anniversary approaches, National Geographic Channel presents a special two-hour event, Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers.
Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers
In April 2013, chaos erupted in Boston near the finish line of one of the world's oldest and most prestigious marathons. It was the worst terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11 and led to one of the most extensive and public manhunts in American history. Now, as the one-year anniversary approaches, National Geographic Channel presents a special two-hour event, Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers.
Inside the IRS
As the saying goes, nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. But how well do you really know the agency that collects your federal taxes the IRS? Most of us only hear from the IRS twice a year - when we get our tax forms and when we get our refund. But what about sides of the IRS you've never seen? Experience the challenge of collecting trillions in taxes from hundreds of millions of taxpayers as NGC takes a look inside IRS processing facilities.
Inside the Iraq War
NGC provides a fresh, personal, in-depth look at the grim reality of the last six years Inside the Iraq War.Go inside covert operations and witness the emotional toll of modern warfare through the eyes of the soldiers who have their boots on the ground and the pilots who undertake death-defying missions.
Inside the Koran
Over the past few decades, the Middle East has been an epicenter of political and violent turmoil, often with religious conflict at its core. An understanding of the Muslim faith and its most sacred text is very important. NGC presents Inside the Koran, a journey into the heart of the Islamic world to better understand this complex and seemingly contradictory spiritual guide, including the messages that some perceive as justification for the violent conflict and suicide bombings.
Inside the Living Body
Microscopic filmmaking, advanced medical technologies and state-of-the-art CGI take you inside a living, functioning human to reveal how our bodies evolve from birth to old age.
Inside the Living Body
From our first cry to our last breath, our bodies undergo a continuous transformation. Now, NGC melds microscopic filmmaking, advanced medical technologies and state-of-the-art CGI to take you beneath the skin to reveal how our bodies evolve from birth to old age. The special features the highest-resolution HD footage ever recorded from inside a human body by employing special miniature HD endoscopic cameras.
Inside the Mafia: Going Global
Inside the Mafia: Going Global
Inside the Mafia: The Great Betrayal
Find out how and why omerta, the fabled Mafia vow of silence, began to crumble in the 1980s. Hear riveting accounts mob activities -- including gruesome details about the disposal of bodies -- from gangsters who lived to tell about it.
Inside the NSA: America's Cyber Secrets
For decades, the U.S. government refused to acknowledge the very existence of the National Security Agency (NSA). And it's still considered one of the most secretive intelligence agencies in the world. But that's about to change. With the first access given to a documentary film crew since 9/11, National Geographic goes Inside the NSA for a new one-hour special to demystify the modern-day spy agency.
Inside the New Black Panthers
Similar to hate factions like the KKK and neo-Nazis, the New Black Panther Party is a militant hate group, headquartered in Washington, D.C. that seeks to redefine the black struggle for equality and demand liberation from what it sees as white supremacy.
Inside the Pentagon
Go into the heart of America's defense headquarters as it struggles to renew itself despite tragedy, controversy and a changing of the guard. Visit The Building's most sensitive areas and hear frank commentary from those who know it best.
Inside the Real NCIS
They solve murders, catch spies, and prevent terrorist attacks. They are one of the most revered law enforcement agencies on the planet, and one of the least understood… until now. Go behind-the-scenes with the federal agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). With re-enactments, on-location footage and interviews with agents, re-examine the agency's most challenging case - the bombing of the USS Cole - and see how the NCIS is staying one step ahead of the terrorists.
Inside the State Department
NGC goes Inside the State Department to shed light on the efforts of individuals representing U.S. interests abroad. This special offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the mission of the U.S. Department of State, its leader Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and a staff of 60,000+ professionals engaged in operations spanning the globe. Our cameras capture moments behind closed doors as Secretary Clinton and other key U.S. diplomats juggle pressing global issues facing the United States.
Inside the Taliban
Six years ago, U.S.-led forces drove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan for providing sanctuary to al Qaeda terrorists. Now, these Islamist militants are back.
Inside the Vietnam War
Inside the Vietnam War takes you inside covert operations, gives you a seat at the military strategy table and lets you witness the emotional toll of war through the eyes of the soldiers and the pilots who undertook dozens of death-defying missions. Woven together with testimonials from more than 50 Vietnam veterans, archival audio and video footage, and never-before-seen photos, the special features the harrowing firsthand accounts of the brave men and women who lived through the war.
Inside: Fight Club: No Limits
Brad Pitt may have made it famous, but NGC shows you what life is really like in the subculture of competitive fighting. No judges, no trophies and no referees. It's not just a sport but a rite of passage, a personal challenge each man must face.
Inside: Mystery of the Romanovs
When Russia's last tsar, Nicholas II, and his family disappeared 90 years ago, eyewitness accounts said the family was brutally murdered. What really happened to them?
Inside: Secret America
Investigative journalists Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster take you inside the nation’s underground networks and to the heart of the most controversial issues. Using a combination of hidden camera techniques and exclusive access, they penetrate worlds rarely captured before.
Inside: The Dinka
Despite decades of civil war and tribal conflict in southern Sudan, the ancient ways of the Dinka have changed little. Discover the traditions at the heart of this tribe and their cattle-centric culture, including showering under urinating cows.
Inside: Tornado Intercept
Watch as a filmmaker and a scientist drive a specially designed truck with 8,000 pounds of protective steel plating and bulletproof glass into the heart of a tornado on a deadly quest to advance twister science.
Interrogating Saddam
Capturing Saddam Hussein is just the beginning of a battle of wills. While Hussein is held prisoner, it is the mission of junior FBI Agent George Piro to get the notorious dictator to reveal the truth about his weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to terrorism. In an in-depth interview, Piro details how he patiently formed a powerful bond with Hussein to build the criminal case for his prosecution. In the psychological chess match that lasted 166 days, George Piro is about to checkmate.
Into the Great Pyramid
Join archaeologist Zahi Hawass as he unravels the mystery of how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built and who executed the awe-inspiring enterprise. Witness the opening of a 4,500-year-old sarcophagus, the oldest ever found in Egypt.
Into the Lost Crystal Caves
NGC goes inside one of the greatest natural marvels on the planet - a giant crystal cave described as Superman's fortress, with magnificent crystals up to 36 feet long and weighing 55 tons. A team of experts venture into the cavern, enduring scorching-hot temperatures that could kill a human after just 15 minutes of exposure. They'll push the boundaries of physical limitation to explore a crevasse that could lead to another - and perhaps more spectacular - crystal cave.
Into the Lost World
Into the Lost World [TV-G]
Invisible Nature: Colonizing Plants
Biological particularities have allowed plants to conquer all natural environments of planet earth; from dry desert lands, to polar oceans, to wetlands, to the concrete in the hearts of our cities. Plants have developed many strategies to succeed in this extraordinary colonization, including seducing the human race. We bring plant life into our cities of concrete and asphalt, and some humans have even foreseen the creation of cities entirely made of plants.
Invisible Nature: Power of Plants
Plants harness sunlight to make food; they are masters of photosynthesis. Some have been rooted to the earth for almost 5,000 years and others have visited outer space. They purify our water and our air, hold many world records and may hide the secret to immortality. Some animals are even known to imitate plants. In this episode, viewers will learn that plants are anything but powerless.
Invisible Nature: Talking Plants
This episode delves into the science that is revealing astonishing characteristics of plants, claiming that they can communicate — they can move, smell, listen, speak and taste. Plants are continuously interacting with their environment, reacting to signals by modifying their metabolism or growth. They send warning signals to other plants, and can even ally with animals to fight their enemies. Others have evolved to imitate the looks and smells of female insects, in order to attract pollinators.
Iran and the West
As the citizens of Iran head to the polls in June, NGC sheds light on their complex relationship with the United States. What were the forces that led to the current volatile state of affairs? How did this nuclear-seeking Middle East nation evolve into a strong supporter of Islamic terrorists in the region? And why is Iran so crucial to Western interests and world stability today? Viewers will hear directly from key officials on both sides, including former Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani.
Is It Real?: Ancient Astronauts
A dedicated group of believers insist we were visited by aliens thousands of years ago and we owe our existence to them. Experts aren't so sure. Examine the evidence that separates the science from the science fiction.
Is It Real?: Ape-man
Orang Pendek is said to be an elf-size ape-creature that walks on two legs and has an eerily human face. But there's no real evidence it exists. Will Dr. Peter Tse's jungle camera traps change history?
Is It Real?: Atlantis
Plato was the first to write about an island paradise populated by an advanced civilization, but did Atlantis really exist? Explore the evidence with a geologist in Greece, an anthropologist in Mexico and an investigative mythologist in Egypt.
Is It Real?: Crop Circles
Across the English countryside, a decades-old mystery refuses to die. Are crop circles highly complex messages from the outer limits or a man-made hoax of profound proportions?
Is It Real?: Da Vinci's Code
A clandestine brotherhood, an enigmatic genius and a forbidden secret. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code claims that Jesus fathered a bloodline hidden for centuries by a secret society, led by Renaissance painter, Leonardo Da Vinci. But where's the evidence? Is it possible that the Catholic Church intentionally covered up key aspects of Christ's life? Investigate the facts and falsehoods presented in the runaway bestseller.
Is It Real?: Exorcism
Exorcists have probably been with us for centuries. Every culture, race and religion has tried to cleanse those allegedly possessed by malicious spirits with witch doctors, shamans or clergymen. With no other explanation for strange behavior those who cast out demons were no doubt in big demand. Is it Real? takes you inside the world of present day exorcisms.
Is It Real?: Hauntings
NGC examines the world of ghosts, poltergeists and demonic possession on visits to the famous haunted house in Amityville, New York, a country and western bar in Kentucky, and spooky Muncaster Castle in Northern England.
Is It Real?: Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper, one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, remains at large and unaccounted for - more than 100 years after his killing spree. Who was Jack the Ripper? Was he an iconic artist, a black magic occultist, a member of the royal family, or an anonymous "Jack Doe," whose name is lost to history? Now, the National Geographic Channel gathers a team of ripperologists, forensic psychologists, crime experts and scientists, to investigate the clues behind this unsolved murder.
Is It Real?: King Arthur
He is a gallant and noble warrior. With the guidance of Merlin, the magician, he leads the people of England to victory and freedom. He marries a beautiful and elegant Cornish woman name Guinevere and together, they rule the land of Camelot. But war continues for the young Arthur and he is forced to establish his knights of the round table, men willing to fight for Britain's independence.
Is It Real?: Nostradamus Effect
Did Nostradamus predict the 9/11 attacks, the rise of Hitler, and the Challenger disaster some 500 years ago? Can our fates really be foretold by the motion of the planets or a shuffle of the cards?
Is It Real?: Stigmata
Could the wounds Jesus received on his forehead, side, hands and feet during his crucifixion appear unintentionally in a select few? The marks are called stigmata -- and claimed cases are on the rise. Stigmatics and scientists examine the phenomenon.
Is It Real?: Superhuman Powers
Is it possible for karate masters to zap each other with invisible energy, for mystics to mutilate themselves and feel no pain? Can masters of Hindu Transcendental Meditation fly? Examine the evidence for superpowers in humans.
Is It Real?: Vampires
NGC takes you to the Transylvania region of Romania to dissect the legend of Dracula. Historians, folklorists, forensic science and modern medicine add insight to enduring vampire myths, and a self-professed, blood-drinking vampire tells all.
Is it Real? Bermuda Triangle
Many theories have tried to explain why numerous ships and planes have vanished without a trace in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle. Now, some believers think they may have found a missing piece to this mysterious puzzle. With a team of scientists, NGC embarks on an intriguing investigation as Is It Real? examines the evidence and separates facts from fiction in the Bermuda Triangle.
Is it Real? Bigfoot
A piece of film from 1967 purportedly captured an image of Bigfoot, a legendarily elusive giant primate. NGC examines the controversial footage and interviews Bigfoot believers who claim to have encountered the shadowy beast.
Is it Real? Chupacabra
They say it's a bloodthirsty hybrid from Hell -- part reptile, part kangaroo, part vampire bat. Is it an alien invasion? A secret genetic experiment gone wrong? Science and the supernatural collide in search of the answer.
Is it Real? Extreme Sleepwalking
Is it possible to commit murder in your sleep? Will extensive sleep tests performed on accused murderers say yes? If science says yes, what does the law say? And if we can commit murder in our sleep, what else might we do?
Is it Real? Feral Children
A jungle boy raised by monkeys. Twin girls nurtured by wolves. Are these stories true? NGC takes a scientific look at the tales of feral children raised in the wild.
Is it Real? Ghost Ships
The Flying Dutchman that can never go home. The fate of the crew of the Mary Celeste. NGC takes us on a voyage through nautical legend and challenges some of the most mysterious maritime tales.
Is it Real? Life on Mars
Is there life on Mars? Do we have the evidence here on earth to prove it? Top planetary scientists and amateur researchers examine the evidence to separate scientific fact from flights of fancy
Is it Real? Miracle Cures
Melatonin. Honey. Hoodia. Noni juice. Alleged "miracle cures" abound for those of us seeking slimmer thighs, migraine relief, or a full night's sleep. But do they work? NGC travels the globe to find out.
Is it Real? Monsters of the Deep
Could remnants of pre-historic sea creatures still exist, living in the shadows where science has yet to reach? Join a coastal monster hunt with believers and skeptics alike, analyze video footage and monster globster DNA.
Is it Real? Psychic Animals
Can animals predict earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters? Throughout time, people have reported unusual animal behavior before impending doom. Is there a connection between this bizarre behavior and coming calamities?
Is it Real? Russian Bigfoot
Science books say Neanderthals went extinct around 30,000 years ago. But what if they still exist today? Rumors swirl that a stone-age man called "wildman" or "man of the forest" lives in the remote mountains of Russia. Join Is it Real? as NGCinvestigates the evidence, including a Russian hominologist who claims to have skulls and hair samples.
Is it Real? Spontaneous Human Combustion
Is Spontaneous Human Combustion the gruesome result of a mysterious fire within the body, or the misinterpretation of a rare, deadly external burn? Experts examine the mystery of people who burst into flames for no scientifically apparent reason.
Is it Real? UFOs
Tales of flying saucers hovering over Earth? Reports of alien abductions? Scientists and astronomers dissect video footage and anecdotal evidence as we consider the case for the existence of UFOs.
Is it Real?: Ghosts
From phantom images caught on tape to strange orbs of light in creepy places, we'll dissect the most compelling evidence of ghostly visitations and probe the minds of the haunted. Believers and paranormal detectives guide this chilling investigation.
Is it Real?: Police Psychics
Do purported police psychics really help solve crimes or just waste precious investigation time? Is it ESP or plain common sense? Deconstruct psychic "successes" and controlled experiments, and consult the experts to see if the power is real.
Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The Untold Stories
Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The Untold Stories weaves together in-depth stories from passengers and staff on board as well as Coast Guard rescuers with stunning home video (some never before seen on U.S. television) and CGI to reconstruct the sinking of the Costa Concordia as it happened. How did the ship sink? Could it have been prevented? Why weren't the passengers warned earlier? What are the similarities to and differences from the Titanic? Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The Untold Stories works to understand this current headline tragedy more fully - from the time the luxury cruise liner departs from the Italian mainland to the collision with rocks that tear a 160-foot gash in the port side, and from floodwaters that rush in to the delayed passenger alert to the desperate evacuation. We'll uncover the decisions that cost lives and the heroes who saved them.
JFK: The Final Hours
Few events have been more scrutinized than the minutes and hours following the fatal bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been analyzed repeatedly from every angle and every perspective, but this leaves us with no real insight into his humanity. JFK: The Final Hours, narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Bill Paxton, takes both in-depth and birds-eye views of the final day of Kennedy's life through firsthand accounts.
JFK: The Final Hours
Few events have been more scrutinized than the minutes and hours following the fatal bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been analyzed repeatedly from every angle and every perspective, but this leaves us with no real insight into his humanity. JFK: The Final Hours, narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Bill Paxton, takes both in-depth and birds-eye views of the final day of Kennedy's life through firsthand accounts.
Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades follows a serial entrepreneur who must rely on his family to keep his business empire growing. Jack Moore is a blue collar, self-made, workaholic that can't pass up an opportunity to make money. There's only one thing Jack loves more than money, more money! Jack owns too many businesses to run by himself, so he has recruited his family members to keep his American dream going strong.
Jesus' Tomb
What happened to Jesus' body from the time it was taken from the cross until his tomb was found empty two days later? NGC examines one of the Bible's greatest mysteries.
Jesus: Rise to Power
Dr. Michael Scott sets outs across the historic landscapes of the ancient world to discover how and why, in just 400 years, the little-known Judaic cult of Jesus rises from a persecuted minority to become the official religion of the Roman Empire.
Jesus: The Man
He was born in a manger, died on a cross, created a new religion and became the most famous man of his age, but his life remains shrouded in mystery. History and archaeology shed light on the early experiences and forces that shaped Jesus' young life.
Jesus: The Preacher
Did Jesus have a strong voice? How many actually heard his "Sermon on the Mount?" Experts examine the places he went, the long-dead language he spoke, and the lessons he taught to find out how Jesus spread his word.
July 4: Exploding the Myths
Somewhere between the picnics and the patriotism of this midsummer spectacular is a holiday full of history, science and gastronomic feats. come celebrate Americas birthdays bash as common misconceptions of this holiday are dispelled.
KKK: Inside American Terror
The white robes and fiery crosses of America's oldest terrorist group have become national symbols of hate and violence. Now, one segment of the modern KKK has teamed up with skinheads, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups toward a common goal of "white rule." NGC travels inside the KKK's deadly world. Learn how the organization's membership has grown in recent years. Hear from current Klan members and victims, along with KKK experts as they break down the face of this modern hate group.
Kenny and Zoltan's Venom Quest: Venom Victims
In Episode 2 Kenny and Zoltan enter their second week of exploring Vietnam, the National Geographic Magazine crew still in tow. Mattias once again puts himself in harms way photographing these venomous creatures when a breeder drops the snake dangerously close to him and Bella puts herself at risk when she forgets her gloves and goggles on a day full of spitting cobras. The team visits Bach Mai hospital where they find a young man in complete paralysis from a snake bite and the hospital doesn't have the right antivenom there to cure him. As they wait to see whether they can have antivenom shipped from Thailand the team continues on their journey following a traditional snake hunter on his quest. The antivenom is finally brought in and administered and there are slight positive signs of life in the patient, but it remains uncertain whether the treatment will work. The National Geographic Magazine crew must return home and Kenny and Zoltan continue their hunt for snakes and find a krait in the woods. Upon their return they find out the fate of the snakebite patient did their efforts pay off or were they just too late?
Kentucky Justice
Harlan County, Kentucky, is no stranger to violence. Its long mining history means it's seen its fair share of corruption, moon-shining, and murder. The coal mining wars may be over, but with a depressed economy, including the closure of many mines, the County is facing a new crime wave: a growing prescription drug problem. Sheriff Marvin J. Lipfird is determined to get the drug problem under control, and he's spent the last six years building a team of skilled deputies to help him do it. These men chose policing, but many of the people they know have chosen the wrong side of the law. Each has arrested someone they know—sometimes even kin. Sheriff Marvin and his deputies survive shoot-outs, arrest drug dealers, and bring down corrupt city officials in an effort to reduce crime in their beloved Harlan County.
Killer Quest
Follow veteran cameraman Andrew Manske and hard-nosed outdoorsman Brian Bildson as they venture out into one of North America's most remote regions in an attempt to capture extraordinary footage of North America's largest wolves taking down the continent's largest land animal: the wood bison. Battling cracking ice roads, floods, forest fires, persistent rain storms, and relentless swarms of mosquitoes, their journey offers a unique and raw vision of natural history filmmaking.
Killing Jesus
It’s a story nearly the whole world knows, with more than 2.2 billion people around the globe following the teachings and principles of Jesus of Nazareth. But the intimate historical details of his life and the political collusions that led to his brutal demise bring intriguing context to the familiar story. National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus, produced by Scott Free Productions and based on the New York Times best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, dives deep inside the historical story of how Jesus’ message and preachings led to his persecution and execution by a group of conspirators who saw him as a threat to their power.
Killing Kennedy
Killing Kennedy, produced by Scott Free Productions and based on the best-selling book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, chronicles this buildup to one of America's most shocking events: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Starring Rob Lowe (President Kennedy), Will Rothhaar (Lee Harvey Oswald), with Michelle Trachtenberg (Marina Oswald), and Ginnifer Goodwin (Jacqueline Kennedy).
Killing Kennedy
Killing Kennedy, produced by Scott Free Productions and based on the best-selling book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, chronicles this buildup to one of America's most shocking events: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Starring Rob Lowe (President Kennedy), Will Rothhaar (Lee Harvey Oswald), with Michelle Trachtenberg (Marina Oswald), and Ginnifer Goodwin (Jacqueline Kennedy).
Killing Lincoln
April 14, 1865. One gunshot. One assassin hell-bent on killing “a tyrant,” as he charged — the 16th president of the United States. And in one moment, our nation was forever changed. This is the most dramatic and resonant crime in American history: the true story of the killing of Abraham Lincoln. National Geographic Channel's first-ever docudrama, Killing Lincoln, combines re-creations with historical insight in a thrilling chronicle of the final days of President Lincoln.
King Fishers: Battle for America
It's the ultimate fishing challenge. Three anglers battle it out during three extraordinary expeditions. Each is highly competitive and determined to beat their new fishing buddies. But it isn't just about who catches the most and who catches the biggest. It's also about who hosts the ultimate fishing trip, with marks awarded for both number of fish caught and the overall fishing experience itself.
King Fishers: Monsters of the Rockies
Three anglers battle it out during three extraordinary expeditions. Only one of them will be crowned King Fisher. In this episode, all-Canadian Kevin, a jet-boating hockey pro from British Columbia, hosts his opponents on the banks of the Fraser River where they fish for protected prehistoric sturgeon — the largest freshwater species in North America. Pepper, a laid-back American who lives in the Amazon, leads the anglers as they hunt the notoriously aggressive peacock bass in Brazil's Amazon.
King Tut and the Lost Dynasty
Narrated by Emmy award-winning Alfre Woodard, Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty documents a high-tech forensic investigation by international experts lead by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, dedicated to resolving the fate of the famed queen.
King Tut's Final Secrets
A team of international scientists launch a high-tech forensic investigation to finally solve the mystery of King Tutankhamun's death.
King Tut's Final Secrets
The most famous Egyptian king in history ruled for only 10 years before his mysterious death. Using 3-D CT-scan imaging, NGC reveals what King Tutankhamun looked like on the day he died and unveils new findings relating to his death.
King of Coke: Living the High Life
Meet Larry Lavin, a freshman University of Pennsylvania student who leads a double life as a bookworm by day'drug dealer by night. Lured into a world where dealing gives him social recognition, he soon builds his own empire. As cash flows in, Larry becomes an overnight sensation. Driven by thirst for more money and glory, Larry falls into the ultimate juggling act: living a respectable life as a dentist and running a massive criminal conspiracy on the side. And that's when the trouble starts.
King of Coke: Living the High Life
Meet Larry Lavin, a freshman University of Pennsylvania student who leads a double life as a bookworm by day'drug dealer by night. Lured into a world where dealing gives him social recognition, he soon builds his own empire. As cash flows in, Larry becomes an overnight sensation. Driven by thirst for more money and glory, Larry falls into the ultimate juggling act: living a respectable life as a dentist and running a massive criminal conspiracy on the side. And that's when the trouble starts.
King of the Mountain
Hidden in the most remote reaches of Appalachia and secluded from the outside world is a fiercely independent culture wary of outsiders. And the king of this world is Billy Taylor. His trade? Digging and dealing indigenous medicinal roots and herbs. It is a fierce and competitive world where poachers are punished, digging spots are secret and allies aren't easy to find. But after Billy created an outlet for the diggers to buy and sell their roots, he became king.
Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Blue whales are the largest creatures to ever inhabit the earth -- yet despite their size, we know precious little about them. In an effort to understand these behemoths and help protect them, an international team of scientists supported by the National Geographic Society set out on an expedition to unlock the secrets of the blue whale and investigate why they are dying. I
Kingdom of the Oceans: Revealed: Fire & Ice
Examine the paradox of whales, penguins, iguanas and dolphins that inherited a burdensome legacy from their land-dwelling ancestors: they must breathe in open air. Go back to Charles Darwin's living laboratory, the Galapagos Islands, where evolution still experiments with life's ebb and flow between land and sea. Over on the South American coast, check on an orca whale family teaching their young the dangerous art of beaching to hunt sea lions.
Kingdom of the Oceans: Revealed: Predator’s Paradise
Explore the living, breathing, colorful mountains of coral that shelter an extraordinarily diverse group of species of every color, shape and behavior. See how these living gardens protect the egg of a tiny zebra shark about to hatch, and how a hermit crab latches onto venomous anemone for protection. Go to apeaceful lagoon with a mother whale and her newborn calf.
Kingdom of the Oceans: Sand Wars
Untold and astounding multitudes are moving through the sandy plains that appear to be empty. How do they hide? We learn their secrets, as well as those of the animals which live well-protected in the tight mesh of giant seaweed underwater forests.
Kings and Pirates
Explore the treasures of two underwater discoveries: Herod the Great's monumental seaport built 2,000 years ago and an infamous pirate's loot-filled ship wrecked in a storm nearly 300 years ago.
Knights Templar
Some say this medieval order still exists -- and still protects a mysterious treasure. The Holy Grail? Discover the true story behind these legendary warriors.
Known Universe: Alien Contact
Are we alone? It's an age-old question that was relatively "taboo" in mainstream science until the mid-1990s, when astronomers found planets outside our solar system. Now, Known Universe joins the hunt for alien life as scientists search for planets with similar characteristics to Earth's. We'll take you on a journey to find planets that may support life and show you new space-based technologies that aid in the search for advanced alien civilizations.
Known Universe: Biggest Cosmic Blasts
Volcanic eruptions aren't unique to Earth — they are common throughout the solar system. Eruptions are capable of both destruction and creation, and we'll see their astonishing effects on humans and entire galaxies. We'll head to the big island of Hawaii to get up close and personal with one of the most active lava fields on the planet. Is there a way to predict when the next catastrophic eruption might occur?
Known Universe: Construction Zone
Engineering in space represents the future of human civilization, but also poses some of our greatest technical difficulties. We'l travel to NASA's tool lab and see the equipment we need to build in this challenging environment, from high tech wrenches and hammers to the ultimate robotic handyman, Robonaut.
Known Universe: Cosmic Collisions
Could an asteroid impact with Earth wipe out the human race? Known Universe explores what is being done to prevent such an Armageddon by heading to the first line of asteroid defense: the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona. Here we see the technologies used to monitor the skies for near-Earth objects, including a football stadium-sized rock that will pass close to Earth on Friday the 13th, April 2029. Scientists predict it may be so close that gravity could cause a catastrophic collision.
Known Universe: Decoding the Skies
Our ancestors' relationship with the heavens led to some of mankind's ancient discoveries and greatest creations. The ancient Greeks discovered Earth was round; the Polynesians used the sun and stars to navigate vast oceans in simple canoes; some think amazing structures like Stonehenge were designed to observe the sky. Now, Known Universe examines mankind's first observations of the cosmos to understand how they put us on the path to modern discovery.
Known Universe: End of the World
The world didn't end on 5/21/11 as some feared, but someday it will, and not just on Earth, but for asteroids, comets, moons, planets, stars and everything in our Known Universe. To demonstrate this complex cycle of life and death, scientist David Kaplan watches the destruction of a 16-story building shattering the structure while creating new matter and debris. We'll also see how a wildfire compares to the ignition of a supernova deep in space, and step inside a black hole simulator.
