October 22, 2013

Glenn Villeneuve

Glenn Villeneuve moved from Vermont to Alaska in 2000 to pursue his dream of living close to the land, hunting and gathering, in the remote mountains of arctic Alaska. His camp is located on a lake in the Brooks Range, 200 miles north of Fairbanks, and a 60-mile walk from the nearest road. While Glenn enjoys people, isolation comes with the territory; as he can often go longer than four months without seeing another human.

Preferring a simple way of life close to nature, Glenn lives in a one room cabin with no running water. The firewood he cuts with an ax and hand saw is his only fuel for heating and cooking. He uses electricity for only a few items, such as a satellite phone, headlamp, and camera.

Traveling on foot and paddled canoe in summer, and by snowshoes in winter, he hunts moose, caribou, sheep, and small game. Glenn fishes in the lake and creeks and gathers wild plants for food. Glenn shares his hunting territory with wolves, which pursue the same game as he does, and he was once charged by a pack of 20. Glenn values the autonomy that his wilderness lifestyle affords, the competence it demands, and the connection he experiences with the natural world that surrounds him.

“What I fear most is letting life pass by without living it to the fullest.”

For Glenn Villeneuve, Life Below Zero demands bravery. To survive, he must face the beauty, independence, and dangers of life in Alaska with certainty. Explore more with the interactive companion, ZeroDemands.com

Photograph by National Geographic Channel

Glenn's Life Below Zero Demands Zero Doubt.

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