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Get to Know Josh Klein

Photo: Josh Klein standing by the walls of a former fort

Photo: Josh Klein standing by the walls of a former fort (View larger version)

Photo by National Geographic / Lizzie Abbott


Technology consultant Josh Klein doesn't do things "by the book." From computer networks to consumer hardware and corporate America, Josh is an expert at taking things apart and putting them back together to produce something better. A process he calls 'hacking,' which he sums up as follows:

"All leaps of human progress have occurred on the fringes by people taking big chances and thinking differently. Now, more than ever, we need innovation that will take us ahead of the problems we face."

Born and raised in Seattle, one of Josh's first hacks was writing the tooth fairy at age 7. Explaining that, due to inflation, the price of teeth had risen from $0.25 to one dollar!

Since completing a Master's degree at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Josh has turned his critical gaze to social systems, institutions, the publishing industry, and even the behaviour of crows!

The co-author of a book on the subtle art of improving organizations from within entitled Hacking Work, Josh also finds the time to act as a consultant to blue chip companies such as Microsoft and Nokia. He also teaches at New York's School of Visual Arts and speaks at conferences throughout America.

Josh lives in Queens, NYC, along with his Icelandic wife and two cats, one of whom was found in the trash.

Find Josh on Facebook, Twitter, or his website.