February 05, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Jeff Flaningham

"I'm preparing for economic collapse."

Jeff Flanningham is a bachelor living in rural Wisconsin. He has been divorced for four years and currently spends his time reconstructing a decommissioned underground nuclear missile facility. A few times every month, Jeff drives 14 hours with his friends and works on the silo. Once the country suffers an economic collapse, he plans to turn his silo into an underground community for likeminded preppers. But before the economy completely collapses, he hopes to find a wife that will accept and support his prepping lifestyle.

Jeff is convinced that in the wake of economic collapse, looting and marauders would take advantage of poorly secured homes. While a state of the art security system is in mind for the future, Jeff and his prepper friends make room for a flamethrower deterrent. A 1.45 million gallon water reserve stocked away in the missile chamber is at the heart of his sustainable operation. With preparations underway, Jeff begins to hone down on the last missing piece of the puzzle – a girlfriend. Toeing the line between prepper and crazy, Jeff tries to swoon the perfect girl to be his prepper partner.

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