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Are You Desirable? Facts

Are You Desirable?

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  • Among animal species, symmetry has been associated with attractiveness in 78% of species, including humans.

  • Despite the adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” scientific analysis shows that facial attractiveness – what people find appealing – is consistent across cultures around the world; but body attractiveness varies widely.

  • One study shows that if a woman thinks a man is a good dancer, he is probably also stronger.

  • Unattractive criminal defendants have been found to get hit with a sentence averaging 22 more months in prison more than attractive defendants.

  • Attractiveness does impact overall number of sexual partners, but differently for men and women: attractive women have fewer overall partners than average; while attractive men have more overall partners.

  • When trying to attract a mate, male bowerbirds make a fancy bachelor pad; they create a big nest, then decorate it with hundreds of items, including flowers, rocks, aluminum foil, and old gun casings!

  • How attractive you are can affect how your marriage turns out: both spouses behave better in relationships in which wives were more attractive than their husbands, but they worse in relationships where the husbands were more attractive than their wives.

  • In one study, even when a jerk was more attractive than the nice guy, 87% of women chose the nice guy.

  • In a bar and the patrons don’t seem very hot? If you’re single, wait around – research shows that members of the opposite sex appear more attractive as the evening goes on, with the biggest effect at closing time. But no need to stick it out if you’re in a relationship, you see people as they really are all night.

  • If someone is looking at you, they find it more attractive if you’re smiling; but if you’re looking away, they find a neutral expression more attractive.

  • Another study shows that the most effective things a man can do to increase his attractiveness are 1) have a good sense of humor, 2) listen to her troubles 3) show good manners, and 4) be well-groomed. The most effective things a woman can do to make her more attractive to a man are 1) display a good sense of humor 2) keep herself well-groomed 3) listen to his troubles and 4) show good manners.

  • If you’re looking for that special someone, increase your odds. If you’re a woman looking for a man, try one of the cities with the highest ratio of men to women in the U.S.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL (#1), Tempe, AZ (#2), and Wichita Falls, TX (#3). For men looking for women, check out Pembroke Pines, FL (#1), Jackson, MS (#2), or Miami Gardens, FL (#3) – all of which have more women than men.

  • 36% of professors in the U.S. are married to other professors.

  • One study showed that women thought men with a heavy stubble are more attractive than men who were either clean-shaven or had a beard; men found other men with either full beards or heavy stubble more attractive.

  • Speaking of things that are hot, the hottest temperature ever recorded was 134 °F, in Death Valley, California in 1913.


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