August 21, 2012

Facts: Judgement Day

  • According to a recent report from the NAACP "1 of 31 Americans is under some form of corrections control" in the US.

  • According to a recent report from the NAACP, "states are spending increasingly large sums of money on prisons, at the expense of public education. Its research shows states spend more than $50 billion annually on government-run correction programs".

  • According to a census in 2009, there were 13,756 murders in the United States. That's an average of 37.7 murders a day and 265 murders per week. 10,582 male, 3,158 female, and 16 unknown were murdered.

  • After the Nevada State Prison closed in January 2012, inmates were offered the opportunity to earn a GED or take collegiate courses through Western Nevada College.

  • As of August 14, 2012, there have been 50,490 arrests made this year at the CCDC.

  • In 2009, it costs an average of about $47,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate in prison in California.

  • Murder and manslaughter are both types of homicide, but manslaughter is a less serious crime. This is because manslaughter, unlike murder, is killing without malice and premeditation. There are two kinds of manslaughter in Nevada: Voluntary and Involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter in Las Vegas is killing in the heat of passion. An example is a husband unexpectedly finding his wife in bed with another man and immediately killing them. The maximum prison term is ten years. Involuntary manslaughter in Las Vegas is an unintentional killing done while breaking the law (such as speeding slightly and hitting a pedestrian) or by being negligent (such as adjusting your shoelaces while driving and hitting a pedestrian). The maximum prison term is four years.

  • First-degree murder in Las Vegas, NV, comprises any deliberate act of killing. Examples include purposely shooting, stabbing or poisoning someone. First-degree murder is also charged in cases where the defendant may not have intended to kill but ends up doing so in the perpetration of either rape, burglary, arson, kidnapping, robbery, child abuse, elder abuse, or sexual abuse of a child. This is called "felony murder" in Las Vegas.

  • Nevada was the first state in the United States to use the gas chamber, and executed 32 men with that method from 1924-1979. Since 1979, all executions in Nevada have been carried out by lethal injection.

  • The death penalty is legal in Nevada and was last used in April of 2006.

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