December 12, 2013

Forest Under Siege Facts

Bigfoot, Hobbits and Hunting Season

  • The Olympic National Park is inhabited by the Pacific Northwest's largest unmanaged herd of Roosevelt Elk (Cervus elaphus roosevelti), the largest elk in North America.

  • Hunting season for Elk and Black Bear in Washington's coastal areas varies from August to late December, and the hunting of these animals is strictly regulated.

  • Roosevelt Elk populations dwindle due to logging and road construction in their natural habitats, as well as being attractive prizes for hunters. The first proposed name for what would become the Olympic National park was actually Elk National Park.

  • Hunting safety regulations in Washington include requiring 400 inches of "Hunter Orange" to be visible above the waist and from all sides on one's clothing while hunting elk.

  • Typically, the most popular months for tourism in the Hoh Rainforest are June through September. Guided tours into the forest are a common sight during those months.

  • All waxes used in candles are similar, whether derived from animal, vegetable, or petroleum. Like all waxes, they're mostly made of hydrocarbons, and they all burn in same way with little soot.

  • Early European and American explorers took notice of the lush forests of the Olympic Peninsula for potential logging, but lack of a suitable place to harbor nearby discouraged it.

  • Railroad development leading to Forks, WA opened up the Olympic Peninsula to larger scale logging operations in the early 1900's, and the industry has experienced multiple booms since World War I.

  • Washington state has been cracking down on a litter problem since the late 1990's. The smallest fine for littering is right around $100, and the number of citations made for littering has nearly tripled since 1998.

  • Washington state has been a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings with dozens occurring since the year 2000. Many supposedly happen in central and western Washington, near the Olympic Peninsula.

  • The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) was formed in 1995 for "scientific research" revolving around the existence of the Sasquatch. Their website comes with advice on protecting yourself, your property, and your pets from Bigfoot.

  • Hobbits are a fictional race created by J.R.R. Tolkien in his classic book, "The Hobbit". They are a race of small people who love quiet, simple lives close to nature and away from machines.

  • SunRay Kelley is considered one of the world's premiere natural-materials builders. His work has been featured on television shows including "Home Strange Home" on HGTV and been written about in the New York Times.

  • SunRay Kelley’s property in Washington, as of 2012, included 7 houses, 10 ponds, a hermit’s hut, a wooden 17-foot tall Jesus statue, and a yoga studio. 

  • “Merkaba” is a word derived from ancient Egyptian, and ancient traditions refer to it as a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel.  Some consider it to be a field of energy that surrounds every living thing. 

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