September 27, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Braxton Southwick

"I'm prepping for a smallpox outbreak."

Braxton is the ultimate prepping father. His suburban family is like a modern day Brady Bunch and they are all prepping for biological warfare. He’s got six kids and a loving wife, making his family the perfect prepping team. They have stockpiled years of supplies to wait out doomsday. They’re running an intense biological warfare drill, including military drills and surprise checkpoints to test their mettle.

Braxton Southwick’s best prep may be his enthusiasm for every project he undertakes.  He fits right in with his six teenaged kids, and will be the first to jump on a dirt bike and race you through the uncharted desert outside their Utah home.

Though Braxton looks on the bright side of life, being the biggest kid in his large brood, he sees a darkness lurking on the horizon. He knows there are forces in the world that wish America harm and he believes war with Iran will lead to a bio-terrorist attack on American soil. Braxton has spent years prepping his family for a smallpox outbreak in the United States. Each of his six children has a bug-out bag packed with personal protective equipment, sanitation preps and a map charting multiple routes to the family’s secure bug out location.

When Doomsday Preppers visited the Southwicks, we challenged them to put their bug-out plans to the test. Some were more excited to spend the day in PPE gear and driving out of dodge than others, but the family of eight rallied and showed us that the family that preps together thrives together

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