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Dallas Seavey

Dallas Seavey

Dallas Seavey - ENDURANCE (View larger version)


Age: 26
Location: Willow, Alaska
Occupation: Dog Musher


  • Dog mushing
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Cold weather survival
  • Building meat smokers

Fun Facts:
Alaskan Royalty, he comes from a long line of tough Alaskans. He is also the youngest person to ever win the Iditarod. He recently ran a marathon without training because he “wanted to see if he could.”

Words of Wisdom:
"In competition, the only person you should worry about overcoming or conquering is yourself."

draga bozinovic
draga bozinovic

All my life I want to travel to Alaska.But...who knews?One day...

All the best

Draga Bozinovic

Rhonda Denise
Rhonda Denise

I love watching Dallas.  How proud his Mom must be.  I loved him and his brother on the show before.  Win Dallas Win!!!!

julia harris
julia harris

I love watching dallas on ultimate survival alsaka he is such so smart

saso smole
saso smole

dallas you are the best ....go team endurance .....