October 09, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Allen and Franco

"We're prepping for corruption of food supply due to economic collapse."

Allen and Franco live with their families in the suburbs of Southwest Missouri. And while they may appear to be your average neighbor, they are both prepping for a breakdown of the world food supply following an economic collapse. Allen is an electrical engineer and veteran prepper who has spent the last 30 years preparing for economic collapse that will skyrocket the cost of food. Across town is Franco, an electrician and relative newcomer to prepping. Franco is also preparing for the rise of food cost, food shortages, and the corruption of food supply through big business. 

The men have developed a friendly rivalry, constantly checking on each other’s preps and trying to improve their own. They have each turned their one-and-a-half acre backyards into an elaborate method of food production. Their chosen method is not for the casual prepper, this is the Cadillac of preps... aquaponics. In aquaponic systems, fish and plants are grown together in a closed environment where the fish waste is converted into food for the plants.

They also both maintain gardens and greenhouses to further supplement their food supply and maintain a self-sustainable lifestyle. With plants like lettuce, basil, cucumbers, cantaloupe, onions, celery, Swiss chard, the guys have a variety of food stored and have produced upwards of 200 pounds of fish in one year.

Maintaining these living biological systems is no easy feat, and keeping the delicate balance of the system requires daily attention and a lot trial and error. In the end, the men hope to be able to provide enough food to nourish their families for years following a food crisis.

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