Known Universe: Escaping Earth
We've landed on the moon, and launched probes to study planets hundreds of millions of miles away. But when it comes to space travel, we're just babes in the woods. Of the hundreds of launches we've made into space, only a handful have even left Earth's gravity. So what's the problem? Well, for one, it's a huge challenge just getting off the planet. If you want to get into space you have to fly fast and high. Find out just how tough and complicated future space travel can be on Known Unive
Known Universe: Extreme Space Tech
Could the saying, "the bigger the better" actually be true? Humans have not only adapted and evolved to become the dominant species on planet, but we're continually creating technologies that get bigger and faster. With the help of experts including an astronaut and astronomer, we'll learn how to take everything from basic household items to advanced technologies and transform them for use in space. We'll see how a handgun shot in space becomes a model for a rocket and explore how refrigerator
Known Universe: Final Frontiers
More than 70 percent of Earth is covered in water, but we've only explored roughly 5 percent of it. We've roamed even less of our solar system. Now, armed with some of the latest advances in technology, we join scientists on a voyage into the unknown - from the far reaches of space to the extreme depths of our oceans - where new discoveries have experts questioning everything we know about the universe, and ultimately ourselves.
Known Universe: Most Powerful Stars
Using an unprecedented combination of the most current scientific information, mind-blowing computer graphics and relatable analogies and comparisons, the Known Universe gives vital insights into a world we thought we knew.
Known Universe: Stellar Storms
Never mind the pesky blizzards and mudslides we deal with. Imagine dodging frozen methane raindrops, or winds of 11,000 mph. Take a trip around the cosmos to see some of the universe's most extreme weather. Travel to Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system, where temperatures scorch at 900 degrees. Witness massive dust storms that rage for months on Mars. And, head to the Space Weather Prediction Center to see how weather on the sun affects us.
Known Universe: Surviving Outer Space
Will mankind be able to conquer space travel? Technological advancements could make it possible, but man's own body may be what's holding us back. Now, Known Universe examines humans' space endurance. We'll experience six G's in a centrifuge to demonstrate extreme gravitational effects. Study gravity's effects on seemingly simple human activities in space, from sleeping to sex, and eating to digestion. See how the vacuum of space and its near-zero pressure can kill us within minutes, if not
Known Universe: The Biggest and Smallest
From the enormous universe in which we exist to tiny atoms that make up the building blocks of everything around us, size matters when it comes to understanding the cosmos. Starting with our solar system, we'll explore the true meaning of word "big." Odds are you saw a model of the solar system made in grade school. With incredibly realistic CGI, we'll reveal how that model, if built to scale, wouldn't fit inside a football field, much less a classroom.
Known Universe: The Fastest
In the vast expanse of space, nothing matters more than speed. Whether we're venturing out to the farthest reaches of our solar system or exploring the mysteries of time travel and wormholes, speed is the key.
Known Universe: The Most Explosive
Scientists believe that our universe started with a colossal explosion called the Big Bang. That powerful blast created all the matter and energy in the universe and laid the groundwork for every explosion since.
Known Universe: Treasure Hunt
Join a treasure hunt of cosmic proportions, with a diamond mine on Neptune?! Known Universe explores innovative ideas that could allow humans to harness raw materials in space. One concept includes using Kevlar ribbons to anchor astronauts to asteroids containing more metal than has been excavated in all of human history. And see how meteorites have created huge deposits of gold and other precious metals here on Earth.
Kon-Tiki: The Incredible True Story
Go behind-the-scenes of the epic film that brings to life one of the most daring and dramatic sea explorations of our time — lauded as an “epic of awesome achievement” by the New York Observer and “a rip-roaring trip” by the New York Post. Shot in open waters in six countries, KON-TIKI tells the incredible true story of Thor Heyerdahl's epic 4,300-mile expedition from Peru to Polynesia on a primitive balsa wood raft in 1947.
Kung Fu Secrets
Not Specified
L.A. Gang Wars
For gang members in South Central Los Angeles, the "hood" is a brutal war zone, where streets and reputations are vehemently defended, often to the death. NGC goes into this violent world for four months -- a period in which more than 60 L.A. residents are killed or wounded in gang shootings. Watch an emotional funeral, see 11-year-olds brandishing their weapons, and hear the stories of those entangled in this chilling cycle of bloodshed.
LA Street Racers
Follow the young drivers and mechanics of Compton-based Custom Performance Racing (CPR) as they try to turn their struggling start-up custom shop into a success and make it in the world of legit drag racing. Almost every guy behind the wheel or under the hood has done time for illegal street racing — including felony evasion with a vehicle — so if any of them are caught street racing again, their cars will be crushed and they'll wind up back in jail. Now the CPR hot rod engineers take their cu
Left for Dead: Miracle on Everest
Lincoln Hall is pronounced dead on the summit of Mt. Everest after suffering from the effects of cerebral edema, but miraculously survived. With never-before-seen footage, interviews and Hall's orginal video diary.
Legend of the Holy Spear
Christ is said to have been stabbed with a spear upon his crucifixion -- if it could be identified, the spear would be a powerful holy relic. In the centuries since, three weapons have been called the Holy Spear. Now, a priest and a scientist reach back through the mists of legend and time searching for the true spear that pierced the side of Christ. Could any of the three spears have been present 2,000 years ago?
Let it Ride
Wild inspiration drives Zach Ness and his crew to build the very best custom motorcycles, whether by resurrecting dead bikes or through premium commissions from clients seeking a one-of-a-kind dream machine. Born of chopper royalty, Zach Ness, grandson of customizing legend Arlen Ness, is the nominal torchbearer of the Ness empire, but striving to set out on his own path. Devoted to performance, power and beauty, Zach’s bikes are a triple threat, but they don’t come easy.
Lethal Action
For those sworn to serve and protect, a shootout is a last resort against criminals bent on doing harm...but sometimes they can't be avoided. In Lethal Action, we'll go inside three high-profile shootouts to see how split second decisions and twists of fate determined who lived, and who died. From a bank heist in Hollywood, to a Taliban revolt in an Afghan fort, and raging drug war in Colombia -- meet the key players involved and find out how the dramatic events unfolded.
Lewis & Clark
With careful research and meticulous recreations, National Geographic Channel brings the amazing story of adventure, danger and the exploration of the unmapped west to the screen in Lewis & Clark.
Life Below Zero
Life Below Zero follows seven people as they battle for the most basic necessities in the state with the lowest population density in the United States. Living at the ends of the world's loneliest roads and subsisting off the rugged Alaskan bush, they battle whiteout snow storms, man-eating carnivores, questionable frozen terrain, and limited resources through a long and bitter winter. Some of them are lone wolves; others have their families beside them. All must overcome despairing odds to brave the wild and survive through to the spring. And when spring arrives in Alaska, rising temperatures bring mounting challenges as they work to prepare for yet another winter.
Life Below Zero III- 304
Not Specified
Life Below Zero: Ice Breakers: Deadly Grounds
On Kodiak Island, Erik Salitan takes the opportunity to go after the elusive mountain goat. In Eagle, Andy Bassich hopes that a single homemade bullet will bring home meat for the year. A storm in Kavik brings an unexpected opportunity to Sue Aikens as it forces a herd of caribou close to her camp. In Noorvik, Chip and Agnes Hailstone are anxious to prepare for a winter of nomadic hunting and trapping.
Life Below Zero: Ice Breakers: Winter’s Warning
Six years after Sue Aikens was attacked by a grizzly bear, it's now time for her to face her fears. She heads into the tundra, and after spotting a grizzly in the distance, takes aim. Andy and Kate Bassich in Eagle have just fed the last of their fish to their sled dogs. In Noorvik, a late freeze is disrupting Chip and Agnes Hailstone's whitefishing. And Erik Salitan returns, having just finished the guiding season a southern village.
Life Below Zero: Ready or Not
Fall season in the Arctic means the final preparation is in full swing for the long winter months ahead. In Kavik, Sue sets off on a quest for food to survive the coming freeze. In Eagle, Andy and Kate race to get their fish wheel turning before the chum salmon run hits. With their annual caribou hunt on the horizon, the Hailstones build a cache to store their meat for the season. And in Chandalar, Glenn sets out on the most critical hunt of his year as he hopes to harvest a moose that will yield nearly six months’ worth of meat.
Life On Us: Superhuman
Our health, body shape, mood and even our evolution may be determined by the unseen life forms that swarm throughout our bodies. There are worms in your bowels, bacteria in your mouth, fungi in your lungs and even viruses in your DNA. Their cells outnumber your own by 10 to 1. Though they have evolved with us over millennia, in recent years humans have been drastically changing our relationship with our internal microbes, bombing them with antibiotics and an unhealthy diet. Some scientists believe that the consequence of this war on our bugs is an epidemic of disease. Take a look at the battleground within our bodies and the remarkable new science that is changing our views about health and disease.
Life On Us: Your Private Wildlife
We are not alone. We are home to a trillion cells that are not our own, but are very much the making of us. Both on us and inside us live bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi, worms, lice and mites that we carry throughout our lives. To say that we are in a minority in our own body is an understatement. See how our “private wildlife” keep us healthy, sometimes make us ill and may even change our behavior.
Life and Death Row
Discover what life is like on death row, following a story about capital punishment told through the eyes of the people whose lives have been shaped by it. With unprecedented access, learn about the lives of the victims as well as the convicted and their families, revealing a rigid dichotomy of what life is like with the looming threat of the death chamber. Each part of the three-part mini series focuses on a key aspect of the capital punishment system: execution, trial, and appeal. 
Life and Death in Venice
See Venice like never before. NGC secured unprecedented access to the fire, police and medical teams that keep the unique city and its extensive network of canals running. Against the backdrop of the busiest event in the Venetian calendar the annual Carnival festival we explore the side of Venice the millions of tourists dont see. Ride along in water ambulances as they navigate the confusing canals to respond to an elderly stroke victim.
Life with Tourette's
Obtaining a dream job is tough — it's even more difficult when you are struggling with a neurological disorder. National Geographic Channel follows three extraordinary individuals living with Tourette's syndrome as they pursue their dream careers.
Light the Ocean
It's the ocean like you've never seen it before. Using data from scientists around the globe, combined with specially developed computer animation software, NGC turns the Earth's ocean waters crystal clear. Spectacular underwater landscapes and hidden structures are revealed. Follow sperm whales as they dive into the dark depths of the Kaikoura Canyon off New Zealand, and descend to the underwater mountain ranges of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to find never-before-seen creatures.
Lincoln's Secret Killer?
Was Abraham Lincoln dying of cancer when he was killed? NGC is on the front lines as scientists attempt to solve a genetic mystery -- using a piece of fabric stained with the president's blood to run DNA analysis. The final year of Lincoln's life seemed to age him a decade, and he had lost an alarming amount of weight. Even today, his strange body shape, unusual height and long limbs have led to speculation that he harbored some hidden medical problem.
Lincoln: American Mastermind
Campaigning for 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln arrived onto the national stage as 'Honest Abe.' But was he really a simple frontiersman or a brilliant strategist who manipulated his public image, using newspapers, photography and folksy imagery to win over voters? Combining dramatic re-creations, scientific discoveries, rare archival photos and interviews with historians, NGC follows the surprisingly well-orchestrated moves that took Lincoln all the way to the White House.
Little Pig Man: Coyote Ugly
Carl Blake is an Iowa farmer who has chucked his former life as a computer specialist to invent a better pig. In this episode, it’s a race against time to find his prized stud boar, Hercules, before he hurts somebody or gets himself killed. And to make matters worse, coyotes are raiding the chicken coop and Carl fears they will go after his pigs next. Enlisting help from the weapons and technology whiz who lives down the road, Carl and Uncle Dale take to the skies and front lines to defend the farm.
Little Pig Man: The Hangover
Tensions run high as one problem after another threatens Rustik Rooster Farms. Carl questions his son Sean’s commitment to the family farm when Sean arrives to work late and hungover. Then Carl gets an order for pork, but when his truck breaks down, it’s doubtful he can make the delivery on time. Leaving Sean in charge, Carl races to get his truck fixed and make his deadline. When Carl returns to the farm, he discovers Sean has made a mistake that costs Carl big bucks, and tempers fly.
Live Free or Die
Live Free or Die explores one of America's most remote subcultures, following six people who have left the modern world behind to live in backwoods and swamps where they hunt their own food, build their own shelters, and survive only on what they can produce with their own two hands and sharp intuition. 
Live From Space
NGC blasts viewers into space for this spectacular two-hour television event, hosted by Soledad O'Brien. Made in collaboration with NASA, we'll go LIVE into orbit with astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata as they fly at 17,500 mph nearly 250 miles above the earth's surface on the International Space Station, while astronaut Mike Massimino joins O'Brien on the ground at Mission Control in Houston.
Living Nightmares (wt)
Using re-enactments narrated by the actual victims, film producer and director Michael Bay retraces the ill-fated steps of ordinary people as they get deeper and deeper into trouble sometimes realizing it only when its too late. Whether its a new relationship that goes from perfect to attempted homicide in an instant, or a routine home repair that ends in a gruesome improvised self-amputation, youll sit transfixed as you thank your lucky stars youre not in their shoes.
Living in Space
With unique access to the International Space Station, this film follows the day-to-day life of three astronauts, Rick Mastracchio, Koichi Wakata, and Mike Hopkins, who have been living and working while orbiting 250 miles above the earth. Here for the first time, filmed by themselves and in their own words, is the incredible story of their out-of-this-world experiences of living in space.
Living in the Time of Jesus: Crime and Punishment
Two thousand years ago, temple guards and soldiers arrested Jesus, setting in motion the most infamous trial of all time. Who were all these people? What laws where they charged with enforcing? And, what brought them together on this fateful night? NGC moves through modern Jerusalem to pick up clues about what law and order looked like in the first century. How did everyone from the taxman to the flogger go about keeping the peace?
Living in the Time of Jesus: Healing the Sick
When you got sick in the first century, what did you do about it? It was the time of Jesus and his promise of healing miracles, but what did brain surgery look like? And, were there really any medical benefits to floating in the Dead Sea? NGC experts investigate the many sides of ancient health care to discover what people in Jesus' time knew - and didn't know - about medicine.
Living in the Time of Jesus: Making a Living
Jesus is said to have overturned the tables of moneychangers in the Temple. But who were these people, and whose money were they changing? Using biblical stories as our guidebook, NGC opens a window into how people made ends meet 2,000 years ago. With the help of archaeologists, biblical experts and mules, we'll get our hands dirty doing the jobs of ancient carpenters, shepherds and camel-riding merchants. See how the land was tilled, the taxes were collected and the Holy Temple was operated.
Living on the Moon
An insider's look at NASA's Constellation program which hopes to establish a human outpost on the moon by 2020.
Lockdown takes viewers inside the closed world of three maximum-security U.S. prisons to observe violent clashes, covert rules and secret codes of justice.
Lockdown: Scam City
Go inside some of the country’s most secure prisons to see the ingenious ways inmates are passing drugs, weapons and deadly orders. Meet the men — and women — behind these illicit schemes and learn what prison officials are doing to stop them from beating the system.
Locked Up Abroad
Locked Up Abroad is the cult favorite that takes viewers inside accounts of capture, incarceration, and terror far away from home with intimate personal interviews and dramatic reenactments. This season, we’ll hear more firsthand accounts not only from those who were locked up, but also from those who were directly part of the story. Whether it is the undercover agent compiling the evidence against the suspect, or the person making the drug dealing offers... we're going to deliver the stories from every angle.
Locked Up Abroad: Prison Nightmares
Experience some of the worst prison stays, with travelers who found themselves on the wrong side of the law far from home. When Dwight Worker tries to bring cocaine into the United States, he ends up in the “Black Palace” in Mexico fighting for his life. Brigene Young is duped into carrying heroin into Mauritius and nearly ends up going crazy in solitary confinement. Jayne and David Bladen head to the Caribbean for what they believe is work. Instead they end up transporting liquid cocaine, leading to a brutal attack on David.
Lockup Down Under
For the first time ever, cameras go behind the scenes of the Special Handling Unit (SHU) of Australia's toughest jail, Casuarina Maximum Security. With more than 600 criminals in the prison, including serial killers, sex offenders and terrorists, anything can go wrong, and unlike prisons in the United States, guards don't carry weapons. We'll meet Assistant Superintendent Paul Jarrett, the officer in charge of the SHU, and hear his firsthand accounts of being stabbed, poisoned and assaulted.
Lords of War
Lords of War brings you inside the intriguing world of historical weaponry as Sean Rich and his team of weapons experts travel across the country in search of the best in antique weapons and militaria. Journey through history as the guys assess, test, and auction the bounties of war.
Lost Cities of the Bible
In the Bible, God destroys the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and sides with Joshua to conquer another misbehaving city: Jericho. Are these stories true or simply moral fables? Archaeological and geological evidence holds the answer.
Lost Faces of the Bible
Lost Faces of the Bible, a four-part documentary series, blends myth-busting archaeology with dramatic recreations and forensic investigation. Having been granted unprecedented access to four ancient skulls from the Holy Land, each episode seeks to accurately reconstruct the faces of the most legendary characters of the Bible.. Travelling across the globe, archaeologists and scholars separate fact from myth, while a team of forensic anthropologists and artists put flesh on bone, using both traditional and state-of-the-art methods of facial reconstruction. With each skull comes a new story, as the experts assemble clues to rebuild not only a face, but the life and times of a bygone era. 
Lost Fleet of Columbus
In 1494, Christopher Columbus made a second journey to the Americas, this time with more ships, more men, and a grander mission. His goal: to build the first European colony in the New World. But in just a few short years, this settlement would perish - one-fifth of its inhabitant's dead, at least six ships sunk in the bay, and the legacy of Columbus permanently marred. What happened at this ill-fated settlement remains a mystery 500 years later.
Lost Gold of the Dark Ages
Lost Gold of the Dark Ages chronicles the amazing story of how an amateur metal-detecting enthusiast discovered a gold hoard of more than 1,500 artifacts dating back a millennium, and valued at over $5 million. The importance of the discovery is comparable to finding Tut's treasure. To solve the mystery of where the gold came from, to whom it belonged and why it was buried, historians take us on a journey back into the Dark Ages.
Lost Kings of the Bible
Did two of the most famous kings of the Bible -- David and Solomon -- really exist? Skeptics say there's no proof. NGC explores groundbreaking new evidence that may clear up the controversy.
Lost Nuke
During the Cold War, a crippled U.S. bomber with a five-ton nuclear weapon plummeted from the sky. The Air Force claimed the crew ejected and the plane flew out to sea on autopilot. But years later, the actual crash site was discovered in the mountains of British Columbia. Now, follow researchers as they return to the wreckage site to search for answers.
Lost Ships of the Mediterranean
In 1997, a U.S. Navy crew out to locate a sunken Israeli submarine stumbled upon the second oldest shipwreck ever discovered, and a fascinating clue to an ancient civilization.
Lucky Muckers
Lucky Muckers follows the adventures of a few ordinary Londoners who have a most extraordinary hobby: Every week, come rain or shine, Mackie, Ian, Andy, Rae, Tim along with other mudlarks wade through the mud along the banks of the River Thames looking for buried treasure.
Mad Scientists: Lawn Mower Hovercraft
John is in Davenport, Iowa, where hes met up with Gary Sloat - a rule-breaking backyard engineer who uses science to sail across parking lots and coast over bodies of water. Gary and John are on a quest to build a hovercraft constructed entirely out of objects found around the house. They use a bicycle brake for the throttle, a broomstick for the steering mechanism and a piece of wood with a string to serve as the rudder. Anyone can buy a hovercraft, but it takes a truly Mad Scientist to bui
Mad Scientists: World's Weirdest Bike
John teams up with Johnny Payphone, a post-apocalyptic "contraptor" with a taste for the era of steam power and high wheel bicycles. Along with Payphone's hilarious sidekick' Mudd' John and Johnny set out to create a motorcycle powered by two enormous garage door springs. The mechanical experiments are fascinating, and the antics of Payphone and Mudd are endlessly entertaining. Their contraption is a little of both.
Make Me Superhuman
Superhuman capabilities like running faster than a speeding bullet or being more powerful than a locomotive could be available at the push of a button. NGC explores the latest in wearable mechanical getups, designed to duplicate human movement with enhanced strength and locomotion. See how these futuristic suits are being used for medical, military, industrial and recreational uses.
Make Me a Genius
Not Specified
Making History: Gangsters
Return to the roaring '20s and see for yourself how the Mafia's biggest crime boss got the name Scarface, when NGCs filmmaking trio re-creates some of historys most notorious mobsters - on a shoestring budget. Watch as a set of actors outfitted in vintage suits and flapper dresses accurately depict gangland styles from the era. Witness an assassination attempt on Al Capone, and take cover with the actors when they re-enact Bonnie and Clyde's legendary shoot-out.
Making History: Hitler
How can three guys have a good time recreating one of the most feared men in history? Go behind the scenes as three graphic designers accomplish high-tech movie techniques with modest home-made contraptions, and in doing so bring Adolf Hitler back from the grave.
Making History: Nostradamus
Nostradamus is credited with foreseeing some of the most fantastic and cataclysmic events in world history, including John F. Kennedy's assassination and the moon landings. Join NGC's imaginative trio of filmmakers as they bring to life his most controversial predictions - while working on a shoestring budget. Using dramatic costumes, creative backdrops and computer wizardry, watch as six extras transform into hundreds of victims of the Black Death and depict an apocalypse.
Making History: Stonehenge
Stonehenge was one of the ancient world's greatest architectural feats. Three filmmakers - working on a shoestring budget - demonstrate how ancient people could have created such an iconic and long-lasting structure ... without all the actual heavy lifting. Watch as they make nine extras look like hundreds of Stone Age men raising the enormous stones into place, and relive the treacherous journey taken to retrieve the 'magic' stones.
Mammoth Unearthed
Two American scientists are on a race to secure and research frozen mammoths emerging from the melting permafrost of Siberia. Finding only fossil evidence but not the frozen flesh they hope to study in the dangerous ice tunnels of Muus Kayah, the pair change course, traveling hundreds of miles to Kazach'ye where their persistence pays off and they are officially the first Western scientists to view a frozen mammoth previously uncovered and stored in an ice cave.
Man vs. Volcano
Journey into the mouth of Africa's most active volcano, Nyiragongo, and stand on the shore of the world's largest lava lake. Join an expedition with a National Geographic Magazine photographer and an international team of scientists as they reach the volcano's summit a near-vertical 11,385 feet and then rappel directly into its mouth 1,300 feet nearly the height of the Empire State Building.
Man vs. YouTube
This video was a You Tube sensation: A guy on a subway train grabs a fire extinguisher off a wall and uses it to fly back and forth while on the train. But how'd he do it? In Man vs. You Tube, engineer Tim Shaw and stuntman extraordinaire Johnny Riche join forces to determine the secrets behind some of the wildest clips to hit the Internet. Are they hoaxes or are they real?
Man-Eater of the Congo
It was an accident that rocked the kayaking world: A massive Nile crocodile attacked renowned kayaker Hendri Coetzee, while American kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic watched helplessly. Now, the two survivors return to the scene of the tragedy, hoping to track down and capture the deadly predator. Joining forces with a team of crocodile experts, including Australian croc wrangler Matt Wright, they battle high water and erratic weather as they search for signs of crocs.
Man-Made Disasters
Drilling for natural gas causes a mud volcano in Java. Urban sprawl bolsters microclimates in Atlanta that help strengthen an approaching tornado. Miners in Newcastle, Australia remove so much coal and water from the earth it causes the most severe earthquake in Australian history. Can these direct links be drawn between human activity and ‘natural disasters'? The jury is still out. Some geophysicists believe these are examples of man's capacity for drastically and suddenly awakening the planet's destructive force, others believe these conjectures are without merit. Does our quest for power and our impulse to build mega-structures come with an unexpected price tag?
Man-Made: Alaska's Extreme Machines
Alaskas Extreme Machines is a spine-jarring, jaw-dropping road trip aboard three the nations biggest and most powerful machines as their tough crews battle the extreme elements during an Alaska winter to accomplish their missions.
Man-Made: Bridges of NYC
Follow construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC's first suspension bridge; the George Washington Bridge, the world's busiest bridge; and the Verrazano Narrows, NYC's longest bridge.
Man-Made: Coffee: Beans to Buzz
From its African origins to 17th century coffeehouses in Vienna to the ubiquitous Starbucks today, a potent little bean has revolutionized society throughout the ages.
Man-Made: Cologne Cathedral
Everything has a purpose: every ornament, every stone, every column, every arch, every room. Everything has its place, its form and thus its own meaning, its own deep symbolism. Cologne Cathedral is a stone creed, a book that hardly anyone can read anymore.
Man-Made: Deep Sea Drillers
Five high-tech mega-vessels are building a massive natural gas network below the Gulf of Mexico. This $2-billion project could produce enough gas for five million U.S. households. See what it takes to tap Earth's most inaccessible energy reserves.
Man-Made: Hi-Tech Timber
A team of loggers with one of the most dangerous jobs in the world cuts down 300 trees a day, hoists them up into the sky, drops them into the lake, floats them down the river, loads them onto trucks and then drives them to an oceangoing barge.
Man-Made: Impossible Bridges: Golden Gate
See how designers and engineers overcame the near impossible to build this bridge -- one of the longest in the world -- in one of the most challenging environments on earth
Man-Made: Impossible Moves: Colossal Churches
In Manning, Iowa, building movers haul a Lutheran church with a 100-foot steeple to a new location. In Sarasota, Florida, movers dismantle the iconic Crocker Church for a move through crammed downtown streets.
Man-Made: Impossible Moves: Houses
Follow two teams on a mission to move historic homes. First, head to St Louis to visit Americas leading family of mansion movers as they relocate an entire farm complex of historic structures - including a 400-plus ton stone farmhouse - to make way for a shopping complex. Then, head to New Glasgow where one home owner went to extreme measures to shorten her daily commute. Follow the team hired to slice and dice her huge period home into 4 pieces and move it 20 miles closer to work.
Man-Made: Impossible Moves: Machines
Two teams of movers overcome near impossible logistics to move two massive machines. In England, NGC follows the exploits of heavy hauler who faces the unenviable task of moving $40 million worth of brand new subway cars 200 miles to Londons underground subway. In Canada, NGC charts the emotional journey of husband and wife wreck chasers as they attempt to lift a long lost aircraft off the bottom of a lake.
Man-Made: Impossible Moves: Towns
Two teams of movers face the ultimate challenge: move two entire towns of homes. Follow a team of engineers in Canada as they attempt to build and move 30 giant and luxurious floating mansions 150 miles through rough seas. Then, in Denver, follow a team of leading skyscraper designers as they create the worlds first full-size house factory and race against the clock to build, move and assemble a town of more than 200 homes.
Man-Made: Into the Deep
Deep down on the seafloor lies a largely unknown world waiting to be explored. To get there, deepwater explorers must overcome crushing pressures and deadly currents, the deeper they go, the more dangerous the challlenge. Be one of the first to see a high-tech diving suit that would allow humans to swim to record depths, hitch a ride on nuclear submarine and visit the worlds first underwater lab to see for yourself the wonders under the sea.
Man-Made: Man Made: Ice Hotel
No Description Available
Man-Made: Man Made: Super Pipeline
No Description Available
Man-Made: Panama Canal Unlocked
Built in 1914, the world's shipping shortcut, the Panama Canal, is having trouble keeping up with 21st century demand. A $5 billion expansion is about to change that.
Man-Made: Power Diggers of Iceland
In Iceland, a giant boring machine called Jaws is tunneling through miles of basalt, one of the world's hardest rocks. The tunnel is the linchpin of a massive hydro-electric plant that will use glacier melt water to make electricity.
Man-Made: Power Towers
Along the shores of the Persian Gulf sits a building with two 50-story glass towers shaped like sails, Bahrain World Trade Center. Explore the world's first skyscraper to incorporate wind energy on a large scale.
Man-Made: Queen Mary 2
In 1998, an American billionaire decides to construct the greatest ocean liner of all time. But to build the $800 million dream boat, engineers must practically reinvent shipbuilding.
Man-Made: Rocky Mountain Sky Tram
For over 40 years the Big Red Box at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, carried skiers, hikers, paragliders, and sightseers up to the 3200 meter (10,600 ft) summit of Rendezvous Mountain. But nothing lasts forever, so when cable inspector Norm Duke found evidence of stress fractures inside the aging steel track cables, there was no choice but to tear down and replace Jacksons iconic aerial tram. At a cost of $31 million, this 2-year mega-construction project is a top-to-bottom, state-of-the-art replacement. It will operate in 120-kph (75 mph) winds and 25-below zero Celsius (near zero Fahrenheit) temperatures, all with the quiet precision of a giant Swiss watch. Construction crews battled a record-breaking snowfall, zero visibility, high winds, and nearly impassable mud-slick mountain roads to build its five towers and two terminals, and string miles of heavy steel cable. Filmed over a 2-year period, from Swiss factories to the mountains and towns of western Wyoming, Super Ski Lift tells the compelling story of dedicated men who risk their lives in a battle to finish this state of the art megastructure before winter closes in.
