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Untamed Americas


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About Untamed Americas

Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Josh Brolin, this four-hour high-definition miniseries event explores the Americas like we've never seen them before, giving us an intimate look at some of the greatest wildlife spectacles and against-the-odds fights for survival ever captured on camera.

Soaring mountains, burning deserts, tangled forests, and curvaceous coasts. A grizzly bear takedown of helpless elk calves in Yellowstone. Bighorn sheep going head-to-head in battle. Giant Humboldt squid cannibalizing their kin. Puma cubs hunting solo for the first time. The landscapes and wildlife of the Americas are savage, shrewd, and stunning. These are the great outdoors, our wildest frontiers … our Untamed Americas.

Episode Guide

Photo: Torres del Paine National Park


In a rarely filmed event, see newly awakened black bears go on the hunt for newborn elk calves. Then travel ...

Photo: Sea Lions in the water


Witness male gentoo penguins perform mating jigs to attract females. Then plunge into the Sea of Cortez off the coast ...

Photo: A Humboldt penguin


Race along with mustangs in the Great Basin desert as one outcast male fights to regain his place in the ...

Photo: The spirit bear


A journey through the forests of the Americas is one of extremes—flood, freeze, and fire. The animals that live ...

Untamed Battle

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