June 12, 2013

About Kavik

Population: 1

Location: 69°40'35"N   146°54'4"W  It is about 20 miles from the Arctic Ocean on Alaska's North Slope. The closest big city is Fairbanks, which is 500 miles to the south. The closest road is 80 miles to the west.

Amenities: The hub (and only residence) of the town is a remote camp that caters to rugged individuals who wish to camp, hike, hunt, bird watch and explore the arctic terrain. Kavik River Camp offers the home comforts of food, showers and laundry.

How to Get There: The town is only accessible by plane and features a small airstrip with a 1.25 mile long runway as well as Avgas and jet fuel for resale.

Kavik is considered arctic climate with long, very cold winters with few hours of sunlight and short, cool summers. In the winter,temperatures can reach as low as –60°F and winds can be over 60 miles an hour.

Kavik River Camp is an old exploration camp that has been revived as an eco-tourism camp. Kavik offers wide open spaces and plenty of unique high arctic flora and fauna such as wolves, foxes, arctic squirrels, ermine and raptors. It is also a wonderful place to witness the great caribou migration.

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