Man-Made: Science of Death
NGC explores the multimillion-dollar-a-year industry of death. See how "green" trends are influencing the business. Visit the largest coffin factory in North America and learn how Magnesium doubles the life of a casket.
Man-Made: Shanghai SuperTower
With 101 floors, the Shanghai World Financial Center is China's tallest structure, engineered to withstand the toughest environmental challenges -- and even deadlier human threats.
Man-Made: Solar Quest
Solar energy is in the spotlight once again amid global warming concerns and fluctuating energy prices. But can solar prove itself on a large scale to compete with the other green energies? Mega Green Tech travels the globe to visit new massive solar power facilities and to explore cutting edge research and technology all of which must grapple with one of solars biggest hurdles: what to do when the sun isnt shining?
Man-Made: Super Roads
A crisis is brewing in the American interstate highway system: traffic is increasing while roads are falling apart faster than they can be fixed. Meet construction workers who battle extreme temperatures to fix crumbling roads and poor traffic design.
Man-Made: Super Sewer
Los Angeles has one of the largest, most sophisticated sewer systems in the world, but its pipes are old and the system is in constant danger of breaking down. Follow the path of human waste through the pipes and tunnels to the treatment plant.
Man-Made: The Brewery
Pilsner, stout, ale, light, dark, BEER! Grab a glass and head to some top breweries to see how one of the worlds oldest drinks is made. Dating back to Egyptian times, the core recipe for beer has remained consistent even as technology has made it possible for beer titans like Anheuser Busch to mass produce it. Get an insiders look at the St. Louis, Mo., factory and learn the seven essential steps of brewing. Then head to the Steam Whistle Brewery, where some maverick brewmasters are impl
Man-Made: The Can
Explore the history of this everyday item and find out how it has helped us fight wars, survive brutal weather and travel deep into space.
Man-Made: The Flashlight
Originally considered a novelty item, The Flashlight has quickly become one of the world's most trusted tools. Each American owns an average of 3 or 4 flashlights, but providing light is not their only function. Join the National Geographic Channel to trace the flashlight's history and take a look at its unexpected role in our lives. From a military flashlight that can blind an enemy to crime-fighting flashlights used to find hidden clues, innovators continue to expand the flashlight's use.
Man-Made: The South Pole Project
NGC gets exclusive access to engineers going up against staggering odds to build a 160,000-square-foot, high-tech science facility in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica.
Man-Made: Ultimate Skyscraper
In the city that never sleeps, one architects dream for a greener future has been realized. The One Bryant Park building in New York City is not only going to be the second tallest building in the city, but is set to be one of the most energy efficient skyscrapers in the world. Richard Cook and his team have taken on an exhilarating challenge to transform the modern approach to green technology. Both groups envisioned breaking new ground in the arena of environmentally conscious skyscrapers, a significant step forward in a city known for massive energy consumption. Join National Geographic as we examine the trials and triumphs of erecting a skyscraper whose blueprints just might map out a new design for our planets future.
Man-Made: Underground Power
Join NGC as we journey around the globe in search of what is perhaps the Earths most available green energy: geothermal power. Visit Iceland, where an abundance of geothermal energy is helping Icelanders achieve an incredible 70% green energy use overall. Explore the worlds largest geothermal power complex in northern California, and hear from scientists and visionaries racing to help geothermal technology.
Man-Made: World's Biggest Casino
Follow the construction of the world's biggest casino and its second biggest building. It's being sited in Macau, in Southern China, which is being groomed to be Asia's capital of gambling.
Manhattan Mob Rampage
In the 1980s, two members of New York's Lucchese crime family led a murderous campaign for power. Vittorio 'Little Vic' Amuso and Anthony 'Gaspipe' Casso - also known as Vic and Gas - broke the Mafia's code of honor with their brazen acts. They trafficked drugs, tried to 'whack' John Gotti and killed members of their own 'family.' Ultimately the entire Mafia turned against them. them. Manhattan Mob Rampage examines how Vic and Gus's killing spree changed the mob forever.
Marijuana Gold Rush
Not Specified
Mars: Making the New Earth
The notion of bringing Mars to life -- transforming a cold, dry, uninhabitable desert into a living planet -- called terraforming, has been around for almost a century. Initially just a science fiction concept, it has become a subject of serious scientific investigation. NASA astrobiologist Dr. Chris McKay has spent 30 years researching extreme environments to understand the potential of such planetary engineering.
Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday
Venturing into vast underwater graveyards of Mayan human sacrifices in Mexico, journalist Diego Buñuel searches for new revelations about the infamous upcoming doomsday. Using groundbreaking National Geographic technology, Diego and a team of archaeologists will literally light up the abyss to explore these underwater tombs and gain key insight into why some believe the Maya may have predicted an impending apocalypse.
Medieval Fight Book
Violent, secretive, spiritual and packed full of knowledge, an obscure and mysterious manuscript called the Fight Book realistically depicts the bloody side of Europe in the Middle Ages. Through historical re-creations, CGI and leading historians, we reveal the surprising detail that proves medieval society was far more refined and peculiar than we realize.
Getting two kids out of bed, dressed, fed and out the door can be a challenge for any family, so imagine what it's like living with 13 children or more — a lot more. You've heard of the Duggars, but in California, the Casons and their 16 children struggle to find a home with enough space.Then there's 67-year-old Ziona Chana in northeast India, who, with his polygamous family of more than 160 all living under one roof, gives the term megafamily a whole new meaning.
Megastructures: Mountain Highway
Discover the high-stakes exploits of engineers and construction crews as they race to move the world's largest tunnel boring machine from Germany to Italy, where they will use it to build a mountain superhighway. The Sparvo Tunnel is just one piece of the giant jigsaw that makes up the Variante di Valico — a brand-new mountain superhighway connecting Bologna to Florence. Nat Geo follows chief engineer Alberto Selleri as he battles to get Italy's most complicated road build underway.
Megastructures: World’s Highest Suspension Bridge
In the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in Mexico, the highest bracing bridge in the world is being built. Its engineers work through constant meteorological dangers over a gully more than 1,300 feet deep. Once concluded, the Baluarte Bridge will unite the highways of Mexico's Pacific coast with those of the Atlantic, becoming a Panama Canal of the land. Learn more about this massive structure as Nat Geo goes inside the construction of the Baluarte Bridge.
Megastructures: Gardens by the Bay
Singapore's ‘Gardens By The Bay' is a mega structure unlike anything else on earth. Three massive gardens - the size of 177 soccer fields - will house thousands of plants from all over the planet. Two giant conservatories are to be constructed to protect millions of dollars worth of trees, flowers and plants, and man-made vertical gardens called Supertrees will stretch over 150 feet high. This is perhaps the country's most ambitious greening project to date.
Across America a new breed of urban treasure hunter is making his mark.  These profiteers search for precious metals in unlikely places hoping to turn junk into gold. Today the struggling economy has turned the melting of precious metals into a billion dollar industry.  The search takes them from back alleys to the world of high technology. It’s a high stakes game where one false move could spell disaster. But these melters risk everything to seek their fortune.
Mennonite Made
Mennonite builder Norman and his crew need to get a custom log home built for a client in Colorado before the winter weather stops them cold. As they race against Mother Nature, the build site in Colorado is hit with a flood of biblical proportions, sweeping away homes and lives. The sturdy Mennonite crew takes a journey of faith and craftsmanship to bring another client's vision to life — a Mennonite-made log home.
Miami Drug Cartel
In the 1980s, Miami was a playground for the rich and famous. But behind the fun in the sun, an underground cocaine war was escalating. South American drug cartels would forever change the face of sunny Miami.
Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist
In 2000, one “Co-op” showed an inordinate interest in the cache of moon rocks kept at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, repeatedly visiting the lab to examine them. Then the moon rocks mysteriously disappeared. Moon Rock Heist follows the trail of international intrigue surrounding the recovery of the rocks and reveals how law enforcement finally tracked down the thieves.
Minutes to Meltdown: Three Mile Island
Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear plant seems peaceful now, but 22 years ago, it brought America close to catastrophe. Tens of thousands of people fled their homes -- and the health and safety of hundreds of thousands hung in the balance.
Miracle Landing on the Hudson
Miracle Landing on the Hudson is a two-hour movie event told in depth with startling new details from the passengers and crew members aboard Flight 1549. Using intimate and emotive interviews as well as large-scale dramatic reconstructions, the film reveals that the crash itself was merely the beginning of the passengers' fight for survival. The entire film is narration-free, instead told through the tense and horrifying recollections of the passengers on board that fateful flight.
Missiles: Machines of War
The cruise missile is an essential - perhaps the quintessential - attack weapon today. It can fly under enemy radar at more than 500 mph and hit a target 1,000 miles away with an accuracy of a few yards. Just how did the cruise missile become the ultimate surgical attack weapon? In Missiles: Machines of War, NGC tracks the flight of a Tomahawk cruise missile during every key stage of its journey and reveals what challenges each stage has overcome to make this missile the awesome weapon it is today.
Mississippi River Quest: Headwaters to Minneapolis
Adventurers Marcus, Stephen and Bill set out to boat the entire length of the Mississippi River in September. Things take a turn for the worse when the rough river bottom damages the jet, leaving the guys stranded in the middle of nowhere without cell service and with a Minnesota winter storm on the horizon.
Mississippi River Quest: Memphis to the Gulf
After a giant log punches a hole in the boat, forcing Marcus, Stephen and Bill out of the water to make crucial boat repairs, their journey seems to go more smoothly. But, as the finish line nears, they are faced with perhaps their biggest challenge yet -- a hurricane is barreling down on the Gulf of Mexico, where the Mississippi ends. After traveling so far, will the team be able to complete the 2, 300 mile journey?
Mississippi River Quest: Minneapolis to Memphis
Marcus, Stephen and Bill have traveled 500 miles on their journey down the Mississippi and rainstorms are pushing the river above flood stage, making the trip even more dangerous. But unpredictable waters aren't their biggest concern; it's the four- to six-foot high waves that the barges create -- if they don't stay on their toes, they could be swallowed by a wave and capsize!
Money Factory
Money. Everyone wants it, dreams of it and schemes for it. Find out how U.S. currency is made, faked and protected, and meet the mastermind behind one of the biggest counterfeit jobs in U.S. history.
Monster Fish of Australia
Join fish biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Zeb Hogan in his scientific quest to preserve the world's biggest freshwater fish. As part of his Megafishes Project, Zeb heads to the Australian outback on an expedition to find the elusive sawfish, which looks like a cross between a shark, a stingray and a chainsaw and can grow to 22 feet long.
Monster Fish of Mongolia
In this episode, Zeb Hogan continues his quest to find and protect the world's largest freshwater fish in the frigid rivers of Mongolia. He travels by plane, truck and horseback to find the largest salmonid, known as the Hucho taimen. This is not your everyday dinner trout. These monster fish can grow up to 6 feet in length, weigh up to 200 pounds and eat just about anything that crosses their path — including muskrats, squirrels, smaller fish and sometimes even another taimen.
Monster Fish of Thailand
Fish biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan is on a mission to find the giant freshwater stingray.
Monster Fish of the Amazon
In his quest to save the world's big fish, conservation biologist Zeb Hogan traverses the globe studying fish as large as 440 pounds! Join Zeb on an expedition to the Amazon, to wrangle two unique monster fish. Along the way, see their mysterious world, awesome physical features, strange behavior and the astounding cycle that transforms tiny eggs into mammoth creatures. Zeb uncovers the roles they play in the Amazon ecology and culture, while trying to learn why their numbers are diminishing.
Monster Fish: 600 lb Goldfish
Zeb Hogan is on the hunt for a goldfish the size of a cow! Giant carp can grow up to weigh 600 pounds and measure 10 feet long, but the trouble with finding these monster fish is ' they only live in three of Southeast Asia's rivers. To find out more about this elusive fish, Zeb heads to Thailand, where he helps the Thai Department of Fisheries' transport 30 giant carp into a new breeding pond on the Chao Phraya River.
Monster Fish: Alligator Gar
Hogan goes in search of one of North America's toothiest and most misunderstood monster fish: the alligator gar. We'll join a band of scientists in some unlikely places to see what characteristics equipped this prehistoric fish to survive over the centuries: a mouthful of teeth, toxic eggs, impenetrable scales and the ability to breathe air. Today, alligator gars are facing a new threat -- and Hogan is determined to find out if this fish will be able to survive in a modern world.
Monster Fish: Amazon Shocker
Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to the Brazilian Amazon to determine whether the shock of an electric eel is proportionate to the fish's size. They're capable of delivering a shock five times more powerful than a standard U.S. socket, making this mission particularly dangerous. Armed with local guides, high-tech electricity detectors and, of course, rubber protective pants and gloves. Zeb carefully navigates the Amazon's black waterways where electric eels and the dreaded piranha and anaconda all reside.
Monster Fish: American Behemoth
One of the oldest and most bizarre-looking freshwater fish on the planet can be found in the American Midwest. That's where Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to find the paddlefish. It once teemed throughout the Mississippi and Missouri River systems, but its population has plummeted ' disappearing from four states and rapidly decreasing in others. Zeb teams up with biologists and conservation officers to better understand what's causing the decline of this American behemoth.
Monster Fish: Australian River King
The Murray cod can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh more than 250 pounds, and is rumored to eat everything from birds to snakes to possums ' even its own kind. But humans have been encroaching on the cod's river system, and now these enormous fish are rarely seen in the wild. Zeb travels to Australia in the hopes of experiencing this behemoth's size and power for himself.
Monster Fish: Flying Carp
Flying fish from Asia are invading America's waterways and turning innocent boating trips into boxing matches as fish "knock out" anglers. National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan heads to the Illinois River, one of the areas where their population is thickest, to see what can be done to stop them ... and the answer could be as simple as your dinner plate.
Monster Fish: Frankenfish
Dubbed Frankenfish, the snakehead is a prized fish in Thailand that looks more like a snake than a fish. Snakeheads are ferocious predators, rumored to be able to walk on land, breathe air and attack humans. They've spread to the waters of the U.S., and fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan is on a mission to catch a monster snakehead. He starts off in Florida, which has come under attack by the invasive bullseye snakehead, one of the biggest of the species. Then, he travels to Thailand.
Monster Fish: Giant Catfish
Lured by stories of catfish the size of Volkswagens, Zeb Hogan is on a mission to find out if the legendary giant catfish of the South really exist. Finding huge fish is all about taking advantage of local knowledge, so he teams up with Rusty, a lifelong catfisherman with a thick Mississippi drawl and unique southern charm. Using a massive 7-foot-tall, 40-foot-long net, they'll troll the waters for a record-breaking fish.
Monster Fish: Giant Eels
The giant eel is a massive, flesh-eating, wall-climbing, air-absorbing, snakelike fish that can attack like a crocodile and live upwards of 100 years. So, of course, Zeb goes in search of two of the largest species. First, in New Zealand, Zeb hunts for the New Zealand longfin eel and goes fishing with the locals, who use a traditional technique to lure the legendary monster. Then, in the Solomon Islands, he'll look for the elusive giant mottled eel.
Monster Fish: Giants of Thailand
Join Hogan on his quest to find and study the world's largest freshwater fish in Thailand waters. He'll travel the country in search of 600-pound Siamese carp, 10-foot-long Mekong giant catfish and the endangered giant freshwater stingray, among others. Then, he'll visit protected areas where the government has establish no-harvest zones, and meet a teenage entrepreneur who has become a top dealer of freshwater giants.
Monster Fish: Green Goliath
The Pacific Northwest is known for things that are BIG ' giant redwoods, sweeping coastlines and massive runs of salmon. But Zeb Hogan is looking for a goliath that's so elusive, he'll scour every nook and cranny of the rivers here to find it. He's after the green sturgeon ' a monster fish that can grow up to 7 feet long, live up to 70 years, and has been on Earth since the days of the dinosaurs.
Monster Fish: India's River Devil
A mammoth catfish that has allegedly stalked, attacked and killed people can be found in the Indian Himalayas. Dr. Zeb Hogan investigates reports of the goonch. With the help of a local guide, Zeb sets out to examine the scenes and speak with eyewitnesses who recount the attacks: One recalls a young man who was fatally pulled under water while bathing; another describes a goonch dragging a 1,000-pound buffalo into the river.
Monster Fish: Jumping Giants of Laos
Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to one of the world's largest waterfalls in Laos, where each year millions of fish climb the falls to spawn. But little is known about their exact migratory route, and plans to dam the channel could place the lives of the fish, and the millions of people who depend on them for their livelihoods, at risk. Zeb and a team of world-class kayakers navigate the waterways with specially equipped kayaks, designed to take measurements of the rivers below them.
Monster Fish: Jungle Catfish
Hogan teams up with experts to explore a forbidding 400-mile-long river: the Rio Roosevelt. They'll have to navigate Class V rapids, avoid potentially violent tribesmen and survive in one of the most unforgiving places on the planet. The team hopes to find giant piranhas, painted catfish and perhaps even a new species of fish unknown to science.
Monster Fish: Jungle Jaws
It's a voracious predatory catfish that prowls the rivers of Southeast Asia. Growing up to 6 feet long and weighing more than 175 pounds, the wallago catfish is a pure carnivore, equipped with formidable jaws and a double band of saw-like teeth that are designed to attack. Seeking help from local fishermen, Zeb Hogan travels to the jungles of Malaysia, where wallago are rumored to swallow monkeys, porcupines and even monitor lizards.
Monster Fish: Monster Fish of America
Dr. Zeb Hogan goes in search of North America's prehistoric river monsters: the white sturgeon. Many of the fish Zeb encounters on his trip are not only bigger than he is, but have lived the better part of a century. To find them, he'll travel to the Pacific Northwest and team up with scientists, divers, fishermen and a Native American tribe who are all trying to figure out why the white sturgeon is disappearing and whether dams may be putting these monster fish in danger.
Monster Fish: Monsters of the Nile
NGC follows aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan in his search for the Nile perch - Africa's voracious monster fish that can reach six feet and grow to over 400 pounds. Zeb comes face to face with this giant aquatic predator as it competes with 15-foot crocs and giant catfish. Later, he investigates the stories he's heard that this fish - and the people who depend on it - could be in trouble.
Monster Fish: Predators of the Outback
Each year in the Australian outback, the dry season leaves five top predators- giant stingrays, sawfish, bull sharks, and freshwater and saltwater crocodiles- stranded in waterholes with limited food supplies. Zeb sets out to find out how each of the giants has adapted to the environment and which one is the ultimate king of the pool. With the help of local experts, Zeb gets up close with a bull shark's sharp teeth, wades through knee-deep water in the dark of night searching for a stingray.
Monster Fish: River Jaws
Fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan tracks down two of Australia's most dangerous river shark species. First, he tackles the mighty bull shark ' a deadly predator capable of reaching lengths equivalent to a small car, then, the elusive speartooth. Little is known about the speartooth, many people are unaware of its existence. Joined by a curator from the Territory Wildlife Park, the team hopes to find a speartooth that could help researchers protect this extremely rare species.
Monster Fish: River Shark!
Are bull sharks stalking America's suburban waters? Nicknamed the 'linebackers of the sea' for their wide, stalky bodies, bull sharks are rumored to be moving inland, even surviving in freshwater 2,000 miles upriver. To separate fact from fiction, Zeb Hogan is teaming up with some of Florida's leading shark experts on a quest to catch a 'river shark' and to determine the truth behind their deadly reputation.
Monster Fish: River Wolf
The wolf fish can reach 3 feet in length, weigh as much as 88 pounds and is said to be a brutal hunter ' of animals and reportedly even humans. Little is known about this aggressive giant, so Dr. Zeb Hogan heads into the heart of Guyana to hunt for the biggest wolf fish he can find, to see if they deserve their fearsome reputation. To reel in the elusive predator, he'll have to navigate harsh terrain and carefully avoid heart-pounding encounters with anacondas, piranhas and vampire fish.
Monster Fish: Russian Giants
Kamchatka, Russia, is one of the wildest and most remote locations on earth and is home to the largest salmon population on the planet ' but why? Zeb travels to the Far East to explore this salmon paradise. Determined to catch as many salmon species as he can, Zeb joins a team of kayakers and locals to explore some of the area's more than 14,000 rivers.
Monster Fish: Salmonzilla
Armies of salmon surge through Alaska's icy waters during mating season, but only one 'catches' the eye of Zeb Hogan ' the elusive king salmon. Local legends tell stories of king salmon so wide you could walk across their backs. But to find out if stories like this one are true, and if a 'Salmonzilla' is really out there, Zeb will have to brave rugged wilderness, hungry bears and a local watering hole where the signature cocktail is salmon-flavored vodka!
Monster Fish: Silver Devil
In the depths of the Nicaraguan rainforest, Dr. Zeb Hogan is on a journey to find a powerful predator ' the giant tarpon. These 300-pound beasts lurk the murky lakes and secluded jungle rivers of Central America. In the rivers of Nicaragua, tarpon are a top predator. It can take up to eight hours for expert fishermen to reel one in, Zeb will face one of his most difficult battles in the hunt for the one of the biggest monsters of them all.
Monster Fish: World's Biggest Stingray
Rivers aren't exactly where you'd expect to find giant 1,000-pound monsters, but that is exactly where Dr. Zeb Hogan plans to research giant freshwater rays. His journey starts in the Northern Territory of Australia, where Zeb searches for whiprays, a rare species that was properly identified only in the past few years! After catching mostly bull sharks, Zeb turns his attention to Thailand's giant freshwater stingray. On the Mae Klong River, he battles a 385-pound behemoth for hours.
Monster Moves: Egyptian Temples
As rising waters threatened to destroy some of Egypt's finest temples, an international team of experts raced against time to move more than 20 temples. Literally moving a mountain, two thousand workers sliced Pharaoh Ramses II's 250,000-ton mountainside edifice into manageable pieces. With 3,000 years of history hanging in the balance, each piece was lifted, delicately transported to higher ground and precisely reassembled to its former glory.
Monster Survival Guide
Monster Survival Guide is a mockumentary docu-series following the adventures of fictionalized cryptozoologist Campbell Macabre and his ragtag crew. Piecing together video footage, eyewitness reports and his own experience as a second-generation monster hunter, this flawed hero and his crew track, capture and study monsters — arming viewers with the skills they'll need to survive an encounter with any of the world's most frightening creatures.
Moose: Titans of the North
In the northern wilderness, the moose reigns as king. Symbols of strength and endurance, these beasts are constantly fighting for survival against man, nature and the extreme temperatures of the chilling Alaskan winter. Follow along their tracks as the NGC offers an inside look at their battle against starvation and deadly encounters. Though many will fall and die along the way, witness the triumph of the victorious in Moose: Titans of the North.
Mountain Movers
Mountain Movers follows Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and the Snow Park Technologies (SPT) team as they design and build some of the most impressive winter sports projects across the nation. Whether creating a remote private training facility for a high profile athlete, building the perfect half-pipe for the ESPN Winter X Games, or constructing a terrain park at a major winter resort, these larger-than-life snow-sculptors battle the elements to amp up the thrill of snow sports everywhere.
No Rod. No Reel. No Problem. Deep in the heart of America, an age-old tradition has given way to a fierce competition of brains, brawn, and guts: Oklahoma’s Okie Hand Fishing Invitational. For 10 weeks, five grabbling teams hunt for colossal flathead catfish using only their bare hands. With bragging rights, a $2,000 weekly prize, and a $10,000 grand prize on the line, it's an all-out battle to bring home the bacon—or in this case, fish.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Biting Back
NGC returns to the teams of roughneck grabblers as they compete in a 10-week-long hand-fishin' competition in Oklahoma. At one of the most dangerous fishing holes in the region, the tough-as-nails Katt Daddy is literally hooked by a trotline, and his partner has to yank the metal snare out of his back.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Blood and Guts
We return to Oklahoma with five of the best hand fishing teams on the hunt for colossal Flathead catfish. It's the first round of the 10-week-long Okie Hand Fishing Invitational, and grabbler “Katt Daddy” Brewer thinks he's got a hold on a local legend. Each week, the hunter to bag the heaviest fish wins $2,000. At the end of ten weeks, a grand prize of $10,000 goes to the team with the heftiest fish of the entire season.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Deep Dark Night
We return to the 10-week competition where grabbling teams have the next 30 hours to nab the heaviest flathead catfish, keep it alive and get it onto the scale at Oklahoma's Okie Hand Fishing Invitational. After failing to win the first three tournaments, Lee “the Legend” McFarlin whips out his secret recipe. After Scooter's secret fishing hole is compromised, he risks fishing in the dead of night to wrestle up what may be the biggest fish he's ever caught.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Heat Stroke
As the weather heats up, big fish are getting harder to find and keep alive. We revisit the Young Guns as they continue the fight to win the catfish competition. To keep his lead, Marion will brave the dangerous waters of Dead Man's Cove and pays his respects to a friend who lost his life there. Scooter's boat trailer is out of commission this week, and without his boat, deep-water fishing isn't possible - find out more as he struggles to keep up in this down and dirty competition.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Narrow Escape
Get the dirty details on week six of the grapplin' competition as the guys try to break Scooter's winning streak. Teddy is determined to make his mark on the hand-fishin' world but when he comes up with only dead fish, he realizes there's a cannibal on the loose and the Young Guns jump into action to track it down! But that means more danger than usual. With tricks up their sleeve, will the Mudcats end Scooter's winning streak?
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Now or Never
In the final week of competition, the five grabbling teams must dive into the murky waters to catch the biggest and meanest catfish that Oklahoma has ever seen, using only their bare hands. Go inside the stiff competition as Nat Geo gets down and dirty with the mudcats. When there's $10,000 at stake, expect every team member to pull out all the stops as underwater cameras capture the epic battle of a man against a fish.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Rough Riders
Check back in with the grabblers and find out more about their encounters with big fish, rattlesnakes, and quicksand. With Marion's truck broken down, he must fish as close to the turn-in site as possible, severely limiting his possible catches. Kat Daddy has been banged around and torn up this season, but fights through the pain to push for the big win in this down and dirty episode!
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Ten Feet Under
We return to the competition in week two with the five grabbling teams searching for this week's $2,000 heaviest fish. Teamwork, partnerships, and trust become the only way for the grabblers to survive. Veteran noodler Scooter Bivens dives into murky lake waters with his new partner Nate, a rookie with a lot to learn. Deeper lakes are much more dangerous. An all-too-real lesson Nate learns the hard way this week, after nearly drowning while diving a hole 15 feet under water.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: The Hunted
Re-enter the 10-week-long battle for cash and honor as fishing legends face off in the ultimate hand-fishing competition. Rivals will stop at nothing to win. Katt Daddy isn't a guy to back down from a fight, but having a gun pulled on him sends him running. However, he goes back to the hole during the night to a fish. This week, Scooter Bivins hits up a territory that has been passed down for generations. Lee “the legend” McFarland has a setback when his partner must go home for a sick kid.
Mudcats: Down and Dirty: Treachery and Deceit
Sabotage is still the name of the game as we go inside week seven of the 10-week fishing competition. With Scooter's loss, he heads out early to a familiar spot to see if it'll pay off. But when Teddy shows up to the same spot, both men agree to a bet to settle the conflict. With even more on the line than the normal $2,000 prize, both Scooter and Teddy are forced to take risks and eager to come up the winner. We revisit the guys to find out more dirt and grime on the competition!
Mysteries of the Bible: Birth of Jesus
Next to the Crucifixion, the birth of Jesus is the best known story in the New Testament. But only two of the four gospels in the Bible provide an account of Jesus's birth and a closer look at them reveals some surprising inconsistencies.
Mysteries of the Bible: Jesus' Arrest
Who ultimately was responsible for the arrest and death of Jesus? What crimes was he accused of? Why would Judas have betrayed him? Examine the political climate of the day and the crucial elements behind his arrest.
