September 27, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Jay Blevins

"I'm prepping for civil unrest due to economic collapse."

Jay Blevins is a former law enforcement officer and father of three living in the suburbs of Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. He fears that a global economic collapse will lead to violent social unrest, and he believes this will happen sometime in the next five years. To protect his family, he has joined a network of like+minded preppers in his community. His house has become an arsenal of weapons and he has stockpiled six months’ worth of food and water. He has learned how to make homemade pepper spray and often runs practice invasion drills with his prepper network.

Special Note From Field Producer JJ Kelley:

It doesn’t get much more fun than this, folks! Shortly after we arrive, Jay tells me he’s interested in testing a homemade pepper-spray. As a man preparing for the dispersal of mobs from nearby Washington, DC, he wants an effective method to handle crowd control. Homemade pepper spray sounds like a fantastic solution. Naturally Jay doesn’t want to be the one to test the effectiveness of his defensive spray, and there is no way I’m stepping up for his cause. Luckily, he is able to wrangle two of his friends.

It’s borderline comedy watching the three men mix copious amounts of cayenne pepper into lemon juice and hot sauce. I do gulp down a cap full of the fiery concoction and almost heave out my internal organs. They then carefully pour the resulting pepper-spray into a high-powered water gun, the delivery method. I can’t imagine taking this lava in the eyes.

We’re set to run the drill. As I contemplate the outcome of this experiment, I cringe. Am I a bad man for letting this happen? No time to think...let’s do this! Action! The two friends immediately flank out trying to outrun the trajectory of the water gun. It’s a good plan, but not enough to outsmart the former law enforcement officer. Wham! One man drops, screaming as he scrapes the viscous sauce at his eyes. It looks for a moment like the second man may have a chance. Then somehow Jay moves even faster attacking his pray with a red-hot stream of mace. The second man falls helpless, both men are now writhing in pain, their agony palpable. Jay shouts, “I’m not going to stop until you say you’ve had enough!” Jay is like a superhero; the kind of guy I want to stand behind when the morals of this country are tested.

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