May 02, 2013

Erik Salitan

Erik Salitan lives 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle. For his first two years in Alaska, Erik lived in a primitive tent with no floor. It was simply shelter from the weather. There, Erik lived out the real definition of subsistence, and those memories remain his favorite. Erik is an unlikely entrepreneur who owns his own hunting and guiding business. During the off-season, Erik hunts, fly-fishes, and traps in the Alaskan bush. He also joins safari and hunting clubs in the lower 48 while building his business for the upcoming season.

Erik is a professional hunter and registered guide in Alaska. Fully self-sufficient, he personally kills every piece of meat he eats and will use the rest of the animal for clothing and tools. Erik came to Alaska at the age of 18 because he did not want to get stuck in a factory job. Although not born there, Erik believes Alaska is where he will die. Erik lives a modest life, but his backyard is a million dollar view. Alaska presents real challenges, but Erik is living his dream.

A successful day to Erik is a day spent doing his favorite things: walking around, looking at animals, climbing a hill, sitting on the edge of a mountain, and taking in the beautiful scenery. He enjoys being alone with no interruptions or distractions from his thoughts. This is his church; this is where he comes to think. Erik feels fortunate to be able to live as close to nature as he does. He is comfortable and believes he lives a plush lifestyle. Now the dangerous wilds of the North Slope are his playground, and he braves harsh elements and deadly wildlife every day. So long as he has his rifle by his side, Erik fears nothing.

For Erik Salitan, Life Below Zero demands awareness. Unlike the protected, regulated life that most people lead in the lower 48 states, he assess life-and-death situations in the Alaskan bush to survive. Explore more with the interactive companion,

Explore what it really takes to live off-grid in this interactive companion. 

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