October 09, 2012

Meet the Preppers: Steven Vanasse

"I'm prepping for a dirty bomb."

Steven Vanasse is also preparing for a dirty bomb. While working in Houston, Texas as a corporate radiation safety officer, he learned about the dangers of radioactive contamination. In the event of a dirty bomb, Steven and his family plan to join Tom Perez at the 700-acre ranch in the desert. This prepping team has strategized different bounding techniques and plan to be prepared to combat intruders at any time.

Steven will insist upon you that he is not the best prepper in the bunch. This humble, southern gentleman will gladly concede credit to his friends and mentors when praised for his prepping accomplishments. But Steven is a multifaceted prepper with some serious street cred to back up his plans.

Formerly a lawyer and undertaker, Steven now spends his days working as a Nuclear Assessment Officer assessing levels of radiation contamination at various sites throughout the city of Houston. Through his work, Steven manages not only to prep his family, but also to protect the entire metropolitan area from radiological threats. In some ways, this makes Steven a 24/7 prepper, always on alert and ready to take on radioactive threats as they present themselves.

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