Mysteries of the Bible: The First Christians
How the first followers of Jesus spread their new faith across a geographically vast, culturally diverse region is one of the great mysteries of the ancient world. Find out how the faithful triumphed over the mighty Roman Empire.
Mysteries of the Bible: The Last Supper
No Description Available
Mystery Bear of the Arctic
In April 2006, an American sports hunter shot and killed a mysterious bear in the arctic which unleashes a scientific investigation and a criminal inquiry into the exact nature of its identity.
Mystery Skulls of Palau
National Geographic scientist Lee Berger and a team of top scientists attempt to unearth the life and death of a vanished tribe in Palau, and put their very existence into perspective.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is the largest bilateral military command center in the world. From deep inside a 9,000-foot mountain in Colorado, this centers mission is to monitor all enemy air threats on the United States and Canada. Join MegaStructures as we go inside NORAD to find out how engineers constructed this top secret fortress, including how it was built to withstand potential nuclear explosions.
Naked Earth: Air Emergency: Deadly Components
Revisit some of the most spectacular air disasters from the past 50 years to see the deadly consequences of faulty maintenance.
Naked Earth: Blind Landing
On August 6, 1997, Korean Air Flight 801 crashes five kilometres short of its destination, Agana International Airport in Guam. More than 200 people on board are killed. The crash is the beginning of a crusade for one passenger determined to make air travel safer.
Naked Earth: Bomb Onboard
A bomb explodes aboard a Philippine passenger plane carrying almost 300 passengers. Was the bombing a practice for a larger terrorist plot? NGC takes you inside the attack that sparked a worldwide manhunt for a globe-trotting terrorist.
Naked Earth: Crash in Croatia
April, 1996. In a specially outfitted 737 military jet, American government officials - including U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown - and high-powered U.S. business executives crash two miles from its intended destination in Croatia during a trade mission. Was the accident an act of terrorism against the U.S. or were other factors to blame? Now, NGC shows viewers combination of fatal factor that cause this accident and how the subsequent investigation changes the way the U.S. military operates.
Naked Earth: Grand Canyon
It's one of the world's most famous natural wonders, yet little is known about its formation. Unearth its secrets, and relive the first expedition to its floor.
Naked Earth: Helicopter Down
To tap the precious oil reserves in the North Sea, workers must travel hundreds of miles by helicopter over treacherous waters to reach their remote drilling platforms. January 19, '95. A helicopter is struck by lightning. The controls fail, and the passengers are forced to jump into the icy water. 18 people squeeze onto an evacuation raft in the stormy sea. Then a jagged piece of the destroyed chopper punctures the raft, causing further crisis as rescue ships desperately search for the raft.
Naked Earth: Naked Science: Dino Meteor
Did a giant meteor cause the end of dinosaurs -- or trigger their beginning? Scientists working to understand the origin of the dinosaurs make a startling discovery.
Naked Earth: Naked Science: Polar Apocalypse
Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, more and stronger hurricanes indicate Earth is getting hotter. Are we to blame? Discover the real science behind climate change.
Naked Earth: Naked Science: Prehistoric Americans
Using high-tech forensic science, see why some scientists believe that early pioneers, with a sophisticated understanding of engineering, arrived thousands of years earlier than we previously believed.
Naked Earth: Naked Science: Ring of Fire
Startling new evidence suggests the chain of volcanoes and earthquake zones surrounding the Pacific Ocean may be getting more dangerous. Follow the scientists racing to understand the danger and what we can do to protect ourselves.
Naked Earth: Our Atmosphere
Naked Science Atmosphere reveals the scientific marvel that is Earths unique and complex atmosphere. We investigate how this thin but vital blanket of air, the equivalent thickness of a lick of varnish on a model globe, came about. How a chance interplanetary collision and a remarkable plant mutation created the only planet in the solar system with an atmosphere rich in oxygen- the potent gas that powers our planet. We uncover how our atmosphere carries rivers of life-giving water, and acts like an invisible wall against deadly space matter. And we meet the only man to have ever braved its hostile upper reaches--by balloon and parachute--and survived.
Naked Earth: Snow Ball Earth
Imagine our planet frozen solid; vast sheets of ice hundreds of feet thick encasing the entire sphere. It may sound like a sci-fi thriller, but it actually could have been what our planet looked like 600 million years ago. Some top scientists believe that in the past the Earth froze completely for millions of years and then warmed rapidly. Struggling against skepticism and disbelief for years, they have recently gathered a growing body of evidence to support their theory. Now, Naked Science
Naked Earth: Suicide Attack
Facing unemployment, a distraught employee risks killing himself and everyone else on FedEx flight 705. He attacks the crew with hammers and a spear gun, but they fight back with the ultimate weapon: the plane itself.
Naked Earth: The Deep
If we drain the sea water that covers two-thirds of the Earth's surface, an astonishing landscape appears. Join the journey from the ocean's surface to its farthest depth to discover what lies at the bottom of the sea.
Naked Earth: The Volcano Effect
June 24, 1982 - On a clear summer night, during a seemingly calm trip to Australia, the impossible happens to British Airways Flight 009- the engines catch fire - then stop working. Without power, the plane begins falling from the sky. Passengers are terrified. Just minutes before crashing into the sea, the stricken plane's engines roar back to life. The jet limps back to Halim airport in Jakarta. What had knocked their plane from the sky? Investigators discover how volcanoes can affect aviation.
Naked Science: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tsunamis
Dr. Iain Stewart takes us on a journey across the oceans to explore the most powerful giant waves in history, with 10 remarkable stories about tsunamis. These massive waves can be taller than a skyscraper, travel at the speed of a jet plane and when they reach land, rear up and turn into a terrifying wall of water that destroys everything in its path.
Naked Science: 21st Century Stealth Sub
Take an unprecedented journey with the US Navy's latest weapon in the global fight against terrorism: the SSGN or 'guided missile submarine.' Join Captain Randy Crites and the crew of the USS Florida as they engage in a clandestine Joint Operations mission with Special Operations Forces: sneaking Navy SEALs on to shore to identify a terrorist target, and taking it out with guided missiles - fired from the submarine itself.
Naked Science: Alien Contact
Many scientists believe we are on the verge of contacting alien life-forms. Join the search for extraterrestrials and hear from those convinced that life exists beyond our planet.
Naked Science: Alien Safari
Stargazers have been searching for extraterrestrial life for years, but now technology may be advanced enough to find it.. Travel to the most likely places in our solar system where alien life may be hiding.
Naked Science: Anatomy of a Hurricane
Go inside the National Hurricane Center in Miami, fly into the heart of a killer hurricane on board the Hurricane Hunter's aircraft and see the world's largest portable hurricane simulator -- a machine capable of recreating the gusts and rain of a Category 3 -- as NGC explores the Anatomy of a Hurricane.
Naked Science: Ancient Asteroid
Does a bead from one of King Tut's fabulous necklaces offer clues to an ancient killer asteroid? A quest to uncover the origins of this strange yellow-green glass bead has led scientists to the discovery of a historic cosmic event in the Egyptian desert. What happened there 30 million years ago could happen again and threatens us all. NGC investigates the riddle of this glass bead and the possibility of a future event that could be more damaging than multiple Hiroshima bombs.
Naked Science: Angry Earth
Survivors recount what it's like to live through the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded -- including rescuing a man trapped under a collapsed building.
Naked Science: Angry Skies
Meet the people who risk their lives to document tornadoes and hurricanes and see the latest weapons in the battle against these killer storms.
Naked Science: Asteroid Alert
With hundreds of small asteroids circulating near the earths orbit, scientists warn that we are due for an asteroid impact at some point in the future. Depending on its size, a small asteroid could wipe out an entire city, country or even a continent, and with Earths growing population, billions of lives are at stake. What are we doing to protect ourselves and our planet? National Geographic Channel (NGC) looks toward the skies to find out in Naked Science: Asteroid Alert.
Naked Science: Atlantis
Did Atlantis really exist? For thousands of years the legend of the lost city remained an obscure, yet tantalizing fable -- until an American named Ignatius Donnelly drew worldwide attention to the mystery.
Naked Science: Bermuda Triangle
Boats, airplanes, and ships have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, but why? Is it a time warp, a "vile vortex," a mysterious electromagnetic force, or simply the weather? Follow the clues left by the most notorious disappearances and find out.
Naked Science: Big Freeze
Recent evidence suggests we might be heading toward an abrupt climate change on Earth, one powerful enough to cause mass extinctions. What would cause temperatures to plummet?
Naked Science: Birth of America
North America: home to some of the planet's most diverse geological features and a dramatic history few of us are aware of. Did you know that some of the world's oldest rocks can be found in North America? How long ago was this continent born? How was it transformed into the land it is today? Naked Science takes viewers on a journey to the core of the continent and back, unraveling the secrets behind the Birth of America.
Naked Science: Birth of Life
How did life on Earth begin? It's a question that has challenged scientists for eons, driving them to search for clues at the far edges of the world and beyond. Did we derive from the depths of the oceans? Emerge from volcanoes? Or spawn from seedlings from space? Now, Naked Science: Birth of Life reveals some of the leading theories on the origins of life.
Naked Science: Birth of the Earth
An imaginary "human" time traveler takes us on a journey back to the moment our solar system was born 4.5 billion years ago and examines the natural forces that created Earth and the conditions necessary for life to evolve.
Naked Science: Birth of the Oceans
Now Naked Science examines different theories on the origins of Earth's water, fueling the debate over water on other planets and the likelihood of alien life.
Naked Science: Birth of the Solar System
Where did our solar system come from? The advent of space flight and space-based telescopes gave us unexpected clues to how our solar system began.
Naked Science: Birth of the Universe
Our universe, the galaxies, solar system, planet Earth -- land, sea, air, life -- where did they come from? Astronomer Edwin Hubble believes our universe once was very tiny. Take a journey through space and time to discover how the universe was born.
Naked Science: Bullets
You can run, but you can't hide. It sounds like fiction, but research is getting close to making bullets that can lock onto targets and never miss.
Naked Science: Close Encounters
Has planet Earth ever had a close encounter with aliens? NGC explores significant UFO sightings, interstellar travel, whether ETs could survive on Earth, interspecies communication, alien abduction cases, and whether life on Earth originated in space.
Naked Science: Colliding Continents
What will Earth look like in 250 million years? Explore the powerful forces deep below the Earth's surface that rip apart vast land masses and smash them together, creating everything from tsunamis and earthquakes to mountains and canyons.
Naked Science: Comet Mysteries
Throughout history, comets have inspired fear and awe. Today, these icy giants offer a unique view into how the planets formed and how life as we know it began. In Naked Science: Comets, NGC takes a close look at the experiments scientists are doing to gain insight into how the universe evolved and whether these icy giants also are capable of wiping out life as we know it.
Naked Science: Comets
Scientists are racing to unlock the secrets of these icy giants because they may tell us how the universe evolved, how the planets formed and how life began on Earth.
Naked Science: Dangers of the Deep
We know less about the deep floor of the ocean than the surface of the moon, yet many think it has the potential to power our planet and cure disease. Take a journey to one of our planet's final frontiers - the deep ocean trenches - to investigate the effects of intense pressure on life forms that exist under extreme conditions. Discover how life on earth may have even begun in mysterious "black smokers" on the ocean floor, and explore how what happens at these depths impacts our planet.
Naked Science: Deadliest Planets
Humans may someday develop the technology to colonize other planets. Is it possible to make other planetary environments more like our own? Travel our solar system to see what it would take to live on a neighboring planet.
Naked Science: Death of the Earth
A report by a team of leading astronomers in May 2008 seems to have finally put to rest an age old question... What is the ultimate fate of planet Earth? Traditionally, the prevailing view has been that billions of years in the future the aging Sun would loosen its gravitational grip on the planet and allow it to escape a fiery demise. The sobering reality is quite different and the clock is now ticking for our beloved home planet. Along with a team of leading scientists carrying out pioneering research in fields of biology, climatology, geology and astronomy, Naked Science goes on a quest to investigate what the future holds for planet Earth... and throws up some shocking surprises. Great supercontinents will form and fragment with lethal consequences, the oceans will turn red before floating away into space, plants and animals will be wiped from Earth before finally, all life will be extinguished forever. Using cutting edge scientific models that can make predictions not just thousands but million and even billions of years into the future, we can now more than ever see how the forces of nature will conspire to bring about the Death of the Earth.
Naked Science: Death of the Sun
The life-giving sun is the most powerful force in our solar system. But the sun is aging and eventually will die. Can Earth survive without it?
Naked Science: Deep Space Probes
NGC follows probe missions to planet Mars and Saturn's moon, Titan, in hope of answering a most fundamental question: Is there life elsewhere in our solar system?
Naked Science: Destructive Forces
Watch the Colorado River carve the Grand Canyon, Sahara sand dunes swallow whole cities, sheets of snow melt, crack and plunge from giant glaciers on a geological journey to see how these destructive forces constantly endlessly reshape our planet.
Naked Science: Dirty Bomb Attack
It's a worst-nightmare scenario: A dirty bomb explodes on a crowded city street. What happens to the bystanders as a radioactive cloud fills the air, and how does a city cope with such a disaster? With the help of Homeland Security and the National Guard, we'll break down what happens in the minutes, hours, days and even years following a dirty bomb explosion. NGC's simulation of a nuclear assault in Portland, Maine, offers a round-the-clock glimpse into the terrifying situation as authoriti
Naked Science: Earth's Core
Scientists have uncovered evidence that the protective magnetic shield around the Earth could be fading. Are our planet's magnetic poles on the verge of flipping?
Naked Science: Earth's Evil Twin
Venus and Earth: roughly the same size, and once about the same distance from the sun and whose evolutions have followed similar paths. But today, Venus is described as a vision of hell. Could it be an indication of what's in store for Earth?
Naked Science: Earth's Invisible Shield
Under constant attack from deadly cosmic radiation, the Earth's magnetic field is the protector of all life on our planet. But it's weakening in a region over the South Atlantic, leaving the area exposed to potentially lethal radiation. Scientists believe weakening may be a precursor to a magnetic field reversal, causing the north and south poles flip, but humans were not around for the last reversal. Naked Science investigates the future of the magnetic field and what a reversal could mean.
Naked Science: Explosive Force
Through rare access to top-secret labs, see how scientists are pushing the boundaries of possibility to create the next generation of explosives: antimatter. Could this "science fiction" dream be the wave of the future?
Naked Science: Extinctions
NGC examines three mass extinctions on Earth to see what caused them and if they could happen again. Would humans fare any better than the victims of these previous disasters? Worse, are we now in the middle of a mass extinction we brought on ourselves?
Naked Science: Finding the Origin of Life
How did life on Earth begin? And why here? Some believe it arrived on an extraterrestrial meteorite. Others claim it began in a warm pond on early Earth. Or could volcanoes and lightning have sparked early life? Now, research teams are racing to understand how life may have begun - by creating it themselves. Watch as a scientist mixes up a batch of primordial soup and then zaps it with a bolt of electricity, a la Dr. Frankenstein. The results: amino acids, the building blocks of all life.
Naked Science: First to Cross the Ocean
Naked Science examines mankind's first major sea crossing and a great milestone in our ancestors' journey to conquer the globe -- prehistoric man's expedition from Africa to Australia 50,000 years ago! The oldest human remains in Australia are known as "Mungo Man"; now experts will trace his steps to find out how Australia was colonized. Using DNA testing and advancements in technology, a group of scientists study skeletal remains to discover how and why they could migrate almost 10,000 miles.
Naked Science: Glacier Meltdown
Imagine a world where melting ice caps have raised sea levels by 20 feet and where the great coastal cities of the world could be under water. It is a nightmare scenario that could one day turn into reality. Now, Naked Science separates fact from fiction to discover the real science behind climate change, the melting ice caps and why powerful hurricanes have doubled in number in the past 30 years.
Naked Science: Great Lakes
Fourteen thousand years ago, a thick ice sheet a mile deep covered the continent of North America. Concealed beneath this vast expanse of ice, one of the world's greatest geological mysteries, The Great Lakes, were forming. The Great Lakes are the world's largest fresh water system but how these Great Lakes formed is still a mystery that scientists are trying to figure out. Many theories abound as to what gouged out the depths of these lakes. Were the deepest lake basins formed by the formidable grinding powers of a giant glacier? Or were they the result of an almighty comet crashing through the atmosphere and exploding about the site of the lakes? Naked Science explores all the possibilities of how these vast inland seas of blue gold were formed.
Naked Science: Hubble Trouble
Meet the engineers who built the Hubble Space Telescope, the astronauts who fixed it and the astronomers who use it to unlock the secrets of the universe.
Naked Science: Hunt for Aliens
Renowned NASA scientists, planet-hunters and astronomers reveal emerging methods of finding earthlike planets and alien life and look at possible future techniques, including fiber-optic probing and interstellar travel powered by light at warp speeds. Also, get an inside look at the $50 million Allen Telescope Array in northern California designed to hear from extraterrestrials. Could our time alone in the universe be coming to an end?
Naked Science: Hyper Hurricanes
America once was ravaged by some of the largest, most destructive hurricanes ever. Are these mega-storms poised to return, targeting the heavily populated eastern coastline?
Naked Science: Incinerator Earth
Scientists have long theorized that an ancient asteroid is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and the destruction of nearly three-quarters of all species on Earth. But where did the asteroid come from, and why did some species survive while others did not? NGC joins a group of scientists as they reveal the mystery behind the catastrophic event and propose new theories of what really happened when the nine-mile-diameter asteroid hit the Earth, and what a future strike could mean.
Naked Science: Journey to Jupiter
Large enough to swallow 1000 Earths, Jupiter is a 90,000 mile wide ball of gas and liquid. Surrounded by 63 moons it is a solar system in miniature. But this is a system of extremes; volcanic plumes rise hundreds of miles into space, storms the size of the Earth rage for hundreds of years, and strange motions beneath icy surfaces hint at a possibility of life. The Galileo probe overcame many trials to become the first craft to orbit an outer planet. It made amazing discoveries that shifted the way we view how the solar system formed and found the first evidence of liquid water on the icy moon Europa. New missions are set to return to the gas giant to find out more. Join Naked Science as we delve beneath the cloud tops to reveal the mysteries on this Journey to Jupiter.
Naked Science: Killer Asteroid
Meet the scientists who are actively trying to prevent a giant asteroid from slamming into the Earth. Can we avert a global disaster?
Naked Science: Killer Lakes
Since the sudden death of 1,700 people near a lake in Africa, scientists have uncovered terrifying hazards in other lakes around the world -- including Mt. Rainier and Yellowstone.
Naked Science: Landslides
Landsides are one of the world's most costly natural disasters, yet people continue to build in slide-prone areas. What determines why one area is more susceptible to landslides than another?
Naked Science: Lightning
It's one of nature's most well-observed events -- and one of the least understood. New research and high altitude experiments reveal a previously unimagined connection between lightning and cosmic rays from outer space.
Naked Science: Lightning Chasers
Have you ever seen lightning strike from the ground to the sky or float in midair? Spectacular and exotic forms of this natural phenomenon are slowed down on film to reveal minute detail. Luminous spheres that linger in airplanes are recreated. We will show you how rockets launched into storm clouds coax lightning down to earth. Naked Science: Lightning Chasers illuminates secrets of nature's most striking power.
Naked Science: Loch Ness
More than 1,000 eye witnesses, countless photographs, sonar records and films have testified to the existence of the Loch Ness monster. Still there's no hard evidence. Could "Nessie" be a 1,500-year old hoax?
Naked Science: Mars Waterworld
The search for life on other planets takes you to an alien world: Mars. NASAs Phoenix Mission will enter Mars atmosphere to detect what conditions once made life possible on the Red Planet.
Naked Science: Moon Mysteries
Is the moon powerful enough to trigger natural disasters? Can the moon influence human behavior? NGC puts a tightly-focused lens on the mysteries of the moon.
Naked Science: Planet Storm
How did life on Earth survive a massive asteroid storm that bombarded our solar system 3.9 billion years ago? Could it happen again? Would we survive?
Naked Science: Pluto Rediscovered
Examine this mysterious dwarf planet from its discovery in 1930 and the recent controversy over its classification to it's eccentric features and the New Horizons spacecraft mission, due to arrive in 2015.
Naked Science: Preventing Armageddon
Until recently there was nothing we could do about natural disasters such as asteroids, hurricanes, and super-volcanic eruptions. But now, governments and scientists are exploring technological defenses. NGC examines asteroid burning lasers, space mirrors, and giant hurricane-busting pumps. And we look at whether future technology can ever allow us to predict and prevent a super volcanic eruption.
Naked Science: Pyramids
How were the Pyramids of Egypt designed and constructed? Who hauled the billions of tons of stone to create them? Explore the myths and legends behind these magnificent and mysterious ancient structures.
Naked Science: Roman Tech
The Roman Empire may be ancient history, but its ingenuity is all around us. The Romans created everything from surgical instruments and window glass to plywood and concrete -- even bikini swimsuits.
Naked Science: Saturn's Secrets
After seven years and 2 billion miles traveled, NASAs spacecraft has been orbiting and analyzing the Saturnian System since 2004. Saturns serene exterior once led scientists to believe that this awe-inspiring ringed planet was tranquil, but Cassini has captured raging electrical storms and fierce weather systems covering areas larger than the United States. Naked Science explores what scientists have learned so far from this spacecrafts jaunt around the "jewel of the solar system."
Naked Science: Secret World of Fireworks
How do fireworks burst into spectacular colors and patterns in perfect unison? We visit "America's First Family of Fireworks," to learn how the century-old pyrotechnics company handcrafts thousands of fireworks in a dazzling array of colors, shapes and sizes. We go inside their laboratory to discover the closely held scientific secrets, recipes and techniques they use to transform the most basic of materials - paper, string and gunpowder -- into their awe-inspiring million-dollar displays.
Naked Science: Shark Attacks
They are among the planet's oldest predators, with an impressive arsenal of weaponry: razor-sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and keen underwater smell and eyesight. When a shark attacks a person, is it hunger -- or an acquired taste for human flesh?
Naked Science: Solar Force
Do the sun's invisible cosmic rays influence our weather? Can solar winds impact Earth? Explore the ways fluctuations in the sun's energy influence our climate.
Naked Science: Solar Storm
Almost 150 years ago a solar storm fried telegraph lines across the world. Then in 1989, another solar storm caused a massive blackout in Quebec. Now, scientists a using the latest technology to predict when our sun will unleash its next fiery tempest.
Naked Science: Spacemen
Even if we found the perfect Earth-like planet among the stars, how would we survive the trans-galactic journey? Scientists are working on making the mission to Mars and beyond a reality
Naked Science: Stone Age Apocalypse
It was the largest volcanic eruption in the last two million years -- and may have triggered a human genetic bottleneck, leaving only a few thousand survivors to preserve the human race.
Naked Science: Super Diamonds
If diamonds are a girl's best friend, "super diamonds" may be a scientist's. In this episode, we'll examine the future of synthetic diamonds and their impact on modern technology. Diamonds are tough, resistant to corrosion, great insulators of heat and could be the next best material since silicon. As methods for growing man-made diamonds improve, and as science finds new ways to take advantage of their characteristics, the potential of diamond's unmatched properties appears boundless.
Naked Science: Super Volcano
A super volcano can explode with a force one million times bigger than Hiroshima. Scientists have discovered an active super volcano under Yellowstone National Park. What if it erupts?
Naked Science: Surviving Ancient Alaska
Archaeologists in Alaska have uncovered startling evidence of ancient hunter-gatherers who colonized North America some 14,000 years ago. At Denali National Park, excavators found stone tools, weapons, bone fragments and hundreds of artifacts. Then, in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, melting glaciers have exposed perfectly preserved human remains and prehistoric weapons. Who were these ancient people, and how did they survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness?
Naked Science: Surviving Nature's Fury
Flash floods wash away communities; tornadoes trash all in their path, and lightning can kill in an in instant. Yet every disaster brings astonishing stories of human survival.
Naked Science: Telepathy
Can people read your mind? Some people claim to know what they shouldn't be able to know even when they are on opposite sides of the planet. But is this just coincidence?
Naked Science: The Book That Can't Be Read
The mysterious and centuries-old Voynich Manuscript was written by an unknown author, illustrated with bizarre, puzzling pictures and composed in a language that even the best cryptographers can't decode. Now, Naked Science follows new leads in the hunt for the author's identity.
Naked Science: The Rockies
Did the American Rockies rise faster than their Canadian counterpart? New evidence from fossilized leaves and pollen suggest just that. Explore the mysteries of these ancient mountains.
Naked Science: Tsunami Warning
What if a tsunami hit San Francisco or Washington D.C? New thinking on tsunami formation and detection asks the tough question: Can we predict these huge killer waves?
Naked Science: Volcano Alert
Will scientists ever be able to accurately predict volcanic eruptions that are responsible for killing an average of 800 people per year and threatening 500 million more? Many of the 1,500 active volcanoes on the planet currently are still considered utterly unpredictable. Naked Science examines how volcanologists around the world study gas emissions, ground deformation, temperature changes and seismic and electro-magnetic data in their vital effort to forecast future volcanic eruptions.
Naked Science: Was Darwin Wrong?
Is Darwin's theory of evolution right or wrong? It is a question that continues to divide some U.S. communities today. The battle to explain the very nature of our existence has raged since Darwin's groundbreaking research almost 150 years ago. Now, Naked Science puts Darwin's theory to the test by investigating his claims one by one.
Naked Science: What is Human?
Follow man's struggle to survive through the ages and learn what eventually propelled one animal to rise above the other creatures on Earth and what it means to be human.
Naked Science: What's Sexy?
What turns you on? The mating ritual is as old as humankind itself, and scientists are putting the chemistry of love and lust under the microscope.
Naked Science: Who Built Stonehenge?
Who built Stonehenge and why? Using computer modeling, anthropologists reveal the face of a man who may have contributed to the construction of this ancient structure 4,300 years ago.
Naked Science: World's Oldest Child
Did ancient children play, learn and laugh the way children do today? A Moroccan skull, more than one hundred thousand years old, is revealed to be that of a 6-year-old child. Dental examinations confirm that the child lived and died well before the founding of modern religion, the construction of Egypt's pyramids and even the advent of agriculture. A scientific team works to decipher the mysteries of this lost child's life.
Narco Bling
With exclusive access to seized riches and weaponry, correspondent Mariana van Zeller explores the dangerous netherworld of the Mexican drug cartels. It's a world dominated by the Sinaloa Cartel and its leader, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, one of the world's most wanted criminals and a figure on Forbes' lists of the world's billionaires and most powerful people.
Narco State
It's a raging drug war that has turned Phoenix, Ariz., into the second kidnapping capitol of the world. NGC correspondent Lisa Ling embeds with the Phoenix Police Department as they investigate the latest drug-related kidnapping, uncover a cache of $3 million worth of marijuana and ambush suspects at a ransom drop-off. Then, we'll cross the border and ride along with a photojournalist on his crime beat in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - the deadliest city in North America.
National Geographic Photographers: The Best Job in the World
National Geographic photographers have long been taking readers of the storied magazine to all corners of the earth. In celebration of the National Geographic Society's 125th anniversary, this one hour special features original interviews and footage from the field with celebrated photographers Steve McCurry, Steve Winter, Emory Kristof, Jodi Cobb, William Allard, Joel Sartore, Nick Nichols and many more.
National Geographic's Most Amazing Moments
A helmet-cam records a skydiver losing control on a mile-high free fall, a cameraman gets an unexpected close-up with a shark, and a journalist and his crew dodge bullets in a war zone.
Navajo Cops
Not Specified
Navajo Cops Compilation
Not Specified
Navajo Cops: Axe Attack
The Navajo Police Department braces for the monthly Tribal Pay Day. With more money changing hands on the rez, criminal activity spikes. Officer Perry Champagnes routine traffic stop turns into a major drug bust. Officer Lucy Dan responds after a woman was run over by a truck and attacked with an axe. A report of shots fired leads to a manhunt on a secluded ranch and Philbert Toddy investigates a knife fight at a known drug house.
