August 08, 2013

Courting Disaster Facts

  • Many Appalachians consider depression to be it an intrinsic part of who they are--a mindset referred to as "Appalachian fatalism." It is thought that the culture of the region deters sufferers from seeking professional help, resulting in an increased average suicide rate for the group.

  • 59 percent of suicide deaths among men reported in the United States in 2004 involved firearm use.

  • Every year, nearly half a million people receive hospital treatment for attempted suicide.

  • While automatic firearms are thought to be jam-proof compared to semi-automatic weapons, both types can fail when to loading ammunition.

  • The practice of "speaking in tongues," is believed to have origins in what is known as the miracle of Pentecost, when Jesus' Apostles are said to have spoken in foreign languages after becoming filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Speaking in tongues is said to have been called, "speaking in the tongues of angels," by St. Paul.

  • Brain scans of those speaking in tongues have revealed lack of use in the language centers and frontal lobe of the brain.

  • According to a study that looked at evangelical Christians in England, those that did practice speaking in tongues were actually found more emotionally stable than those who didn't engage in the practice.

  • "Backsliders"--snake-handling church members who revert to drinking, drug-use, cursing, going to bars, or who break the church's strict dress code--are required to repent in order to receive God's forgiveness.

  • About 5,000 people are members of snake handling churches in the United States.

  • While he is now a preacher in the snake-handling church, Pastor Hamblin was not born into the practice, with his first snake-handling religious experience inspired by a documentary he watched on the topic.

  • The word "Glossolalia" refers to the act of speaking in tongues, is a hybrid of Greek words that roughly translate to "tongue talking."

  • Ancient Greeks were among some of the early faithful to speak in tongues.

  • The Pentecostal Church, of which snake-handling churches are an offshoot, was divided along racial lines early in its history a schism reflecting a division between its two fathers, Charles Parham and William Seymour.

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