January 15, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Jim D.

"I'm prepping for a cyber attack against the power grid that will cause social unrest."

Jim D. is a security consultant in Southern California who enjoys his Harley Davidson and spending time with his daughter. His wife and kids are completely on board with his prepping lifestyle. He is a committed prepper who fears that a cyber attack on the power grid will lead to social unrest. Jim is also a weapons manufacturer and designs his own weapons including bolt guns, AR15s and sniper rifles. But his biggest creation is his survival truck.

Jim’s survival truck is the ultimate prepping vehicle that can run off of propane and gas, equipped with multiple water tanks, a filter system, an armor command unit, generator/welder system, a NBC filtration unit and even 125 handsets to communicate with his prepper group, comprised of many preppers that he works with around Orange County. With Jim’s extensive preps and deep, like-minded network, he is determined to survive any doomsday scenario. His strategy is to stay mobile. For self-defense, he has built a sniper platform on top of the truck and has stocked it with hundreds of gallons of fuel and water. He and a group of fourteen others have mapped out bug-out locations in multiple states and have even buried caches of supplies along the way.

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