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Jimmy Gaydos

Jimmy Gaydos

Jimmy Gaydos (View larger version)


Age: 62
Location: Fox, Alaska
Occupation: Homesteader


  • Subsistence living
  • Making animal calls
  • Canoe and raft building
  • Foraging wild herbs and mushrooms

Fun Fact:
He has spent time working as a fisherman, horse wrangler and trainer, blacksmith, forest service firefighter, carpenter, ironworker on skyscrapers and large bridges, gold prospector, river guide, and wilderness guide.

Words of Wisdom:
"Always have multiple means to build a fire. Always have a good knife. Always have extra dry socks and clothes warmer than you think you need. Always be prepared for the worst weather."

Laura Poyer
Laura Poyer

Don't know if you remember my husband from WV But I am sure you remember Delmiss Keen and he was  so sad that you are no longer on the show.  The way you started the fire was amazing and shocked even Del,ss

Tonya Ryan
Tonya Ryan

Like your words of wisdom!! I was a union tuckpointer before I got injured n I also been riding motorcycles since i was 5 yrs I layer, layer, layer n always gotta have them warm feet!!

Greer Capellan
Greer Capellan

I was totally amazed at how you made fire with cotton ball and petroleum with a shot gun!!! BRILLIANT!