February 04, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Brian Brawdy

"I'm preparing for multiple terrorist attacks all over America."

Brian Brawdy is a former police investigator and wilderness survival expert in Illinois. He is married with two young kids, but no one in his family is into prepping like Brian. Brian Brawdy fears the nation will come under attack by terrorists. He has created an ultimate bug out RV he calls his “Mobile Base Camp” and “Off-grid Office.” The RV will protect he and his family from the upcoming terrorist attack because he plans to drive away and migrate to safety. The mobile base camp is equipped with enough food for six months, a rainwater system, and an 85-watt solar panel system. Brian envisions his worst-case scenario, terrorist attacks around America, and performs his mobile bug out drill. Staying mobile will be key to escape a terrorist threat. Brian also tries to create a network in a local RV park in the hope to create a community of potential allies. He also spreads his supplies around in multiple caches so he is prepared to survive anywhere his journey takes him. Even though he does have 11 acres of land and a nice home, he enjoys bugging out in his solar RV and prepping every day.

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