September 27, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Bryan May

"I'm prepping for a New Madrid earthquake."

Bryan May is a small business owner who lives with his wife and four-year-old son in Indiana. He is prepping for a New Madrid earthquake, which he fears will leave parts of the U.S. submerged underwater. Bryan believes that in this scenario, the dollar will lose its value, which is why he is converting his paper money into silver and gold. He and his wife own several guns and are always armed. He has also installed solar and wind-powered devices that can be used in the event that the power grid goes down. Now he wants a shipping container that he can use as an underground shelter, and is willing to barter for it.

The art of bartering is dead in America. This, according to prepper, Bryan May. He believes that a cataclysmic earthquake will rock the country originating from the New Madrid fault line. This will be an earthquake so devastating that the economy will collapse, and the dollar will be worthless. Having the ability to trade what you have in excess for what you need will be a crucial skill.

Bryan believes in keeping precious metals, which have retained their value through the collapse of civilizations. He keeps silver and gold, but is also willing to trade more unusual items like pet antibiotics. He tells me that the medicine used for his fish is the same formula that is used for humans. He takes the fish medication when he is extremely sick, and he tells me that it has saved his life. He also uses this medication for bartering.

The idea of trading something of value for animal medication is a tough pill to swallow for most Americans, but Bryan believes the monetary value we place on items is arbitrary, because the dollar will fail. He wants Americans to understand that life can be simplified if we resort back to bartering. Then according to Bryan, when the dollar fails we may not even notice.

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