October 09, 2012

Meet the Preppers: John Adrain

"I'm preparing for the unexpected."

John Adrain is a successful inventor living in the Pacific Northwest. He has a variety of fears, including nuclear fallout, natural disasters, and biological terrorist attacks. Fearing that people will go to desperate measures to get the resources they need in a doomsday scenario, his main focus is on security. He has built a large estate on the edge of a cliff surrounded by woods and has turned his property into a technological fortress. He plans to bug-in and in order to protect the perimeter of his house he has installed a military-grade gate, along with sixteen high definition security cameras, and shatterproof windows. In addition, he has a professionally trained German shepherd guard dog to ward off intruders.

A seasoned prepper, John Adrain is in a class all to his own. With his tactical K9 Geef always by his side, John wanders the narrow halls of his cliff-hanging glass house in total confidence that he is set for whatever threat may come his way. He has surrounded himself with a protective shield consisting of military grade security, industrial grade backup systems, and enough firepower to protect it all.
While his setup could have potential for weaknesses in his arrangements, each room added another surprise to the Adrain saga. Every detail was covered all the way to his elaborate escape plan that even included a bug out vehicle (BOV) with a 3,200 mile range. As John put it, "I can travel from here to NY without filling up."

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