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Psychic Gold Hunt

The Dowser

Does the dowsing rod actually function as a psychic signpost? Or is it merely subconsious movement?


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Psychic Gold Hunt: The Dowser


Does the dowsing rod actually function as a psychic signpost? Or is it merely subconsious movement?


Bob Lane
Bob Lane

People should be careful if they dowse in public. 

I live in Washington, DC and I have been arrested twice by the U.S Park Police and stopped and searched by the Secret Service. Also I have been challenged by all types of Law Enforcement officers on al least 18 occasions. 

All this was done to me while I was walking around holding two pieces of bent wire in my hand. 

Well what can you expect after all this is a Free Country

Sara Alexander
Sara Alexander

Hi, about your comment! Dowsing is not a psychic sign post. Read "The Smithsonian" Article on Dowsing written by Jack Hope in 1996, Jan.. The other book, "The Divining Hand" written by Christopher Byrd about Dowsing and "Special Ops" Tactics during the Vietnam War, it will help you get a better picture of the tools and the Serious people, who use Dowsing for missing persons, items, treasure, etc.. I have been working in this field for over 30 years and Ginette Matacia Lucas and Louis Matacia are mentioned in both media's. They are written up in over 40 books, TV shows, etc.. They are the real deal. Sara Alexander,

Lord for Horde
Lord for Horde

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