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'90s Boyband Venn Diagram

A Scientific Guide to the 'Big Three' of '90s Boybands


Developed by British logician and philosopher John Venn around 1880, the Venn diagram is a mechanical method of representing the intersections of two or more sets of data. In preparation for The '90s, National Geographic Channel has painstakingly researched the top three boybands of the decade, sifting through dozens of facts and figures, and boiled the data down to its purest logical form. We believe we have found the secret formula. We present to you... the Venn Diagram of '90s Boybands.

Diagram by Alison Walsh and Carina Suarez | Photographs from Wikipedia | For entertainment purposes only

Carl Berger
Carl Berger

This is helpful research in preparation for the 90s documentary on National Geographic tonight:)