July 22, 2013

Nuclear Nectar Facts

  • There is only one time in history an atomic bomb was dropped on American civilians. In 1958, an Air Force plane accidentally dropped an unarmed nuke on Walter Gregg's property in Mars Bluff, South Carolina.

  • While the bomb was unarmed, it did have 6,000 pounds of explosives, causing serious damage.

  • The Air Force quickly established a two mile perimeter, collecting all of the bomb pieces they could find and encouraging others to turn in any they could find.

  • Fortunately, not a single person was killed in the blast.

  • The Mark 6 bomb was an improvement over its predecessor, the Mark-4, because it was made of lightweight aluminum instead of heavy steel.

  • The U.S. Military calls an accidentally lost or detonated nuclear bomb a "broken arrow."

  • The 1916 version of the Standing Liberty quarter featured Lady Liberty's exposed breast. The coin was changed the following year.

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