February 19, 2013

Meet the Preppers: Capt. William E. Simpson

"I'm preparing for a solar flare that will wipe out the power grid."

William E. Simpson is the prepper captain of the high seas. Living out his golden years with his wife Laura aboard their 70-foot boat. Together they have traveled the world, living bugged out for years at a time. Bill considers himself the ultimate prepper because he has the skills to survive off the land and sea. He is preparing for a geomagnetic storm that will produce an EMP disabling all electronic devices. Bill and his family plan to take the 70-foot Iron Maiden and bug out to the open ocean, away from people and chaos.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, William is training his relatives to operate the Iron Maiden; his bulletproof bug-out sailboat that doubles as the perfect apocalyptic getaway. The all-steel vessel is designed as a Faraday Cage, protecting the vital electronics on board in the event of a massive solar flare that produces an electromagnetic pulse that could disable the power grid. In the hull, a tool shed has been embedded; Bill is stocked with an almost infinite supply of redundant repair parts. He trains his crew; a ragtag group of relatives, in the various demands of a post-fallout world. On board, Bill has specifically fitted the ship with a high capacity desalination plant. Bill follows the rules of redundancy thoroughly and while his spear gun serves as a means to food, Bill can also use it as a form of defense.

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