September 26, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Big Al

"I'm prepping for nuclear war."

“Big Al” is a country songwriter who lives the simple life in Tennessee… but during the summer months he lives underground, preparing for nuclear war. After the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, he decided to take measures to protect himself in case the United States suffered a nuclear attack. His $60,000 bunker in the Pacific Northwest is 2000 square feet in size, with a 25-foot long tunnel leading to the steel door entrance. From a distance it appears only as a door hidden in the side of a mountain, but inside is a comfortable home surrounded by a serene landscape. If the SHTF, this Cold War era hovel equipped with three inch thick steel doors could potentially ensure his survival. For 35 years, “Big Al” has stockpiled food, water and weapons. He constantly watches the news and plans to bug out to his bunker if he suspects an imminent attack.

Most of us have grown up knowing the impact that "the bomb" had on world politics, specifically in regards to the Cold War. Until recently however, the American public was unaware of what we may have been up against, a 100 Megaton nuclear weapon known as Tsar Bomba. Developed and tested by the Russians in 1961, Tsar Bomba remains to be the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated and has kept Big Al on his toes ever since it was declassified.

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