February 04, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Frank

I'm prepping for economic collapse."

Frank is a contractor from Maine. He is also an amateur pilot who enjoys spending his golden years flying around Maine with his wife, Elaine. Frank feels that his most important prep is his own body, so he dedicates his life to being physically fit and constantly active. His wife Elaine is an former fitness instructor. They are both prepping for a collapse of the world banking system caused by hyperinflation. Fearing such a collapse, Frank is trained by an experienced cage fighter known as the Irish Hand Grenade. He learns to defend himself using nothing but his body.

Along with staying fit, Frank has also built an indestructible bunker for he and his wife located in a very remote bug out location. He has also started his own business which builds underground bunkers for other preppers around Maine. He believes that his bunkers are built to withstand any doomsday scenario. If the bunkers don’t survive Frank and his wife have a backup plan. They will bug out with their private plane to The Bahamas and live on an island away from the chaos.

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