January 15, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Kevin O'Brien

"I'm preparing for a polar shift."

Kevin O’Brien is a family man originally hailing from northern Florida. He moved his wife and four children further north to escape what he fears will be a devastating polar shift. By starting a farm to raise chickens and goats, the O’Briens hope to become as self-sustaining as possible in anticipation of the social collapse that will accompany the polar shift. Kevin’s extensive preps include 800 pounds of rice, solar panels and enough toilet paper for an entire year. Once settled in their new bug out location, Kevin hopes to build an all-concrete house on the property. He hopes his family’s prepping projects and classes will prepare them for a destructive polar shift.

When we profiled Kevin last season on Doomsday Preppers, he feared the polar shift would leave his home-state of Florida entirely under water. Fast-forward to a year later and Kevin has uprooted his family to eastern Tennessee, where they are planning to build a prepper fortress. The home will include a basement bunker large enough to hold their 10,000 pounds of food, among other preps. In this episode, his children, one entering her teen years, explain their skepticism concerning their father’s prepping and talk about the embarrassment they feel in front of their friends. Still the new guy in town, Kevin looks to make friends by starting an online prepping network. This leads to the introduction of Lucas Cameron, a local farmer who is preparing for a catastrophic earthquake and has already assembled a neighborhood prepping team. Kevin joins Lucas at The Alamo, the compound he and his team have built to keep them safe after doomsday. To see if Kevin is worthy of joining the team, the group invites Practical Preppers to participate in a nighttime mock raid, where they evaluate the team’s skills and Lucas decides if Kevin will earn his stripes.

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