April 10, 2013

Meet the Polygamists

Founded in 1986 as a Fundamentalist Mormon community, Centennial Park is a town that practices their own religion. Today, there are roughly 1,500 men, women and children building a town for themselves and their future families. Some misconceptions about polygamy are proven wrong in Centennial Park. They do not adhere to the same laws and practices as Warren Jeffs’ Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints’ church. To the outside world, though, Centennial Park and the FLDS are one in the same – a notion that the community is now trying to overturn. Get to know the polygamists of Centennial Park.

Isaiah, Marleen, and Becca

Isaiah, Marleen, and Becca represent the younger generation of polygamists in Centennial Park. Isaiah spends more than half his time working away from home leaving Becca and Marleen to take care of their five children. With every return home, Isaiah spends as much quality time as possible with his family by taking his wives out to dinner and engaging in special projects with his kids.

Ezra and Arthur

As one of the elders of the community and the leader of the Missionaries, 64-year-old Arthur has three wives and more than twenty children. Arthur’s son, Ezra, wants to live his life contrary to Centennial Park norms by not joining the Missionary program and having a relationship with a girl, Tiffany. Dating is frowned upon in Centennial Park. Tiffany is new to Centennial Park and not fully accustomed to the ways and behaviors expected of her.


Hyrum, 22, is the town’s Senior Missionary. He has been in the Missionary program for over three years. Strictly adhering to Centennial Park’s way of life, he hopes to attract the attention of females – and is eagerly waiting to be chosen for marriage and start a family. 

Michael Cawley and Rose-Marie

Michael Cawley defines himself as a Mormon fundamentalist who lives the principle of plural marriage. He explains that he can love three women all at once, and that marriage, for him, is an investment towards building for future generations. Michael eldest daughter, Rose Marie, is preparing herself for her own plural marriage. In this community, women wait for a name through inspiration from God. In a home with 18 children, she has learned how to feed, manage and care for a large family, and is ready to start her own.

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