By Rebecca O'Connor October 23, 2013

Specialized Defense Gear for Women

Pretty and Powerful Protection for Lady Preppers

Women like Selling Survival host Brooklyn Bagwell looking for ways to defend themselves and their homestead may not always be comfortable with lethal force. Fortunately for these ladies, there are some defense products out there that are not only pretty, but effective. There are a variety of companies popping up with fun names like DivaDefender and Armed in Heels that offer defense products that are disguised or just plain fashionable.

Brooklyn encountered one such company at the Prepare2Endure Expo in Bakersfield California, Damsel in Defense. Founded in 2011 by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, Damsel in Defense has a mission to help equip, empower, and educate women about personal safety. In a disaster scenario, their products might be extremely useful to those who are not ready to strap on a firearm.

Damsel in Defense takes what are traditionally menacing-looking products and removes the intimidation-factor by adding fashionable designs and colors, and sometimes function— like a purse that doubles as a defense weapon. Here are some of the products that cater to females:

Stun Guns

Damsel in Defense's strongest stun gun is called "Pack a Punch" and delivers 7.5 million volts. While not lethal, this will definitely knock an attacker flat. It comes in pink, green, blue, and black. One of their smaller stun guns, "Call Me Crazy," is disguised as a pink or black cell phone and delivers 4.5 Million Volts. For ladies who want to demonstrate that they are armed before an attacker gets too close, the "Striking Distance" stun baton is 12 inches and 6 million volts, which allows the handler to reach out and touch someone while keeping extra distance. All of these products are equipped with a disable pin that can be yanked out if an attacker tries to wrest it away, rendering it harmless so it cannot be used against you.

According to Damsel in Defense, stun guns work not by causing pain, but by actually disabling an attacker's ability to move for a few moments. The energy in the gun depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid and his or her body is unable to function properly. However, the current will not pass through your own body if your attacker is touching you.

More Self Defense Products for the Ladies

Pepper spray is a common means of self-defense for those who don't wish to use firearms and Damsel in Defense also offers a wide variety of pepper sprays with a feminine twist. All canisters come in attractive designs as well as black. There are zebra print and flowered pouches to carry them in as well as other pretty shades.

For ladies who need a little help with hand-to-hand combat, there are also "Sock it to Me"Kubotans, which are small spikes designed to carry on your keychain. The Kubotan is designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue, and nerve points. It is effective because of the temporary paralysis or extreme pain it causes. According to Damsel in Defense, even those without experience in a martial arts can easily use these effectively.

Damsel in Defense notes that, "Our company stands by self-defense products AND self-defense education." So Lin and Hughes are proponents of further education in defense. They say, "We hope that you will consider equipping yourself with the self-defense training whether you purchase personal protection products or not." Ladies who aren't ready to arm themselves to the teeth just yet might find these products are a gateway to getting comfortable with defense and getting started.

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