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Eddie Ahyakak

Eddie Ahyakak

Eddie Ahyakak - ENDURANCE (View larger version)

Photograph by Brian Catalina Entertainment, LLC


Age: 36
Location: Barrow, Alaska
Occupation:Outdoorsman and Vice President of a Multimillion Native Corporation


  • Marathon running
  • Mountaineering and ice climbing
  • Whaling
  • Packrafting
  • Hunting and ice fishing
  • Snow belter building

Fun Fact:
Born and raised in a small Inupiat community on the banks of the Arctic Ocean, he has mountaineered in the lower 48 states and climbed 19,000-foot peaks in Ecuador.

Words of Wisdom:
"Respect the land. Although sometimes it looks and feels peaceful and serene, it is a very dangerous place. Through thoughtful planning and a calm attitude, there's always a way to survive, endure, and thrive in what seems like a dead end situation."

Shaney Cousens
Shaney Cousens

Hey Eddie Im Niko Im 11 years old this is my moms acount im a huge fan of yours I wish I cood do what you can do your really cool.Thank you.

Fred Cosner
Fred Cosner

Hi nephew: I don't have Nat Geo on my dish but told about you being on the show. Hope you are well. Come and visit here in Nevada sometime. We have cool winters and not too hot summers. Send me your email and I'll send you my secure email address. Good luck