October 19, 2012

Security: Building a Survival Network

You’ve probably seen a few of those sci-fi movies set in fictional dystopias—I Am Legend and The Omega Man come to mind—in which a lone stalwart manages not only to survive but to fend off various menaces. In reality, though, there's safety in numbers. Practical Preppers consultant David Kobler says that teamwork and coordination among preppers may turn out to be critical for survival. Here are more recommendations from the Practical Preppers:

  • Coordinate Your Efforts:   All members of a community need to train so that they can work together cohesively in the event of an attack, and are familiar with the strategy and tactics to be used. “They need to know what will be happening, and what their roles are,” Kobler explains. He also emphasizes that community members need to know how to play additional roles, in case there’s a need—regardless of gender. “I want my wife trained at the highest level,” he explains. “What if I’m not there that day? She has to be able to take over.” American Preppers Network offers this article on how to avoid being frightened and disorganized during a crisis.

  • Develop a Smart Defensive Strategy: Kobler's idea of a good defense strategy involves spotting intruders on the perimeter and silently sounding a warning to other community members, who then take their places along the cordons and lie in wait for the attack. A combination of physical obstacles and gunfire can be used to lure the attackers into a containment zone.  One possible resource for inspiration is Jim Cobb’s book, Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary.There’s also Holdingyourground.com, a website devoted to defensive strategies for Preppers.

  • Have a Backup Plan: In the event that defense fails, it’s critical to have an escape strategy, in which community members fall back and regroup at a distant rally point, where a cache of additional ammunition, food, water and medical supplies is waiting. “If we’re being attacked by a superior force, everyone needs to be able to know to retreat, before we get into shooting and become decisively engaged,” Kobler explains. “If I’m the leader, I will call out “black” or some other code word to signal a retreat to a predetermined location away from our position, a rally point where we can regroup.” 

If You Only Do Three Things– Recommendations from Practical Preppers:

  • Develop some simple precautions.  Modern-prepper.com, for example, offers this advice on home security. One tip is to turn out all the lights and leave the inside of your home completely dark at night. That way, your familiarity with your home’s layout gives you an advantage over an intruder.

  • Make friends with other preppers in your area. They’re probably easy enough to find on the Internet. Set up a plan for pooling resources and skills and helping one another in the event of an emergency.

  • Set up a rally point, and make sure everyone in your family or community knows where it is. You should pick a spot at least a mile away from where you live, and ideally stash a cache of food, water and other items you may need in an emergency.

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