September 28, 2012

Facts: Las Vegas

Interesting Facts Related to This Episode

  • The 28th most populous city in the USA with a population of 583,756 Vegas is known for gambling, drinking and taking drugs. Only established as a city in 1911 Sin City is a Mecca for 40 million tourists each year.
  • The violent crime rate in Las Vegas is 120% higher than the national average.
  • As of August 2012, Vegas has the highest unemployment rate in the USA.
  • Marijuana is the most used drug in ‘The Atomic City’ closely followed by Methamphetamine, however all drugs including, crack, heroin, acid and prescription drugs are all widely available and widely popular.
  • The most prevalent type of heroin in Nevada is known as Mexican black tar heroin. It is smuggled into Nevada by Mexican drug trafficking organizations.
  • The U.S. government reported that retail-level drug traffickers in Vegas are attempting to increase the distribution of Mexican black tar and brown powder heroin by targeting high school students, particularly the more affluent high schools in the Las Vegas area.
  • During the last 10 years in Nevada, per capita sales of Oxycodone went up by 366%. Hydrocodone sales rose 233%.
  • According to DEA officials, pharmaceutical drug abusers are increasingly engaging.
  • Pharmacy break-ins by pharmaceutical drug abusers have increased as some abusers who have become addicted to the drugs are becoming more desperate to acquire supplies.
  • Methamphetamine is the number 1 drug in Southern Nevada and is highly used in Las Vegas. Smuggled over from Mexico, seizures at the border have increased by 270% over the last decade with record meth busts happening all over Vegas.
  • The most used drug for people entering rehab in Las Vegas during the last decade was Meth with the rate at one point being at least 10% higher than the national average.
  • The meth imported into the state is produced primarily in “super labs” (producing 10 pounds or more in a 24-hour period) by ethnic Mexican drug trafficking organizations operating in Mexico and California.
  • Methamphetamine trafficking and abuse are the leading contributors to property crime and violent crime in “The Entertainment Capital of The World."
  • Males being admitted to rehab in Vegas have a higher instance of abuse of alcohol, marijuana and heroin whilst females have a higher instance of cocaine and prescription drug addiction. 13% more women are also addicted to Meth, but both sexes are considerably higher than the national average.
  • “Pharm Parties” are also a major problem in Vegas. They involve teenagers gathering at a house before raiding their parents medicine cupboards, throwing a random assortment of pills into a bowel before taking their pick. They will also smoke synthetic cannabis, known as ‘spice’ or ‘K2’ as well as ‘bath salts’ which mimic Crystal Meth.
  • Club Drugs, specifically MDMA, GHB, and LSD, are trafficked and abused in local nightclubs, adult entertainment clubs, and at raves. The trafficking of these drugs ranges from hand-to-hand sales within clubs or raves to larger sales between locals and out-of-town distributors.
  • Las Vegas serves as a point of importation and a transshipment area for MDMA. Most MDMA that passes through or is destined for Las Vegas continues to come primarily from Southern California and New York.
  • "The City of Lights" is a key transshipment area for significant quantities of ice methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, Vegas acts as a stop off point before the drugs are moved around the whole of the US.

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