Navajo Cops: Eyes of the Howler
Navajo Police Officers mount a new hunt for The Howler a mysterious creature believed to have killed dogs and livestock. Some of the elders in the community suspect it might be a Skinwalker, while others insist that its the Navajo version of Bigfoot. As they sweep through a remote canyon, the heavily-armed cops actually hear the chilling sound caught on tape and they think its coming from a cave high in the cliffs. Have they finally tracked down the elusive Howler?
Navajo Cops: Family Feuds
Ride along with the men and women of the Navajo Police as they patrol the largest reservation in North America, dealing with everything from assault cases to drug and gang enforcement, on their mission to preserve an ancient way of life. A report of a fight in progress leads two officers to a remote community 50 miles from backup. Officer Virgil Smith responds to a Mace attack on a bear in Monument Valley. A fight breaks out in the booking room of the Tuba City Jail.
Navajo Cops: Gangs, Guns and Guts
Navajo cops find themselves stalking a group of shooters in the back country who are armed to the teeth with a paramilitary-style arsenal. In the urban center of the Rez, a young man is nearly beaten to death in a fight between rival Navajo street gangs. And on the side of the interstate, a jogger uncovers a bloody plastic bag filled with entrails. Is someone disemboweling victims on the Navajo Reservation?
Navajo Cops: Shallow Grave
A report of gunfire leads Officer Wendell Bitselley to a bag of bloody gloves and a shallow grave. Chris Holgate backs up a fellow officer at a traffic stop that turns ugly. And Philbert Toddy and Genevieve Morgan team up to track down a suicidal man. Ride along with the men and women of the Navajo Police as they patrol the largest Indian Reservation in North America, dealing with everything from assault cases to drug and gang enforcement, on their mission to preserve an ancient way of life.
Navajo Cops: Skinwalkers
Its a tough job patrolling more than 17 million acres, while watching over a population of 180,000 with a proud heritage and age-old customs. But thats the job of the Navajo Cops, an elite force of 330 officers who protect the largest Indian reservation in America.
Nazi Hunters: Angel of Death
He's arguably the most notorious Nazi fugitive of all. Dr. Josef Mengele earned the nickname the Angel of Death for his perverse and sadistic experiments at Auschwitz-Birkenau. But after the war, Mengele escaped to Buenos Aires, where he lived in hiding. Nazi Hunters goes insdie the 30-year investigation to find the hardened criminal. By the time German, Israeli and American law enforcement agents finally tracked him down, they were too late Mengele had died six years earlier.
Nazi Hunters: Architect of the Holocaust
Perhaps the greatest scalp claimed by the Nazi hunters was one of the chief architects of Hitlers Final Solution - Adolf Eichmann. After the war, Eichmann disappeared without a trace. But from the start, Nazi hunters were on his heels. In 1960, after receiving a tip from a local, an Israeli Special Operations unit determined that Eichmann was living in Argentina. With unorthodox, even illegal methods, agents like Rafi Eitan and Zvi Aharoni ran a covert campaign that culminated in a dramatic operation to kidnap Eichmann and smuggle him back to Israel where he was tried and finally hanged in 1962.
Nazi Hunters: Commander of Treblinka
Few war criminals were as important to Simon Wiesenthal, historys most famous Nazi hunter, as Franz Stangl and Gustav Wagner. Stangl acted as SS commandant and Wagner as deputy commandant of the Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps in Poland, where more than one million people were murdered. Nazi Hunters: Commander of Treblinka traces the chain of events that led to the guilty verdict of Franz Stangl and the unexpected bombshell confession that put Wiesenthal on the hunt for Wagner.
Nazi Hunters: Gestapo Chief
As Gestapo chief in Paris, Kurt Lischka was responsible for deporting 73,000 Jews and ordering the largest mass arrest in French history. Instead of serving time for his crimes after the war, a legal loophole allowed him to live openly in West Germany enraging Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, a husband-and-wife team of Nazi Hunters. Determined to bring him to justice, they plan a kidnapping that lands Beate in jail.
Nazi Hunters: The Butcher of Lyon
Klaus Barbie tortured and executed thousands of French citizens before escaping to Bolivia after World War II. Now, NGC tells the story of a couple who risk their lives in a lifelong struggle to bring the notorious Butcher of Lyon to justice, even as he aids the U.S. with anticommunist intelligence and practices his profession of inflicting death and pain for the Bolivian government. Do this husband and wife succeed in bringing a sadistic killer to justice, or is Barbie truly untouchable?
Nazi Hunters: The Hangman of Riga
An Israeli secret agent hunts down a Nazi who fled to Brazil after condemning 30,000 Jews to mass graves. NGC follows Agent Kuenzles covert mission to assassinate the infamously sadistic Herbert Cukurs as we see how the agent befriends a murderer and tempts him with a business offer he cant refuse all to lure him into a deadly trap.
Nazi Hunters: The Villain of Lyon
Called by some "Frances worst villain" for collaborating with the Nazis during WWII, Paul Touvier was convicted in absentia for murdering Jews and Resistance fighters alike. Decades after the war, despite Touviers faking his death and placing his own obituary in the newspaper, law enforcement officials revive the hunt for Frances most notorious war criminal. Nazi Hunters: The Villain of Lyon follows the twists and turns in a top-secret investigation led by a high-ranking French colonel.
Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil
Joseph Mengele - the escaped Nazi war criminal and SS physician, known as the "Angel of Death," spent years doing bizarre medical experiments on twins at Auschwitz - working to determine if twins held the key to building a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race for Adolf Hitler. Now a historian says he has evidence that Mengele's attempts may not have ended at Auschwitz and that his obsession to engineer an Aryan master race continued in South America.
Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell
The death camp at Auschwitz was considered ground zero for the killings during the Holocaust, a place where thousands were starved and 1.1 million died, but there are only a small number of known photos of this infamous place - until now.
Nazi Secret Weapons
Just prior to the end of WWII, the German military secretly undertook a massive push to design miracle weapons - colossal tanks, the world's first guided missiles and long-range bombers that could attack New York. Now, nearly 60 years later, a team of experts examine the original blueprints to determine if these so-called Wunderwaffen, or "wonder weapons," could have changed the outcome of the war.
Nazi Supership
Hitler's "unsinkable ship," the Bismarck, was deployed in 1941 to wreak havoc on Allied ships in the Atlantic, but settled on the ocean floor after just nine days at sea. NGC investigates: Who really sank the Bismarck? Explore the wreckage in brilliant HD as we break down the events leading to the ship's final naval battle. Later, hear the stories of camaraderie between British and German survivors who fought to rescue the thousands of others perishing in the deathly frigid waters.
Nazi Underworld
Adolf Hitler: a man whose name is synonymous with mass genocide, burning cities and world war. This new special delves deep into Hitler's inner circle in search of a dictator's identity beyond what is found in history books -- his family, henchmen, women and sources of wealth. Follow a list of characters that spans the full spectrum of German society, from Heinrich Himmler, the failed soldier obsessed with witchcraft, who would design the Holocaust from the ground up; to Eva Braun, the starlet who would become Hitler's lover.
Nazi Underworld: 101 (wt)
Adolph Hitler: a man whose name is synonymous with mass genocide, burning cities and world war. What were the circumstances that led to his deadly rise to power, and who were the followers that enabled it? This new two-part special delves deep into Hitlers inner circle in search of a dictators identity beyond what is found in history books his family, henchmen, women and sources of wealth.
Nazi Underworld: 102 (wt)
Adolph Hitler: a man whose name is synonymous with mass genocide, burning cities and world war. What were the circumstances that led to his deadly rise to power, and who were the followers that enabled it? This new two-part special delves deep into Hitlers inner circle in search of a dictators identity beyond what is found in history books his family, henchmen, women and sources of wealth.
Neanderthal Code
Who were the Neanderthals? How human were they? Why did they go extinct? For 150 years the fate of our closest relatives has been a mystery. But now scientists can start answering these questions - with the help of DNA.
Need for Speed: Boats
Engineers, mechanics and daredevils push the boundaries of human possibility to satisfy boat racing's never-ending need for speed. Test the waters at 200 mph.
Need for Speed: Cars
Buckle up for a wild ride with the daredevils who are testing the limits of how fast cars can go. From a dragster that can accelerate faster than a fighter jet to the world's fastest diesel car, NGC lifts the hood of high-speed cars.
Night Shift: Repo Men
NGC follows two repossession agents as they roam the night with a literal "license to steal." From retrieving nine-ton semis to hunting down stolen vehicles, the 20-year veterans use every means at their disposal to bring home their clients' property. We trail them from dark Newark neighborhoods to the well-heeled town of Montclair, N.J., and witness the danger and unpredictability of this much-maligned occupation.
None of the Above
Tim Shaw takes his own irreverent brand of science and engineering to the streets of America as he looks to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure. He challenges the people he meets, and the audience at home, to predict the outcome of a series of ever more spectacular experiments before uncovering the science behind the jaw dropping outcomes.
Omens of the Apocalypse
The year 2011 gets off to a disturbing start. On New Year's Eve, blackbirds die in Beebe, Arkansas by the thousands. Nearby, fish and more birds perish. Then a wave of unsettling animal deaths seems to sweep the globe. Are the deaths connected? A wide-ranging story begins with an investigation of the blackbirds' death and ends by assessing how the human mind is inspired, or derailed, by seeming patterns or coincidences in nature.
Omens of the Apocalypse: The End is Near
The year 2011 gets off to a disturbing start. On New Year's Eve, blackbirds die in Beebe, Arkansas by the thousands. Nearby, fish and more birds perish. Then a wave of unsettling animal deaths seems to sweep the globe. Are the deaths connected?
On Board Air Force One
Get the ultimate tour of Air Force One, including the President's bedroom and restricted areas where top-secret technology is housed. Then meet the presidential pilot and the crew charged with operating this global command center in the sky.
On Board Marine One
We'll take to the skies with the presidential helicopter Marine One as it flies to the nation's largest city. To protect the President, Marine One must flawlessly coordinate with the Marines, the New York Police Department, and the Secret Service.
Only for God: Inside Hasidism
With unprecedented access, National Geographic introduces you to the passionately orthodox community of Hasidic Judaism. Some of the people who share their stories include a revered Hasidic rabbi challenging what it means to be spiritual in the modern world, a young man raised Catholic now attending a Hasidic yeshiva in Brooklyn, and a young Hasidic woman taking her first steps to leave this tightly knit community and live a secular life in Manhattan.
Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive
After the September 11 attacks on America, President Bush said he wanted Osama bin Laden "dead or alive." Find out how the infamous terrorist got away at Tora Bora and why he remains a moving target.
Outlaw Bikers: Angels Descending
As king of the Hells Angels, "Mom" Boucher terrorized even police.The gangster's brutal reign reached a new low when he created a hit list of Canadian authority figures. After the murders of several prison guards and bombings across Montreal, police believed they finally had enough evidence to convict him. But in a surprising and frustrating decision, a jury found Boucher not guilty. Go behind the scenes of the exhaustive operation to takedown one of the Hells Angels most powerful outlaws.
Outlaw Bikers: Angels Go Global
The Hell's Angels aren't just a violent biker gang; they run an illicit drug trade in cities across the United States. Now, the criminal bikers are on a quest for global domination. Nat Geo follows the expansion of the Hell's Angels' empire as they take on a rival gang to gain control of the Scandinavian drug trade. Go inside the five-year battle with the Bandidos as anti-tank missiles, grenades and rocket launchers are used to rip up the streets of Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.
Outlaw Bikers: Bandido Nation
A wild ride into the takedown of one of America's largest outlaw motorcycle gangs, the Bandidos, who were charged with kidnapping, drug trafficking, gun running and racketeering. Delve into the remarkable story of how the lead investigator turned on a childhood acquaintance who happened to be the club's president. Featuring interviews from the police officer and Bandido leader, along with never-before-seen footage from the motorcycle gang's camp, the story unfolds from both sides of the law.
Outlaw Bikers: Hells Angels
Take a wild ride into the realm of this infamous biker gang when a government sting operation creates a bogus motorcycle club to ride along side them.
Outlaw Bikers: Inside the Outlaws
When biker Mike Lynn joined the Daytona Beach branch of the Outlaws motorcycle club, he thought he'd found a band of brothers. But the Outlaws were a dangerous group of violent criminals. NGC follows the dangerous four-month investigation that turned members into federal witnesses and led to the 60-year conviction of the Outlaws' national president.
Outlaw Bikers: Masters of Mayhem
Federal agent Billy Queen spends a harrowing year undercover riding, drinking and fighting along side the Mongols, one of America's most violent motorcycle gangs.
Outlaw Bikers: Warlock War
Florida 1990. "Spike" Ingrao, the president of a national biker club known as the Warlocks, befriends a gun-trafficking bodybuilder named Steve Martin. Spike has ambitious plans to expand the club, and Martin seems like the man to head up a new chapter in the heart of rival territory. But what Spike doesn't know is that Steve Martin is an undercover agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Panasonic Presents: Engineering the Impossible: The Colosseum
In its prime, the Colosseum was a venue for gladiators to fight to the death, but today, the arena lives on as one of the grandest and most spectacular megastructures in the world. Constructed in the absence of electricity, power tools or earth-moving equipment, it reveals an architectural process that rivals today's modern methods. 2,000 years ago, its creators pioneered the use of building materials that are still with us today to build a structure that could hold more than 50,000 people.
Paranatural: Blood Rain and Star Jelly
Reports of bloodlike rain and gelatinous substances falling from the sky, sometimes reeking of sulfur.... Witnesses who touch the goo only to watch it disintegrate, leaving just sticky residue behind.... For decades, people around the globe have reported these strange occurrences. Go inside a NASA laboratory as a team of biologists use advanced technology to dissect meteoric matter. Join scientists as they gather and test evidence, searching for clues to explain the mysterious rain and jelly.
Paranatural: Chupacabra
The legend of the Chupacabra tells of a vampire-like beast that preys on the blood of livestock and pets. Theories of what the vicious creature looks like vary by region, but now new evidence in Texas may help scientists get to the bottom of the mystery. Ranchers and farmers have discovered the remains of a weird canine that could meet one of the Chupacabra's rumored descriptions - a hairless dog-like creature with large fangs!
Paranatural: Mystery Lights
For centuries, people around the world have witnessed a strange phenomenon - orbs of light hovering in the night sky. Some say the lights chased after them as they drove away in their cars, and military pilots have reported spotting the lights on secret missions. Many wonder if the lights could be ghosts, or visitors from outer space. Now, NGC joins the investigation and meets a team of researchers with a new theory on the origin of these strange lights.
Perilous Journeys: Arctic Ice Road
High above the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories, winter brings temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees and transforms rivers and lakes into frozen highways. But, driving on ice isn't without its dangers. Host Marsh Mokhtari travels on one ice road to the northernmost village on the Canadian mainland. The stakes are high, so Marsh must combine modern technology with survival techniques. If the ice holds, Marsh just might make it to his destination -- the edge of the world.
Philly Mob
After the godfather of the Philadelphia mob was assassinated, wise guys battled for the top position -- and the Mafia's code of silence began to crumble. Mafia soldier Nick 'The Crow' Caramandi and hit man Ron Previte describe gangster life in transition.
Philly Undercover: Cock Fight Crackdown
It's not only dog fighting that has infiltrated the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia; the PSPCA is also raging a war against cockfighting. Officers Jason Martinez and Leonard Knox investigate three locations where fighting roosters are believed to be housed. Their cover is almost blown after a drive by surveillance and Jason decides to return under the cover of darkness. With the evidence in place, SWAT carries out multiple raids, rescues the birds and places their owner in custody.
Philly Undercover: Fight Night
A covert surveillance operation with the PSPCA undercover team leads to one of the biggest dog fighting busts in Philadelphia's history - 14 suspects are arrested, and several horribly neglected, abused and injured dogs are rescued. The full scale investigation began two days earlier. Officer Wayne Smith takes to the streets of a drug-infested neighborhood to collect intel using a hidden camera and a rescued pit bull as a decoy.
Pickpocket King
Bob Arno wows audiences with his pickpocketing show in Las Vegas. The self-proclaimed Pickpocket King says he has never met a thief who can match his skills. Until now. Bob takes us to Naples, Italy, which he calls "the pickpocketing capital of the world," to uncover some of the world's best pickpockets. With his access, we'll get an inside glance into how an international crew of pickpockets operates and we'll see if Bob really is the Pickpocket King.
Pint-Sized Preachers
Still only a pre-schooler, Kanon Tipton takes the pulpit at his family's church and like a seasoned evangelist fervently preaches the gospel, mopping his forehead, shouting, waving his arms, the congregation hanging on his every word. But he's just 4-years-old. NGC's Pint-Sized Preachers goes inside the controversial world of child evangelists to follow two rising-stars and one established child minister as they spread God's word and bring congregations to their feet.
Planet Carnivore: King Bear
Brown bears once ranged widely across North America before humans wiped them out, but in Katmai, on the Southwest Alaskan Peninsula, they thrive. In the nearly six thousand square miles of rugged wilderness, violence can erupt at any moment. "Tuyuq" a powerful Alaskan brown bear, has dominated the valley's corridors for 10 seasons. Now, a brash young challenger is waiting to overthrow him and Tuyuq must fight to remain king bear.
Planet Carnivore: Lions
Actor Alex Baldwin narrates the story of an aging lioness and her pride as they struggle to overcome hunger and conflict with other lions and hyenas in an isolated volcanic crater in East Africa.
Planet XXL
Mexico has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the world. The nation's heaviest man tries to educate Monterrey's youth on the perils of fast food. From Mexico to the USA where trucking is one of the fattest occupations, Attila Sarfi shows us how his addiction to food is putting his health in serious danger. Finally in India, a country with a growing obesity epidemic, 19-year-old Vedant Mungi is having surgery to remove up to 85% of his stomach in his quest for rapid weight loss.
Polygamy USA
A world largely unknown and unseen to the general public, for the first time, the people of Centennial Park have allowed cameras unprecedented access to their rites, rituals and lives. Here, women choose their husbands through an inspiration from God, while husbands try to prove themselves worthy and wait to be chosen.
Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon
Preppers UK delves into the hidden world of prepping and the secretive community of survivalists. This underground society mingles among the general public and holds everyday jobs, but behind closed doors, it's all about survival. Preppers UK will explore this extraordinary world and meet six of the people who inhabit it, lifting the lid on this alternative society, exploring their preparations, and finding out exactly what they're preparing for.
Prison Nation
Step inside America's troubled prison system where more than 2.2 million convicts live in a world of increasing violence, extreme crowding, rampant drug use and gang warfare.
Prison Women: County Jail
Murderers, drug addicts and sexual predators are all among the types of criminals female correctional officers face at the Dallas County Jail. Through interviews with female correctional officers, we'll witness firsthand the danger and mind games involved in this job.
Prison Women: Females on Guard
More women than ever are working as guards in Miami's roughest prisons, putting their lives in danger guarding south Florida's most dangerous criminals. However, taking the job means walking into a world ruled by power, sex and violence. Our cameras step inside the 50-year-old Pretrial Detention Center, where female guards confront daily brawls and outbursts.
Prison Women: Jailhouse Justice
With the second highest mortality rate of any occupation, being a corrections officer is a difficult and dangerous career for anyone - but for female officers, it can be especially demanding. At the Dallas County Jail, approximately half of the jail's 900 officers are women, and everyday they face harassment and violence as they maintain control over the seventh largest jail in the United States.
Psychic Gold Hunt
Gold drew thousands of pioneers to the American West during the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century. Now, a team of psychics is also on the hunt, but they are determined to use only the powers of their minds to find it. John Vivanco is a "remote viewer" who believes his paranormal abilities have allowed him to see gold buried here and the area around the treasure.
Pushing to Extremes: Edge of Space
In an eye-popping series of experiments, Doctor of extreme medicine, Kevin Fong, uses his own body to demonstrate how human biology is unsuited to much of the planet, and how humans have had to develop the technology to let us survive there. In this episode, Dr. Fong examines how the body responds to altitude by climbing one of the tallest mountains in the Alps and subjecting himself to a sudden depressurization to 25,000 feet.
Pushing to Extremes: The Deepest Depths
Doctor Kevin Fong sets out to discover how human biology is unsuited to living in certain areas of the planet, and how humans have developed the technology that allows us to survive. In the first episode, Dr. Fong dives deep into surviving underwater. He escapes from a sinking helicopter, walks through a tank of sharks in an antique diving suit and intentionally gives himself nitrogen narcosis.
Python vs. Gator
The photo shows a six-foot alligator half inside a dead 13-foot Burmese python. How could a snake overpower one of Florida's largest and most terrifying native carnivores?
Florida officials have put a bounty on the head of the invasive Burmese python, and invited amateur hunters into the Everglades to compete in a one month long competition to see who can capture the most pythons. Hunters will have four weeks to navigate the dangerous wilds of South Florida in search for the elusive serpentine invader. It's man vs. snake - who will come out on top?
Race to the Bottom of the Earth
It is a daring attempt to be the first American in history to trek solo and unaided, 700 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole. Follow explorer Todd Carmichael on an almost impossible journey through Antarcticas harshest environment, made even tougher because he wants to break the land speed record for achieving such a feat. The film was the winner of the 2011 Best Documentary Feature at the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood.
Raft, The - 103
Not Specified
Raft, The - 104
Not Specified
Raft, The - 105
Not Specified
Raising the Hunley
Join archaeologist Bob Neyland and his team as they attempt to raise the Civil War submarine CSS H.L. Hunley 136 years after it and its crew disappeared off the coast of South Carolina.
Raising the USS Monitor
The USS Monitor represented a revolution in naval technology and survived the first battle between ironclads in 1862, but it sank in a gale only months later. Join the expedition to raise the wreckage from waters off Cape Hatteras, N.C.
Real Time Disaster: Ice Tsunami
On May 10, 2013, a giant wave of ice ripped through homes in the small community of Ochre Beach in Manitoba, Canada. One day later, south of the boarder at Lake Millie Lacs in the United States, another strange moving wall of ice made landfall at Izatys Resort. Harnessing the incredible footage of this rare “ice shove,” we get closer than ever to one of nature's strangest events, explore the forces at work and reveal a unique perspective on the destructive power of ice in motion.
Real Time Disaster: Meteor Strike
On the morning of Feb. 15, 2013, in the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk, an object was spotted blazing its way through the morning skies. Through incredible footage captured by those who witnessed it, this episode tells the story of the 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteorite strike. This remarkable amateur video is used to explore where the meteorite came from, its violent end and how it unleashed a force equivalent to thirty Hiroshima bombs on the unsuspecting Russian city.
Rebuilding Stonehenge
It's one of the wonders of the prehistoric world, but its purpose remains a mystery. Follow one ambitious team's attempt to replicate Stonehenge as it was 4,000 years ago to understand how the ancient stone circle was built and why.
Red Alaska
In the small town of Nikolaevsk, meet a religious sect struggling to maintain their centuries-old traditions while surviving as commercial fishermen on Alaska's rough seas. The “Old Believers” once fled persecution from the mid-17th century Russian Orthodox church, eventually settling in places from China to Brazil to Alaska. Now, see how this unique community prepares for Lent while juggling the start of salmon fishing season, and plans to build a new church.
Remaking the Shroud
Rarely do Christian artifacts grab global attention more than the Shroud of Turin. To many of the faithful, it's a ghostly life-sized image of Christ left after his crucifixion and before the Resurrection. To many skeptics, it is an ingenious forgery. The problem has been that no one could persuasively duplicate it or show how it was made. Armed with compelling new scientific and historical evidence, experts attempt to re-create the Shroud.
Remembering 9/11
National Geographic Channel continues to take an unflinching look at the tragedies and triumphs of 9/11 and the ongoing war on terrorism. This series of insightful and emotional programs offers a unique perspective on the day that changed America and the world, as well as the events leading up to and precipitated by that fateful day.
Remote Survival
Plucked from civilization and thrust into isolation, two remote survivors are forced to do whatever it takes to endure some of earth’s most dangerous terrains. Equipped with radio receivers, our Remote Survivors must decide between trusting their own instincts, and following the unknown voice inside their head. Those voices belong to two survivalists, Alex Coker and Cliff Hodges, who have been given the task of keeping our contestants alive. Coker, a former United States Army infantry, airborne, air assault scout sniper, and former CIA special protective agent, will push his survivor to the limits and see if they can live up to the natural challenges that Mother Nature provides. Hodges, the owner of an outdoor school and guide service that specializes in primitive wilderness survival skills, will coach his survivor to overcome all obstacles that stand in his way. Through chest and helmet cameras, aerial drones and solo shot cams blanketing the region, our experts, along with our audience, will follow our survivors on the adventure of their lifetime.
Repossessed! Bounty Hunter
Springtime is slower for the repossession industry, as Americans receive their tax returns and tend to catch up on debt. Without enough work to go around, Rob turns to his other business as a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter. He uses many of the same techniques as a repossession agent to track an elusive fugitive across state lines. While business for JAM Recovery may be slow, it hasn't stopped.
Repossessed! Hard Times
Repossession is a billion-dollar industry that affects the lives of thousands of people every year. NGC follows agent Larry Pittman and his team as they track down vehicle owners who vanished without a trace after purchasing a trade-in. Often forced to operate under the cover of night, they wait until dark to search for clues from family, friends, mailboxes and even garbage.
Repossessed! Hi-Tech Repo
Larry Pitman and his team of agents at Jam Recovery are used to working around the clock to track down vehicles up for repossession. It's not until Larry's son Mackie, a newbie to the team, suggests utilizing high-tech gadgets to make the job more efficient that Larry realizes the advantages of modern technology. Then, Larry puts Mackie to the test - setting up a mock repossession job designed to challenge Mackie and see if he's really ready for his first solo repossession job.
Repossessed! Holiday Repo
One of the busiest times of the year for JAM Recovery is the holidays, when Americans tend to overspend. Larry can't pass up any business, and death takes no holiday. Larry sets up a sting operation to intercept a hearse. Then the team gets a call for a repossession of a hot dog cart, which sends them on a reconnaissance mission into Manhattan, crowded with holiday traffic. And to celebrate the end of a long year, Larry treats JAM to a license plate recognition system.
Repossessed! Repo 101
Follow agent Larry Pittman and his team at JAM Recovery on their daily quest to bring home their clients' property. It's no easy task -- aside from the physical challenges of the job they often struggle with the emotional strains of repossessing items.
Repossessed! Repos Down South
Larry announces a move to expand JAM Recovery operations to Florida and plans a trip with his son Mackie so they can meet with a potential investor. Larry picks up a repossession job for a yacht and a Mercedes and plans to do some on-location training in Florida. He quickly learns about the challenges of the area, such as guarded parking facilities in luxury high-rises.
Repossessed! Repos Gone Wrong
Bad intel has JAM Recovery agents Nick and Rob on a wild goose chase. After tracking down the delinquent owner of a Ford Explorer, they learn the vehicle was totaled a year ago. Then, when they think they've located a BMW up for repossession, they learn the supposed owner doesn't even drive. So it's back to the bank for more accurate information. Larry decides to visit an old friend to see how he handles the endless influx of bad or inadequate information.
Repossessed! The Sting
The repossession industry is flourishing in today's tough economy, and Larry Pittman's JAM Recovery team has seen an uptick in business. But a lack of office infrastructure and a shortage of man power have the team scrambling to fill their clients' orders, so Larry recruits and trains his oldest son, Mackie, to fill the holes in the team, and devises an elaborate sting to get JAM's business back on track.
Repossessed! Working for the Man
In this episode he'll track down and deliver a coveted Lexus he's been chasing for more than a year. A few days later, he fools a debtor into revealing the location of a Jeep and returns the car to the dealership. When his efforts result in a debtor making good on her payments, the team is vindicated with an additional repossession, this time an Infiniti G35. Then agents track down a limited edition Harley at a local tattoo parlor by posing as potential buyers for the bike.
Rescue Ink Unleashed: Bad Reputation
Recently, pit bulls have become synonymous with dogfighting and animal attacks, and it's the Rescue Ink guys' personal mission to help redeem these controversial dogs. In this episode, they'll divide and conquer, travelling out of their normal New York territory to help pit bulls in need. When a pit pull is found hung in a Philadelphia schoolyard, team members search for the killer. Then Joe and G fly to Kentucky to airlift a badly injured dog, fresh from the fighting ring, back to New York.
