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Facts: Raves, Drugs, and Deer

Facts From Wild Justice: Shooting Spree

Photo: Lt. Todd Tognazzini puts down a paralyzed fawn

Photo: Lt. Todd Tognazzini puts down a paralyzed fawn (View larger version)

Photo by Original Productions

  • In June 2010, a 15-year-old girl died of a drug overdose after a rave that was held at the publicly-owned Los Angeles Coliseum.

  • Attendance at raves can range from 16,000 to 185,000 people.

  • The term "rave" first came into use in late 50's Britain as a name for the wild bohemian parties of the time.

  • Regular ravers spend around $50-$75 per week just on admission, drugs, and drinks.

  • Younger ravers are referred to as "candy ravers" and are more likely to wear costumes.

  • In 2009, there were 1,972 murders in the state of California.

  • In 2009, there were 13,636 murders in the United States; 9,146 of those were caused by firearms.

  • In 2009, there were 1,022 handgun murders in the state of California.

  • More than half of the land in California is considered deer habitat.

  • It is illegal to possess any species of deer in the state of California without a permit issued by the Department of Fish and Game.

  • Fawns' coats are their main means of survival because they camouflage them in the forest.

  • A doe will aggressively defend an area 100-200 acres in diameter where her fawn lies.

  • Deer have a life span of 25 years in captivity and average 16 years in the wild.

  • Deer can run 35 miles per hour, leap 30 feet, and jump over 8 foot fences!

  • Today, hunters and automobiles are responsible for an estimated 400,000 deer deaths annually.

  • 3,761 kilograms of meth were seized in California in 2010, more than any other state in the United States.

  • A Japanese scientist created crystal methamphetamine for the first time in 1919.

  • The majority of meth users are 35-45 years old.