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One Heck of an "Office"

Behind the Scenes of Wild Justice: Killing for Cash

Photo: Warden Mike Beals enjoys nature

Photo: Warden Mike Beals enjoys nature (View larger version)

Photo by Original Productions

By David Newsom, Field Producer


The thing about Wild Justice that audiences often don't get to see is the extraordinary world surrounding these men and women of the Department of Fish and Game patrol. Rolling high above and far beyond the poachers, "dirt-bags", addicts and hand-cuffs, is terrain so vast and diverse, it's nearly impossible to believe it's all in one state. At any given moment, you can have two wardens rounding up a poacher, a dead buck draped over his "quad" all out in front of you, and a vision like this unfolding right behind you.

My point is, yeah, it gets pretty hairy for these folks, but man, it's one hell of an office.