Rescue Ink Unleashed: It's a Cruel, Cruel World
Rescue Ink comes to the assistance of a U.S. war veteran and his pit bulls; the guys are called in on a wild hen (and rooster!) chase in Queens; and they confront a man accused of shooting stray cats with a pellet gun.
Rescue Ink Unleashed: Street Rules
A call comes in to Rescue Ink's clubhouse from a distraught woman who claims her neighbor has been trapping, torturing and killing animals. The SPCA and police have been unable to build a successful case against the accused man. Rescue Ink joins the effort to stop this man once and for all. Then, when a deaf woman's dog is stolen during a string of burglaries, the guys take to the streets, handing out flyers in search of the missing pooch.
Restrepo: Afghan Outpost
Restrepo is a feature-length film by award-winning photojournalist Tim Hetherington and journalist/author Sebastian Junger that chronicles the deployment of U.S. troops stationed at one of the most dangerous outposts in Afghanistan.
Return of the Ghost Ship
Underwater explorers in the Baltic Sea set out to bring a recently discovered ghost ship - one of the most intact ancient wooden wrecks ever found - back to life. By pushing the frontiers of maritime archaeology and using the latest technology, the team hopes to recover artifacts from the ship, take measurements and create a 3-D model of the ship with pinpoint accuracy - unlocking a treasure trove of information.
Return of the Mummy
Return of the Mummy [TV-G]
Rivals of Jesus
Discover a lost chapter of religious history when we examine competing faiths and rival prophets that challenged early Christianity, including forgotten "messiahs" Mithras, Simon Magus, and Apollonius of Tyana.
Rocket City Rednecks
Rocket City Rednecks is led by Travis Taylor and his team of redneck geniuses. In his younger years, Travis started out cleaning chicken coops, but for the past two decades he’s been a research scientist with the Department of Defense and NASA. Sometimes big science moves too slow for Travis, so come the weekends he “gits” together with his father, brother-in-law, nephew and best friend to combine a little hillbilly ingenuity with advanced engineering and physics to tackle real-world scenarios. With their thick accents and distinctive vocabulary, the tight-knit group brings their own unique style of southern charm to science and technology.
Royal Weddings Revealed
Rarely seen archival footage provides incredible insight into the pageantry, tradition, romance and sometimes scandal that accompany royal weddings. Just after the world watches Prince William and Kate Middleton get married this Friday morning, the National Geographic Channel presents Royal Weddings Revealed, airing Friday, April 29, at 9 a.m. ET, and again in prime time at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Russia and the West: Putin Takes Control
As Vladimir Putin prepares to reclaim the Russian presidency, the post he held from 2000 until 2008, NGC takes viewers behind the scenes of his reign in Russia and the West: Putin's Rise to Power. The special, which was two-and-a-half years in the making, is based on more than 100 interviews with eyewitnesses to his ascendancy. For the first time, audiences will hear from Putin's top advisers, as well as the world leaders who have tangled with him, including President Obama.
Russia's Toughest Prisons
For the first time ever, Russia is opening one of its most guarded institutions to an international film crew: its prison system. Our cameras take you inside a 200-year-old Russian prison and to another that is home to more than 700 of Russia's most dangerous killers ' combined, they have killed over 3,500 people. We'll go inside Black Dolphin prison, where a cannibal talks openly about his crime, divulging how he boiled, fried and ate his murder victim.
SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
Just a year and a half after President Obama ordered the raid that ended the longest manhunt in American history and took down al-Qaeda's notorious leader, Americans can now see for the first time in a full-length feature film how it all went down in SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID ON OSAMA BIN LADEN.
Safari Live: Day 3
Safari Live gives viewers a front row seat on daily safari rides as we explore the natural habitat of lions, giraffes, elephants and more. No passport required for this one! As part of BIG CAT WEEK, Nat Geo WILD’s week dedicated to big cat programming to help save big cats in the wild, you will witness these majestic animals each morning with two expert guides leading the way. All you need is an appetite for adventure and love for our wildlife friends in the African bush. Safari guides Pieter Pretorius and Hayden Turner take us deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park to bring us face to face with Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalos. A rare opportunity, our cameras are bringing Africa to your fingertips to reveal how these magnificent creatures live.
Safari Live: Day 4
Safari Live gives viewers a front row seat on daily safari rides as we explore the natural habitat of lions, giraffes, elephants and more. No passport required for this one! As part of BIG CAT WEEK, Nat Geo WILD’s week dedicated to big cat programming to help save big cats in the wild, you will witness these majestic animals each morning with two expert guides leading the way. All you need is an appetite for adventure and love for our wildlife friends in the African bush. Safari guides Pieter Pretorius and Hayden Turner take us deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park to bring us face to face with Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalos. A rare opportunity, our cameras are bringing Africa to your fingertips to reveal how these magnificent creatures live.
Safari Live: Day 5
Safari Live gives viewers a front row seat on daily safari rides as we explore the natural habitat of lions, giraffes, elephants and more. No passport required for this one! As part of BIG CAT WEEK, Nat Geo WILD’s week dedicated to big cat programming to help save big cats in the wild, you will witness these majestic animals each morning with two expert guides leading the way. All you need is an appetite for adventure and love for our wildlife friends in the African bush. Safari guides Pieter Pretorius and Hayden Turner take us deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park to bring us face to face with Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalos. A rare opportunity, our cameras are bringing Africa to your fingertips to reveal how these magnificent creatures live.
Safari Live: Day 6
Safari Live gives viewers a front row seat on daily safari rides as we explore the natural habitat of lions, giraffes, elephants and more. No passport required for this one! As part of BIG CAT WEEK, Nat Geo WILD’s week dedicated to big cat programming to help save big cats in the wild, you will witness these majestic animals each morning with two expert guides leading the way. All you need is an appetite for adventure and love for our wildlife friends in the African bush. Safari guides Pieter Pretorius and Hayden Turner take us deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park to bring us face to face with Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalos. A rare opportunity, our cameras are bringing Africa to your fingertips to reveal how these magnificent creatures live.
Safari Live: Day 7
Safari Live gives viewers a front row seat on daily safari rides as we explore the natural habitat of lions, giraffes, elephants and more. No passport required for this one! As part of BIG CAT WEEK, Nat Geo WILD’s week dedicated to big cat programming to help save big cats in the wild, you will witness these majestic animals each morning with two expert guides leading the way. All you need is an appetite for adventure and love for our wildlife friends in the African bush. Safari guides Pieter Pretorius and Hayden Turner take us deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park to bring us face to face with Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalos. A rare opportunity, our cameras are bringing Africa to your fingertips to reveal how these magnificent creatures live.
Salem: Unmasking the Devil
Was the most famous witch trial in the English-speaking world actually the result of a cynical plot and power play? This chilling possibility sends author and historian Katherine Howe back to the site of her ancestor's execution during the Salem witch trials. The very latest clues unearthed may indicate that an embattled Puritan minister fomented fear and distrust to hold onto his congregation.
San Quentin Unlocked
For 30 days, National Geographic film crews gained unprecedented access to chronicle the inner workings of one of the most notorious prisons in the country. About 5,000 inmates are locked up in San Quentin, and over 600 of them are condemned to death by lethal injection. Hear from two 'lifers' trying to make parole, experience the institution through the eyes and ears of the men and women who work there, and witness the aftermath of one of the prison's largest riots in over 20 years
Science of Armored Cars
Tough enough to resist gunfire, fast enough to evade ambush, strong enough to repel ammunition strike-back. Find out what it takes to build these fortresses on wheels.
Science of Brick
Explore one of the world's first building materials. See how brick is made and how is was used to form such time-tested structures as the Great Wall of China and the legendary Markets of Trajan.
Science of Conjoined Twins
Explore the separate and shared physiology of conjoined twins who maintain striking individuality despite spending every moment of their lives attached.
Science of Dwarfism
Meet a family of dwarfs and one of the smallest people in the world. Find out how "little people" adjust to the average-sized world around them.
Science of Gigantism
They soar to record heights, towering over normal people. From a benign tumor on the pituitary gland to excess growth hormones, find out how giants are made.
Science of Obesity
Today, 65 percent of adult Americans are overweight, but few are morbidly obese. What are the physical stresses of weighing more than 500 pounds and what steps can reverse it? NGC explores the genetics of weight gain and medical advances to treat it.
Science of Steel
It's man made and one of the strongest materials on earth. Explore the science behind steel and the innovations it has made possible -- from the Brooklyn Bridge to the tools for medical miracles.
Science of Steroids
It is one of the most controversial issues of our day, jeopardizing the health and smearing the reputations of Olympians, professional sports players and even high school athletes. The government has declared them illegal without a prescription, athletes call them unfair, and some doctors say they are potentially deadly. What are the real dangers of these drugs? We've seen what's happening outside the body; now NGC reveals what's happening inside the body, in the Science of Steroids.
Science of Stupid
On the Science of Stupid, some self-selecting, amateur scientists go head-to-head for the crowned title of most ill-informed as they test scientific principles like torque, gravity, and Newton's laws. As our amateur scientists have learned the hard way: try and break the laws of science, and the laws will break you. It's the science of stupid. 
Science of Summer
Summer is the time when temperatures rise, barbeques blaze and barely clad crowds storm the beaches. Its also a hotbed of science. NGC explores the mysteries behind the planet's most sweltering season and reveals the fascinating facts that make summer unique. Investigate the nature of sunshine and the biology of how our bodies react to it; learn how lightning strikes; why mosquitoes attack; and uncover the truth about ice cream headaches. School may be out but theres still tons to learn.
Search for Noah's Ark
Examine the latest clues and theories that attempt to confirm the biblical account of Noah's ark and the flood. Satellite imagery of mountaintops and underwater geological surveys help dissect the story timeline from God's warning to the receding waters.
Search for the First Dog
Search for the First Dog [TV-G]
Search for the Head of John the Baptist
It is potentially one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the history of Christianity. Theologian and relic expert Candida Moss journeys to a remote island in the Black Sea to investigate the ruins of one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. Here, under the location where the altar once stood, scientists have dug up an exquisite marble box holding what they believe to be the bones of John the Baptist, the man who baptized Jesus.
Search for the Submarine I-52
Sunk in 1944, the Japanese submarine known as the I-52 was larger than a football field and carried more than two tons of gold. Join divers and underwater archaeologists as they locate the missing sub.
Seconds From Disaster: Alpine Tsunami
The popular Austrian ski resort of Galtur was changed in minutes when an avalanche buried the village under 170,000 tons of snow, killing 31 people. But Galtur had been declared safe from avalanches. What went wrong?
Seconds From Disaster: Crash Landing in Sioux City
When a United Airlines flight experiences catastrophic engine failure, the crew wrestles the plane to the ground. See what was happening in the cockpit during this dramatic emergency landing that claimed 112 lives.
Seconds From Disaster: Department Store Collapse
More than 500 people are crushed to death when the roof collapses on a five-story department store in South Korea. Deconstruct the events leading to this tragedy and find out how bribery and corruption virtually guaranteed the disaster.
Seconds From Disaster: Disco Bombing
On October 12, 2002, a series of coordinated explosions ripped through a popular strip of nightclubs and restaurants on the peaceful island of Bali, Indonesia, killing 202 in the worst terrorist attacks since 9-11. Who could have done such a thing?
Seconds From Disaster: Fire Onboard the Star
It's Easter, 1990. Passengers boarded the Scandinavian Star for a night crossing from Norway to Denmark. Some reached their destination, but others were dead within hours. Find out why.
Seconds From Disaster: Fire on the Ski Slope
When the train carrying 162 passengers to the Austrian ski slopes enters a tunnel, the passengers realize there is a fire on board. Within minutes an inferno rages and 155 people are dead. How did the fire begin?
Seconds From Disaster: Flight Engine Down
A commercial airliner crashes moments after take-off from Chicago O'Hare, killing the 271 onboard. Witnesses saw an engine separate from the wing and the nosedive. Could a single missing bolt cause such a horrific accident?
Seconds From Disaster: Flood at Stava Dam
On July 19, 1985, Italy's Stava dam broke, sending a violent mountain of sludge barreling down toward two villages. Examine the events that led to the collapse of the dam, killing 268 people.
Seconds From Disaster: Hindenburg Air Ship
It was the largest airship ever built and the pride of Nazi Germany. But on approach for landing at Lakehurst Naval Station in New Jersey, the zeppelin burst into flames. Deconstruct the tragedy ended airships as the transportation of the future.
Seconds From Disaster: Inferno at Guadalajara
A subterranean infrastructure of sewers, telecommunications, electricity, and water keeps every modern city alive -- and is taken for granted until something goes wrong. On April 22, 1992, in Mexico, something went very wrong.
Seconds From Disaster: Killer Quake
In 1995, a 7.2 earthquake hits Kobe, Japan, leveling 100,000 buildings and leaving a quarter of a million people homeless and more than 5,500 dead. Why was the earthquake so devastating and why didn't scientists see it coming?
Seconds From Disaster: Oil Fire in Texas
March 23, 2005: The BP oil refinery in Texas City, Texas explodes killing 15 people and injuring 170 more. The FBI fears sabotage and immediately dispatches agents to the refinery. Meanwhile, investigators from the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), begin their analysis. Seconds from Disaster unravels the mystery behind the biggest United States chemical accident in the past 20 years.
Seconds From Disaster: Plane Crash in the Potomac
A passenger plane crashes into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. in January 1982--killing a total of 78 people. Delayed almost two hours due to blizzard conditions and freezing temperatures, the 737 plummets just one minute after take off--crushing four cars on the 14th Street Bridge and sinking into the icy river. What caused this tragic disaster? Was it an act of terrorism, a faulty de-icing process or pilot error?
Seconds From Disaster: Puerto Rico Gas Explosion
A commercial building in a shopping district in San Juan, Puerto Rico, explodes, killing 33 people and injuring 80 more. Investigators trace the cause to a leak from an inactive gas line near the building. Why wasn't the leak detected earlier?
Seconds From Disaster: Sinking of the Kursk
Theories abound as to why the nuclear-powered Kursk sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea, but one thing is certain: all 118 sailors aboard perished. What destroyed the supposedly "unsinkable" Kursk? Why did it sink so quickly? And why were there no survivors? Seconds from Disaster deconstructs the chain of events that led to one of the world's most horrific undersea tragedies and reveals a personal note one of the sailors wrote when they realized their fate
Seconds From Disaster: Sinking of the Titanic
What caused the largest and most luxurious passenger liner ever built to sink on her maiden voyage? State-of-the-art forensic analysis and a groundbreaking experiment reveal a hidden weakness in the famous ship.
Seconds From Disaster: Skywalk Collapse
During a dance contest in a new $50-million Hyatt hotel in Kansas City, overhead walkways collapse into the crowded lobby, killing 114 and injuring 186. What caused one of America's most devastating structural failures?
Seconds From Disaster: Tornado Outbreak
It was the worst tornado outbreak in U.S. history: 148 twisters pulverized 13 states in 18 hours, killing 330 people. NGC takes you inside this raging storm front and the communities caught in its path.
Seconds From Disaster: Tunnel Inferno
The Mont Blanc tunnel connects France and Italy through the Alps -- a normally picturesque route. But when a freight truck caught fire in the tunnel, 39 people were dead after a 53-hour firefight.
Seconds From Disaster: Wreck of the Sunset Limited
In Alabama, the captain of a towboat became disoriented by fog and didn't realize that his barges had collided with a rail bridge -- the same bridge that an Amtrak train was speeding toward. Amtrak's worst accident claimed 47 lives.
Seconds from Disaster: Aircraft Carrier Explosion
An accidental rocket launch from a parked fighter jet turns the USS Forrestal's first combat mission into a blazing inferno that kills 134. Deconstruct the chain of events leading up to this super-carrier horror.
Seconds from Disaster: American Embassy Bombing
Al Qaeda detonates a truck bomb at the American embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 213 and injuring 4,000 more. Follow the chain of events leading to one of the bloodiest terrorist acts against American interests overseas.
Seconds from Disaster: Asian Tsunami
In December 2004, earthquakes equal to 23,000 Hiroshima bombs rocked South Asia and caused a tsunami that rippled across one-seventh of the earth, killing more than 200,000. Deconstruct the disaster that caused chaos from Thailand to Africa.
Seconds from Disaster: Collision on the Runway
On Tenerife, a Pan Am flight taxied on the runway, while a KLM flight took off. But miscommunication caused one of the worst aviation disasters when the two jumbo jets collided, killing 583 people. Investigate what led to this fateful airplane collision.
Seconds from Disaster: Columbia's Last Flight
7 astronauts aboard space shuttle Columbia complete a routine mission and head back to Earth. Mission Control expects a trouble-free re-entry, but just 16 minutes from landing, disaster strikes. The crew loses control and the Shuttle disintegrates over Texas. Everyone on board perishes. What made the 113th space shuttle flight go so catastrophically wrong? Was the mission doomed before lift-off?
Seconds from Disaster: Crash of the Comet
January, 1954. One of the worlds first passenger jet aircrafts, Comet Flight 781 disappears over the Mediterranean Sea, killing everyone on board. The tragedy launches one of the most critical and complex investigations in aviation history. NGC takesyou back in time, before black boxes and flight data recorders, to reveal the critical chain of events that caused the downing of Flight 781.
Seconds from Disaster: Crash of the Concorde
After 40,000 flights with no fatalities, the Concorde erupts in flames on the runway, killing everyone on board. Using CGI analysis and eye-witness testimony, deconstruct the tragedy that ultimately led to the retirement of the entire fleet.
Seconds from Disaster: Everglades Plane Crash
Just after takeoff, ValuJet Flight 592, carrying 110 passengers and crew, slams into the Florida Everglades and disappears into the alligator-infested swamp. NGC deconstructs one of America's most baffling air crashes.
Seconds from Disaster: Explosion in the North Sea
More than 110 miles off the coast of Scotland, the Piper Alpha oil rig churns out 120,000 barrels of oil per day. But when a lapse in communication led to a gas leak, catastrophe ensued, causing the world's worst offshore disaster.
Seconds from Disaster: Freeway Plane Crash
Security is tight at Heathrow Airport. Just 3 weeks ago, a bomb blew apart a Pam Am 747 airplane over Lockerbie, Scotland killing 259 people. As British Midland commuter flight 092 to Belfast climbs into the sky, a series of explosions and vibrations rock the plane. It crashes just feet from the runway and 47 people die. What could cause a brand new aircraft to fall out of the sky? Was it another terrorist attack or a freak accident? Advanced computer simulations reveal what went wrong.
Seconds from Disaster: High Speed Train Wreck
The German InterCity Express was the ultimate in train travel. But in 1998, the train derailed and slammed into a concrete bridge. In seconds, 101 passengers were killed in the world's worst high-speed rail disaster . What caused this tragedy?
Seconds from Disaster: Hotel Collapse
Singapore experiences its worst national disaster since World War II when a popular budget hotel, bank and nightclub collapses, burying 50 people under six stories of concrete and debris. Why did the building suddenly collapse?
Seconds from Disaster: London's Subway Inferno
At one of Britain's busiest railway stations, a discarded match sparks the worst fire in the Underground's history. Find out why a seemingly containable fire erupted into a deadly fireball with a ferocity that baffled investigators.
Seconds from Disaster: Meltdown in Chernobyl
At the Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a routine test was being carried out. But human error occurred, and the situation quickly spiraled out of control. The worst nightmare in the world's nuclear industry had just come true.
Seconds from Disaster: Mount St. Helens Eruption
Mt. Saint Helens slept for 123 years. And then, despite the constant watch of U.S. geologists, the giant awoke, flattened everything across 220 square miles, launched millions of tons of ash 12 miles into the air, and turned day to night for 250 miles around. The most destructive volcanic eruption in U.S. history killed 57 people, caused over a billion dollars in damage and caught geologists by surprise. Why did Mt. St. Helens erupt so explosively? Could it happen again?
Seconds from Disaster: Olympic Hostage Crisis
At the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, terrorists capture and kill 11 Israeli athletes. Declassified government secrets, computer simulations and eyewitness accounts explain how it happened.
Seconds from Disaster: Pentagon 9/11
The Pentagon is one of the largest office buildings in the world. Its five floors make up a unique, five-ring fortress containing almost 18 miles of corridors and more than six and a half million square feet of office space where 23,000 people work. It has served as a symbol of power and freedom for over 60 years. On September 11, 2001, 5 terrorists hell bent on mass murder tested its strength.
Seconds from Disaster: Plane Crash in Queens
Two months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a plane slams into a residential area of New York City - home to many firemen, police and their families already deeply affected by the events of 9/11. What has caused this horrific disaster? Was it terrorism? Seconds for Disaster deconstructs, moment-by-moment, the chain of events leading up to and following this tragic Plane Crash in Queens.
Seconds from Disaster: Plane Crash in the Suburbs
Minutes after a 747 cargo flight takes off from Amsterdam, two engines sheer off and the plane hits a crowded apartment block. Was it a terrorist attack? A freak accident? Advanced computer simulations reveal what really downed EL Al Flight 1862.
Seconds from Disaster: Runaway Train
The stationmaster took the frantic calls: A runaway train was headed for Gare de Lyon, one of Paris' biggest stations. It ploughed into a packed commuter train waiting at the platform, killing 56 people. What caused France's worst train crash?
Seconds from Disaster: Space Shuttle Explosion
On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger was scheduled to make history by putting the first civilian in space: teacher Christa McAuliffe. But tragically 73 seconds after liftoff, the Challenger, with seven astronauts onboard, bursts into a ball of flames. Now, Seconds from Disaster deconstructs, moment by moment, the events leading up to this infamous disaster.
Seconds from Disaster: TWA Flight 800
Less than 30 minutes after takeoff, TWA flight 800 explodes over the waters off Long Island, killing everyone on board. Was it hit by a missile? Deconstruct one of the biggest crash investigations in U.S. history.
Seconds from Disaster: The Bomb in Oklahoma City
On a spring morning in Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck outside the Alfred P. Murrah building. One minute later the truck exploded. Survivors tell their harrowing stories and investigators examine how the building collapsed.
Seconds from Disaster: When the Volcano Blew
In 1995, the Montserrat volcano erupts for the first time in recorded history -- then blows again in 1997. Follow the events leading to this back-to-back disaster on this tiny island popular with the rich and famous.
Secret History of UFOs
At Washington National Airport, air traffic control reported seven slow-moving blips over D.C. in 1952, causing the Air Force to scramble fighter jets. During the 1980s, an increasing number of people claimed they were abducted by aliens … from their own bedrooms! Bringing together eyewitness testimony, expert opinions, and archival video and photos, Secret History of UFOs investigates some of the biggest landmark UFO sightings in history.
Secret History of the Atom Bomb
NGC delves into the tumultuous history of the atom bomb - filled with deception, twists and danger that even Hollywood couldn't make up. Culling from rarely seen archival footage and interviews with leading experts, we'll see how Soviet spies gathered top-secret information during WWII. Learn why China shared its nuclear weapons technology with other countries. Find out how Israel's nuclear weapons program was exposed by a disgruntled worker who leaked information before being kidnapped.
Secret History of the Bra
Science meets fashion when NGC travels the world to reveal the secrets, history and complex construction behind one of the world's most highly engineered garments.
Secret Life of Predators
Predators can be iconic or surprising.  Some are easy to recognize -- and some you’d never even suspect -- but every one of them must strategize … improvise … and specialize in order to survive. Every predator on our planet has tricks that help them beat the odds, and they perfect these skills and weapons to succeed wherever they live -- and to best whatever they’re faced with. 
Secret Lives of the Apostles
Before the church. Before the Gospels. Before the word Christian. There were the Apostles. This is their story. In a mere three or four decades, the seeds of a global religion spread across the most powerful empire on Earth. In an age with no internet, no mass media, no planes, trains or fossil fuel -- how did it happen? NGC investigates the mysterious decades following Jesus' death, and the group of 12 common men, who sacrificed everything to to spread Jesus' message.
Secret Service Files: Battlefront Colombia
Join the Secret Service in Colombia as teams prepares for a massive international manhunt. For the first time, NGC cameras are allowed to follow them throughout the planning, surveillance work and informant meetings, all culminating in a dangerous raid on a pair of master counterfeiters.
Secret Service Files: Frontline New York City
In the digital age, financial fraud isn't limited to counterfeit currency. Secret Service Files rides shotgun with NYC agents as the Electronic Crimes Task Force pursues a culprit using fake credit cards to cash out ATMs throughout the city. But the goal isn't to apprehend the suspect; instead, units mobilize to follow the trail of stolen money, hoping it leads to the cyber theft mastermind.
Secret Service Files: Protecting the President
PROTECTING THE PRESIDENT goes on the ground with agents-the Secret Service Protective Detail and FBI response teams - as they recount personal stories of protecting the President of the United States during high-risk events. Partisan Pictures crafts an exciting inside look at how the Secret Service protects and moves POTUS safely and securely overseas, revealing new perspectives from the Agents themselves.
Secret Service Files: Undercover Miami
Secret Service Files heads to the Field Office in Miami, a hotbed for counterfeit currency and credit card fraud. Hit the streets as an undercover agent coordinates a sting at an electronics superstore after surveillance reveals a fraud ring buying expensive goods with fake money and then returning them for the real thing. And with an anticounterfeit operation only hours away, agents construct a hidden camera inside a laptop case.
Secret Service Files: United Nations Lockdown
As nearly the entire world's leadership gathers in NYC, the Secret Service is responsible for the safety of not just the president, but 131 visiting heads of state. From an undisclosed location high above this massive city — no cameras have ever gained access to this secret fortress until now — the agency employs every resource in preparation for thousands of potentially disastrous situations.
Secret Voice of Hitler
Hitler was one of the first modern politicians to truly understand the power of the media, and his advisors micro-managed each of his public appearances. To record the Fhrer without permission could result in execution. Now, an extraordinary, unauthorized recording of a conversation kept hidden for over 60 years has come to light. Is it possible that the charming, relaxed, even reasonable man on the tape is Hitler himself? Did he divulge secrets that might rewrite the history of WWII?
Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
It was the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship, but after only one successful mission the H.L. Hunley vanished with its crew and lay hidden for more than a century. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Confederacy's secret weapon have remained an enduring mystery since the Civil War era, but now NGC has uncovered what may have brought it down.
Secret Yellowstone
Life-changing encounters with the natural world await you off-road and beyond the tourist spots in a Yellowstone you've never seen. Get into the two million untouched acres where the bison and bears roam free.
Secret Yosemite
Scale the largest granite monolith on Earth, see the tallest waterfall in North America, and touch a giant sequoia, the largest living thing in existence.
Secrets of Angkor
In conjunction with the July cover story of National Geographic Magazine, get a comprehensive look at Angkor and the new evidence: remains of outlying settlements, at least 74 additional temples and a vital, complex water system.
Secrets of Florence
Using a thermocamera to reveal long-lost artworks and never-before-seen architectural layers in some of the city's most famous landmarks, Art detective Maurizio Seracini reveals an unsavory history.
Secrets of Herod's Reign
Did Herod really try to kill the infant Jesus by ordering the massacre of every baby boy in his kingdom? Historians, archaeologists and psychologists examine his bloody and pragmatic rise to power and the accomplishments and horrors of his reign.
Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover
Though never elected to any office, for nearly 50 years J. Edgar Hoover's power was unmatched. As head of the FBI, he knew what everyone else wanted to keep hidden.He recognized that information is power, which is why he maintained secret files. Files so scandalous all of Washington feared him. But behind the public persona his shocking private life from his gambling addiction to his preferences for women's clothing nearly brought him down.
Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites
Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consider Jerusalem a holy city. Through extremely rare access, NGC goes inside the sites most sacred to each religion: the Muslim Noble Sanctuary, Judaism's Western Wall, and the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Secrets of Revelation
Is there more to the Book of Revelation than prophecy? Could the final book of the New Testament be the work of a strategic revolutionary, constructing a coded political manifesto against the oppressive Roman Empire?
Secrets of the Freemasons
This secret society has shaped world events for 1,000 years. Members turn up in the World Bank, the United Nations, the Pentagon, and the top ranks of major corporations. But who exactly are the Freemasons?
