September 27, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Brian Murdock

"I'm preparing for World War III."

Brian Murdock is a real estate owner living in Somerville, Massachusetts. He is preparing for World War III, which he thinks will begin with a massive nuclear attack on the United States. He has purchased a ten-acre plot of land in upstate New York, where he plans to bug-out when disaster strikes. But Brian does not plan to bug-out alone. His fiancé Tatiana, whom he met online, is moving from Colombia to start a new life with him in America. Though not a prepper herself, Tatiana was aware of Brian’s lifestyle when they began their relationship. However, she did not realize the full extent of his preps until she moved in with him. Brian has made plans to lease his apartment in the city and move to his land in upstate New York full time, living out of a motor-home. His biggest obstacle will be convincing his soon-to-be wife to come with him.

Prepping and marriage could easily be viewed as extremely contradictory terms. It’s fair to suspect someone of being crazy if they believe the world will soon end at the same time as they make arrangements for a lifelong covenant with their soul mate. Yet that’s precisely what Brian Murdock is doing with his soon to be wife Tatiana. Brian believes that the planet will be engaged in a third World War. He tells me this will be the war to end all wars, nearly a third of the planet’s population will be lost within the next 5 years.

At the same time Brian is making wedding plans. He is thoroughly passionate and committed to Tatiana. He opens doors for her, calls her constantly to see how she’s doing and goes out of his way to make her comfortable at all times. Brian is a stable and loving fiancé. At the same time, he does feel great unease with the current global political climate. To him, we are on the brink of a tremendous loss of life, one unlike the planet has ever seen. It’s a very frightening thought, and one that doesn’t run through the minds of many engaged couples.

Brian is making drastic preparations for World War III. This includes relocating to the country and indoctrinating Tatiana into a prepper lifestyle. As Brian trains Tatiana how to shoot her first bullet and run her first bug out drill, he instills in her a sense of empowerment. Brian hopes World War III never comes, but believes strongly that it soon will.

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