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It's season 3 of Wicked Tuna, and one-time first mate of the Paul Hebert is ready to show his true mettle as Captain of his own boat.


Wicked Tuna: Wicked Tuna's Captain Paul


It's season 3 of Wicked Tuna, and one-time first mate of the Paul Hebert is ready to show his true mettle as Captain of his own boat.


Kristen Parker
Kristen Parker

I subscribe to Nat Geo Mag and watch most every NG show that specializes in Nature/Science/History, etc. Etc meaning things that provide info or insight, visual one on one with sights not seen, discourse on the world as we have yet to, or should further explore or consider. I love it and enjoy most of your productions with gusto!

And then there's 'Wicked Tuna'. Don't get me wrong, "not fa nuthin",  we (Industrialized nations, I.E. U.S., Canada, S. Amer. Japan & Europe and many others) being huge and indiscriminate consumers of the oceans while having no true idea of the impact of our consumption, I applaud the idea of showing the fever of the catch and the moment of success. And on the flip side, the commercially horrific fishing vessels that scrape, trawl, and net fish from wave to sea floor are FAR worse than these folks who feel like they're just out to make a living. HOWEVER, this show only further cements my disgust at the total horror these fish face against a predator no one can avoid, US, meaning humans. Why do you think these fish bring such a HIGH DOLLAR? Because they are highly regulated (Good luck with that) and highly valued for their premium flesh as sushi, which has become (understandably so) intensely popular.. But we can't keep this up, folks. These fish are amazing in their biology, and have been one of the oceans perfect top predators but we are taking faster than they can give. And then I see even the hook fishers who show such ugly reference to this beautiful beast.

Most of these guys (gender not specific) discuss their financial sorrows and how 10-25 of these "babies" would send them to 'cushionville'. These are animals that can't reproduce until they are 4 or 5 yrs of age (which can bring 700-900 lbs before maturity!) and their harvesting is occurring faster than they can replenish the stock. Even the International community has had to revise their estimates on sustainable Tuna as a stock (Per your own publication: Atlantic Tuna have been poorly assessed and over harvested). Plus, catching and securing them is brutal enough, but the fricking gaff hook in the eye, before they've been slaughtered (Time and again, I've seen this, so don't say it's unusual)? Ooof. That's hardcore, unnecessary and just machismo gone wild, 'Bro'.

I guess I feel that watching someone, anyone, show such disrespect, is not entertainment. Unless your whole point is to show how stupid, disrespectful, and time sensitive this game of shells is, I'm not only changing the channel, I'm changing my mind about what you, NG as an organization, will do to make a buck. Hopefully it's the better good that benefits, but I don't see it. Please prove me wrong, because I will not watch this joker party dressed up to look like "sportsmanship" anymore.

Sincerely, KP

rick Lemay
rick Lemay

So what makes you the authority on this subject?