March 08, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Joe

"I'm preparing for a disruptive solar flare."

Joe is a non-conformist living off the grid in the wilds of Kansas. With his family to take care of, Joe has left nearby Kansas City to seek out a safer life in the woods. Joe fears a solar flare will knock out the grid and force city dwellers into the backcountry looking for resources. Joe, however, still wants to find a happy medium between a life in the past and one in the present. Using a solar panel, he runs an improvised air conditioning unit relying on geothermal cooling, as well as a pump that maintains water levels in his reservoir, an excellent irrigation system for his crops in summer months. Joe maintains hygiene by heating an improvised cast-iron bath in the backyard. But Joe must take it one step further by preparing his family for the possibility that they might have to leave it all behind. 

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