February 19, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Kevin Coy

"I'm preparing for the Yellowstone super volcano."

Prepping Guru, Kevin Coy enjoys a simple life in Addy, Washington with his wife of 27 years, Annissa, four grown children and two young grandchildren. Kevin is a contractor and dedicated prepper, preparing for the coming Yellowstone super volcano and the ash cloud that will choke out modern life. Kevin has stored enough food to feed his family for a year and also has several bug-out vehicles. He has stocked a 5th wheel camper, an old greyhound bus, a 27-foot sailboat, and a small micro-house that can travel on a flatbed. The Coy’s are prepared and ready to bug out at the first sign of danger.

In the families' bug-out preparations, they are packing everything. Everyone plays a role in the operation, Kevin's wife is a strategic planner, his son oversees food resupply, and his son-in-law is in charge of defense. While most preppers have plans to leave it all behind, the Coy’s are packing it all with them. Kevin has purchased a sailboat, caravan, battle bus, and a micro-house. He’s hoping to make the transition for his wife an easy one, a difficult task considering the memories and attachment they’ve built after living in their home for 25 years. When tasked with a bug-out drill, the family has to negotiate a worst-case scenario, with only an hour to evacuate the entire operation off the property. To complicate matters, the micro-house is failing to make its way on the ramp.

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