July 08, 2014

Great White Ambush Facts

  • Sharks on average attack 50-75 people worldwide each year.

  • In 2001, numerous shark attacks made TV news headlines dubbing it the “Summer of the Shark.”

  • Sharks predate the dinosaurs and can be tracked back more than 400 million years.

  • Millions of years of shark evolution have resulted in the great white’s deeply refined senses of smell, hearing, touch, taste, and sight.

  • A great white shark swam from South Africa to Australia – the longest recorded migration of any fish.

  • The electronic great white shark replica used in JAWS was named “Bruce.”

  • According to a study by Australian Biologists, a 2,160 pound Great White Shark must eat 66 pounds of blubber every 11.6 days to remain in energy balance.

  • A seal’s whiskers are highly sensitive and allow them to find and catch their prey in murky waters.

  • Great white sharks can sense an electrical field via pores on their snout called the Ampullae of Lorenzini, helping them successfully hunt prey and navigate the ocean.

  • In 1916, a Great White Shark attacked swimmers on the New Jersey shoreline and in a nearby creek. This event helped inspire the book “Jaws”.

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