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Tuna Fishing Tips With Pauly

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Paul shares a few words of fisherman's wisdom.


Wicked Tuna: Tuna Fishing Tips With Pauly


Paul shares a few words of fisherman's wisdom.


John Obrien
John Obrien

I watch wicked tuna when ever I see a new episode on tv and really enjoy it. I grew up in n.j. And always had a fishing pole in my hands when ever and where ever possible, I still really enjoy fishing anytime I can and am looking forward to going very soon, as far as Paul is concerned I think he would make a great captain and make a good living at it if he owned his own boat, I see he has a lot of experience and knows what he's doing! Capt Dave on the tuna . Com is also a great fisherman and also hails from n.j. I believe he has his own style and technics as dose Paul. Too bad they can't both fish the same boat together without all the drama from both of them.

Rick Noonan
Rick Noonan

paul whats the name of your buddy building rods