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Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson

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Age: 38
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Occupation: Adventure Specialist, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Builder, Father
Cast History: Third Season


  • High-Altitude Climbing and Ski Mountaineering
  • Technical Ice Climbing
  • Extreme Skiing
  • Engineering, Stone Masonry, Log Cabin Building

Fun Facts:
Tyler has climbed and skied over 27,000 feet without oxygen to the tops of some of the highest mountains in the world, but he says the biggest adventure of his life has been being a father to his 10-year old daughter.

Words of Wisdom:
"Winter survival in Alaska is a mental game. If you freak out, lose your cool or give up... you are dead."

Tyler Johnson's YouTube Channel:

Tyler Johnson on How to Make Cowboy Coffee

What to do about the coffee situation in the field given only a pot, water, coffee grounds, and fire?
amy R.
amy R.

Welcome back Tyler! Love your team! 

Jason Fehrer
Jason Fehrer

Would it be possible to get a pack gear list?

Lisette Roman
Lisette Roman

Tyler you seem so fearless compare to the others.  You might not say much, but there is a look in your eyes that seem to go for miles and miles, further then anyone will ever know.  You always seem to stay cool and calm no matter how crazy or dangerous things or Marty get around you.  This is my # 1 program and to me, you are one of the best.