This spectacular documentary uses stunning animated sequences to send us back to the age of dragons — when the people of the West believed that stories of these awe-inspiring creatures and the heroes who fought them were not mere figments of the imagination but credible accounts of conflicts with living, fire-breathing monsters. Centered around tales of dragon attacks on communities from different eras from the isolated monastic island of Lindisfarne in the 8th century to the Holy Knights of Rhodes in the 14th century, follow the flight of the Western Dragon across centuries and from one extreme edge of Europe to the other.

Beowulf’s Dragon

Beowulf's dragon is described in the epic poem as a six-limbed nightflyer that breathes fire and has a venomous bite.

Dragon Animation

Here's a sneak peek at a dragon before the final stages of 3D rendering.

Dragon Wars Gatehouse

A look at the 3-D animation for the gatehouse used in Dragon Wars.

Wyvern the Dragon

A quick look at how Wyvern's animators added color to the render.


Wiglaf, Beowulf's one loyal kinsman in the battle with the dragon, wears a helmet and carries armor based on dark age archaeological sources.


When Beowulf faced the dragon, he was at the end of his long life and reign over his people and was nearing seventy years of age.

Beowulf and the Dragon

A 3-D rendering of Beowulf fighting the dragon in a scene from Dragon Wars.

The Viking Chief

Our viking chief's helmet has a 'spectacle' nose/eyepiece like the Gjermudbu helmet.


Behind the Scenes of Dragon Wars

The Making-Of: Various Stages of 3-D Animation

Behind the Scenes of Dragon Wars


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