Secrets of the Hope Diamond
The mysterious origins of the Hope Diamond have been hidden under alleged curse and infatuation for its owners. NGC recuts this 45-carat gem's history and digs into a monumental theory: Could the Hope in fact be King Louis XIV's lost French Blue Diamond, stolen during the French Revolution? Physical evidence allows scientists and diamond experts to create 3-D images of the original French Blue to compare with the Hope as we reveal how France's lost gem may have been intentionally recut.
Secrets of the Knights Templar
The Knights Templar have been shrouded in myth for 900 years. Christian Crusaders condemned by the lies and disloyalty of their one-time allies, the Templars are inseparable from the legends of the Holy Grail and the Shroud of Turin. Now, a surprising manuscript unearthed in the Vatican shows that the Templars were liquidated at the hands of a weak pope in a 14th century tale of corporate greed.
Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple
The Shaolin Temple gave birth to one of the greatest martial art forms: kung fu. For over a thousand years Shaolin has trained the top students but now grapples with influences of the modern world.
Secrets of the Moon Landings
What if the Apollo 11 astronauts had been unable to leave the moon as planned? What stroke of luck allowed the safe return of Apollo 13? NGC reveals the make-or-break moments you didn't see.
Secrets of the Shroud
Is it really the burial cloth of Jesus or could it be the work of a cunning 14th Century forger? NGC investigates the forensic and evidence connected to the mysterious Shroud of Turin.
Secrets of the Titanic
Join one of the century's most celebrated underwater expeditions with marine scientist and adventurer Robert Ballard as he searches for -- and finds -- the R.M.S. Titanic.
Secrets of the Viking Warriors
For 300 years, the Vikings were the most feared and brutal warriors. Yet surprisingly, their empire collapsed. Why? Extensive archaeological evidence and modern investigative technologies shed light on these seafaring Scandinavians.
Secrets of the Virgin Queen
They called her the Virgin Queen — England's first Queen Elizabeth, a revered ruler in her own lifetime. Yet behind her fame lie many dark secrets, and an unsolved mystery — Why didn't the queen marry and provide an heir to the throne? For centuries, rumors have swirled of claims of illegitimacy, adultery and even that the queen may not have been a woman. Now NGC reveals the startling stories and secrets behind England's Virgin Queen.
Seized and Sold: The Madoff Auction
While Bernie Madoff sits in jail for his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, the U.S. Marshals Service auctions off thousands of items from his New York homes. Up on the auction block: a $350,000 diamond ring, rare Persian rugs, a 1917 Steinway piano and thousands of other items seized by the U.S. government. The money made at auction then goes into the Asset Forfeiture Program, which aids victims of white-collar crimes.
Sex for Sale: American Escort
The world's oldest profession is now a thriving black market economy, with an underground workforce that's just an Internet connection and a phone call away. National Geographic's Mariana van Zeller journeys to the heart of the American escort industry and uncovers the gritty reality behind the supply and demand of high-end sex work.
Sex: How It Works
We've been doing it since we first walked the Earth. It gives us pleasure and it gives us life. But how much do you know about how sex works? Now, National Geographic Channel takes a fascinating look at one of the world's most popular pastimes: sex. Through gripping real-life stories and simulations, we journey from first times to playing the field, and all the way to humankind's ultimate goal, procreation. We'll learn anything and everything you've ever wondered about sex.
Shadow Soldiers: Brazil
Elite crime fighters from across the globe take on dangerous operations that local police can't handle. NGC follows former British special forces agent Chris Ryan as he embeds with a battalion of Rio de Janeiro's military police. The squad's specialty is crime fighting in the city's slums, where they face violent gangs who control a vast drug-dealing network. After a dramatic shootout in the city streets, the squad succeeds in forcing the gangs to flee and breaking their drug-dealing operations
Shadow Soldiers: Colombia
Meet a new breed of law enforcement: elite crime fighters from across the globe who take on dangerous operations that local police can't handle. NGC follows former British special forces agent Chris Ryan as he embeds for one week with the Junglas, Colombia's police unit tasked with disrupting the extensive cocaine trade. He will enter the heart of the jungle using explosives to destory a working drug lab.
Shadow Soldiers: Israel
NGC follows former British Special Forces agent Chris Ryan as he embeds with the Magav, an elite Israeli police squad specializing in undercover work against terrorists. Chris is granted unique access to this unit, and after a week's worth of intense training, joins the Magav on a mission to bring down a notorious drug dealer. During the operation Chris learns to appreciate the difficulties of policing a country whose Palestinian population are hostile to the national police force.
Shadow Soldiers: Kazakhstan
Shadow Soldiers introduces you to a new breed of law enforcement: elite crime fighters from across the globe who take on dangerous operations that local police can't handle. NGC follows former British Special Forces agent Chris Ryan as he travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world and is embedded for one week with operatives on the front lines of the global war on crime.
Shadow Soldiers: Mexico
Follow former British Special Forces agent Chris Ryan as he travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world and is embedded for one week with operatives on the front lines of the global war on crime. Chris joins Mexico's Policia Federal. Made up of some of the toughest cops in the world, the force is responsible for taking on the city's ruthless drug cartels. During his week of training, Chris undertakes one his most intense training exercises yet: storming hijacked 727 airliner.
Shadow Soldiers: Sri Lanka
Chris Ryan travels to Sri Lanka to meet and train with the country's elite police unit, the STF or Special Task Force. During his visit Sri Lankan towns in the east and the north were under the daily threat of suicide bombers and terrorist attacks from the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group seeking a separate Tamil state on the island. The STF took on the task of clamping down on this terror wave. Ride along as Chris Ryan spends a week with a small STF unit training in counter-insurgency. He learns the squad's weaponry, the local landscape and joins a team on a mission into the jungle, hoping to flush out a Tiger squad thought to be operating in the area.
Shark Men: Hammered
In the final days of the Cocos Island expedition, the Shark Men tag the ever elusive hammerheads. Racing the clock, the team resorts to everything from midnight fishing to swimming with sharks. And at a moment when teamwork is vital, the crew and the equipment break down: the crane dies, and Denny disappears. With only hours to go to implant the crucial tags, will the Shark Men hold together?
Shark Men: Killing Zone
For the first time, the Shark Men tag elusive hammerheads at Costa Ricas Cocos Island, but the pressure on the team has the men turning against each other. Lead scientist Pete Klimley and his second in command Alex Hearn, clash in a screaming match that comes close to an all out fist fight. Pete also goes viral on Expedition Leader Chris and Captain Brett setting an anxious undertone throughout the crew.
Shark Men: Mission Critical
The Shark Men divide and conquer to get the job done, but that approach causes some safety issues. While divers scout for hammerheads, Todd is off by himself and hooks a giant tiger shark. The divers' support boats rush over to assist Todd leaving the lead scientist alone in dangerous waters The tense episode is the start of a growing divide between the anglers and scientists on priorities and protocol.
Shark Men: Trouble in Paradise
Under the cloak of darkness, shark finning poachers boldly enter Cocos Island's protective waters and this is the first time the Shark Men have on-board security in case there's a confrontation. Under tense conditions, the team's main species for tagging are hammerhead sharks. Because of their bigger fins, they are a highly sought after species for slaughter.
Showdown of the Unbeatables
Each week, the very best American companies do battle with their prize products.  Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful waterjet.  A vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles the 22,000 pound electro-lift magnet.  Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot, military torch.  Who will win the showdown each week?
Showdown of the Unbeatables: Magnet vs. Vacuum
The very best American companies go to battle with their prized products. Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful water jet. A vacuum truck capable of sucking up 360 cubic feet of air per minute tackles the 22,000 pound electro lift magnet. Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot military torch. Who will win the Showdown of the Unbeatables?
Shrink-Wrapped & Boxed Up
Since the ancient Greeks and Romans started storing wine in ceramic vases, packaging has evolved to withstand plane crashes, outwit shoplifters, and reduce landfill trash. Packaging made from corn and rice may point the way to a cleaner future.
Six Degrees Could Change the World
NGC visualizes in spectacular HD the devastating ecological impact each single degree increase in temperature could have on our planet over the next century.
Sizing Up Sperm
Each of us was the grand prize in an ultimate reality competition, the amazing race a sperm makes on the road to fertilization. Millions of sperm compete while overcoming armies of antibodies, treacherous terrain and impossible odds to reach their single-minded goal. To illustrate the full weight of the challenge, Sizing Up Sperm uses real people to represent 250 million sperm on their marathon quest to be first to reach a single egg.
Slang Hunters
Slang has been around longer than you might think'we've been calling a house a "crib" since the 1500's. But for most of its life, slang has been "dissed"'banished to the fringes of language, considered unworthy of serious study. Until now. Join us on a blizzard-paced, A-to-Z tour of slang, from the amusingly outdated to the very latest. With the help of lively and renowned language experts, hilarious person-on-the street commentary and dazzling graphics, NGC will truly bring language to life!
Sleepless in America
In an unprecedented partnership with the National Institutes of Health and the Public Good Projects, National Geographic Channel’s Sleepless in America exposes the crucial need for sleep and the shocking life-threatening consequences of its absence. Through its portrayal of the latest cutting-edge research and compelling stories, Sleepless in America illustrates what happens when we don’t get enough sleep or when our sleep is disturbed, reveals the emerging explanations for why we sleep, and illuminates an array of sleep disorders and explains what we can do to get a better night’s sleep.
Smoky Mountain Money
Four teams of mountain folk set out into the Great Smoky Mountains every September, searching the ridge-tops and “hollars” for wild American Ginseng.  Ginseng is a federally protected endangered species so the harvesting of wild Ginseng is a heavily regulated, but profitable trade. Ginseng harvesting is a highly competitive and territorial, natural treasure hunt with many similarities to the commercial fishing industry. The teams come from long bloodlines of “Sengers” who have a great respect for the valuable plant and want to conserve as they forage, allowing Ginseng to continue thriving and be a source of income for their children and their children’s children.  They are all searching for a legendary “Monster ‘Seng” – a huge man-shaped root that is rumored to fetch $10,000 on the Asian market.
Snack Attack
What's the key ingredient in potato chips? How many Goldfish to a bag? Learn the secrets of America's favorite snack foods.
Snake Salvation
In the hills of Appalachia, Pentecostal pastors Jamie Coots and Andrew Hamblin struggle to keep an over-100-year-old tradition alive: the practice of handling deadly snakes in church. Jamie and Andrew believe in a bible passage that suggests a poisonous snakebite will not harm them as long as they are anointed by God’s power. If they don’t practice the ritual of snake handling, they believe they are destined for hell. Hunting the surrounding mountains for deadly serpents and maintaining their church’s snake collection is a way of life for both men. The pastors must frequently battle the law, a disapproving society, and even at times their own families to keep their way of life alive.
Snakes That Fly
At the highest reaches of the rainforest live some of the world's most unusual and least understood creatures – snakes that glide through the air without wings, as well as elusive creatures known as "flying lemurs." Two scientists take us into the canopy of the Malaysian jungle to explore this mysterious world of gliders where flight is critical to their survival.
Snipers, Inc.
Selling guns to snipers is all in a day's work for one small-town Tennessee family. Ronnie, the designer and businessman at the helm of Barrett firearms manufacturing, and his two children are responsible for creating the M107 sniper rifle. The world's first semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle, the M107's power and precision allow snipers to destroy multiple targets from more than two football fields away. NGC goes inside this family of firearm "rock stars" to follow the production of rifles- fr
Snow Babies
Nat Geo WILD brings you a heartwarming tale of a group of babies who must learn to survive in some of the coldest places on earth. A baby emperor penguin swims free from his icy Antarctic birthplace, while a baby polar bear has to keep up with his mom in the high Arctic. A reindeer calf needs to run with the herd through the Arctic as soon as she is born. These adorable babies will stumble and waddle through their first winter, learning valuable lessons on their remarkable journey to adulthood.
Solo: Lost at Sea
Thirty-nine-year-old adventurer Andrew McAuley has a dangerous, monumental mission: Be the first person to kayak solo from Australia to New Zealand.
Southern Justice
Follow the Sheriff Deputies of Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC as they work to keep the peace in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Get an unprecedented look into crime in Appalachia, where guns, drugs and alcohol challenge lawmen 24/7. 
Space Dive
As Felix Baumgartner broke the world record for a free fall jump from higher than 120,000 feet in space—becoming the first person to free fall while breaking the sound barrier—the National Geographic Channel and BBC detailed every second with more than 20 cameras. The footage will be combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes access following Baumgartner's four-year metamorphosis from an elite BASE jumper to an extreme altitude specialist who can think and act like an astronaut.
Space Race: The Untold Story: Race for the Moon
The Cold War intensifies when Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is the first human in space. It gets hotter when American Alan Shepherd blasts off 2 weeks later.
Space Race: The Untold Story: Secret Weapons
The Cold War superpowers' race for space unfolds in the story of two men: charismatic ex-Nazi Wernher von Braun on the American team and the enigmatic Sergei Korolev, the Soviet project leader
Space Vacation
Space: the final frontier for an out-of-this-world summer vacation! Space tourism will literally revolutionize our view of the world, and some of the world's leading scientists and engineers are working at light speed to bust the industry wide open. One company is already developing a luxury space tourist resort boasting sea-view rooms complete with a panorama of all the world's oceans.
Spartacus: Gladiator War
In the true story of Spartacus, you'll discover how one man, fueled by a desire for his own freedom, led a revolution against the Roman Empire and became a hero even more compelling than the legend Hollywood created.
Spies, Lies and the Superbomb: Missile Crisis
During 1962s Cuban Missile Crisis, the world came close to nuclear war. At the height of this crisis, President Kennedy turned to secret intelligence to learn about the Soviets strategy. These secrets were provided by Soviet Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, one of the most effective and highest-ranking Soviet officials ever to spy for the West. Now, declassified CIA transcripts and unique access to KGB archives reveal how the KGB suspected Penkovsky of being a traitor.
Spies, Lies and the Superbomb: The A-bomb Spy
NGC delves into the life of superspy and physicist Klaus Fuchs, who provided nuclear bomb secrets to the Soviet Union, launching the world on the path of nuclear proliferation. A German refugee, Fuchs helped the United States create the worlds first nuclear bomb during World War II. In 1945, he helped the Soviets secure the complete blueprint of the Nagasaki A-bomb. Drawing on recently released top secret files, NGC reveals how Fuchs was finally brought to justice.
Spies, Lies and the Superbomb: The H-bomb
NGC takes viewers inside the quest to build one of the worlds most powerful weapons and the man who tried to stop it. As the Cold War intensified, the pursuit of the hydrogen bomb obsessed the Soviets and Americans. Both superpowers raced to create an explosion 1,000 times greater than that in Hiroshima. In the early 1950s, Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the U.S. atomic bomb, was horror-struck by this potential weapon and tried to stop its development.
Stand Up To Cancer
For the fourth time, Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) returns to television, and for the first time ever, it will also air on National Geographic Channel. Executive produced by Emmy-winning producer Joel Gallen and Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the show will deliver one-of-a-kind performances from top recording artists and celebrities from film and television. The broadcast includes powerful patient stories illustrating the remarkable progress SU2C has made in cancer research.
StarTalk: George Takei
Not Specified
Stone Age Atlantis
Once, the idea of a lost world under the sea was the stuff of legend, but now scientists are rediscovering a sunken land and piecing together the lives of the people who lived there. In Northern Europe, a huge area known as Doggerland disappeared beneath the waves and has remained underwater ever since. But evidence of this lost land is starting to emerge. In this two-hour special, learn why archaeologists believe Stone Age Europeans lived on this land and pioneered an advanced culture.
Stonehenge Decoded
For 5,000 years, the purpose of this monument has remained a mystery, but archaeologists have uncovered a theory to explain this architectural riddle.
Stonehenge Decoded
For 5,000 years, the purpose of this monument has remained a mystery, but archaeologists have uncovered a theory to explain this architectural riddle.
Storm Worlds: Cosmic Fire
In 1859, a huge solar storm hit Earth with tremendous force, wiping out what were then modern communications across the world. Experts believe that if a storm on the same scale were to happen again, it could destroy us. As scientists prepare for another solar storm of apocalyptic proportions, see how evidence extracted from Arctic ice cores contains a chilling record of the 1859 event. If it happened again, what would it mean for our modern world?
Stranger Than Nature: Flying Reindeer
A military jet hits a bird in the skies over Florida, but when the remains are analyzed, the results are astonishing: The DNA is not from a bird -- it's from a deer! The pilot confirms that no deer was hit on the runway, and that it was definitely a strike at altitude. The team asks, can reindeer really fly? And on the Great Barrier Reef, hundreds of marine turtles are washing up dead and emaciated. A crisis team is sent to look for answers: Why are these ancient animals going hungry?
Street Genius: Blow It Up
Tim Shaw, the Street Genius, introduces us to the extreme heat of thermite, the suction power of the human lungs, the workings of antacid, the wonders of gravity and an extraordinary explosive that fires a bowling ball from a cannon.
Street Genius: Crash & Burn
Tim Shaw takes us into the dramatic, fascinating, unpredictable and entertaining world of street science. With car-crushing cinder-blocks, how to stop a 1000mph bullet from a magnum, a hovercraft put through its paces and a gas tank fireball, stand by for an exhilarating ride in this edition of his street science roadshow.
Street Genius: Falling, Floating, Feasting
The man they call the Street Genius, Tim Shaw, shines the spotlight on some incredible science as he tests the sticking power of glue, the kicking power of a rocket boot, the mystifying properties of dry ice, and what happens in a head to head between humans and hotdogs.
Street Genius: Master Blaster
Tim Shaw takes us into the sensational world of street science as he demonstrates the incredible truth about the world around us. On a tour of Las Vegas, Tim sets off fire extinguisher rockets and finds out what happens when a person gets vacuum packed. Next he puts a boiled egg through its paces, and then introduces us to an extraordinary liquid that we take completely for granted, before travelling out of town to set off a truly massive, earth-shattering blast.
Street Genius: Pressure Cooker
The man they call the Street Genius introduces us to the incredible truth about why things do what they do, with the help of a crossbow, a water heater put under intense pressure, and roller blades as you've never seen them before.
Street Genius: Shooters, Showers, & Shockwaves
Why do things do what they do? That's the question hostTim Shaw puts to baseball pitchers, poolside revelers and passersby as he shoots at targets from a moving vehicle, attempts to inflate diaper bags, fills a regular car tyre to bursting point and reveals some surprising science behind helium balloons.
Street Heat: High Speed Justice
It's just past midnight in the Seattle suburbs, and illegal street races are about to go into high gear. For the undercover cops who face off against hundreds of drivers, it's a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that can end in death for racers, who speed through residential streets at up to 120 mph.
Strong Men: Basque Country
Brothers and world record strength champions Craig and Paul Pumphrey challenge the legendary strongmen in the Basque country of Spain - whose unusual feats of strength are derived from everyday tasks needed for survival in this rugged land. They train with Basque strongman Ernesto Ezpeleta, world champion wood chopper, and are whipped into shape learning the techniques that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Strong Men: Scottish Highland Games
The Pumphrey brothers head to Scotland to find the legendary highlanders, and to learn what makes these superhuman warriors so fearsome.
Strong Men: Thai Kickboxing
The Pumphrey brothers are heading to Thailand to discover the ancient martial art of Muay Thai.
Sunk Behind Enemy Lines
The Battle at Gallipoli was one of the bloodiest and most controversial campaigns of World War I. Now, for the first time ever and more than 10 years after its discovery, scientists are able to fully explore the battle's largest intact relic: the AE2 submarine.
Sunken Treasures of the Nile
Of all the archaeological sites in Egypt that may still yield ancient treasure, perhaps the richest is the Nile River. Enormous boats navigated the river's perilous waters loaded with monumental items, obelisks and riches for the pharaoh's royal temples. The question remains ... what lost treasures could modern technology reveal at the bottom of the Nile? Join the archeological search to locate and extract these lost artifacts that could unlock some of the mysteries of Egyptian history.
Super Carrier: Hi-Tech Superlaunch
The American Military's most advanced weapon - the Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier – is about to take on the 21st Century with the most significant technological change in over 50 years. Join us on an exclusive, behind the scenes journey of the development and testing of EMALS, the electro magnetic aircraft launch system that will be state of the art on the US Navy's new class of Aircraft Carriers.
Super Snake
Herpetologist Jesus Rivas, the world's foremost authority on the anaconda, is feeling for snakes with his toes. Join Jesus in the swamps of Venezuela.
Super Strength
Some of the world's strongest men meet cutting-edge CGI and force-measurement technology to discover how they surpass the limits of ordinary strength and become... "superhuman."
Imagine accelerating from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and then hurtling over a 45-story building in a go-kart. You crest a hill, experience weightlessness and then G forces plaster you to your seat. As the ride ends, dopamine floods your brain. Every rollercoaster conspires with physics, geometry and precision engineering to jump start your brain chemistry and shake up your basic instincts. Why do we get such a rush out of roller coasters? What will the next generation of Supercoasters unleash?
Supertankers are crossing oceans with enough Liquid Natural Gas, a cleaner burning but volatile fuel, to power a major city for a day. Examine the safety and engineering challenges involved in building these 75,000-ton vessels.
Supercarrier: USS Ronald Reagan
Zip up your military flight suit, strap on your protective headgear and get ready to experience the rush of an F/A-18 being launched off the world's most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Supercarrier: USS Ronald Reagan. A ship nearly as long as the Empire State building is tall, yet able to speed through the water at more than 30 knots, or 35 miles per hour, this floating American territory is one of the most complex machines on earth.
Supercarrier: USS Ronald Reagan
Experience the rush of a fighter jet launch from the world's most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and discover the inner workings of this floating American territory.
Superfish: Bluefin Tuna
It is a giant among fish. Few have filmed it in the wild. For marine biologist and wildlife cameraman Rick Rosenthal, documenting the bluefin became the ultimate challenge. Rosenthal sets off to uncover the secrets of the legendary bluefin tuna, while documenting its place in the grand scheme of the vast marine ecosystem. Capable of weighing in at 1,500 pounds, spanning 10 feet and swimming up to 50 miles per hour in a range from one end of the North Atlantic to the other.
Supersized Pets
Pets come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the bigger they are, the stranger they get. From a giant monitor lizard, and a reindeer, to a buffalo - meet these Supersized Pets.
Superstorm 2012
Explore the stories behind the biggest storm to hit New York in living memory. How a freak combination of natural events led to life-changing experiences for those in its path -- the YouTube generation who watched trees being uprooted, cars swept away and whole neighborhoods on fire. We take apart the science behind this massive clash of weather systems, showing what happens when a tropical hurricane slams into a freezing cold front, over the most densely populated region in America. Is it just the start of a nightmare scenario facing the world's population, in a changing climate?
Survive The Tribe
Survival instructor and wilderness guide Hazen Audel travels to some of the world's most remote tribal communities to learn how they have survived for thousands of years in the planet's toughest environments. Hazen joins tribes in the rainforests of Ecuador, the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, the mountains of western Mongolia, the frozen Arctic of Canada, and in equatorial Kenya to learn firsthand the skills and traditions of these masters of survival. 
Surviving Alcatraz
Criminals sent to Alcatraz had a choice: give up or fight to survive. In its 29-year history, no inmate ever escaped. Find out how the country's most ruthless men survived "The Rock."
Surviving Everest
The sons of celebrated Mt. Everest climbers, including Peter Hillary, Jamling Norgay and Brent Bishop, attempt a double-route ascent to the top, following the same routes pioneered by their fathers.
Surviving Wild America
Australian adventurers Cas & Jonesy battle alligators, deadly snakes, fatigue and each other in search of a lost trail through Georgia's infamous Okefenokee Swamp. The fearless world-record-setting duo have conquered the South Pole and crossed the treacherous Tasman Sea in a kayak, but tackling the Okefenokee brings new and unfamiliar challenges. Hostile spirits - the ghosts of long-dead Native Americans - are said by the locals to roam dark corners of the wetlands and Cas and Jonesy must go.
Surviving the Apocalypse
The Sims family comes to Z.E.R.T. to better prepare for the breakdown of society during civil unrest. Through a series of lessons culminating in a final test, family head Charlie must guide and protect his family using the skills they learn. Single mother Stevie fears for her son's safety in the aftermath of a super volcano. She travels to Z.E.R.T. to refine her survival skills. During a volcanic fallout simulation, her knowledge and abilities are put to the test.
Sweet Tooth
How do Twinkies get their fill? How do Peeps get their puff? NGC reveals the inner workings of American candy factories and how they achieve sweet success.
We've taken you around the world exploring behaviors and lifestyles that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal or reviled in others. But this season, we're looking in our own backyard. Taboo USA goes behind the closed doors and picket fences of America’s most normal looking homes to find a fringe few that can only be described as... taboo. And we're showcasing those willing to push the boundaries of taste, societal acceptance; those obsessive about their hobbies, their relationships, and their lifestyles.
Taboo: Food
Take a spin around the globe in search of food taboos, some hilarious, others deadly serious. In Borneo, meet the durian, the world's only taboo fruit. In Los Angeles, an entrepreneur serves up bugs. In Thailand, deadly cobra is on the menu.
Taboo: Healers
The ability to heal others is prized in all cultures. But a healer's source of power can be mysterious and treatment often requires a big leap of faith. Meet three healers who claim their strength derives from unconventional sources.
Taboo: Marriage
In most of the world, marriage is confined to one man and one woman, the basic formula for propagating the species. But in some cultures, marriage has broader meanings. See how other communities identify and celebrate the essence of family.
Taboo: Tattoo
In Borneo, headhunters commemorate their murders with the most taboo tattoo of all. In Africa, "scarification" transforms boys to men. At a tattoo convention, every body is a canvas. Why would you get a tattoo?
Taboo: Witchcraft
In the modern world, witchcraft and witches are dismissed as fantasies, but in many cultures, magic is alive and its practitioners admired and feared. Meet an anthropologist who became a believer in Mexico and a "witch cleanser" in Zimbabwe.
Tanker Time Bomb
November 2002. The fully laden oil supertanker Prestige starts to break-up in heavy seas off of the northwest coast of Spain.Inevitably, in pounding seas, the Prestige splits in two and sinks, creating one of the world's worst oil spill crisis. This filmreveals the extraordinary consequences of the spill and the ultimately successful recovery of much of the remaining oil from unprecedented depths. Could this terrible tragedy have been caused by a "rogue wave"?
Tanks: Machines of War
The introduction of tanks has drastically reinvented the way wars are fought and has often been one of the greatest causes for victory. Weighing 70 tons, a tank has the power to strike a moving target nearly 2 miles away, punch through 2.5 feet of steel,and has evolved to contain laser technology and thermal vision. Join NGC as Tanks: Machines of War chronicles the progression of this killing machine from its early beginnings to its present status as the supreme armored fighting vehicle.
Tattoo: Under the Skin
The idea of an injury that never disappears, that disfigures or leaves a permanent mark would be taboo to most people. Yet in some cultures, elaborate scars are considered beautiful. For tribesmen in remote Papua New Guinea, they are a sign of a boy's courageous entry into manhood, and they believe the only way to achieve that special status is by enduring one of the most painful initiations ever conceived: imagine being sliced a thousand times to replicate a crocodile's scales on your back.
Ten Years on Mars
When the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity touched down on Mars in January 2004, they were expected to drive a few hundred yards and last ninety days. Seven-plus years later, the hardy robots have proven to be two of the greatest explorers of the Space Age, trekking miles across hostile deserts, climbing mountains, scrambling in and out of craters, and cheating death many times. Now comes the sad news that while Opportunity continues to roll, Spirit has reached the end of the road. Death of a Mars Rover tells the epic story of Spirit and Opportunity, and the desperate effort to save Spirit after she drove into a quicksand trap and then fell silent over a year ago.
Ten Years on Mars
When the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity touched down on Mars in January 2004, they were expected to drive a few hundred yards and last 90 days. But scientists were wrong; the hardy robots proved to be two of the greatest explorers of the Space Age. Now, 10 years later, one rover is down, but the other refuses to die and continues to send back stunning images and exciting new scientific information. As newer rovers continue to land on the alien planet, we look back at this remarkable journey.
