October 09, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Cameron Moore

"I'm prepping for nuclear fallout."

Cameron Moore is a laidback college student preparing for medical school. He is also preparing for the meltdown of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, less than 40 miles from New York City. He fears that radioactive fallout will cause irreversible harm to people living in the city. He plans to make his way from Brooklyn to the Hudson River, where he will paddle in his inflatable raft to New Jersey.

We pair Cameron with Aton, a survival expert, who takes him on a practice-run to test out his escape route. The expert shows Cameron that he might need to resort to questionably immoral actions, like stealing a bike or spraying mace on attackers, in order to survive. We follow an exhausted Cameron as he makes his way through the city to get off the island.

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