February 13, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Craig Compeau

"I'm prepping for government takeover and federal martial law."

Craig Compeau lives in suburban Alaska with his wife and two teenage daughters. He is your typical Alaskan, who loves to hunt wild game, explore the wilderness, and prep for an uncertain future. Craig has a unique speedboat designed to run in water as shallow as six inches. The boat is his family’s only transportation to his secret bug out location, a 20-foot camouflage dome which he bought from his prepping partner, Don Kubley, hidden just off the river in a remote Alaskan forest. There, Craig has stocked nine months of food, two years of wood and twenty different kinds of weapons. The Dome will be the only protection for his family and friends when marital law has been declared.

Craig's wife and eldest daughter are pursuing medical degrees in other parts of the state – valuable skills in a post-collapse world. He's ready in the event of an impending economic free-fall, an event he fears will be followed by martial law. Ultimately, Craig must convince his young daughter that one day, all of this won’t be a test.

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