Texas Outlaws
In the heart of Texas, John Joe Gray and his family continue to taunt law enforcement in a standoff that has lasted nearly 15 years. And John Joe doesn’t show any signs of backing down. Living by the words, “If you don’t have a gun you have nothing,” the Gray family says they are prepared to defend themselves to the death if necessary. Following his 1999 arrest for possessing unlicensed firearms and biting a police officer, John Joe was released on bail and fled to the compound that he now calls home, taking his children and grandchildren with him. With no phone lines or electricity, the children have grown up cut off from society. With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, the Grays prepare for a rare break from their simple diet. Join National Geographic Channel for a look into the Gray compound and the inside story of America’s longest standoff.
The '80s: The Decade That Made Us
We worked out, worked harder, played harder and consumed more—because the 1980s was the decade when we went forward to the future. Despite its reputation for bad hair and loud clothing, the ‘80s was a big, bold time, and just about everything about the era, from the politics and technological innovations to the blockbuster movies, TV shows, and “to the max” fashions, continues to shape the world we live in today.
The '90s: The Last Great Decade?
The '90s: The Last Great Decade? revisits the decade through "inside out" storytelling and analysis via 120 original interviews—from unsung heroes behind the decade's most riveting stories to the biggest names in politics, tech, movies and music. They reveal a decade of highs and lows: Bill Clinton swept into office on the promise of change; we all made new "Friends"; the LA Riots kept us glued to our TVs; Nirvana gave Generation X a voice but everyone danced the Macarena; and "The Real World" and Jerry Springer changed the television programming landscape. With a star-studded cast of actors, eyewitnesses, politicians and celebrity interviewees, The '90s tells the story of 10 years before boom turned into bust; 10 years when the Web was wide open; 10 years before global terror hit hard.
The Ark: Neophytes
Mike and Megan are a couple visiting Cinderland for the first time. While Megan feels enriched by her experience, Mike is uncomfortable and is pushed to his limits by the self-proclaimed prophet. Ultimately Jezus splits the couple apart, as Megan chooses Cinderland over Mike. Meanwhile the frame of the Ark is complete and painting has begun.
The Ark: The Launch
With a skeleton crew, Jezus must test his first ark in less than a week by sailing it to the high seas. The crew is finally chosen and the ark is prepared to set sail. But will it float?
The Ark: The Prophecy
In this episode, Jezus works to build the faith of the few remaining tribe members he has. He orders his people to begin the work of building the first 48-foot Ark, of what will eventually be a 20-Ark armada. But before construction can begin, the Tribe needs to obtain the materials and figure out how they will get them into their jungle community. With the help of a trusted friend, the materials are set to be delivered to Cinderland. As the tribe works tirelessly to clear a road for the materials delivery, one member protests by clinging to a tree in order to keep it from being cut down. How will Jezus maintain his authority and keep the faith of his followers in the face of defiance?
The Ark: The Tribe is Tested
The Tribe begins work on the first Ark, of what will be a 20 “ark-armada.” Jezus and his tribe believe this first 48-foot Ark will serve as a beacon to the world, inviting anyone who wishes to join the Tribe on its mission to save humanity. Jezus is looking to find new followers, and tests those at Cinderland to see who is truly worthy of joining him on the Ark.
The Ark: Welcome to the Tribe
Jezus is the leader of Cinderland, an off-the-grid community attempting to be totally self-sustainable. But is he prophet carrying a message from God? Jezus believes that on Feb 5th, 2016 the waters will rise and a great flood will wipe out the earth. The people of Cinderland must build an Ark. He believes they are the chosen people who will survive the apocalypse and begin a new civilization. But a failed attempt to launch a prototype ark and conflict with a newcomer test Jezus' leadership. Can he maintain faith in himself in the face of adversity? Can they even get the prototype on the water?
The Big Picture with Kal Penn: Crime, Inc.
The Big Picture with Kal Penn dives into the big business that is “Crime Incorporated” to see what makes crime the richest enterprise in the world. Kal takes a close look at Crime Inc’s books to reveal the hot spots for illicit activity in the United States and around the world. We start in rural Vermont, where a young man running his family’s dairy farm lets us peek into the dark world of illegal drugs in the Green Mountain State, the illicit drug use capitol of the United States . We’ll also spend some time on the “inside” in the prison capitol of the United States, Caon City, Colorado . And finally we’ll ride along with the police as they fight Crime Inc., not with guns and tasers, but with 140 characters or less… on Twitter and Facebook.
The Big Picture with Kal Penn: Treasure Hunt
The Big Picture with Kal Penn takes you on the hunt for real treasure, that can be found anywhere from your own home to buried deep underground, if you just follow the data. Today’s treasure maps are made by following the numbers and tracing history, and they can lead to some really big rewards. We travel underground to gold-central, in the mines of Nevada where one man is striking it rich in what can be considered a modern day Gold Rush. Traveling east to a little town in Ohio we meet someone who may be the luckiest man in the state for stumbling across $3 million worth of baseball cards in his aunt’s attic – or was it more than dumb luck? Finally we head to Poland where a treasure hunter is on the trail to find a hidden stash of valuable coins hidden from the Nazis during WW2.
The Bloodiest Battle
It was the bloodiest battle in human history: 20,000 killed in one day, most within the first hour. NGC takes you onto the slaughterfield of the Great War: The Somme, 1916, where almost certain death is only moments away.
The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln
Mary Surratt was the only woman convicted in Lincoln's assassination, the first female to be executed by the U.S. government and now the basis for Robert Redford's film "The Conspirator." NGC presents a complementary documentary on her role in the 16th president's death. The Plot to Kill Lincoln: The Conspirator weaves together excerpts from the movie with historical records and expert interviews to tell the dramatic story.
The Decrypters: Cowboy Corpse
While unearthing a 150-year-old skeleton in a Denver public park, Dr. Michelle Hamilton and her team are struck by the size of his bones and visible injuries. To find out if the broken nose, grooved teeth or trauma to the legs and feet hold any clues, Dr. Xanthe Mallet consults with Deputy Coroner Michelle Weiss-Samaras. Initially, they think he's an East Asian cowboy, but after having some Wild West myths dispelled by historian Tom Noel, they focus on other 19th-century Denver vocations.
The Egyptian Job
It was one of the greatest heists of the ancient world: A group of thieves broke into the treasure-rich tomb of King Amenemhat III — who was buried in one of the most complex pyramid vaults ever designed — and made away with a fortune. Pulling a job of this scale would have taken the expertise and manpower seen in Hollywood blockbusters, so how did these looters get past the security defenses of a pyramid known as the Fort Knox of ancient Egypt?
The Final Report: Attica Prison Riot
The Final Report looks back at the notorious 1971 revolt in New York States Attica Prison, where 1,200 inmates took 39 hostages during a four-day standoff. How did these events result in the death of 29 inmates and 10 hostages?
The Final Report: Battle for Fallujah
March 31, 2004. Insurgents in Fallujah ambush an American convoy, killing four civilian contractors, further prompting an angry mob to set the vehicles ablaze and mutilate the corpses. The entire gruesome episode is captured on tape, horrifying the American public and sparking national controversy over the role of private contractors in war zones. Now, Battle for Fallujah documents how the U.S. military's subsequent attempts to destroy the insurgency in Fallujah resulted in increasing chaos.
The Final Report: Black Hawk Down
Find out what really happened when heavily-armed militia in war-torn Somalia shot down two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters in one of the bloodiest firefights since Vietnam.
The Final Report: Bombing over Lockerbie
Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing everyone on board. Follow the miniscule pieces of evidence that lead detectives to the African nation of Libya.
The Final Report: Clinton Impeachment
As former First Lady Hillary Clinton continues her quest for the White House, The Final Report looks back at the most troubling days of his presidency. Were his actions criminal and did they warrant the series of events they unleashed? Now, with the perspective only time can offer, hear from White House staff and members of Congress on this front-page scandal and its impact years later.
The Final Report: Columbine
April 20, 1999. Littleton, Colorado. Two students go on a murderous rampage at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and one teacher, before committing suicide. Go behind the scenes to see how and why this tragedy unfolded.
The Final Report: DC Sniper Case
Retrace each step of the Washington, D.C. snipers as they stalked their prey, toyed with police and sent waves of fear through the community. Deconstruct the events of those frightful weeks and the intense police struggle to stop the killers.
The Final Report: Desert Storm
Find out how U.S. military strategy in the First Gulf War helped shape the situation in Iraq today. What factors influenced the decision to halt the fighting, allowing Saddam Hussein to remain in power?
The Final Report: Exxon Valdez Spill
Revisit the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill that dumped 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound with significant impact on the Alaskan environment and economy. Follow the massive cleanup and see the outcome of the most studied spill in history.
The Final Report: Getting Gotti
When John Gotti emerged as head of the Gambino crime family, the media took notice of this charismatic new boss who was tried several times but never convicted. NGC revisits Gotti's rise to power and why it took the feds so long to bring him down.
The Final Report: Green River Killer
Responsible for more murders than another other serial killer in the U.S., The Final Report tells the story of Gary Ridgway, the "Green River Killer" responsible for the brutal murders of more than 40 prostitutes in Seattle. Using rarely-seen confession tapes, interviews with authorities involved, explore the investigation and see how Ridgway was able to avoid authorities. Examine the 2001 DNA evidence that reveals via science how authorities now have hard evidence of Ridgways guilt.
The Final Report: Heaven's Gate
On March 26, 1997, San Diego police discovered 39 bodies in an affluent neighborhood home. The Final Report goes behind the scenes of one of the largest mass suicides committed on U.S. soil to investigate. Hear the actual 911 call from an anonymous tipper, testimony from police officers central to the investigation and statements from former cult and family members who lost loved ones in this tragic event. Then watch eerie footage of cult members last days.
The Final Report: Investigation of TWA Flight 800
What caused TWA Flight 800 to explode in midair off the coast of Long Island, killing all 230 passengers? Was it mechanical error -- or terrorism?
The Final Report: Jonestown Tragedy
In November 1978, the Rev. Jim Jones becomes infamous for leading 913 people to their deaths. Those who died were members of the People's Temple living in a remote community in Jonestown, Guyana, in South America. When officials arrive to remove the dead, they discover tubs of grape-flavored Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Was it mass murder or mass suicide? Did Jones's followers believe they would become symbolic martyrs, or were lies and intimidation used to prevent people from leaving?
The Final Report: LA Riots
Riots erupt in Los Angeles after four white police officers are acquitted of beating black motorist Rodney King. Why wasn't the city prepared? How did the LAPD lose control of the streets? Where was the National Guard?
The Final Report: Mob on Trial
New York, New York. The 1980s. Five powerful mob families, known as the Commission, have a stronghold on some of the country's biggest businesses. State and federal authorities embark on the most ambitious investigation of its kind to end decades of the mob's terror and corruption. Get an in-depth look at how authorities risked their lives gathering shocking evidence to bring each of the five families to justice.
The Final Report: O.J. Simpson Trial
NGC looks back at the O.J. Simpson murder trial, from the night Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered to the criminal trial and acquittal of the football legend.
The Final Report: Oklahoma City Bombing
On a spring morning in Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck outside the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. Moments later the truck exploded. Follow the planning and execution of this American tragedy.
The Final Report: Standoff at Ruby Ridge
On a remote ridge in northern Idaho, a surveillance operation leads to a military-like siege on the home of Randy Weaver. After an 11-day standoff, three people are dead: a federal agent, Weaver's wife and 14-year-old son.
The Final Report: Waco Tragedy
Get the inside story of the government's assault on the Branch Davidian compound, including the cult's armed stand-off and personal crusade against the U.S. government. Why did this religious sect have hundreds of unregistered fully automatic weapons?
The Final Report: Watergate
On May 28, 1972, five burglars - many of them ex-CIA agents - broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C., to plant listening devices. It was the beginning of a political scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The Final Report peels back the layers of the Nixon administration's two-year struggle to contain the scandal at any cost.
The Fireball of Christ
In A.D. 312 the Roman emperor Constantine claimed he saw a brilliant light in the sky that convinced him to convert to Christianity and changed the course of history in the Western world forever. Now, scientists believe they may have tracked down the source of this mysterious vision.
The First Australians
As depicted in Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman's recent film “Australia,” conflict between the white man and the aboriginals has plagued the country's history. Now, in The First Australians, we take a comprehensive look at the tumultuous past. We begin in 1788 when the British colonized Sydney, followed soon after by a smallpox outbreak that wiped out much of the aboriginal population. As the British population rose, the aboriginals were forced from their land, sparking deadly battles between
The First Jesus?
He was called the King of the Jews, believed to be a Messiah and just before Passover, the Romans beheaded him and crucified many of his followers. But his name was not Jesus ' it was Simon, a self-proclaimed Messiah who died four years before Christ was born. Now, new analysis of a three-foot-tall stone tablet from the first century B.C., being hailed by scholars as a 'Dead Sea Scroll on stone,' speaks of an early Messiah and his resurrection. Was Simon of Peraea real? Did his life serve as
The Girl Who Cries Blood
Twinkle spontaneously bleeds from her eyes as well as her head, hands and other body parts -- though there is no visible source or injury to explain it. Some say a bad omen has been cast, others think she is possessed, and yet others think it could be self-inflicted. Hoping for a breakthrough, Twinkle and her mother put their faith in a top American blood specialist who is flying to India to investigate her extraordinary case.
The Girl With Eight Limbs
Lakshmi Tatma was born with four arms and four legs, but also carries a rare parasitic conjoined twin that could kill her. Go behind the scenes of this complex operation and the media firestorm that makes Lakshmi famous throughout the world.
The Girl With Eight Limbs Revisited
In 2008, NGC premiered the story of Lakshmi Tatma, the 2-year-old girl with eight limbs, and her family's controversial decision to remove four of them. Villagers in her small town in India believe she is cursed and that a public exorcism is necessary to lift the curse. We'll follow the family's struggle to win back their neighbors' favor and ensure that Lakshmi lives a physically and psychologically healthy life.
The Girl in the Glass Casket
She is believed to be one of the best-preserved mummies in history — Rosalia, a lifelike 2-year old girl encased in a glass-topped casket for over 90 years. Amazingly, her skin and delicate curls of hair remain intact. But Rosalia and the other mummies deep in the catacombs of Palermo, Italy, have started to show signs of decay. Now, a team of scientists are fighting to preserve her remains. To save Rosalia, they'll need to decipher the technique of her conservation.
The Gospel of Judas
For centuries, his name has been synonymous with treachery and he's one of the most hated men in history: Judas Iscariot. Hidden for nearly 2,000 years, an ancient gospel emerges from the sands of Egypt. It tells a different story of Christ's betrayal. This time, the villain is the hero. The race is on as a dream team of biblical detectives set out to determine whether or not 'the Gospel of Judas' is a fake before it crumbles into dust. Does it contain an authentic account or ancient heresy?
The Gospel of Judas
"The Gospel of Judas" is of one of the most important finds in biblical archaeology. Hidden for nearly 1,700 years, the document presents a new account of the life of Jesus. But can its authenticity be verified?
The Great American Manhunt: Adrenaline Junkie
Between the subjects youthful looks, athleticism, massive internal injuries and reconstructive surgeryincluding metal rods and screws in his spine and right thighand the way he aggressively rides his wave-runner, the team can only ask one question: How could he not be a war veteran or stuntman? Bill visits a Hollywood stunt coordinator to learn more; Natalie, suspecting an improvised explosive device in Iraq or Afghanistan, meets with a top neurosurgeon to determine the severity.
The Great American Manhunt: Big Dog
An elite forensic team, made up of Dr. Natalie Shirley, a forensic anthropologist; Dr. Dan Shapiro, a Harvard-trained psychologist; and Bill Erfurth, an ex-Miami Dade cop, watch surveillance footage of a young man eating junk foodthey name him Fast Food Freddie. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-rays and medical records, they discover his height, weight and the fact that hes very fit. They also find evidence of a wide array of injuries, including broken ribs and a broken nose.
The Great American Manhunt: Captain Courage
The team watches covert surveillance footage of a man walking into what appears to be a music venue after signing an autograph. They then analyze body scans and notice a possible broken jaw, a damaged knee and a broken nose, which, together with photos of facial cuts and evidence of hearing loss, make them think hes either a boxer or a hard-partying rock star.
The Great American Manhunt: Superwoman
Burger Betty is first seen in a surveillance video eating a hamburger in a diner in what appears to be Texas. The subjects MRI reveals some serious pelvic injuriesmultiple fractures held in place by metal inserts. She also appears to have dead tissue on her toes, which the team thinks could be a result of frostbite. Bill investigates the demands of extreme winter sports to determine a source of the injuries.
The Great American Manhunt: The Daredevil
With nothing but footage of a slim female in her early 30swho appears to be at a yoga or dance classand a body scan revealing a broken pelvis, a damaged knee and some very squashed toes, the team sets out to profile and identify the subject. Natalie investigates the effects of ballet as a possible cause, while Dan suspects shes a gymnast. Bill visits a crash-test facility to see if the injuries could be collision-related, but he hits a dead end.
The Happenings
Illusionists Barry and Stuart set about making the unbelievable believable to the unsuspecting residents of towns across the UK and America. Using magic, misdirection and suggestion, they slowly create a rumour amongst the town folk that something extraordinary is happening in the quiet place they call home. Creating a whirlwind of press interest and buzz among the town's unsuspecting residents they go about creating weird and wonderful stories similar to a movie experience as ghosts, alien invasions, vampires and a secret psychic army take over.
The Human Experiment
Three people unwittingly become subjects in a Good Samaritan test as experts and the audience try to predict which will help a stranger in deep peril. When a man seemingly finds himself in debt and in physical danger at a casino, the test subjects are asked to decide whether to bail out the man or leave him in the hands of a thuggish casino pit boss. With on-camera experts, the audience predicts which of the subjects will fly to the rescue and which will leave the stranger to his own devices.
The Human Family Tree
On the most diverse street in the most diverse city in the most diverse country in the world, a team of National Geographic scientists will swab the cheeks of some 200 random New Yorkers. The goal: to retrace our ancestral footprints and prove we are all cousins in the "family of man." Join geneticist Spencer Wells and a team of technicians from National Geographic's Genographic Project as they trace the human journey through time and space, from our origins in the heart of Africa to the ends of the world. Cutting edge science, coupled with a cast of New Yorkers - each with their own unique genetic history - will help paint a picture of these amazing journeys. Ultimately, The Human Family Tree answers some of humanity's most burning questions, such as who we are and where we come from, and forces us to change how we think not only about our relationships with our neighbors, but ourselves.
The Human Family Tree
Regardless of race, nationality or religion, all of us can trace our ancient origin back to the cradle of humanity, East Africa. National Geographic Channel sets out to trace the ancestral footsteps of all humanity. Narrated by Kevin Bacon, The Human Family Tree travels to one of the most diverse corners of the world -- Queens, N.Y. -- to demonstrate how we all share common ancestors who embarked on very different journeys.
The Hunt for Hitler
At the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler faced the reality of defeat and committed suicide. Then his body mysteriously disappeared. The FBI spent years tracking false leads and sightings of Hitler. What happened to the German leader's remains?
The Hunt for Zarqawi
He was the most feared man in Iraq and a grave threat to the U.S. military there. Leaving a bloody trail of beheadings, bombings and kidnappings, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was one of the world's most wanted terrorists who tested the skill and determination ofthe most elite warriors in the U.S. Military. From his humble beginnings as a street thug in Jordan, to his rise to a terrorist mastermind, The Hunt for Zarqawi is a story of betrayal, bloodshed and frustration which ultimately ends with his demise.
The Incredible Dr Pol: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Roses are red, violets are blue, when animals go crazy, Dr. Pol knows what to do. For Dr. Pol, Valentine's Day means flipping a cow upside down to fix his stomach, de-worming a champion goose, and curing the relentless cough of Zev, the Siberian Huskie. Now, that's love. Inspired by Zev the huskie, Charles takes a shot at driving a sled dog team, but realizes that mushing isn't as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda dehorns a group of loud, but loveable pygmy goat babies.
The Incredible Dr Pol: Cat in the H.A.T.S
After a long, cold winter, the animals of Isabella County are getting testy. Dr. Pol and Charles head out on a farm call to treat an angry bull with a deadly case of bloat. Dr. Pol must act quickly, or the bloat could block the bull's diaphragm and lead to death. Back at the clinic, a cat injured while birthing kittens inspires Charles to volunteer at HATS, the Humane Animal Treatment Society, whose goal is to keep the animal population in check by way of spaying and neutering animals.
The Incredible Dr Pol: How Now Smelly Cow
The first signs of summer are gradually creeping across central Michigan and Pol Veterinary Services is in full swing. Dr. Pol and Charles head to Gross Dairy Farm for an emergency call to help a feisty cow with a twisted stomach and a foul stench. Back at the clinic, Dr. Pol examines Ginger the goat and suspects it might have polio. Dr. Brenda receives an emergency farm call of her own -- a new heifer at Delbert Garrett's farm has a prolapsed uterus and is still straining post-labor.
The Incredible Dr Pol: New Dog, Pol Tricks
It is birthing season in Michigan, which means Dr. Pol and his clinic staff have their hands full. After receiving an emergency calving call, Dr. Pol and Charles discover that a heifer is already in labor -- but is still out in the pasture. So before he can help her, they'll have to catch her! Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda gets an urgent call about a few sick piglets that were recently purchased for a 4-H project, and she must stop this potential pneumonia epidemic before it spreads even further.
The Incredible Dr Pol: Pigs in a Blanket
As winter drags on Charles, Dr. Pol and the rest of clinic staff brave the frigid temperatures to keep animals healthy in the clinic and on the farm. The first stop is an organic farm where the owner recently lost two calves to a mysterious infection. Across town, Dr. Brenda is called out to visit a 10-month-old horse who has cut his leg badly on a rusty trailer. Later, Dr. Pol and Charles investigate two bizarre cases, both involving birth defects at the opposite ends of two young calves!
The Incredible Dr Pol: Spring Fever
Spring is beginning to bloom as the animals begin to run wild. First on the doctor's list is mini-horse, Mateo, whose hormones have kicked in, making him go wild for the mares. The solution is to castrate Mateo to lessen the testosterone, but this turns out to be no ordinary castration. Then, Jezebel the cow is in distress and unable to birth her calf. Dr. Pol and Charles discover that she has milk fever and if not treated quickly enough, could slip into a coma, causing her and her calf to die.
The Incredible Dr Pol: The Bull Pen
Dr. Pol and Charles start their day by heading out to see a sick ox who has lost weight and is having trouble breathing. After an examination, Dr. Pol finds that the ox's lungs are in bad shape; most likely he's contracted pneumonia and it's so advanced, Dr. Pol is unsure if the animal will make it. Back at the clinic, Dr. Brenda sees Remington, a dog that has accidentally ripped the skin off the top of his back. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol and Charles head off to a farm to fix a castration gone wrong.
The Indestructibles: 15,000-Foot Freefall
With almost 8,000 jumps under his belt, Michael Holmes, a skydiving instructor, planned to jump again- this time from 15,000 ft. in the air- a flight that would change his life forever. Friends watched in horror as both his main and reserve parachutes failed and he plummeted to earth. Witnesses were sure he was dead, but he was found in the bushes- alive, with his helmet camera still rolling. How was this possible?
The Indestructibles: Baby Car Crash
It's every parent's worst nightmare — a car crashes into a father holding his 4-month-old son. In a split second Andrew Leitch's life changed forever. He was walking with his son Hayden in a busy shopping district when a car suddenly plowed into him — pinning Andrew to a storefront window while he was cradling the baby in his arms. Miraculously, Andrew and the baby escaped virtually unscathed. Now, Andrew returns to the scene of the accident with police and crash experts.
The Indestructibles: Crushed by an SUV
Imagine crossing the street, minding your own business, and all of a sudden- boom! You are struck by a rolling SUV. Traffic cameras captured it all. A PT Cruiser speeding through a red light at a busy intersection in Dayton, Ohio, collides with an SUV, catapulting it through the air straight at a pedestrian, Scott Tegtmeyer. Witnesses thought for sure he was dead, but after four weeks in a coma, Scott came back from the brink of death and lives to tell his story.
The Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash
A normal morning on an Ohio highway turns disastrous when 19-year old driver Brennan Eden's car goes airborne. The car barrels down the grassy median and collides with the guardrail. It slams into the center post of the overpass and then explodes into thousands of small pieces. A nearby witness finds Brennan's bloodied and mangled body. Miraculously, he recovers, but he has no memory of the accident and no idea of how he survived.
The Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash
A normal morning on an Ohio highway turns disastrous when 19-year old driver Brennan Eden's car goes airborne. The car barrels down the grassy median and collides with the guardrail. It slams into the center post of the overpass and then explodes into thousands of small pieces. A nearby witness finds Brennan's bloodied and mangled body. Miraculously, he recovers, but he has no memory of the accident and no idea of how he survived.
The Indestructibles: High-Speed Bike Crash
Eric Barone is the world's fastest cyclist, holding 10 world speed records. He decides to break the world record one last time before giving up racing. Not surprisingly, Eric takes off and sets a new world record only after 11 seconds! But in a split second, everything changes. Once Eric crosses the finish line, his bike mysteriously breaks into pieces. He smacks into the ground, somersaults several times, loses his helmet and finally lies motionless at the base of the volcano.
The Indestructibles: Lost at Sea
A four-day trip to Hawaii turns deadly in a few seconds. Hugh Alexander and his girlfriend Katja go to a remote area to surf giant waves. They tiptoe closer and closer to the edge of a cliff, but suddenly a freak wave crashes right over them, taking Hugh and Katja down instantly. Hugh is washed off the cliff toward the thundering waters and sharp rocks below. Katja manages to keep her grip on the rocks. Hugh, on the other hand, was sucked into a deadly underwater cave, not once, but twice!
The Indestructibles: Lost at Sea
A four-day trip to Hawaii turns deadly in a few seconds. Hugh Alexander and his girlfriend Katja go to a remote area to surf giant waves. They tiptoe closer and closer to the edge of a cliff, but suddenly a freak wave crashes right over them, taking Hugh and Katja down instantly. Hugh is washed off the cliff toward the thundering waters and sharp rocks below. Katja manages to keep her grip on the rocks. With no idea what has happened to Hugh, she is rushed to the hospital.
The Indestructibles: Mauled by Lions
Lions go on attack during feeding time. Robert Bennett, who usually tends to the camels and giraffes, decides to help out with the lions because of a staff shortage that day. He enters the cage and places the meat at the lions' feeding spot. But in a split second, this routine feeding ritual goes horribly wrong. Two young male lions appear right behind him and leap onto him, dragging Robert down with their paws and hooking their teeth into his neck. Despite bloody injuries, he survives.
The Indestructibles: Seven Minutes Under Water
During a kayak ride down the Chattanooga River with his friends, Rod Baird suddenly flips over. Upside down, he drifts straight toward a rapid and remains stuck underwater in a hole in the middle of a giant rock. Without any chance to free himself, Rod loses consciousness and cannot breathe for seven minutes. But he holds on and is pulled out of the water. Surviving this terrifying experience, Rod sets out for answers.
The Indestructibles: Seven Minutes Under Water
During a kayak ride down the Chattanooga River with his friends, Rod Baird suddenly flips over. Upside down, he drifts straight toward a rapid and remains stuck underwater in a hole in the middle of a giant rock. Without any chance to free himself, Rod loses consciousness and cannot breathe for seven minutes. But he holds on and is pulled out of the water. Surviving this terrifying experience, Rod sets out for answers.
The Jesus Mysteries
Jesus Christ is one of the most famous names in the history of mankind. But Gospel writers left out crucial details about pivotal events in Christ's life - historical moments that have been adapted, embellished and rewritten over the course of hundreds of years. This special re-examines elements of Christ's life and ministry, such as the nativity, the miracles and the crucifixion - questioning basic modern assumptions to reveal some surprising and often shocking details.
The Last Great Climb
This one-hour special follows adventure climber Leo Houlding and his team as they attempt the first ascent of the northeast ridge of the majestic Ulvetanna Peak in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica ' among the most technically demanding climbs in one of the world's harshest environments. We tell the story of Houlding's lifelong dream to reach this remote and difficult summit, set against the current age of mountaineering where few great lines remained unclimbed.