June 12, 2013

About Wiseman

Population: 14

Location: Wiseman is located close to the center of Alaska at the junction of Wiseman Creek in the Brooks Range.Wiseman is about 260 miles north of Fairbanks, which is the nearest major city, and 13 miles north of Coldfoot, which is the nearest service area with food & fuel available.

Amenities: There are no restaurants in Wiseman and the nearest one is the truck stop in Coldfoot, 13 Miles south. There are also no stores in Wiseman. There are several places with cabins to stay in Wiseman, however and some offer staple foods for purchase and have kitchens.

How to Get There: Wiseman is reachable by Dalton Highway, a stretch of highway that is considered a “long haul” all the way from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay, which is approximately 500 miles.

Weather: Wiseman is considered a Continental Subarctic Climate. The average maximum temperature for the year in Wiseman is 33°F. The warmest month, on average, is July with an average maximum temperature of 69°F. The coldest month on average is January, with an average minimum temperature of around -21°F.

Features: Wiseman is a historic gold mining town. The aurora borealis (also know was the northern lights) are visible in the winter skies. The summer sunlight gives endless hours for exploration, hiking and sightseeing.

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