October 09, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Ryan Croft

"I'm preparing for a worldwide financial collapse."

Ryan Croft, an ex-Air Force man, lives with his wife and five teenage sons in the suburbs of Asheville, North Carolina. He is prepping for a worldwide financial collapse and believes that the most important asset in a doomsday scenario is a large group of people working together to survive. He hopes to expand his small group of preppers into a citywide movement that could not only sustain a worldwide crisis, but thrive in the ensuing aftermath. Now a weapons manufacturer, Ryan has combined the best elements of different guns to fashion what he believes is the ideal firearm for post-apocalyptic survival. He feels that this gun and others will protect him and his family from marauders if civil unrest should break out.

The Crofts had little of the expected standard prepper arrangements of canned food and water storage to be found. Instead, the family of seven had chosen alternative food sources consisting of mice, algae, and worms. Each of these elements would allow them to "thrive" in a worst case scenario without drawing attention to themselves. Ryan chose this method of nutrition because it would keep looters from robbing his house, allow for a bug-out without large scale logistics, and could eventually be a city wide food source until society regained itself. According to Ryan, "you can find mice in all fifty states... and worms are prevalent throughout your backyard." These food sources along with growing Spirulina algae could potentially keep this family alive as long as they're willing to stomach it.

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